41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-26-20

  1. Good morning Chas.

    Why does DJ have three dinosaur eggs in her yard? I’ve seen Jurassic Park III and those 3 to the left of the flower are clearly raptor eggs. And one appears to be hatching…. 😲

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  2. I have a note of thanks on the Prayer Thread.
    The NCHD has been trying to take my license for about five months now. Mostly between them and LindaS. She has been the negotiator. But it is settled now.
    I told one of the ladies at the HD, that I got my last ticket before she was born. (Speeding in a 35 mph zone sometime around 1975). People can be more reasonable when you talk to them personally.

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  3. Morning! Oh pet rocks and what appears to be a surprise floral blessing amongst them! 💐
    Chas I was thankful I could go online to renew my license this year. Now I have one for the next five years but next time I have to go in and present my eye doctor’s approval document…I get a bit anxious when it comes to the DMV! Thankful they saw that you are a safe and responsible driver!

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  4. Good Morning Everyone. I made it all the way to the office today. I will teach, we have a lunch and learn, and I will go home.
    Today is Mr P’s Birthday. I don’t know if he has seen his “present” yet. I had so much fun with Chas that I decided to do the same thing for him. I also was going to stop and get crab cakes from Joe Patti’s for dinner tonight. He doesn’t want that. He wants Maryland Steamed Crabs. Fresh whole crabs like that are next to impossible to find here. He is getting a new chair so that he and Little Miss can both sit comfortably in it. Whatever.

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  5. Today I learned what is in fire retardant. Fascinating

    What the air tankers are dumping is a fire retardant known as slurry, a mixture of mostly water and fertilizer designed to protect trees and other flammable material from flames. The coating clings to vegeation and insulates it from the approaching inferno; the fertilizer helps the damaged areas regrow in the wake of the blaze. The powdery concoction is a key ingredient of a multi-pronged firefighting strategy; after the air drop, bulldozers and ground crews move in to cut a fire break designed to halt the advancing flames.

    Slurry is dyed bright red to aid in visibility and help tanker pilots drop a seamless line of retardant. “Basically, they’re trying to box in the fire,” says Janet Upton of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire), which is helping to battle the giant Station fire near Los Angeles. Another advantage of slurry is that unlike water, fertilizer doesn’t evaporate. (It offers still another bonus for farmers, who have requested that unused slurry be dropped onto their fields as aircraft make their way home.)

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  6. Ah slurry! During the Black Forest fire they dumped a load of that on top of my friend’s home. Somehow that stuff hit the vent on top of her house and came through the ceiling of her kitchen. She had slurry all over her kitchen island along with the ceiling…but it most likely saved her home. The fire line came right up to her back deck and the firefighters were standing there with their hoses…those guys amaze us with their dedication. (They even gathered the eggs in her hen house and set free the once escaped rabbit who had returned to his hutch!)

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  7. Had a sweet time with my almost 92 year old friend yesterday. As I left she gave me a hug. First one I have had other than from the grands in months. She had fallen backward and hit her head on a table. They took her to the hospital. She is so thin, but she had homemade ice cream with her lunch. Her name is Tallah and, sorry Chas, she is the sweetest woman that I know.

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  8. This is how this morning’s Breakpoint started. Tragically funny:

    “Though Americans remain a morally serious people, at least in our quickness to condemn each other as “Hitlers” for various misdeeds, we are clearly not concerned with moral consistency.”

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  9. That is one of the little surprise flowers that took root from clippings/seeds that have fallen from my hanging baskets above.

    The rocks were discovered as house work proceeded, many were buried near the bottom of the front porch. I’m thinking they were once part of a border someone created for a flower bed, but many of them are very interesting shapes. And yes, some do look like dinosaur eggs!

    But I loved the shape and look of them so I just lined them up against the bottom of the house.

    I loved seeing that little peek-a-boo flower the other day when I was out watering.

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  10. I just got home from Bible study in the large room we call The Bridge. Six of us ladies were in person and two were on Zoom. I was really struggling with wearing the mask and having my glasses fog when I tried to read and not having a table to sit my heavy super giant print Bible on. I was very distracted, but was told I could move farther away and pull my mask down which helped my attitude immensely. It was great to be with everyone and pray together in person again. Now I have to do a text with all the prayer requests

    I have not seen the header yet. Sounds like fun! I need to go buy some rocks/gravel to line the little ditch my brother dug for the water from the down spout to travel over. It will be my own tiny stream bed. And I need some stepping stones for another area where water is cutting through a path that goes over to our new neighbor’s house. I had stepping stones through there many years ago so I am not sure if they are buried under the path now.

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  11. I think Wesley will see the specialist who has been out on Friday. Hopefully his arm has healed up and he won’t have anymore problems with it. He still is wearing a heavy duty sling/splint put on at the Urgent Care facility.

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  12. Just as our staff call started, the music was turned up, so I had to migrate to the back room — thankfully it’s much better back there, sound-wise. And I decided to clear off the mounds of papers from my desk, old stories/notes/printouts, mostly stuff not needed now. Journalism still has a lot of “paper” that goes with it as a job.

    I uncovered quite a few pens, pencils, notebooks, all things I have been short on lately lol.

    Now the neighbor’s on the phone so he’s turned the music off, whew.

    It’s not as loud as yesterday though, he seems to be getting back to normal volumes (but some are still too loud if I’m trying to be n the phone).

    The downsides of working from home, but newsrooms used to also be noisy places.

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  13. Hope that fracture has healed in Wesley’s arm.

    They have some really cute garden border logs and other things at the big box hardware stores now, my friend has used the short logs (wired together, they come in groups of 4 and you just stick the steel rods at the bottom into the ground) to set off her backyard garden, it looks very cute.

    I’ve always liked bricks and I have plenty of those around.

    I also have quite a few left-over pavers from the driveway project, all stacked in the garage. I can use those for pathways at some point, I think. Maybe once I decide how to re-do the front grassy area with prettier drought-resistant plants. First I need an outline of a plan, I suppose; then maybe I can talk to my gardener about what it will take and how much it will be for him and his ‘crew’ to do the work. Guess I’d buy the plants, then they’d stick them in the ground and hopefully then we can also put in a ground drip line. There are plenty of homes in the neighborhood, some very close to me, that have gone that route so I could show him those, maybe he’s done this for other clients too.

    I think the big deal will be having to remove all the grass?

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  14. A lovely morning, so I went outside to hang rugs to dry–and then noticed what my garden has been doing for the 10 days we’ve been inside.

    Zucchini rioting . . . lots of strawberries and tomatoes. All will need to be washed carefully to get the ash off.

    But now! Smoke particulate levels are rising. Hmm . . . back indoors without a walk.

    In surprising news, however, I may get to take an outdoor Zumba class on Friday. I’m not sure I remember any of the moves . . . #firstworldreturningtolifeproblem

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  15. Three relatives live in San Francisco. Two live in a nine-story apartment building. Last night, one reported several men climbed the scaffolding and tried to break into her apartment.

    She posted photos of the one who got close to the window.


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  16. Oh Michelle that is scary. 😳
    It is hot and dry still here. Tomorrow perhaps it will cool off and then we are supposed to get some rain. We have CA and CO smoke in the air and I had to run into town to grab more eye drops. 👁

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  17. I just deleted a “comment” from one of my FB posts (a link to a story about the local Trump golf course being investigated). Guy (not a ‘friend,’ don’t know who he is) posts a pic of an almost naked lady. Uh-uh. Gone.

    I don’t think I’ve ever deleted a comment before. People are so clueless anymore. I mean, really?

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  18. Just spent an enjoyable hour listening to the RNC speeches that Aj linked on the political thread. Thanks, AJ. I enjoyed hearing something positive.

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  19. DJ – Reading Michelle’s comment about the attempted break-in reminds me that I have wondered about your leaving your windows open at night. Do you ever worry about being robbed or assaulted in some way? Or do you figure the dogs will alert and protect you?

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  20. Remember that video from a few years back of the guy racing up the balconies to rescue a little child out walking on the rail? When we lived in Greece, we were warned that, especially in August when most people were gone on summer vacation to their home islands, thieves would come up the balconies like that. You would not think they could but they did. I wondered if the guy learned that from his buds.

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  21. I’ve always liked Joni Ernst of Iowa, but fear she’s just “too” white for these times.

    That’s a serious hurricane on its way, no one here has relatives or friends in the path?

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  22. Technology is a wonderful thing, except when it’s not. My college class has online books. The students can’t get on because they don’t have a key code. The college says they don’t need one. Then the college discovers they do. So I’m having to upload pdf files of the material they need to do assignments, which they could download themselves if they had access. But since they can’t get to the online site they can’t do the homework. So I’m uploading files that I have copy privileges to share (a binder full of exercises).

    Talk about “First World” problems.

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  23. DJ- A Liberal in-law in Iowa constantly posts negative things about Sen. Ernst.

    And several friends live in Louisiana.


  24. It’s scary when officials tell you if you don’t evacuate you need to put your name, address, SS number, and next of kin in a ziplock bag and put it in a pocket of your clothes.

    I have never evacuated. This one may have made me. Of course with Covid where do you go?


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