14 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-9-20

  1. I love the smell of desperation in the morning. 🙂

    So what’re they doing here? Seeking to remove him because he’s Covid 19 positive? Good luck with that. He’s not disabled, and he’s already back at work. Never stopped in fact, even while hospitalized. Nancy’s off her meds again and has no idea how our govt. works.



    Here’s how it really works, and does anyone really think Pence and his cabinet would play along with Dems on this? Didn’t think so. But Nancy does. 🙂


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  2. 7 Quick Takeaways On The 2020 Vice Presidential Debate


    “The vice presidential debate between Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and Vice President Mike Pence was more traditional and less raucous than last week’s debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. That debate was a three-way interruption fest marked by Biden losing track of his thoughts and Trump clumsily returning to slights that had occurred 25 minutes earlier.

    This debate was less exciting, a reminder of what politics was like before Trump came onto the scene. Still, it had its moments that bolstered each campaign’s strongest arguments. For Pence, that meant a frequent recursion to first principles and first-term successes. For Harris, that meant a focus on coronavirus and negative descriptions of the Republican Party and its president.

    Here are a few quick takeaways on how it went down.

    1. Pence’s Superpower Is Debating
    Mike Pence, a former congressman and talk radio host, started off strong and just kept getting stronger. He clearly came prepared for the debate. He had a ready recall of facts and figures to bolster his points. He nailed the questions he wanted to answer and deflected on the questions he preferred not to answer.

    While he let several zingers fly, he stayed calm and steady, pushing back at what he perceived as unduly false statements but without the constant interruptions of the Trump-Biden debate. He spoke slowly and left few cards on the table unplayed. He was nice, firm, decent, and likable.

    Pence’s weakest points were when he was on defense about the global pandemic gripping the country. However, he came into the debate prepared to lay out how a Trump-Pence vision for America is better than the one put forth by Biden and Harris and he accomplished that consistently throughout the debate.

    He made a strong case for Trump’s foreign policy being effective and Biden’s being decades of failure. He had Kamala Harris on the ropes about whether she and Biden would raise taxes on Americans on their first day in office. He effectively showed the country her refusal to openly support court-packing, a position she previously supported.

    2. Harris’s Superpower Is Something Other Than Debating
    The conventional wisdom heading into the debate was that Harris, a former prosecutor, would obliterate the nice and meek Pence. It was never clear why that conventional wisdom formed, considering she performed poorly in the Democratic primary debates. She left that contest before the Iowa caucuses and her only clear win was when she accused her now running mate Joe Biden of being a virulent racist. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii put the California senator on the ropes for her criminal justice record.

    Having said that, Harris had a very strong start to the VP debate, with a rehearsed but very effective answer about the Trump administration’s failures to handle the coronavirus epidemic the way she and Biden would. Pressed for details on what she’d do differently, she began to struggle and never quite regained a strong footing.

    Both candidates declined to answer questions, usually effectively. But her refusal to answer repeated questions about whether she and her running mate plan to pack the Supreme Court in retaliation for Republicans appointing a new justice in a constitutional manner was uncomfortable.”


  3. OK. A question for the ladies…..

    Did you find Pence to be annoying? Did you notice what the author calls his “condescension and contempt” toward women?

    I didn’t, but I’m a known misogynistic pig like he thinks Pence is, so my opinion may be biased. 🙂


    “Even before Wednesday night’s slow-boil of a vice presidential debate in Salt Lake City, the re-election bid of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence was in trouble with the one demographic on which elections hinge: women.

    Then, with condescension and contempt, Pence sat with Sen. Kamala Harris of California, the first woman of color to be on a major presidential ticket, and lectured and side-stepped. When moderator Susan Page of USA Today declared that the debate would be civil, Pence visibly smirked. He knew better.

    “Sen. Harris, it’s a privilege to be on this stage with you,” Pence said as the evening started. He later praised her history-making candidacy and thanked her for her public service. It was a veneer of respect that he didn’t necessarily practice during the debate. Repeatedly, he refused to heed time limits or even answer the question being asked. (To be sure, dodging questions was the order of the evening for Harris, too.) Although far short of the acrimony of last week’s debate, it was a steady reminder that the Trump campaign recognizes it is on the ropes and in desperate need of a reboot.”


    “As the debate entered its second hour, Pence seemed determined to further erode the GOP ticket’s standing with women by embracing limits on abortion rights. Four-in-five women in the country support abortion rights, according to Gallup’s polling. The surveys find 53% of women identify themselves as “pro-choice” as opposed to 41% of women who call themselves “pro-life.” However, given an opportunity to say abortion should be outlawed if an Amy Coney Barrett-supported Supreme Court majority overturns Roe v. Wade, Pence dodged.”


  4. Well, that’s one take I suppose….. 🙄

    Don’t you just love it when morally reprehensible people lecture you on morality?

    Just shut up and go away Hillary.


    “Hillary Clinton Claims Black Lives Matter ‘A Theological Statement,’ Young People Leaving Christianity Because It’s Too ‘Judgmental’”

    “Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed during an interview on her new podcast last week that young people are leaving Christianity because it has become too “judgmental” and “alienating.”

    Speaking with pastor and social justice advocate William J. Barber II, who heads Greenleaf Christian Church in Goldsboro, North Carolina, Clinton also asserted that Black Lives Matter is “a theological statement” and urged the American church to “take a hard look at itself and try to figure out how it can be a real partner in this moment of moral awakening.”

    Barber was a guest on “You and Me Both with Hillary Clinton,” the failed presidential candidate’s latest project that sets out to offer “astute, nuanced” takes on current issues with guests such as failed Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and feminist Gloria Steinem, among others.

    Barber, who organized the Moral Mondays movement in North Carolina, co-chairs the Poor People’s Campaign, and wrote a new book, titled “We Are Called to Be a Movement,” spoke to Clinton about his life and what he believes the role of the church should be in the strife afflicting the country.

    “Well, let’s prosecute the case a little bit and do a little theology and admit from at least Western culture and American culture, we have two great problems that have affected and infected theology in a bad way,” Barber said at one point. “And that is the genocide of First Nations people and the enslavement of African Americans that were all rooted in racism and interestingly enough, the exclusion and oppression of women.”

    Referencing something one of his professors told him, Barber said, “To be a Christian—to be born again, sprinkle whatever you call it—and to claim the Holy Spirit, is to have a quarrel with the world’s systems of injustice. And if whatever you claim you have doesn’t produce a quarrel with injustice, then your claim of it being the Spirit with the big S is suspect.”

    Clinton agreed, adding, “When you think about the very deliberate, concerted effort by one political party to basically try to own Christianity and it overlooks the role of the African American church, it overlooks, as you say, a lot of theology, a lot of history. It also overlooks this moment in time. You know, Black Lives Matter I view as you know very profoundly as a theological statement.”

    Clinton then wondered aloud if the country is headed toward “the moral reckoning that has been distorted and perverted and postponed for so long,” prompting Barber to predict “a third Reconstruction.””


  5. Remember folks, vote fraud is a myth….


    “Mayoral candidate charged with 109 felonies related to voter fraud”

    “A candidate for mayor of Carrollton was arrested this week on 109 felony counts related to voter fraud, according to the Denton County Sheriff’s Office.

    A couple weeks ago, the Denton County Elections Office informed the sheriff’s office about possible fraudulent activities with absentee ballot applications, according to a DCSO news release. Absentee ballots had been requested to be sent to a Post Office Box in Lewisville, allegedly belonging to a nursing home facility. Investigators contacted Carrollton residents whose ballots had been requested, but the residents hasn’t made those requests.

    Investigators learned that the PO Box had been obtained with a fictitious Texas Driver’s License and fictitious University of North Texas student ID. Investigators began surveilling the postal facility and installed an undercover officer at the facility. On Wednesday, a man picked up a box of the requested ballots from the facility and investigators followed him to a home in the 1600 block of Bennington Drive in Carrollton.

    Law enforcement obtained a search warrant for the home and in the man’s bedroom, they found a box with the requested ballots, and several had been opened. They also found the fraudulent Driver’s License used to rent the PO Box, and they placed the suspect, Zul Mirza Mohamed under arrest and took him to Denton County Jail.

    Mohamed, who is running for mayor of Carrollton, was charged with 25 counts of unlawful possession of a ballot without request of the voter — a second degree felony — and 84 counts of fraudulent use of mail ballot application, a third degree felony.”


  6. I told you about this last week. Her plan is to run out the clock and hope Trump loses. She knows what they did and is still trying to hide it.

    So I’ll say it again…… FIRE HER!


    “Senators Say CIA Director Is Withholding Trump-Russia Intel”

    “Two Senate Republicans have accused CIA Director Gina Haspel of withholding documents regarding intelligence the spy agency provided the FBI in its investigation of the Trump campaign.

    In a letter to Haspel, Sens. Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley said that CIA officials have refused to schedule a phone call to discuss the document request.

    “More than two months later, we still have not received any of the requested records that we detailed in that letter,” Johnson and Grassley, the chairmen of the Senate Homeland Security and Senate Finance Committees, respectively, wrote to Haspel on Wednesday.

    The letter is a follow up to one the senators sent Haspel on July 28 requesting any CIA documents provided the the FBI as part of Crossfire Hurricane, the bureau’s investigation of Trump associates’ possible links to Russia.

    The senators had also asked Haspel to provide any CIA documents related to dossier author Christopher Steele, FBI source Stefan Halper, and Trump campaign aides Carter Page and George Papadopoulos.

    They also sought any records of contacts the CIA had with Michael Sussmann and Marc Elias, two lawyers for the firm that represented the Clinton campaign and DNC during the 2016 campaign. (RELATED: CIA Documents Stir Debate Over Alleged Clinton Plan To Link Trump To Russia)

    Haspel assumed office on May 21, 2018. She previously served as CIA station chief in London.

    The senators said they have met with Haspel’s staff only once to discuss the requests but that “CIA has not produced a single document in response.”

    “Moreover, your agency has ignored multiple requests to schedule a phone call to discuss our oversight letter,” they said in the letter.”


  7. So the latest media hoax is the story of how “right wing militia” were going to kidnap Gov. Whitmer. So I have to ask, why would “right wing militia” men have Antifa posters on their walls?

    Answer, they wouldn’t. This was Antifa, and the Dems and media are gaslighting you again.

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  8. Protect yourselves, because the police won’t.



    “Rioters hurled rocks into residential buildings, damaged businesses and faced off with riot police after the district attorney for Wauwatosa, Wisconsin announced that a fatal police shooting of a black 17-year-old armed with a handgun was justified.

    Violent demonstrators threw stones at law enforcement as well as suburban homes, as police advised residents to “lock their doors and move away from windows,” according to a tweet from the city’s police department.

    Video captured by Townhall journalist Julio Rosas appeared to show members of a mob hurling objects at residential buildings, followed by the sound of glass shattering.”


  9. No, AJ, I did not get that impression of Pence at all. I did have an opinion of him already which would make a difference either for or against, of course. I did tell him a few times to stop speaking, which he never seemed to hear. 😉 Having watched enough debates and followed politics for years gave me an understanding of why he kept talking. Young people or those new to politics would probably see things differently.

    Harris always reminds me of a giggling middle schooler. Her ‘don’t lecture me’ sounded foolish to me because they were in a debate. Her faces showed immaturity, IMO. It, honestly, made me wonder how she presented herself in the court house during her cases. She did not look like she is ready for the job of either Vice-President or President.

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  10. Hacktastic!

    Nope, no bias here……


    “Twitter Oops — Debate Moderator Steve Scully Seeks Advice From Trump-Hater Anthony Scaramucci

    After Trump called Skully a Never Trumper, Skully sought private DM advice on whether to respond from Never Trumper The Mooch, but accidentally tweeted it”

    C-SPAN Political Editor and second debate moderator Steve Scully and well known Trump hater The Mooch had a bizarre Twitter exchange, which has led to raised eyebrows over Scully’s objectivity in the next debate.

    Tonight on Hannity, Trump referred to Scully as a Never Trumper.”



  11. It’s always disturbing to see journalists posting thinly-veiled political opinions on social media. Our company has had a pretty hard-line policy on that (as in DON’T do it), but I still see some colleagues either tweeting or “liking” partisan tweets.


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