Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2020- Week 5

I like the number 5. It’s the first part of 57 and the last part of 75. And you know why I like those numbers. Well, here’s a number a lot of people like: 10. Let’s see if one of us can get that number this week. At least one game will make it hard: the Top 10 matchup of Auburn at Georgia. Well, I guess the Pillow Fight could cause a problem, but for a different reason. Anyway, the Tie Breaker is the first of the Commander-in-Chief Trophy games with the Navy voyaging to Colorado to face the Air Force Academy. 

Press on, folks. Just get those guesses in by HIGH NOON EDT Saturday.

  1. Mizzou @ Tennessee

  2. Baylor @ West Virginia

  3. Texas A&M @ Alabama

  4. North Carolina @ Boston College

  5. Virginia Tech @ Duke

  6. Ole Miss @ Kentucky

  7. Texas Tech @ Kansas State

  8. Auburn @ Georgia

  9. Pillow Fight: Western Kentucky (0-3) @ Middle Tennessee (0-3)

  10. Tie Breaker (guess winner and final score): Navy @ Air Force

18 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2020- Week 5

  1. Chas’ wild guesses”

    1 Tennessee
    2 West Virginia
    3 Alabama
    4 N. Carolina
    5 Duke
    6 Ole Miss
    7 Texas Tech
    8 Auburn
    9 Western Ky.
    10 Navy 21-14


  2. Tennessee
    West Virginia
    Texas A and M
    Kansas State
    Western Kentucky
    Navy 22-15

    Go Boise! Go Vandals! Go Cougars! I had to do the opposite of Janice, well, last week…


  3. Mizzou – gotta go with the my state here.
    Baylor – This isn’t WVU’s year.
    Texas A&M – I agree with AJ.
    North Carolina – No, I’m not picking all the visiting teams on purpose.
    Duke – See? Dukes had it rough so far, but this one is a home game.
    Kentucky- Ole Miss isn’t as good as they were a few years ago.
    Kansas State – The Wildcats looked very good on the road at Oklahoma, and won!
    Georgia – Sorry, Kim, but the Tigers won’t win in Georgia.
    Middle Tennessee – Home field advantage, nothing more.
    Navy @ Air Force – This is a hard one. I grew up in an Air Force town, but my dad, uncle and a cousin were sailors. The Goat wins this one, 24-14.


  4. Tennessee
    Texas A&M @ Alabama
    North Carolina
    Virginia Tech
    Ole Miss
    Kansas State
    Pillow Fight: Middle Tennessee (0-3)
    Tie Breaker (guess winner and final score): Air Force 28 – 24


  5. Football is a stupid game. Just a bunch of huge guys running up and down the firld bumping into each other. Nobody apologizes. They just run back and do it again.
    South Carolina could have beat Florida had they played smarter.

    But maybe not.


  6. Well, Chas- at least you guessed better than I did this week. You and Mumsee tied. But Mike has one more than you. All of you picked Auburn over Georgia, so it doesn’t matter who wins that game, (At this time Georgia is ahead 27-6 in the 4th quarter.) The rest of us can’t win, so Mike it is.

    So, Mike, what’ll it be next week? The schedule is here:

    (Final results posted after the game.)


  7. Here you go:

    1) #14 Tennessee @ #3 Georgia

    2) Florida State @ #5 Notre Dame

    3) Mississippi State @ Kentucky

    4) Marshall @ Western Kentucky

    5) Missouri @ #17 LSU

    6) Temple @ Navy

    7) #19 Virginia Tech @ # 8 North Carolina

    8) North Carolina State @ Virginia

    9) Pillow Fight is: Central Arkansas @ Arkansas State

    10) Tie Breaker is: (drum roll, please!) #7 Miami @ #1 Clemson – predict the final score.


  8. Oh, Mike. You saved me some work, but you only get to choose the tie breaker. I’ll keep most of the games you posted, but change a few of the “gimmies” (like the Mizzou at LSU) for more of a challenge.


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