41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-28-20

  1. Morning! Very sunshiny colorful photo up there…it just causes one to smile…like yesterday’s photo!! 😊
    We are getting a break from the heat today and hopefully some “liquid sunshine” this afternoon.

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  2. I’m loving all the photos of DJ’s Place. Such bright, happy colors.
    Today is the last day of the class for this round.
    I did sent a message to the guy I spoke with earlier this Summer. I said, “Things have changed and I am more interested now”. He said he hoped everything was OK and I said yes, just different. Options are good.
    I got a video of my great niece from Niece. When Niece was a little girl she always begged to play with Pink Baby when she came to my house. The video is of Baby Niece crawing to Pink Baby and kissing her. Like Mommy, like Baby.
    Speaking of Baby Girls, BG asked to take me to lunch today. She is coming to Pensacola and we will do some things over here. She wants Italian food and had said something about going to Olive Garden…um, NO. The one here smells funny. So I am on the search for a place to take her.

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  3. Hopeful you do okay with that, Roscuro. Your mention of the tube made me remember being in the room while Wesley had one as a youth. It was very cold in the room so I was given a blanket. Also, it was very noisy. He was inside that thing watching a Shrek movie. I don’t remember if it is cold and noisy inside there, too. Maybe it is insulated or earphones and blankets are used inside?


  4. Janice, there couldn’t be earphones. MRI use magnetic resonance, so anything magnetic cannot enter the tube. I do not know what it will be like. I never had the opportunity to see an MRI being done before. The radiology department is pretty well separated from the rest of the hospital, so one seldom sees much of it as a nurse in training.

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  5. I was told to bring CDs in of music I like when I had an MRI. I did, but had a difficult time not wanting to ‘tap’ my foot. MRI was for shoulder, but you cannot move at all. I will bring something more soothing next time and less likely to make me want to tap to a beat. Praying all goes well for you, Roscuro. The MRI has a speaker. The attendant can talk to you that way or play music.

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  6. Medical trivia: When the technology was first available, it was called Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, the acronym being NMR, which medical professionals humorously said stood for “no more radiologists” due to the detail and quality of the images. The name was quickly changed because folks were freaked out by “nuclear.”

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  7. I probably had the first or second generation MRI. Surely it has gotten better since then. They kept having to pull me out so I could breathe. Good luck Roscuro. Let us know you are ok.

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  8. I do tend toward claustrophobia, and had an MRI last year. No problems whatsoever. The asked if I wanted a movie or music, I declined. It was loud but there seemed to be order to the madness and I was able to focus on God and the sound. All went well. I expect the same for you, Roscuro.

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  9. I’ve only had 1 MRI, for neck issues, and didn’t know I was claustrophobic until then 🙂

    I made it through, couldn’t have headphones due to the focus of it being on my neck area, but the tech did talk through it which helped. I made the mistake of opening my eyes when they first wheeled me in, I had no idea what close quarters it would be. I went over Scripture verses in my mind after that and kept my eyes closed. I (very) was glad to be pulled out. And the whole thing took about 40 minutes, so it felt like a pretty long time.

    So far I haven’t had to have an MRI for the knee, but I was told that my head could be left out of the machine for that, which I think would be much easier, psychologically.

    I have a friend who absolutely cannot tolerate the MRI experience, she’s even tried the so-called more “open” machines and had to be pulled out immediately. She was treated successfully a year ago for stage 1 breast cancer and they really wanted to do an MRI as part of the process, but she adamantly refused.

    Maybe someone will figure out a better machine someday.

    The pink peek-a-boo flower to the right in the photo was the 2nd little random “posy” bud that sprung up at the bottom of my front porch — there are now three flowers on that stem. 🙂

    The bench used to be white, it was one my mom used in her garden. I repainted it last summer to “go” with the new look at my house. I had a lot of turquoise paint. I was going to paint some more in the patio this summer but the knee nixed that prospect. Maybe I can pick it up in the fall.

    And I’m in love with the Talavera Mexican pottery, I have a few planters like the one in the photo now, this was a little one I found at Home Goods, I believe.

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  10. Chas, the brick paver & broken piece of a terra-cotta pot are two of your West Coast/California rock’s many, many relatives.

    He’s missed but I’m sure is happier inside your East Coast house.

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  11. MRI: I also kept my eyes closed, for the most part. I did sneak a little peak, well into the experience and was not bothered though I did go back to eyes closed, relaxation. It was probably a forty minute procedure but did not seem that long and I would have been comfortable staying there a while longer but was happy to be done.

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  12. My MRI was in a room with a large window and an open ended tube so I could see light and the outdoors if I wanted. I had to lay on my side for a scan of my hand. I chose classical music. But laying there for 45 minutes was torture since I am one who usually is fidgeting in some way.

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  13. fyi, get religion dot org has an informative post (and podcast which I didn’t listen to) today on the tangled Falwell issue that takes a more comprehensive look at the latest headlines, the university (it’s origins and future), the role of the board in all of this, a reminder that Falwell is not a pastor but professionally is a lawyer/businessman, how the issue is being covered in the media (WaPo gets a shout-out for its early story, thanks to regular religion beat writers), whether any of the parties would want this to be aired in a courtroom setting (probably not).

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  14. I found the MRI to be bit of a surreal experience. It was an open ended tube, into which I was completely placed by means of a rail. The tube was lit, white, with a grey strip at the centre of my vision. They gave me noise cancelling ear plugs, but I could still hear the sounds of the machine. Being a musician, listening to the changes in rhythm and tone was interesting and I found myself imagining how a modern composer could create a symphonic work out of it. It was a bit reminiscent really, of the surreal music I heard playing while standing on the moving walkway going through the tunnel between the terminal at Detroit airport.

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  15. Cheryl, they still had to poke me for the MRI, for dye and another medication. Thankfully, I didn’t have a reaction to either. I was a bit concerned about the dye, because my father had an immediate and dramatic reaction to it (intense arm pain and then total loss of consciousness).

    Speaking of pokes, the arm that hurt after getting blood drawn seems to be finally returning to normal. Very thankful.

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  16. DJ, those would be at extremely expensive private clinics/hospitals. I had to drive a bit to the nearest hospital that had an MRI, as the local ones do not yet have them. I didn’t expect any bells and whistles.

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  17. Yeah, just the usual clanging I guess. Mine was pretty bare-bones too, or at least that was my impression.

    It does seem like enough people have psychological(?) problems with the experience that perhaps the “open” ones might become more common and covered by insurance?

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  18. I am amazed that so many here have had an MRI.

    Word from Wesley on his doctor visit this a.m. is that his arm appears to be healing properly and that the temporary splint/cast at the urgent care is sufficient. No MRI required so far. He goes back in two weeks to verify good progress. Thank you for those who prayed. I am so relieved.

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  19. When I injured my knee, I learned the MRIs are not popular with insurance companies as they’re very expensive. So usually they’re not the first go-to procedure.

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  20. Took the 2 and 4 year olds to the lake here where I live today. Told them that I had taken their mom to the same place. It was lots of fun. Water, rocks to climb on and sand.Their mom got all of the stuff ready. Both were asleep or quiet on the way home. We had a real summer day and practically had the park to ourselves. They were thrilled when a boat went by.

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  21. Janice, there’s a fruity and granola-e naturalist thought that walking barefoot on the earth connects you to the earth rythyms and vibrations. I know this because I go to the health food store occasionally and the “witch doctor “ tells me I should be doing it. We have built houses and wear shoes and we have lost our connection with Mother Earth.
    Yeah, yeah, I know.

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  22. Someone brought up the likelihood that kids won’t be able to sit on Santa’s lap this year.

    And our local ballet company’s (of Misty Copeland fame) production won’t be performing “The Nutcracker” in our historic theater this Christmas season.

    And I can’t remember if I’ve already done something on the live Christmas concert being canceled yet or not, seems like I have? I lose track.

    Of course, we could just do one story saying “Everything is canceled” and be done with it.

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  23. Speaking of cancellations:

    Football fans- since many of the college football games are canceled, do we want to forego the NCAA Pickled Picks this year? Or do we settle for a limited version, with a lot of small-school teams we’ve never heard of playing?

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