23 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-25-20

  1. Somehow I can’t help but think that if these were right-wingers outside a Biden rally it’d be a bigger story.


    “Couple busted with gun, 200 rounds of ammunition ahead of Trump rally in Ohio”

    “A Virginia couple was busted while allegedly carrying a gun and 200 rounds of ammunition, along with a pitchfork and shovels, ahead of a Trump campaign rally Monday night in Ohio, authorities said.

    John C. Davison, 38, and Vicki M. Davison, 33, were spotted by a Toledo Executive Airport employee walking on the railroad tracks behind the airport in Lake Township, the Sentinel-Tribune reported. The worker said the couple had a backpack and shovels.

    Police “converged” on the pair and took them into custody without incident, Lake Township Police Chief Mark Hummer told the newspaper.

    The Davisons allegedly had on them two shovels, a pitchfork and a backpack stuffed with a Glock pistol with an extended magazine, as well as 200 rounds of ammunition and four tourniquets, Hummer said.”



    “2 Virginia Beach residents charged with ‘terrorist threats’ in Ohio near Trump rally”

    “According to Paul Dobson, Wood County Prosecuting Attorney, the Davisons are each facing two felonies and two misdemeanors. The felonies are making terrorist threats and carrying concealed weapons. The misdemeanors are criminal trespass and inducing panic.

    Each has a bond of $55,000.

    The two were captured Monday behind the Toledo Executive Airport in Lake Township, which is a designated reliever airport for the Toledo Express Airport.”


  2. I hear that G. Soros is behind this.
    There is a link that says “De noro says that Trump will establish fascism if re-elected”
    If Trump had something like that in mind, he would already have don it.


  3. The flawed Covid count says 200k deaths. But only 10k died from Covid alone. They always fail to mention that.


    The media lapdogs of course spin it as a QAnon theory, yet the numbers come from the CDC.


    Only 6% of those deaths are related to Covid alone.


    Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death. The number of deaths with each condition or cause is shown for all deaths and by age groups. “


  4. The fake news smear job walk back.


    “Media Outlets Forced to Backtrack After Trying ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Smear on Judge Amy Coney Barrett

    Newsweek and Reuters made a beeline for Judge Barrett’s Catholic faith in their respective articles, with Newsweek alleging without evidence that Barrett’s “People of Praise group inspired ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’.”

    “Two national media news outlets issued significant retractions Tuesday after being called out for publishing erroneous hit pieces about potential Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

    As Democrats are already doing and will continue to do if she’s nominated, Newsweek made a beeline for Barrett’s Catholic faith in their article, alleging in the original headline and subsequent piece that Barrett’s “People of Praise group inspired ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’” A tweet showing that headline is still up:”


    “The headline and piece have since changed, and a correction to the story was issued by Newsweek because, as it turns out, they have no evidence whatsoever to back up their original claim.

    Here’s the revised headline (as of this writing):

    How Charismatic Catholic Groups Like Amy Coney Barrett’s People of Praise Inspired ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

    And here’s their “correction”:

    This article’s headline originally stated that People of Praise inspired ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. The book’s author, Margaret Atwood, has never specifically mentioned the group as being the inspiration for her work. A New Yorker profile of the author from 2017 mentions a newspaper clipping as part of her research for the book of a different charismatic Catholic group, People of Hope. Newsweek regrets the error.

    You’d think that a correction of that magnitude would shame editors into pulling the entire piece. But as the updated headline indicates, Newsweek is going to do whatever they can to keep hope alive that “People of Praise” was the basis for “The Handmaid’s Tale.””


    Because they have an agenda. Duh.


  5. Lies, damn lies, and flat out fiction. That about sums up the media coverage of the Breonna Taylor incident.


    “In the wake of a Kentucky grand jury’s decision in the Breonna Taylor case, a number of fairly high profile folks on both sides of the aisle have been pushing false or incomplete narratives about the case itself and the events that led up to Taylor’s shooting by Louisville police officers conducting a raid on her apartment. I don’t know how much good it will do in the long run, but having covered the Taylor case for months now, I feel the need to correct the record on a few bits of misinformation that I’ve seen since Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron announced the grand jury’s findings on Wednesday.

    Let’s start with this tweet from former University of Kentucky basketball star Rex Chapman, who posted this Wednesday evening.”

    “That’s simply false. The Courier-Journal newspaper in Louisville has seen the actual search warrants that were used in the narcotics investigation that led to the raid on Taylor’s home, and the paper has reported that Taylor’s name and address were indeed on one of the warrants that was issued.

    The Courier Journal obtained copies of five search warrants Louisville police received March 12 as part of a narcotics investigation.

    One was for Taylor’s apartment, three were for adjacent homes on Elliott Avenue in the Russell neighborhood and one was for a house on West Muhammad Ali Boulevard. The Muhammad Ali Boulevard warrant was not executed, although the reason hasn’t been made public.

    The search warrant for Taylor’s home includes her street address, apartment number and photos of her apartment door, which police later broke using a battering ram.

    Taylor’s name, birth date and social security number are listed on the warrant, alongside the names of the narcotics investigation’s main targets, Jamarcus Glover and Adrian Walker.

    Adrian Walker and Kenneth Walker are not related.

    On the Right side of the aisle, I’ve seen several individuals portray Kenneth Walker, Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, as a “criminal” or “thug” who knowingly opened fire on police as they entered Taylor’s apartment. There are a lot of variations of this tweet floating around.”

    Walker wasn’t named in the search warrant, and wasn’t a part of the investigation into Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover. He did not have a criminal record, and lawfully possessed the gun that he had when police came through the door of Taylor’s apartment. Walker has maintained that he and Taylor were in bed watching TV when they heard the sound the sound of loud banging on the apartment door.”


  6. I’m sure it’s fine…..


    “Trays of mail, including absentee ballots, found in a ditch in Wisconsin”

    “Police in Greenville, Wisconsin, found three trays of mail, including absentee ballots, in a ditch.

    The Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office discovered the trays in a ditch on Tuesday morning, near Appleton International Airport, according to WLUK. The mail was returned to the U.S. Postal Service, and an investigation is underway.

    “The United States Postal Inspection Service immediately began investigating, and we reserve further comment on this matter until that is complete,” USPS spokesman Bob Sheehan told WLUK.

    The U.S. Postal Inspection Service told the Washington Examiner that it is aware of the mail, including absentee ballots, found in a ditch and is investigating the incident. The department declined to comment further.”


    Even Dems are starting to get this?


    “Democrats spent the early months of the coronavirus pandemic urging their base to vote absentee. But as threats of U.S. Postal Service delays, Team Trump litigation and higher ballot rejection rates become clearer, many are pivoting to promote more in-person voting as well.

    Why it matters: Democrats are exponentially more likely to vote by mail than Republicans this year — and if enough mail-in ballots are lost, rejected on a technicality or undercounted, it could change the outcome of the presidential election or other key races.

    Driving the news: In Colorado, former Gov. John Hickenlooper, who’s running against Sen. Cory Gardner, told Axios that he’s encouraging voters to physically take their mail-in ballots to a dropbox and to do so “early, really early.”

    Paulette Jordan, a Democratic candidate for Senate in Idaho, told Axios that she’s encouraging voters to take their filled out mail ballots in person to the county courthouse.
    Black PAC has moved from exclusively educating voters on voting by mail to informing about all available options: in-person, absentee, early voting and voting on Election Day.
    The Collective PAC — the largest Black-led political action committee targeting Black voters and candidates — is pivoting, too. “We’re shifting away from making plans to vote by mail to voting early in person,” Quentin James, the group’s founder, told Axios.
    The pivot is reflected by Barack and Michelle Obama, both of whom have been encouraging Democrats not just to vote by mail, but to vote early any way they can, including in person.
    Biden campaign officials say they’ve always encouraged people to vote however they are most comfortable, and that they’ve never exclusively stressed one method over another.

    “For us it’s always been about how we can get people to vote early no matter what, and that’s our number one priority,” said Jenn Ridder, national states director for the Biden campaign.
    “Folks who like to vote in person can still do that early too, by filling out your ballot and physically bringing it to the polling location.”
    But there are signs of potential trouble given the volume of absentee voting that’s expected this year:”


    Vote early and often!


  7. Retire!

    We need term and age limits.


    “Democrats Fear 87 Year-Old Dianne Feinstein Not Up For Looming Supreme Court Battle

    “If you take a look at Kavanaugh, we may be short two senators because of that. And if this gets [messed] up, it may be the same result.”

    “Senator Dianne Feinstein of California is the Democratic party’s ranking member on the Judiciary Committee. Now that we’re headed into another Senate battle over a Supreme Court justice confirmation, some Democrats worry that she isn’t up to the fight.

    Did I mention that Feinstein is 87 years old?

    John Bresnahan and Marianne Levine write at Politico:

    Democrats worry Feinstein can’t handle Supreme Court battle

    As the Senate prepares for yet another brutal Supreme Court nomination fight, one particularly sensitive issue is creating apprehension among Democrats: what to do with 87-year-old Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee.

    Feinstein, the oldest member of the Senate, is widely respected by senators in both parties, but she has noticeably slowed in recent years. Interviews with more than a dozen Democratic senators and aides show widespread concern over whether the California Democrat is capable of leading the aggressive effort Democrats need against whoever President Donald Trump picks to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

    The Judiciary Committee is the critical battleground in the Supreme Court confirmation process. At stake, her own Democratic colleagues worry, is more than just whether the party can thwart Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in his rush to fill the seat. Some Democrats privately fear that Feinstein could mishandle the situation and hurt their chances of winning back the majority.

    Feinstein sometimes gets confused by reporters’ questions, or will offer different answers to the same question depending on where or when she’s asked. Her appearance is frail.

    So Feinstein appears frail and isn’t as sharp as she used to be? I’m just thinking out loud here, but maybe it has something to do with the fact that she’s 87 years old.

    According to the report, some of Feinstein’s colleagues threw her under the bus:

    A Democratic senator, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said a group of Feinstein’s colleagues want Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) or Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) to serve as the top Democrat on the Judiciary panel for the upcoming nomination hearings, which are expected to be extraordinarily contentious. This senator is worried that potential missteps by Feinstein could cost Democrats seats.

    “She’s not sure what she’s doing,” the Democratic senator said of Feinstein. “If you take a look at Kavanaugh, we may be short two senators because of that. And if this gets [messed] up, it may be the same result.”…

    Another Democratic senator said party leaders were “in an impossible position,” pointing out that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y) and other senior Democrats can’t replace a female senator for hearings on an expected female nominee to replace a deceased female Supreme Court justice.

    Feinstein actually reacted to this report with surprise.”



    But it’s fine for Biden though…..


  8. Once again, Trump was right and the Dems and FBI leadership were lying.


    “‘Trump Was Right’: Explosive New FBI Texts Detail Internal Furor Over Handling Of ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Investigation

    Newly disclosed internal FBI notes and text messages detail the extent of the FBI’s desire to take down Trump and his associates at any cost.”

    “Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents tasked by fired former Director James Comey to take down Donald Trump during and after the 2016 election were so concerned about the agency’s potentially illegal behavior that they purchased liability insurance to protect themselves less than two weeks before Trump was inaugurated president, previously hidden FBI text messages show. The explosive new communications and internal FBI notes were disclosed in federal court filings today from Sidney Powell, the attorney who heads Michael Flynn’s legal defense team.

    “[W]e all went and purchased professional liability insurance,” one agent texted on Jan. 10, 2017, the same day CNN leaked details that then-President-elect Trump had been briefed by Comey about the bogus Christopher Steele dossier. That briefing of Trump was used as a pretext to legitimize the debunked dossier, which was funded by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign and compiled by a foreign intelligence officer who was working for a sanctioned Russian oligarch.

    “Holy crap,” an agent responded. “All the analysts too?”

    “Yep,” the first agent said. “All the folks at the Agency as well.”

    “[C]an I ask who are the most likely litigators?” an agent responded. “[A]s far as potentially suing y’all[?]”

    “[H]aha, who knows….I think [t]he concern when we got it was that there was a big leak at DOJ and the NYT among others was going to do a piece,” the first agent said.

    While the names of the agents responsible for the texts are redacted, the legal filing from Powell, quoting communications from the Department of Justice (DOJ), states that the latest document production included handwritten notes and texts from Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, and FBI analysts who worked on the FBI’s investigation of Flynn.

    Agents also said they were worried about how a new attorney general might view the actions taken against Trump during the investigation. Shortly after then-Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) was confirmed to be Trump’s new attorney general, congressional Democrats, media, and Obama holdovers within DOJ immediately moved to force Sessions to recuse himself from overseeing the department’s investigations against Trump.

    “[T]he new AG might have some questions….then yada yada yada…we all get screwed,” one agent wrote.

    The FBI agents also discussed how the investigation’s leadership was consumed with conspiracy theories rather than evidence.

    “I’m tellying [sic] man, if this thing ever gets FOIA’d, there are going to be some tough questions asked,” one agent wrote. “[A]nd a great deal of those will be related to Brian having a scope way outside the boundaries of logic[.]””


  9. It’s gonna be a fiasco. And PA. ain’t the only place.


    “Warning Signs in Pennsylvania of Mail Ballot Chaos in November”

    “The state of Pennsylvania is rapidly emerging as a contentious battleground where Republicans and Democrats are fighting over one of the most hot-button issues in November’s election – the use of mail-in ballots.

    On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany highlighted Republican concerns in the Keystone State. “It’s a system that’s subject to fraud,” she said at a press briefing. “I can confirm for you that Trump ballots, ballots for the president, were found in Pennsylvania.” The FBI and state police are now investigating after the U.S. attorney’s office reported that nine military ballots were found discarded in Luzerne County – and seven of them had been cast for Trump.

    While the GOP is focused on the risks of mail-in ballots, Pennsylvania Democrats are expressing worries that security measures for mail ballots will disenfranchise their voters. Earlier this week, Democratic Philadelphia City Commissioner Lisa Deeley sent a letter to the Republican leaders of the Pennsylvania legislature warning that a recent state Supreme Court decision threatens to upend November’s elections by disallowing mail-in ballots that aren’t returned in “secrecy envelopes.” Secrecy envelopes are an additional envelope or sleeve that make it difficult for poll workers and others to see through the return envelope and read what’s on the ballot, and generally make ballots harder to tamper with.

    “It is likely true that the number of naked ballots” — those lacking secrecy envelopes — “we received in the June primary was at least between 15,000 to 20,000. Philadelphia is likely to receive about twice as many mail ballots in the general election as we did the primary,” she wrote. “This would mean 30,000 to 40,000 ballots could very likely be thrown out in Philadelphia alone. That number could rise to over 100,000 statewide.” She ended her letter urging the legislature to pass a law allowing the state to accept ballots without secrecy envelopes.

    In 2016, Donald Trump won Pennsylvania by a mere 44,292 votes out of more than 6 million cast. “At the core of the PA ‘naked ballot’ controversy is this: Are Republicans prepared to deal with the societal consequences of the presidency being decided by the invalidation of 80k-120k mail ballots on a technicality?” asked Dave Wasserman, an elections analyst for Cook Political Report and NBC news.

    Republicans in the state, however, counter that measures such as secrecy envelopes are a necessity, not a technicality – and point out that 16 other states require similar additional envelopes or sleeves for ballots.

    On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany highlighted Republican concerns in the Keystone State. “It’s a system that’s subject to fraud,” she said at a press briefing. “I can confirm for you that Trump ballots, ballots for the president, were found in Pennsylvania.” The FBI and state police are now investigating after the U.S. attorney’s office reported that nine military ballots were found discarded in Luzerne County – and seven of them had been cast for Trump.

    “There’s a crying need [for election security],” Charlie Gerow, a veteran GOP strategist who’s worked on presidential campaigns in Pennsylvania since 1976, told RealClearPolitics. “Philadelphia just recently had a guilty plea and a major election fraud case that involved a Democrat election judge stuffing ballot boxes, not just in one election, but in multiple elections. And the U.S. attorney down there, William McSwain, who was the only guy in Philadelphia actually fighting crime as a prosecutor, has now made additional charges, including against former Congressman Michael ‘Ozzie’ Myers, who you may remember from ABSCAM days.”

    Domenick J. DeMuro, the former judge of elections and Democratic Party official in Philadelphia, pleaded guilty in May. For his role in bribing DeMuro, Myers was charged in July with “conspiring to violate voting rights by fraudulently stuffing the ballot boxes for specific candidates in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 primary elections, bribery of an election official, falsification of records, voting more than once in federal elections, and obstruction of justice.””


  10. This entire election is disturbing on many levels

    We need to be praying for this country and the rising up of new, calm and wise leadership in the near future.

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  11. Some very inspiring speeches given by various black leaders at the Black Economic Empowerment event in Atlanta. Hershel Walker is speaking now, followed by the President.


  12. “We need to be praying for this country and the rising up of new, calm and wise leadership in the near future.”

    Yeah, ‘cuz we need to return to the days of milquetoast pushovers that the Dems and press run roughshod over without so much as a whimper of protest….


    The candidate we have is the one we need at this time.


  13. Previous candidates gave us lip service. Trump actually delivers.


    “Trump Promises ‘Born Alive’ Executive Order That Requires Medical Care for Abortion Survivors

    “This is our sacrosanct moral duty.”


    “From Catholic News Agency:

    “Today I am announcing that I will be signing the Born-Alive Executive Order to ensure that all precious babies born alive, no matter their circumstances, receive the medical care that they deserve. This is our sacrosanct moral duty,” said Trump Sept. 23, speaking in a pre-recorded video address during the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast virtual even.

    The Born-Alive Infant Abortion Survivors Act has been introduced several times in Congress, but has failed to become law. The bill stalled in the House of Representatives in 2019-2020 because an insufficient number of members signed a discharge petition which would have triggered a vote on the bill.

    The proposed law would not have created any new limit or restriction on access to abortion, but would require that infants born alive after an attempted abortion be given appropriate medical care consistent with that given to a child of the same gestational age born under a different circumstance. Several states have passed their own version of the bill.

    This is the first time President Donald Trump addressed the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast:

    “I want to express my deep gratitude everyone who prays for me, for the First Lady, and for our great country,” Trump said.

    The president also spoke of how he grew up near a Catholic church in the New York City borough of Queens, and had seen for himself the “incredible work” the Church does for the marginalized.

    “I grew up next to a Catholic church in Queens, New York and I saw how much incredible work the Catholic Church did for our community. These are amazing people. These are great, great people,” the president said.

    “Catholics of all backgrounds share the love of Christ with the most vulnerable, as they care for the elderly, the homeless, and neighbors in need. Our nation is strong because of Catholics and all people of faith,” he added.

    The bill states:

    A health care practitioner who is present must (1) exercise the same degree of care as reasonably provided to another child born alive at the same gestational age, and (2) immediately admit the child to a hospital. The bill also requires a health care practitioner or other employee to immediately report any failure to comply with this requirement to law enforcement.

    A person who violates the requirements is subject to criminal penalties—a fine, up to five years in prison, or both.

    Additionally, an individual who intentionally kills or attempts to kill a child born alive is subject to prosecution for murder.

    The bill bars the criminal prosecution of a mother of a child born alive for conspiracy to violate these provisions, for being an accessory after the fact, or for concealment of felony.

    A woman who undergoes an abortion or attempted abortion may file a civil action for damages against an individual who violates this bill.”


  14. AJ, your 8:19, you write: “The flawed Covid count says 200k deaths. But only 10k died from Covid alone. They always fail to mention that.” I don’t think they actually do “always” fail to mention that, but they “fail to mention that” because it is irrelevant. Let’s say the number is the number of people who die from heart attacks each year. An article discussing the number might point out that in a certain percentage of those deaths, the deceased were obese, were smokers, were undergoing chemotherapy, etc. But that doesn’t mean the number itself is “dishonest”; it just means that different ways of looking at a number come up with different results.

    Most of the people who die from Covid-19 have pre-existing conditions (e.g., high blood pressure, obesity, dementia, diabetes, immune issues). Many others have a second “cause” listed on the death certificate that is actually a part of the Covid-19 itself (e.g., pneumonia). In a few other instances–no one knows how many–Covid-19 is probably irrelevant to their death (e.g., they were hit by a car), and it’s not impossible that some didn’t have Covid-19 at all (e.g., a false positive). Then again, undoubtedly people have died of Covid-19 related causes who happened never to be tested for it, or who are deemed to have recovered, and who aren’t counted in the numbers but should have been.

    My husband and I are self-isolating because he is medically very vulnerable. That means that if he were to get Covid-19, he is very likely to die from it. If that happened, and co-morbidities were mentioned on the death certificate, it would NOT mean he “didn’t really die of Covid-19.” It would mean he is one of the vulnerable people who is most susceptible to it. It’s not quite the same thing, but let’s say that two-year-olds are far more likely to die of RSV than five-year-olds are. If your two-year-old nephew contracts RSV and dies from it, he didn’t die from being two, though being two did make him more vulnerable. A person with certain co-morbidities may be more likely to die in the next ten years than someone else the same age without those issues, but that doesn’t mean that if he happens to die of Covid-19, that he “didn’t really” die of it. If a nursing home would usually lose two residents in a six-month period and instead they lose thirty, it isn’t fair to say oh well, those people are all old and most would have died in the next ten years anyway. If they contracted Covid-19 and died, they rightly should (in most cases) be counted as Covid-19 deaths. The details of co-morbidities can be broken down separately, but they are hardly being hidden. (It’s very well known that the very old and people with medical issues are most vulnerable.) The fact that they’re really only counting deaths, not people with very serious reactions and with ongoing symptoms, may mean that if anything the disease is being played down.

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  15. Aj, Your comment to Dj at 5:09 was a put down. Please, please, don’t do that. I agree with you that the candidate we have is who we need. But Dj is also right. We do need to be praying for God to raise up some more calm and wise men. I would see Mike Pence of one of those whom the Lord is raising up. Please don’t make this into another place where we need to be fearful of making comments.

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  16. To add to what Cheryl wrote, here are two articles that explain the situation.



    “Viral claim that only 6% of COVID-19 deaths were caused by the virus is flat-out wrong”



  17. Sorry Jo, but I’m sick of the hand wringing and pearl clutching.

    And everyone can say what they want here, me included.


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