8 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-12-20

  1. Message fail.


    “POLL: Oregon voters disapprove of Portland protests, call them ‘mostly violent riots’ and want more police force”

    “A recent survey found that a majority of Oregon voters do not believe the Portland protests to be “mostly peaceful” and a plurality urge police to use greater force to quell the violence.

    DHM Research, a Portland-based research firm, conducted a statewide study that that focused on voter opinions on the relentless protests that have continued in Oregon’s largest city for over 100 days since George Floyd’s death in May, causing millions of dollars in property damage and disturbing civilians in residential neighborhoods.

    A split was evident throughout the poll among age and racial demographics. Rioters tend to skew younger and identify as BIPOC and LGBT.

    Most Oregonians believe that the protests in Portland have been “mostly violent.” At the same time, just 29 percent feel that the Portland police have used too much force.

    56 percent of Oregon voters believe that the Portland protests have been “mostly violent” while 36 percent think that the consecutive nights of rioting have been “mostly peaceful.” 7 percent are unsure.”


    So not enough head cracking?


  2. Real question”
    Why are they so concerned about Floyd’s death in Portland when they are not concerned about it in Charleston, nor Augusta, nor Greensboro?
    Most of us have our own problems and don’t need to borrow some else’s.

    Again” Why Portland?


  3. Some people talk, some people act.


    “Trump Awards Medal of Honor to Sgt. Major Thomas Payne, Who Helped Rescue 75 Hostages From ISIS

    “We stand in awe of your heroic daring and gallant deeds. You truly went above and beyond the call of duty to earn our nation’s highest military honor.”

    “In a time when the country is consumed by election news, left-wing riots, and the continuing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, it is easy to forget that there are so many other important things happening in the world around us.

    On Friday, President Trump awarded Sgt. Major Thomas Payne with the Medal of Honor for his role in a daring mission to successfully rescue 75 hostages from ISIS.

    Payne represents the best among us and deserves this recognition.

    Marisa Schultz reports at FOX News:

    Trump awards Medal of Honor to military hero who freed more than 75 hostages in Iraq

    President Trump presented the Medal of Honor Friday to U.S. Army Sgt. Major Thomas “Patrick” Payne for his heroics in a 2015 daring raid that rescued 75 ISIS hostages from a prison in northern Iraq, with Trump praising him as “one of the bravest men anywhere in the world.”

    Trump hailed Payne’s gallant and selfless efforts that led to 20 ISIS terrorists killed and saving the lives of the 75 captives.

    “Today he joins the immortal company of our most revered American heroes,” Trump said in the White House ceremony. “Pat, you personify the motto: ‘Rangers lead the way.’”

    According to Matthew Cox of Military.com, Payne is the first living member of Delta Force to receive this award:”


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  4. The insanity continues to cost lives in places where they don’t enforce the law and hold criminals responsible. Criminals get a free pass, a get out of jail free card thanks to Dem prosecutors, and the innocent pay the price.


    “Chicago Gun Store Looter Released, Murders Walgreens Clerk”

    “Perhaps some bad news can at least result in a lesson being learned, though in this case, it comes too late for one Chicago sales clerk. Last week, prosecutors report that 18-year-old Sincere Williams had robbed three stores in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, including the local Walgreens. Apparently not satisfied with his take from those robberies, Williams returned to the Walgreens last Sunday with more on his mind than simple theft. Armed with either one or two knives, Williams proceeded to stab store clerk Olga Marie Calderon nearly a dozen times before calmly walking out of the store covered in blood, leaving Calderon to die on the floor of the shop.

    Prosecutors further assert that this was a premeditated killing because Williams had stashed a change of clothes nearby, switching outfits before ditching his knife in some bushes and walking back home. He managed to cut himself in the process and had to be taken to a local hospital for stitches. What the local CBS News outlet learned later made this crime all the more disturbing. Williams wasn’t unknown to law enforcement. In fact, he had robbed a gun shop in March of this year, stealing 14 handguns before being quickly apprehended by the police. The gun shop owner is outraged that he was put back out on the street so quickly and maintains that Olga Marie Calderon would be alive today had the previous crime been taken more seriously.”

    The owner of Suburban Sporting Goods Guns & Ammo in Melrose Park said his gun shop was burglarized in May. He said Williams tried stealing 14 handguns.

    Williams, now 18, was arrested and charged with burglary at the time. And the gun shop owner said Williams should still have been off the streets at the time Cook County prosecutors said he murdered Walgreens clerk Olga Marie Calderon – and she should still be alive today…

    “That’s a pretty heinous crime,” the owner said. “These weren’t hunting guns. He wasn’t stealing to feed his family. These were likely going somewhere very bad.”

    “I was kind of enraged. It’s like, here’s this kid that broke into a gun store and stole several firearms,” the owner said. “Just because he was caught, it doesn’t lessen the severity of the crime.”

    Sincere Williams wasn’t totally let off the hook for the gun shop robbery. He was wearing an electronic monitoring device on his ankle until last month and was scheduled for a court appearance in October. But he was somehow allowed to remove the monitoring device in August and left to his own devices while awaiting trial. Now we know how Mr. Williams chose to occupy his time.”


  5. Investigate the investigators, because they’ve clearly been up to no good. Destroying public records is a no-no, and Mueller and his team of partisan Dems knew this. Yet they’re hiding something….


    “Johnson seeks IG probe of wiped Mueller team phones
    Records released by the Justice Department this week suggest top Mueller aides erased records from at least 15 phones.”

    “Senate Homeland Security Chair Ron Johnson is asking a Justice Department watchdog to probe recently revealed documents that suggest members of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team wiped records from their official phones.

    Records released by the Justice Department this week in response to a Freedom of Information Act request suggest top Mueller aides erased the information from at least 15 phones, citing forgotten passwords, physical damage and missing hardware.

    “These reports are troubling and raise concerns about record retention and transparency,” Johnson wrote in a letter to DOJ inspector general Michael Horowitz. “Therefore, I respectfully request that your office open an investigation into this matter to determine what, why, and how information was wiped, whether any wrongdoing occurred, and who these devices belonged to.”

    Johnson is asking Horowitz to send answers by Sept. 18, as the senator winds down a related investigation of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation — the probe of the 2016 Trump campaign’s contacts with Russians, which morphed into Mueller’s probe in mid-2017. He’s also asking whether Horowitz may be able to retrieve messages from the phones.”


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