15 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 9-12-20

  1. 😦 I’ll rant for Chas. 🙂

    😦 Facebook and all the changes that drive me crazy and make it so slow or off center or whatever. I guess I am old.

    😦 Finding out on Facebook things that a couple of family members could have texted to me so easily.

    😦 People like mumsee who remind me what is important. People like you who pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ.

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  2. 😦 One of the nursing homes my husband’s group regularly played music at has several Covid cases now. Our county cases are up now, although we have the largest county in the state and far larger than most anywhere in the country, I believe.

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  3. Husband and oldest son got me a skywatcher 12 inch dobsonian telescope for my birthday. It was early and son asked me to open it early as the boxes were so banged up. All was well and the viewing is spectacular! The heavens proclaim the glory of the Lord.

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  4. 😦 Being laid off from work through no fault of my own or the employer. Just Covid and no guidelines for camps.

    🙂 I will likely be recalled in January – also depending on the provincial government

    🙂 So much garden produce in the freezer (I refuse to can anything).

    🙂 Almost finished with the garden now.

    🙂 Husband finally has his CT scan on the 21st. This will enable him to be scheduled for surgery for his absolutely chronic sinus infection.

    🙂 Husband NEVER has to run the PARE again!!!! Whoo Hooo. He can now work until he wants to retire on his own terms. We are so thankful.

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  5. 😦 Disappointed not to be soaking up the wonderful air of the redwoods at a spiritual retreat.

    🙂 Pleased to have a do-whatever-you-want day at home. So, I’m cleaning (!!!!!), putting in some hours for the future on the computer, ironing (!!!!!), and making a list of things to do. 🙂

    And then tomorrow is the Sabbath! 🙂

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  6. 🙂 I’m not cleaning 🙂

    🙂 But I have begun, earlier this week and continuing, to tackle the mountain of papers in the office area, separating them into “shred” and “non-shred” bags. Mostly work-related, agendas, reports, printouts of notes, stories for reference … but also paid bills, medical receipts …

    😦 We’ve had some deaths in our neighborhood recently, including Norma, a woman in her 90s I believe, who lived a block and a half away in a beautiful, old colonial home. I’d wondered about her from time to time, but she’d become very hard of hearing; she used to walk whatever current dog she had so we’d occasionally cross paths. But I’ve been not out and about for a while with this knee, so as I walked the dogs the other night I noticed a “Pod” storage cube in the street, the front door open and some younger people inside. I wasn’t able to connect with them at the time, but later contacted another neighbor and he told me she’d died a couple weeks ago. She was a widow and I don’t believe had any children, but perhaps nieces and nephews, I don’t know. She used to drive around in a vintage black VW Beetle, wearing a broad-brimmed sunhat — she also volunteered at the Maritime Museum where a hand-made row boat is one of the displays, donated by her and her husband.

    She played the piano and had hosted some Christmas carol singing times in her home that my other friend, who lived 2 doors from Norma but she also has since passed away, attended. She took a special interest in Norma, was perplexed at how she could sing these carols yet was so stubbornly resistant to the true Christian faith when she tried to share the gospel with her.

    One of the last times was when Norma had come to my friend’s door to hand off something and the conversation turned (my friend made sure) to spiritual things. My friend mentioned how it is only by the blood of Christ we can be saved and Norma bristled and shot back that it was the most gruesome belief she’d ever heard, and then pretty much abruptly left.

    It was a chilling tale and I couldn’t help but think of that now in the wake of her death. Praying that she somehow came to faith in her final couple of years.

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  7. I think we have new neighbors, too. The For sale sign is gone and different cars by the house. They have a very long driveway and there is a field between that property and ours. I never really met the last family who only lived there about a year. I did talk to the mom and the dad dropped some eggs off one day. He talked to my husband on the road one day to see if we could use them.

    I put in a good day of dusting, so I am satisfied. On to the bedrooms someday. Need to get my screens off and hosed off and outside windows done. No sense doing that too early. We get so many bird feathers on them. A grouse hit one the other day. We heard the thump, but it wasn’t until the next day that I noticed feathers on the window in the room where I have my prayer time. Sure enough there were feathers on the ground. It had been dragged into the edge of the woods and there was not much left.

    My BIL found out that his pastor’s son has Covid. The pastor is now in quarantine with his wife. BIL had lunch today with the pastor before anyone found out. BIL goes out quite a bit and often for lunch.

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  8. We had some drizzle so the service ended up being inside. We decided to do that. People are very spread out and all in masks. It will soon be too cold to be outside here, at any rate.

    So sad about all the fires and smoke. 😦

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