Our Daily Thread 9-29-20

Good Morning!

And a Happy Anniversary to my wife Cheryl. 🙂

The header is from the other Cheryl.


Anyone have a QoD?

37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-29-20

  1. Happy anniversary AJ & Cheryl.
    Nothing happening around here. That’s good. I don’t want something.
    I ave to get a haircut this morning.
    It used to be, I stopped by the barber’s.
    Now, it is a project and requires coordination and planning.

    e.g. Linda S. comes over at 9:30
    I drive over to the barber which is less than five miles away at a speed not exceeding 45 mph. Just so I arrive before 10:00. I may stop by the store on the way home.

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  2. Good morning! It will soon be an hour since Chas posted. I hope he enjoys the adventure of the morning. My hair is getting longish. I have been cutting it myself which is another type of adventure I need to explore soon.

    A friend from church, whose family has moved on to a church closer to their home, sent me a message yesterday asking me to send a birthday card to her husband who is turning 50. She and her daughter are getting together fifty birthday cards to give him on his birthday. Isn’t that sweet?

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  3. Happy Anniversary to the Real Mr. & Mrs. AJ.
    May you enjoy this beautiful fall day and celebrate your wedded life and that this year you jumped over the hurdle of homeschooling! Blessings on
    you two♡♡


  4. Happy anniversary AJ and Cheryl!

    The header is tree blossoms. All were photographed locally this year, nearly all within walking distance from my home. Well, if you extend “walking distance” to within two miles from my home, then I think all were taken in that radius–but I usually either drive to the trail that starts two miles down the street from me (two miles by road) or I walk there (about five miles by trail) and have my husband pick me up. So I’ve never walked there and back.

    I don’t know all the flowers, but here are the ones I know: center is a paw paw (the flower of the tree that is the largest native fruit). Clockwise from top left: unknown, tulip tree (this version is the Indiana state tree), dogwood, another tulip/magnolia tree, catalpa, two pink trees that are unknown though the second might be a cherry tree, followed (green flower at the bottom) by another dogwood (actually I took that photo last year–I didn’t see that tree bloom this year), then redwood, then buckeye (the buds of that tree are really amazing–here you can see a single large bud opening to spill out a bunch of new leaves and also another whole series of buds, which will become flowers), and the last two are also unknown.

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  5. Congratulations to The Real Mr. & Mrs.

    Called in sick today, because last night I was on the road doing calls. Oh, the things I could tell. I have asked to be taken off on-call due to asthma, as I had trouble again, but in a way, being on call is an adventure.

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  6. Happy anniversary AJ & Cheryl! Candlelight dinner planned for tonight? Or watching the debate? 🙂 I guess the debate is lae enough (East Coast time) that you could squeeze in both.

    It starts at 6 out here. I am beginning to think it could be uneventful after all this buildup.

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  7. I hope to see at least some of the debate. I have an online annual fundraiser event, too, we attend regularily happening tonight.
    I am not sure if the debate will be fiery or toned down. Have the candidates both been sanded smooth to not offend, etc. I think it could be like walking a tightrope for one in particular.


  8. Barrett is coming in for the anticipated criticism related to faith; I read an AP piece last night that interviewed a few of the former (critical) members of the People of Praise group that’s now under intense scrutiny.

    The problem is that any reference to or discussion of female “submission” in marriage — in the hands of those who are not versed in the study of the Bible — automatically becomes a secular caricature, with no real understanding or depth and certainly with none of the nuances we’re familiar with within that topic.

    (Not that isn’t misused and abused by some Christians, but in real life lived out in true faith, it’s not really what the outside world really thinks it is.)

    And of course there’s much criticism of their adoptions of the two children from Haiti. I feel for her and her family, although she and her husband probably knew this is what they’d face.

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  9. As for tonight, Trump will need to be careful about falling back on too much harsh personal ridicule lest it come off as bullying. And i suppose this should go on the political thread, sorry.

    But work is beginning …

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  10. I’m confident the debate will occur — and I also think both candidates will be well prepared. The unexpected moments can (and often do) occur, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this one is more uneventful than it’s been ramped up to be.

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  11. Happy Anniversary, Mr and Mrs AJ!

    The header is gorgeous. I’m always amazed at the beauty Cheryl uncovers and creates with her photography here on the blog.


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  12. Whoops, in naming the flowers I see I said “redwood” when I meant “redbud.”

    My husband and I bought my present computer perhaps four years ago. Ever since I got it, it has done random crashes, roughly once a day but sometimes not at all and sometimes two or three times (more likely when I’m working with photos). Then two or three weeks ago I started getting purple lines across my screen, and then the monitor died completely.

    My tech guy (aka my husband) did research and thought the lines might be connected to the RAM, so he tested the memory and found that one of the four cards was bad. Then when my monitor crashed completely (a couple days after finishing that huge project), he ordered another one, which came today. So now I have a computer that isn’t crashing, and my monitor is bigger, a clearer image, and adjustable. So I feel like I have a whole new computer but I don’t have the work of starting up a whole new computer!

    But we went for a walk and I stayed out longer; I came home 15 minutes before my Zoom Bible study through my old church (with the three women I was closest to all on it) and that was just enough time to eat a quick lunch, and so I haven’t yet read most of this thread but I’ll go back and do that now.

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  13. The university my daughter works at in Nashville is scheduled for the last debate. She has wondered if it will go on. She said they have been working for a year on all the things it takes to have one of these. They had one several years ago, so it is not entirely a new thing for them, but the Covid considerations are something else altogether. The way everyone is being pushed to vote early makes me wonder if there will be many left to watch or vote by then.

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  14. Janice, thanks for the telescope! I showed it to husband, he just kept shaking his head and said, “Mind boggling, some people have too much time on their hands. ” But he said it appreciatively. Amazing!


  15. Happy Anniversary, AJ and Mrs Real.

    Chas- “toll free” refers to numbers you can dial without having to pay long distance charges, like the 800, 888, 877, etc. numbers that get repeated a dozen times on radio commercials. But since everyone has cell phones with free long distance, a “toll free” number is almost unnecessary.


  16. Peter. That’s why I was asking. I have “toll free” without any bother with it.
    But Occasionally, I see on my computer that someone is trying to call ” toll free”
    I avoid those.


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