25 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-8-20

  1. Another extremist.


    “Biden To Nominate Anti-2A, Pro-Abortion Extremist Xavier Becerra For HHS Secretary

    “Biden’s choice of Xavier Becerra as HHS Secretary shows the abject lie of the ‘moderate’ Biden and sets up a fight the Republicans in the Senate had better not lose.”

    “Former vice president Joe Biden’s calls for “unity” in the wake of the still unresolved 2020 presidential election are being met with growing skepticism due to his decidedly divisive staffing and cabinet picks.

    For example, it is difficult to imagine a more polarizing pick for Health and Human Services Secretary than current California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, yet Biden is reportedly set to announce this pick on Monday or Tuesday.

    Becerra is about as anti-civil libertarian as they come. He is an enthusiastic gun-grabber whose anti-Second Amendment crusade is outshone perhaps only by his avid pro-abortion legal activism. In pursuit of these twin efforts, Becerra has repeatedly demonstrated that he has no compunction about restricting free speech to the point of eviscerating the First Amendment, including its protections for religious freedom.

    The Federalist reports:

    Democrat Joe Biden plans to nominate California Attorney General Xavier Becerra as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, as first reported by The New York Times Sunday night. Biden is expected to formally announce the pick on Monday or Tuesday.

    Becerra served in Congress for 24 years, where he voted against a ban on partial-birth abortion, voted against making it a crime to hurt an unborn child during another crime, and voted for taxpayer-funded abortions. After being appointed California attorney general, he carried on the work Sen. Kamala Harris started in prosecuting undercover journalist and pro-life activist David Daleiden on behalf of Planned Parenthood. In 2017, Becerra charged Daleiden with 15 felonies, marking the first time any person in the state has been criminally prosecuted for allegedly violating California’s video recording law.

    In 2018, Becerra represented both the pro-abortion and anti-free speech side of the Supreme Court case, NIFLA v. Becerra, in which justices ruled in a 5-4 decision that California can’t force crisis-pregnancy centers to post signs about state-sponsored abortion services.”



  2. ———-

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  3. Neither free or fair….


    “The 2020 presidential election was neither free nor fair.

    Much of the debate has focused on the question of “voter fraud” — whether alleged violations of the rules moved enough votes in key states to overturn the outcome, or whether speculative theories about hacked voting machines and software should be taken seriously. These claims remain unproven.

    But while voting is the most important event in an election, it is not the only event, but the culmination of a process.

    There are common international standards about what makes an election “free and fair.” These criteria, summarized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, include: the “absolute” right to a secret ballot; the right to “express political opinions without interference; [t]o seek, receive and impart information and to make an informed choice”; the right of candidates to “equal opportunity of access to the media”; the “right of candidates to security”; freedom of association, and others.

    Many of these were violated in 2020.

    “Fraud” was not as important as what Democrats were able to accomplish legally, for example, by pushing the country to adopt vote-by-mail on a massive scale.

    The scientific basis for doing so was always dubious. South Korea and Israel both had national elections at the height of the pandemic in March and April, and both used in-person voting, almost exclusively. Neither could be accused of a lax approach to COVID-19.

    Never before had the country adopted an entirely new system of voting in the middle of an election, at the urging of one party, and over the objections of the other.

    Democrats also sued to lower the safeguards against fraud in absentee ballots. The attorney leading many of those lawsuits, Marc Elias of Perkins Coie, was also the key figure in hiring Fusion GPS to produce the fraudulent “Russia dossier” in an attempt to smear Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

    Democrats preferred vote-by-mail because it allowed them to turn out low-propensity voters. Republicans preferred voting in person — the standard practice worldwide — partly because of an attachment to tradition, but also because many Republican voters did not trust that mail-in ballots would remain secret or would be delivered at all by postal workers whose union had backed Democrat Joe Biden.

    Republicans turned out voters; Democrats turned out envelopes.

    Beyond that unfair advantage to Democrats, there were flagrant abuses of the principles that make an election free and fair.”

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  4. Unconstitutional, unless you’re the Dem dominated PA Supreme Court.


    “Fraud in an election. What is fraud? There’s criminal fraud, there’s civil fraud, what happens when a state abandons completely its constitution? The Supreme Court of that state conducts itself lawlessly? Is that fraud?

    I’m talking about a battleground state called the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It has one of the oldest legislatures in our country, one of the oldest constitutions in our country. We all know Philadelphia is the birthplace of our country, that’s where the Declaration of Independence was written, and where the Constitution was written. It’s a very, very important battleground state. And the Democrats wanted to make sure, that in 2020, it came out for Biden, because in 2016, it came out for Trump.

    You hear this phrase, systemic fraud, “there’s no evidence of systemic fraud,” you see reporters interviewing “officials” of various state governments saying, “there’s no fraud whatsoever.” Let me ask you a question, fourteen months ago in the state of Pennsylvania, if you had voted by mail-in ballot, it would have been discarded. If that mail-in ballot had been counted, it would have been fraud.

    14 months ago in the state of Pennsylvania, if you sent in a ballot without a signature, the ballot would be discarded. If it was counted, that would be criminal fraud.

    14 months ago in the state of Pennsylvania, if you sent in a ballot with a signature that didn’t match the signature that they had on file, that would be discarded, if it was counted, that would be criminal fraud.

    14 months ago in the state of Pennsylvania, if you sent in a ballot beyond election day, it wouldn’t be counted, if it was, that would be fraud.

    If you sent in a ballot without a postal date stamped on it, it wouldn’t be counted, and if it was, that would be fraud.

    Or, if you sent in a ballot where they couldn’t tell what the date was, if there was a smudge on the ink, it wouldn’t be counted, and if it was counted, that would be fraud.

    All of those ballots today, count. They were all counted in Pennsylvania, because of unconstitutional and illegal changes that were made by officials, quote, unquote, “officially,” by individuals in Pennsylvania.”

    “None of this is discussed in a single news room on a single news TV show, radio show, or any other show. So, I want to slowly walk you through what took place in Pennsylvania, and this sort of thing has taken place to some degree or another in numerous states.”

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  5. An interesting idea.


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  6. The Grinch returns.



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  7. Bwahahaha! 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Genius! 🙂


    And unlike AOC, Goya’s actually doing something to help Americans.

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  8. Silly rabbit. Twitter only suspends information they disagree with. Disinformation is fine, as long as it hurts R’s.



  9. I would like to respond to that letter writer. If it is wrong to do something because others cannot afford it, there is a whole lot said writer should not be doing; like writing notes to neighbors. Many people cannot afford paper and pencils (or whatever) to waste on such foolishness. People need to ridicule and resist this political correctness garbage, which is just a tool for furthering totalitarianism.

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  10. Anytime someone tries to shame me because of a perfectly reasonable behavior, I walk away and like Kathaleena, wonder about the shamer.

    Stalin killed a lot of people (see Ukranian famine, among other orders) because of attitudes like that one infiltrating a society.

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  11. Texas is makin’ me proud! This is the most significant of all the cases filed because it cuts to the chase and is completely outcome determinative. If the SC receives this case and Texas wins, then the state legislators of those four states must pick their electors.


    “The state of Texas on Tuesday filed an election lawsuit in the U.S. Supreme Court against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin, alleging that the states unconstitutionally changed election laws, treated voters unequally, and triggered significant voting irregularities by relaxing ballot-integrity measures.

    “Trust in the integrity of our election processes is sacrosanct and binds our citizenry and the States in this Union together. Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin destroyed that trust and compromised the security and integrity of the 2020 election,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a statement.

    “The states violated statutes enacted by their duly elected legislatures, thereby violating the Constitution. By ignoring both state and federal law, these states have not only tainted the integrity of their own citizens’ vote, but of Texas and every other state that held lawful elections,” he added. “Their failure to abide by the rule of law casts a dark shadow of doubt over the outcome of the entire election. We now ask that the Supreme Court step in to correct this egregious error.””

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  12. I don’t even listen to Dave Ramsey, but caught a moment of his show while radio surfing. He said 1/3 of houses sold in Dallas, Austin, and Nashville, and being purchased by folks from California–many sight unseen.

    Friends are moving to Reno and cannot get a U-Haul truck–everything is leaving the state.

    Someone close asked if this was like rats leaving the sinking ship. We told him if he found a new place, he should go.

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  13. Housings costs are at an all-time here; mostly from Bay Area people moving to our area where they can afford houses with yards.

    The most expensive property ever sold in our expensive county went for 14.5 million to a tech guy from the Bay Area looking for a second home.

    It made people furious. We’ve still not rebuilt from the 5200 homes lost in the 2017 fires. Sigh.


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