36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-4-20

  1. It’s a butterfly. A swallowtail on a path or road (though I didn’t take it). If it were in Indiana, it would be a spicebush swallowtail, though some states have different butterflies than we have and it’s possible AJ has a similar but different species.

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  2. Morning! I was awakened at 4am by the Ring alert. I looked at the camera and Mr Raccoon had decided to check out the porch…and he was a fat one too! I could hear the steps creak as he descended!
    That is a pretty butterfly. Last year at this time we had an influx of Monarchs but we have seen nothing of them this year. The hummingbirds have left the area but the western bluebirds are everywhere…and they love their baths in our bird baths…so fun to watch them.
    They are predicting record high temps this weekend but then we are to have 3 inches of snow by Tuesday ⛄️ πŸ˜‚

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  3. Master Amos had a good night. He slept until I woke up at a quarter of six this morning. The vet game him HydroMet which is an opioid. It made me a little say that it was a donation from another dog owner whose dog cross the rainbow bridge. (Which also worries me about how much it will cost when I have to purchase it for real). He is still enjoying life and that is what is most important. I appreciate you all understanding.
    Little Miss and I started decorating the house for Fall. Thank you Kizzie for the inspiration. She spent last night with us instead of tonight. Her mommy doesn’t have to work tomorrow and her daddy’s work schedule has changed where he has Saturday and Sunday off. I had to scold Mr. P because he tried to have her spend Friday night so her parents could sleep in and her mommy could study (she is in nursing school). He just doesn’t understand that working mothers WANT time with their babies and they need to be together as a family.

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  4. I made a trip to the grocery. I noticed that Publix had moved the shelves of candy across from the frozen pizza. That seemed like a smart marketing move. Since I don’t buy meat except for a bit of canned fish, I splurge a little on other things. This time I got sunflower butter. I think it will be good.

    I am cooking some lentils for my lunch. I am using leftover cooking liquid from spinach to cook them in. I have noticed Progresso soup pairs lentils with spinach with a good result.

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  5. That’s a lot of orphan (pet) rocks that need homes.

    Yep, the head is returning to California, we’re in for a stretch of 90+ and, especially inland, triple digit temperatures for the next week. But even on the coast it’ll be well into the 90s.

    It’s September. Our back-to-school seasons have always been plagued by excessive heat.

    I have a couple stories to do today so it’ll be a full one. And then I’m one of three reporters region wide who will be working overlapping shifts on the holiday on Monday, but my shift is 9-6 so nothing out of the ordinary there. It’s just that I’ll have to handle whatever comes at us that day along with making rounds of cop calls. Luckily it’s my (regular) editor who also will be working that day so I’ll be dealing internally with someone I already work with (rather than another editor from somewhere else in our regional footprint). The dwindling staff now has us thinking (and writing) more “regionally” than locally, unfortunately, something the photographer & I were lamenting the other day when we were doing the bridge assignment. Local news matters, as our motto says, but it’s getting harder and harder to maintain that focus as we’re pulled in so many different directions.

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  6. But that’s another 1920s bathroom-match for me with the black-and-white butterfly.

    I have a feeling two of my 3 hanging summer flower baskets are about to hit the dust, too many long heat waves even though I’ve been pretty steady about watering them. But they never last forever.

    Maybe it’s time in a few weeks to get some fall flowers to hang, but not until September is moving out, it’s always a horribly hot month for us.

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  7. Janice, I love lentil soup. Barefoot Contessa has an excellent recipe.
    I used to keep a package of fresh spinach in the refrigerator and add it to whatever I was eating, especially if I was heating up a can of soup. Sometimes I would saute it before I cooked my eggs on top.

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  8. Headed to Bodega Bay (the land of The Birds) to eat crab cakes at the famous restaurant (see The Birds), and to prepare for a sizzling weekend.

    Social media is too vicious for me today. Maybe I’ll check in later. Ciao

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  9. Donna @ 12:41. You need to keep them separated. They are jealous of their territory since they have been there from the beginning (whenever that was. It is before you and me.)

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  10. Some social media drama brewing over an antifa/ themed event tomorrow in our town w/counter protests possible. Probably won’t amount to much, but something else editors and a weekend reporter will have to keep on their radar.

    If “The Birds” took place now, we’d all be wearing sweats and sneakers, the intelligent things to wear in such a situation. Instead, the 1960s features folks running from attack in nylons, pumps, tailored suits and carrying proper handbags. And yes, they pretty much lost that battle.

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  11. Kizzie, I totally agree, my folks should be informed before making such a big decision.
    On my brother’s side: all of her family want her to move to Good Sam, and all of us are concerned that a ninety year old may not be the safest person to help a ninety eight year old down the stairs. And we understand this is his expression of love. My brother is concerned and rightly so, that if my dad knew his wife could have no visitors, he would not move.

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  12. My head was swimming today, it’s been a busy week with a lot of stories & three to write today alone, just turned in the final one and editor is reading it.

    I really feel burned out — or close to it. But don’t want to take actual stay-cation time until mid or late fall/and around Christmas.

    OK, everything’s read. I’m done.

    I see on the TV news that some guy with a jetpack was spotted at LAX? FBI is investigating. What next?

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  13. In the nursing home where Nightingale works, if a resident (the more proper term than “patient” to use) is having trouble with a roommate, it is the one who complains who is moved to a different room. What that usually means is that the one who is disruptive and loud (often due to psych issues) gets to stay where they are, and the “well-behaved” one has to move.

    There is a sweet lady on Nightingale’s wing (I’ll call her Lucy, although I don’t know her real name, of course) who has been having trouble with her roommate (whom I will call Martha).

    Martha has psych issues, and although she is on meds for it, she yells and makes a big fuss much of the time. Lucy is in her 90s, but still mentally sharp, and Martha’s behavior bothers her to the point of bringing her to tears. With the Covid restrictions, residents are supposed to stay in their rooms as much as possible, but Nightingale will let Lucy sit in her wheelchair by the nurses’ station. (This is allowed, as long as they don’t have a group hanging out there.)

    Lucy has loved her room, because she has a nice view of the front lawn from her window. She resisted complaining about Martha’s behavior, because she doesn’t want to move, but she couldn’t take it anymore. So poor Lucy is going to be moved to another wing (Nightingale will miss her) into a room with a view of the dumpster out back. 😦

    (Hey! Let’s pray that this plan will somehow be changed and Lucy can stay where she is. And also for the salvation of Lucy, Martha, and the other residents.)

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  14. I went to Tuesday Morning this afternoon and bought some more pumpkins and leaves for decorations. I also bought a fall wreath to put a candle in. I am doing my best to be festive

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  15. I Love Tuesday Morning, but our local one closed down (though there’s still one a couple towns away I think, unless that’s gone under, too).

    I bought some pumpkins, leaves, a fall wreath and some orange LED lights last year so will plan to get them out again this year. they’re in the garage. Wow, it really doesn’t seem that long ago that I packed those away!

    I agree, Kim, might as well be festive. I hope I’ll be in the mood to go all out for Christmas!

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  16. But my neighbor and I were wondering how tick-or-treating will go this year. ???

    We usually have throngs of kids on our block.


  17. This is good. The Facebook page is a ministry of the church in Sedalia, MO where we attended while living there. I’m not sure if they produced this video. But there are some computer whizzes there, so it doesn’t surprise me.


  18. I thought of Kizzie today when I went grocery shopping and saw in the parking lot a car with a Connecticut license plate. πŸ™‚ It’s not every day I see one of those!

    Last weekend after the death of my sister-in-law, I canceled all my piano lessons scheduled for this week. Next week I’m doing several reschedules. (I had actually planned early this year to take Labor Day week off, but changed my mind and decided to flip-flop my week on / week off schedule. Sort of. My Monday students aren’t rescheduled to Labor Day, but to the Monday before Thanksgiving, which is my next scheduled break week.)

    I have somewhere between 13 & 16 students — 13 established and 3 pending. The latter ones will be “official” when the studio receives and processes any payments to them and to me. The pending families may have already sent their paperwork and payments, but the studio co-owner who handles that end of the business has been on vacation out of town and returns this weekend. I should know pretty soon if those families are on board now.

    I also had an inquiry for my home studio a couple of weeks ago, but my openings on the day I teach at home don’t match up with the family’s current availability. So I’ve got them on my waiting list. I did let them know I also teach elsewhere (at the studio mentioned above) but let them know my rates are higher there, due to having to pay to use studio space. The mom understood that but wanted to wait until I have an opening at home that’s later than what I currently have available. I told her the maximum wait time would be about 1 3/4 years from now, when I can open Wednesdays back up after 6th Arrow is done with Catechism class. The mom didn’t mind waiting, as her daughter is only 6 and in 1st grade.

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  19. Morning….I have been up all morning…since 1 am….why oh why can I not sleep?! Lu wanted out (I think she wanted to keep Mr Raccoon off of her porch!) I gave in and made coffee…perhaps this will be a nap day for me! (Doesn’t that butterfly look furry in the middle? Maybe my early morning eyes are playing tricks on me?!)


  20. Good morning. No school today so I stayed out later than usual doing morning stuff. Walked with husband, watered, berried, watered, and so on. Children did Saturday morning cleanup without me.


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