10 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-11-20

  1. This is getting ridiculous. You can tell by his reaction that there’s a problem with Ole Joe.



    “A top press secretary for Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign erupted in anger on Thursday afternoon after he was asked during a live television interview if Biden has been using a teleprompter to answer questions during media interviews.

    The segment is especially news worthy because Biden has faced repeated questions about his mental fitness for office and the Trump campaign has continually highlighted instances in which Biden appears to be using a teleprompter to answer questions during interviews.”


  2. Good. They’ve been stealing other countries tech for decades, so they need to pay a price. And Huawei is one of the companies they use to steal.


    “US sanctions on Huawei hit chip supply and growth, exec says”

    “A Huawei executive says that recent US sanctions against the company have caused a shortage of computer chips for the company, hurting the growth of its smartphone business.

    Richard Yu, president of Huawei Technologies’ consumer business, said at a company conference for developers on Thursday that the company has still managed to gain a 51 percent market share in the Chinese smartphone industry.

    The US has imposed various sanctions on Huawei, citing national security concerns. The latest, ordered in August, restrict foreign semiconductor companies from selling chips to Huawei that are produced using American technology.

    “Even after this third blow, we still managed to achieve growth,” said Yu, who acknowledged that growth had been impacted over the last month.

    In May, the US barred chipmakers that use US technology and software to design chips from selling to the Shenzhen-based company without a license.

    A year earlier, the US government put the company on its trade blacklist, banning Huawei from doing business with US companies after the Trump administration said Huawei was a national security threat.

    The US alleges that Huawei could conduct intelligence for the Chinese government and has urged its allies to exclude Huawei from its telecommunications networks. Huawei has vehemently denied these accusations.”


  3. Uh-oh. She said the quiet part out loud.

    These frauds are doing this for political points, nothing more.


    But don’t worry, the media will carry water for her.


  4. Purely accidental. Mueller and his team of fraudsters just a had a Biden moment.




  5. Schifty has a new whistleblower…..!

    Who is already in trouble for lying to Schifty’s last committee. 🙂



  6. Uh….




  7. Bad news for Dems. 🙂

    And it’s Trump’s party now. 🙂


    “Pennsylvania Sees Surge of New Republican Registered Voters”

    “They’re like, ‘Oh, I want to be in the Trump party.’ It’s kind of funny. … I’m like, ‘You mean the Republican Party?’ They’re like, ‘Oh, yeah.’”

    “Will it be like 2016 all over again? Pennsylvania is a key state and it looks like the media’s constant bashing of President Donald Trump didn’t harm him in the state.

    In fact, it seems Trump is more popular in Pennsylvania than in 2016 because the state has seen a lot of new Republican registered voters.

    The polls in Pennsylvania showed a close race between Trump and failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016.

    The experts believed Hillary would win the state.

    Trump defeated her, 48.17% to 47.48&. He took home 56 of the 67 counties.

    The media has been unkind to Trump, but has it done anything? I guess not because Politico reported that the number of registered Republican voters continues to grow in Pennsylvania:

    The GOP has added almost 198,000 registered voters to the books compared to this time four years ago, whereas Democrats have gained an extra 29,000. Though Democrats still outnumber Republicans by about 750,000 voters in the state, the GOP has seized on their uptick in party members as a sign that Trump is on track to win this critical Rust Belt swing state a second time.

    “It’s one of the reasons why I am very bullish on Donald Trump’s prospects in Pennsylvania. I think he will win again, and I think he will win by more votes than he did in 2016,” said Charlie Gerow, a Harrisburg-based Republican strategist who has worked on presidential campaigns in the state. “Trump is doing what Ronald Reagan did 40 years ago, which is moving a lot of traditional Democrats into the Republican column.”

    The Democrats held 49% of the electorate in September 2016. They now only hold 47%. Republicans saw an increase to 39% from 38%.

    Trump has helped to grow Pennsylvania’s Republican party:

    “It’s Trump, Trump, Trump,” said Gloria Lee Snover, chair of the Northampton County Republican Party. When she has signed up voters, she added, “They’re like, ‘Oh, I want to be in the Trump party.’ It’s kind of funny. … I’m like, ‘You mean the Republican Party?’ They’re like, ‘Oh, yeah.’””


  8. If he were a Democrat, between the Israel/UAE, and the Kosoveo/Israel deal, and now this, he’d be a shoe in for a Nobel Peace Prize.


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