55 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-11-20

  1. Good Morning. Chlosaphine Josephine (BG) is home and doing better. She said she was throwing up because her stomach hurt not the other way around. A friend called me last night and said her daughter had been in the hospital Monday for almost the exact thing.
    Her dad left a prescription in my mailbox to get filled.

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  2. I don'[t understand none of that Kim. But it sounds better than it did yesterday. And I’m glad.
    Good morning everyone.
    I started to tell you what was nineteen years ago. But it occurred to me that I have told you eighteen times already.
    I started to put the flag out but decided not to. Just leave it alone. We have been at war with who knows who for all of some people’s lives now.

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  3. 19 years seems to be a long time to be sending our soldiers in to fight a war no one can win. What I miss most is the unity we had as Americans when this happened. Now we can’t even agree to be respectful when the flag is presented or the nationa anthem is sung.
    How did this happen?

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  4. I remember that day well. I was so happy to not be doing TV at that time. It is quite different to read about it and hear it on the radio. I used to be an avid newspaper reader. It was a sad day in our town when the mail carrier quit bringing the Albuquerque Journal.

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  5. KIm asks “How did this happen?”
    It happened because lots of Americans, but not a majority, don’t like America the way it was founded.
    They don’t have a serious alternative. I think they think “Socialism” , but I doubt they would be happy with that.
    I heard someone say, a few years ago:
    “The kids who were rebelling during the Viet Nam war are teaching our kids now”.

    There is something seriously wrong in America today, but nobody knows what. Thought everyone thinks he does.

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  6. A lot of people in our nation want nothing to do with God therefore they are used by the evil one in their state of discontent to spew lies and destruction. We need to remember who the true enemy is and seriously pray for an awakening and revival. We had a politician in Georgia, Zel Miller, who said, “I didn’t leave the Democrat party. They left me.” Why have so many Democrats not understood that they are the frogs in hearing water? I think they have transformed from donkeys to frogs. Sorry for the political post on here if it bothers anyone.

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  7. Chas, if I use the Word Press App reader feed, I can see the print better and also like things but I can’t see the header. If you don’t have the Word Press App, you could install that and see if it helps.

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  8. Morning! Moss…what is it about moss that causes me to smile? When we are out hiking and I spy a bit of moss I always think “oh look, moss”!! I’m so weird….
    This day is sobering for most Americans. How I had hoped that the spirit of pulling together, many turning their eyes and hearts towards our Lord would solidify. It has for many yet like Chas said…”they are still trying to destroy us”….
    We continue in our hope and trust in the Lord God Almighty and we shall not falter. Standing firm in that faith and trust He will carry us through to His glory…amen

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  9. Our major problem is that we don’t have an identifiable enemy. It is an Islamic inspired action, but we can’t identify a specific enemy. If so, it would have been dealt with long ago. but nobody can identify a culprit.

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  10. Chas- At home for some reason I have to log in now, but on my school computer I don’t. I don’t know if it’s a WordPress issue or my Internet provider at home.

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  11. I’ve just had to cancel out of an outdoor women’s retreat I had planned to attend tomorrow in the redwoods. The air quality index at 6 am was 179. 50 and below is healthy; this is in the unhealthy zone. It’s supposed to be in the “hazardous” zone for the weekend, 370.

    I can breathe fine, thanks be to God, but the particulates in the past have triggered migraines–which I haven’t had in years. My brain feels somewhat muzzy and I’m taking it easy and drinking a lot of water.

    Our friend Andrew is a firefighter on the Creek Fire–which has just gotten worse. He may have a respirator, but he’s hauling 80-pounds of equipment on his back. He’s young and strong, but I cannot fathom what he is facing. And I have a vivid imagination.

    And then Oregon . . . our friend Tammy reported this morning her brother and family are moving their menagerie to her house. She had one goat, 12 cats, a fish, and a few others as of this morning, with brother retrieving another goat or two before evacuating for good.

    A friend reported more than 10% of Oregon residents have had to evacuate.

    I guess this belongs on the prayer page, but here it is.

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  12. Only one of my grandchildren was born before 9-11. He was two, so doesn’t remember. The rest do not know what our country was like before that. It is history to them.

    Our first year of marriage my husband was laid off from the job he had. He had agreed to testify for his sister during a divorce proceeding and his BIL was the one who got him the job. Then he worked at another place that had gotten government money to start the business. It was making computer boards. He was hired as the supervisor after a few months, but they never gave him the salary he was promised. He quit in disgust. Fortunately, he got a better job and one he kept for over three decades. However, it was a time filled with strikes and lay-offs. The worst thing the first year for me was the loneliness. Although, we only moved an hour from where I grew up, I knew nobody and was quite shy. We did visit with his family a lot, but I needed friends. When we finally found a good church that helped a lot in that area.

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  13. Air quality is bad here too. I decided not to go walking. We have an outdoor VBS scheduled for tomorrow, but I am not sure that the smoke will allow us to proceed.

    And I also have to log in each time. I certainly wish that I could like comments, but that doesn’t work for me either.

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  14. The enemy is us. Nations collapse from within, not usually from forces without.

    Outside enemies only have to sit back and wait and watch, as the once-mighty collapse.

    It’s been a long time coming, of course, but hard to trace the trajectory until it’s usually too late. Yes, the 1960s and ’70s were tumultuous periods; but someone from earlier generations taught those folks in school, too. I was in high school and college during those years and don’t remember too many conservative professors (none in college and we had a very popular, very liberal history teacher in our senior year in high school).

    The times already were changing by the 1950s, as staid as they appeared at the time, according to an older anthropology professor I knew once. She always pinpointed that decade as the one that made the final turn toward where we are today. But, of course, there were leanings and markers that appeared even before that.

    Kim, glad BG is home and feeling better.

    9/11 did bring an immediate coming-together 19 years ago, but I recall noticing also that it was fairly short-lived.

    And even when it happened, I recall some saying we simply had brought it all on ourselves and we should have known better that we were inviting that kind of attack by how we were behaving in the world. More than a few Americans were saying, even in the fairly immediate aftermath, that we had it coming.

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  15. I usually am prompted to log in once a day here.

    The air looks awful out here, too, today. I’m off work to make up for working Labor Day but need to get on the road shortly — need to pick up dog meds and then take a couple extra long phone charging cords up to the place where Carol remains in rehab, she’s had problems keeping her phone charged and near her due to the outlets being so far away from where she’s laid up in her bed. They don’t seem to be doing much serious physical therapy with her to get her up and on her feet again. I have a feeling that might not ever happen realistically at this stage. 😦

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  16. NancyJill, moss is wonderful! I do the same thing “look at the moss!”

    Glad BG is home again. Praying for rain for the west coast.

    Husband used to do Initial Attack on forest fires in BC. They had all the gear, but they were always the first ones in and hopefully they put out the fire before it got big. If it was too much for them, they pulled out and let the regular forest fire fighters take over and then the team got ready for the next smoke sighting. It was hard, exhausting work, but very good summer work for a college student.

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  17. I have a losisng today. It is a Navy family. (He’s a corpsman 14 years). It is new new construction with a grinder pump so you have to treat it almost as if you have a septic system instead of sewer. As we were doing the walk through Wednesday the builders rep and I told him this and I told him to use only Scottissue and once a month pour a cup of blue Dawn dish detergent down the sink. They have also been here a couple of months with their stuff in storage.
    For a closing gift I went to Wal-Mart, bought them a 4 pack of Scottissue, a giant bottle of blue Dawn, Clorox wipe, dishwasher detergent (I figure the wife will want to wash her dishes right away) Meyer’s Lemon Verbena multi surface cleaner, Bounty paper towels (Viva on came in a nine pack), and some scrubber sponges. I put it all in a plastic basket popped a sunflower and orange tulle bow on it and called it good,

    Mumsee and Michelle is that something you would have appreciated?

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  18. Speaking of husband’s jobs (we were, right?), my husband has been at his job coming up on 42 years this December. That’s almost unheard of these days, isn’t it. The humorous part is that the company was just bought out again in July for the fourth time in those 42 years. So while he’s had the same job that long, he’s worked for five different companies.

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  19. Always. But my first question, however, was always a dentist recommendation, sometimes a vet, and other community resources I may not have picked up from reading the local paper (I would get a mailed subscription) in the months before the move.

    Reading the local paper before the move is why we didn’t even look for a house in the Fountain Grove area when we moved here— thus sparing us the fire nightmare from 2017 that is still going strong with the rebuilds 3 years later. 😦

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  20. NancyJill, “Because he is George” is always the answer to any question asking why if he is the subject. He also did it because he went to Wal Mart last night because we thought that was where the hospital had sent the prescription. He called me after he left to tell me he told the pharmacy tech how rude she was and blah, blah, and he was over this mask situation and not being able to go in the hospital with her to get clear instructions and a whole lot of other words I won’t repeat.
    Because I am no longer married to him, I put myself on mute and laughed at him until my own belly almost hurt. When he drew a breath I un-muted myself and told him I would call the emergency room later and find out where they sent the prescription. He called me once he got home and told me he went through all the paperwork from the hospital and found the precription.
    “Because he’s George” I told him to leave the prescription for me and I would take care of it.
    Now, I do have to say that he was probably already tired and irritable from being at the ball field with his wife’s grandson. They have custody of him.
    Also his mother, sister, my best friend, and I always follow the statement, “Because he’s George”, with “Thank God for K(his wife). Turns out she has loved him since she was in 11th grade according to her FB page. I love him too. He is the best big brother an ex-wife could have.

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  21. Michelle, they are from Pensacola. Mr. P was telling me that sometimes if you are closer to retirement and there is an opening where you want to retire, they Navy will make that your last transfer now.

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  22. Linda, I don’t have anywhere near your husband’s 42 years, only 25, but my story is similar. My medium company was bought by a big company, merged, renamed, spun off as a standalone, and then bought by a REALLY BIG company. So I’ve been doing the same job and in the same place for 25 years under five company names.

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  23. Yes, good verse, Janice.

    I’m back from picking up the dog meds and then dropping off a new (long) phone charger cord at Carol’s rehab place in Hollywood. I drove by her old residence and you could barely see the Hollywood sign from almost right under it the air is so dense with smoke. And the homeless encampment that was around the corner from her former residence, under a 101 underpass, looks like it’s exploded in numbers, a very apocalyptic scene with people just wandering across the street. Half a block away is Hollywood 1st Pres. where more homeless tents have gone up nearby. Saw a few “Black Lives Matter” signs painted on block walls, there have been several large demonstrations on Hollywood Blvd.

    The air is bad in the harbor, too, but not as bad as it was farther north of here. It also was about 10 degrees warmer there than it is here today.

    What a weird year (said everyone already).

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  24. I have 40 years working (more or less, sort of) for the same interconnected publications. They were owned by a family when I was hired; since then we’ve wound up in less friendly hands, my original paper was shut down, and it’s been hard seeing all the other changes (many brought on by the Internet, of course). We’ve adapted as best we could but the advertising dollars, especially in the era of FB and Google and Craig’s List – ad stealers – yanked the financial support right out from under our industry and local and regional papers like ours have yet to find a new reliable revenue source.

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  25. Our “chain” used to be smallish — papers in California and Illinois. Now it’s big, the 2nd biggest in the nation with outlets (“papers”/but now 24/7 websites as our main focus) in most if not almost all states.

    Weirdly, many of our toughest, former regional competitors are now “sister” papers, we’re all part of one big (somewhat unhappy and often dysfunctional) family 🙂

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  26. I love rain.

    And clean air and no pandemics and no fires and no political drama.

    My plumbago is really flourishing in the back but one warning I’d read about before I planted it is coming true — the leaves are sticky and I’m finding bits of them stuck in dog and cat hair.

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  27. When I moved into this house, the real estate agent gave me a water hose because it was high season for pine pollen which covered the floor of the carport. I thought it was a thoughtful gift. Your gift is even better, Kim.

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  28. There was only one other lady with me on today’s prayer call. Last week it was a big group.

    I may take a break from my driveway walking today to let things settle down. I took some extra vitamin D3, took another rosehips capsule and drank some rosehips and hibiscus tea and felt better. I am on the old Wait and See if anything develops routine.

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  29. I was talking to my cousin today and when I mentioned we should think about making holiday plans we both burst out laughing.

    Never mind.

    On my cousin’s recommendation, I bought a 2-inch thick exercise mat for the floor from Amazon, should be here Sunday. These newer hip exercises he has me doing are harder and need to be done on the floor.

    If the 2-inch thickness isn’t enough (it’s the thickest one I could find without getting an air mattress!) I’ll buy another one and just keep stacking them on top of each other – 🙂 – and hope I don’t fall off and really hurt myself.

    My elder called today, I called him back, so in lieu of phone tag we texted. Appreciate his checking up on us.

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  30. He’s been through a wrist fracture & 2 surgeries this summer (and his wife’s a nurse) so is sympathetic with regard to my sore knee. It’s still hurting today and yesterday more than I like (and more than it has recently, which concerns me).

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  31. I usually sit near my elder and his family at church so we’ve often chatted after the service briefly as a “catch-up.” I’ve always appreciated how we’ve assigned members to specific elders. My former church, same denomination, had the same set-up but believed in sending 2 elders out to visit folks in their homes once a year, which I felt was a little “much” (single woman, the need for frantic house cleaning, the spectre of dogs misbehaving — not that my dogs EVER misbehave) and could feel intrusive.

    My elder there for a while was cool with arranging for those meetings at the church, especially for singles who just felt more comfortable doing that; but then he moved and our more “intense” elders felt they had to come to homes, meeting in a neutral space wasn’t good enough.

    Anyway, I appreciate the concept of home visits, and think they were likely pretty common in earlier times. But what we have now is a perfect compromise in my mind, I know my elder, he connects with me by phone or text regularly (and after services).

    I think everyone’s also much busier these days, at least in the area where I live. We’re all working full time and juggling all kinds of “things.”

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  32. My last “home” elder visit consisted of two of our more formal and strict elders (from my former church) sitting on the sofa, me on the other side of the room in a chair, my dogs running back and forth between us — and me being especially glad it was nighttime so they wouldn’t see my dirty windows!

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