41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-29-20

  1. Good Morning Everyone. Hurricane Zeta was loud and let her presence be known. We didn’t even get the worst of it. We have a couple of shingles off the roof again, one small limb out of the river birch. All in all very lucky.
    I think Janice is getting it now.
    Supposedly there is another “tropical disturbance “ out there.

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  2. This should probably be on the prayer thread as it is in response to Kizzie’s post.
    Monday BG and I were having lunch and I told her I had been thinking about it, when she has a child it needs to be a boy. She is the third generation of a female only child. We are messed up and need to practice on a boy before she ruin another girl. 😂😂😂
    She agreed with me saying, “You are probably right. What if she was like me?” Yep. While it would be divine justice, I still think we need a little boy. Of course we don’t need him for a few more years.

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  3. Aj. You have created about five minutes of confusion when you say it’s 10-30 up there.
    I had to double check my calendar.

    This is hard to explain because it, on the surface, seems so silly.:

    Elvera ate all her breakfast this morning.
    So What? You ask. It means that she, without any help, is ingesting nourishment again. It has been difficult the past couple of days. But it seems that everything is back now.
    It all depends on the circumstances. Something trivial may be significant.
    I told you this recently, but it illustrates a truth.

    I was in the hospital in Colmbia, sC for two weeks with a ruptured appendix. Nearly died.
    Toward the end, my parents were in the waiting room and they could hear me crying. I had not been crying before.
    But: As dad told it:
    The doctor came out “grinnning from ear to ear” They were offended. Their child is in there crying and he comes out smiling. Why”
    “He’s hungry” “The doctor said

    It’s all in the context.

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  4. Good morning, all. Thanks to those who prayed. We are on the after side of the storm now. It was fierce. I woke up as it started around 3 but went back to sleep. Art said the power was out around 4 but I slept through that. It did not stay out. Sometime after 6 I heard a number of cars on our street which we don’t usually have then. Later when Art got to work he said there is a big tree down on the main road that our street goes into so people were detouring through here. Art has no power at his office so he may come back home. Our power did not stay out here at home, thankfully.

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  5. I just heard from my brother. He has a downed tree and no power. He heard a lot of trees snapping around him so that was worse than how it was here. I do hear chain saws buzzing.


  6. This is going to sound odd, but I read about your storms and rain, sighed, and thought, “if only.”

    Clear skies and what promises to be another lovely day. Adorable #3 is coming over this afternoon so we can beat our heads on 4th grade school work together. Mr. Corporate is flying to Burbank and will dine on Yak chili with our EMT and thence to a business meeting a few hours away tomorrow.

    Business in the time of COVID means three men from his company are traveling to the same place. They have to drive in their individual cars to the Oakland airport.

    (“Can’t we at least rent a large van, wear masks, and go together?” one sensibly asked.

    (Corporate policy (not my Mr. Corporate): “No.”)

    So they get on the plane, where they can sit next to each other (wearing masks) and fly to Burbank, where they each rent their own car and go to their own hotel room (or in Mr. C’s case, their daughter’s pad).

    Tomorrow, they drive to the location, tour for two hours, get back in their individual rental cars and return to the airport, etc.

    Strange times. At least our vaunted governor hasn’t proclaimed they have to wear masks IN their cars–though apparently he’s decreed masks must be worn before and after pumpkin pie.

    COVID has actually been healthy for me. I needed to be locked into a hermitage for a while so I couldn’t interact with strangers. Who knew I needed 9 months?

    Oops, part of the issue was my cynicism . . . I guess this means we remain on lockdown until I truly repent that spiked tongue . . . 🙂

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  7. Michelle, we recently had a stretch of dry weather, and I found I had a longing for the sound of rain. I would certainly share if I could.

    Our yard is messy with wet leaves today, but that is nothing to compare with the fallen trees and limbs others have. Our cable is out but we can still get broadcast tv. Miss Bosley seemed excited to see Art in the daylight hours when he got home.

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  8. Waiting for the painters to come this morning. Sun has not peeked over the hills here yet. My friends are gone so I have to open the house for them.
    I had rain and snow on my trip to Portland. Here I can’t remember the last time we had any rain, perhaps April?? or May? Not a drop in September or October.

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  9. I have lost sixteen pounds during covid and I had to really work at it. Still hoping to lose another seven, but it is so nice to fit into some things again. Also, I am so much stronger and can walk long distances. Now to just stay away from all of the Halloween candy!

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  10. We went weeks with no rain, or so little as to make no difference. The pond half a mile from my home got down to two or three big puddles. But in the last week and a half we’ve worked to make up for it. Last night I think it rained all night, or certainly it rained till three or four or whatever time I got to sleep. (I didn’t even get back to bed till three.)

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  11. Hopefully, this will work.

    Max McLean’s group is doing a free online production of C. S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce on Sunday November 15.

    It’s rewatch able for later viewing for several days afterward.

    Here’s a link to sign up:

    We watched “Luther on Trial” a few months ago and loved it. (We cast it from the computer to the television.)

    This should be terrific, too. It’s a play modified for format.

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  12. Just off of an almost hourlong staff call about all the election schedule plans. Lots of moving parts to coordinate. I’m what they call the ‘quarterback’ from 10-6 for stories coming in countywide about polling places, if there are any problems, snippets of interviews field reporters are able to send in. But others will have night shifts up until 2 a.m. We have a whole lot of local and regional races to keep tabs on.

    Meanwhile, I’m waiting for the tree doctors to arrive to do the first of 3 treatments on my backyard pine tree; and I have to turn around a daily story before the next election staff meeting which starts at 2 p.m.

    Oh, I wish we could have some rain, just not a hurricane, thank you. But I’ve said this before, rain almost seems exotic to me now — the sound, the smell. We’ve been quite deprived for a number of years now.

    Plus my newish car needs a good rinse.

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  13. Good news about Elvera, Chas.

    Our family branch “name” will die out, I only had only one boy cousin on this side and he passed away without marrying. The guy cousin in LB is from the Marley clan, related by marriage only.

    As Linda said recently somewhere, God knows what he’s doing.

    Whether a multitude of heirs. Or no heirs.

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  14. Chas – Having taken care of my MIL, I do understand how important and significant it is that Elvera ate her breakfast. Enjoy the little joys. 🙂

    Kim – Nightingale had worked in a daycare, so she had experience with both little boys and little girls. When she was pregnant, she wanted a boy, which is what she got. She’s a great mom for a boy to have. I would love a little granddaughter someday, but not until there is a wedding ring on my daughter’s finger.

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  15. Ms Non-Techy here. Our smart TV somehow recognizes the router. When we click on something we want to watch, say on Amazon, we start it and up in the right hand corner of the computer log on screen–it’s three vertical dots on my screen beside my gmail photo.

    Under print is the word “cast.” If the TV is on–and we have six choices on how we view–Aux 1 Aux 2 (which is what we click on to make the DVD player work), and then three others: they start with an H but I’m not near the TV right now to turn it on and check.

    Anyway, I think Aux 2 will take the cast and when I click on cast on my computer, it appears on the TV.

    I’m sure there are far more technical answers.

    Here’s one site explaining for all the types of computers, fire sticks, Ipads, phones, etc.



  16. We watch the livestream from church with some version of that, Michelle. My husband does it, and I don’t know what he does. But the service is broadcast on Facebook live; he pulls it up on his laptop, and then sends it to the TV. We watch some sports games the same way. The TV in his studio isn’t huge, but it’s bigger than his laptop, and it has been a blessing to be able to do that for church this year.

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  17. My brothers have done a way more than adequate job of ensuring our family name is passed on. Between them they have nine sons that bear our last name, and while I can’t keep track of my brothers’ grandchildren (how many are boys and how many are girls of children I’ve never met), those sons already have several sons between them. My married name won’t get passed on, though, at least not with this branch of the family, since my husband didn’t have sons and his sister didn’t pass on the name.


  18. Exactly. Like you, Cheryl, I spend way too much time sitting at this computer. I don’t want to do it for “pleasure.”

    Meanwhile, Kizzie, I hope you don’t have these iron-clad, non-crushable beetles in your yard!


    I’m currently writing about my life in Connecticut, where we had a good 1.5 acres of woodland. I never saw anything like it. I guess you have to fumigate to kill it?

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  19. Can you imagine what all these power outages are doing to our early voting? So very thankful we already voted. They just showed a downed tree in our neighborhood on the news. We have much to be thankful for. Power is suppose to be restored to Art’s office by 10 p.m.


  20. OK, I see, there’s an app (several, actually) for that. My (Samsung) TV also has a web browser selection. Hmm.

    Yet another staff-wide discussion on election day/night protocols in order to (as one editor put it) “prevent a crash on the highway of stories” that’ll be flooding in at high speed for 11 papers/websites over 3 counties as results start to come in.

    I am so glad I have a day shift this time, it’s very rare, I can only remember one other time this happened (and maybe one off-year election or two where I had no local races in my specific beat coverage area so I “got out of it” then altogether).

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  21. All right, it’s after 7:00 a.m. and the new thread isn’t up. I still count as being first for today, right? 🙂 Going back to bed. (I did get seven hours, but for the first time in several nights, and an hour or two more would probably be good.)

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