16 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-26-20

  1. We do, but Cali…… 🙂


    Here’s the shameless Pelosi.


  2. Kenosha, WI Under Siege By Antifa/BLM Rioters


    “This is no more about Jacob Blake than the months-long, nationwide riots are about George Floyd”

    “Kenosha, WI is under siege by mobs of violent rioters, looters, vandals, and arsonists. The mainstream media is spinning this as a normal reaction to the police shooting of Jacob Blake, but it’s obviously a gang of criminal thugs wreaking havoc and destroying lives and livelihoods because they can. No matter the impetus, this is not okay.

    We do not yet know the full details of the Blake incident, but from the video that has been released, it seems clear that Blake refused to follow police instructions as he walked to his car, ignoring the officers telling him to stop.”

    “Instead of following lawfully-issued law enforcement commands, he did not stop; instead, he attempted to get in his vehicle, presumably to drive away but possibly to retrieve a weapon. We don’t know yet.

    This refusal to follow police commands seems to be a pattern in a lot of the police shootings we see, and of people of all races, the solution is not destruction but education. Do what the police tell you, and you won’t be shot. There, lesson over.

    We will provide updates as we learn more from the investigation—including from interviews with Blake, witnesses, and the officers involved—about what led up to the point picked up in the video and what the officers saw behind the door that blocks Blake’s upper body from viewers in the released video.

    In the meantime, the rabid BLM/antifa hordes are destroying Kenosha in “protest,” and Democrat leaders—from Wisconsin governor Tom Evers to Kenosha mayor John Antaramian to Joe Biden, the latter of whom was quick to “condemn systemic racism” for the shooting without awaiting facts but not the shocking subsequent violence—are letting it happen. For three days now.

    These disgusting, base criminals have looted, damaged, and/ or destroyed 30 businesses (many of them black-owned), have set entire car lots on fire, have smashed parked cars, and have assaulted at least one person, an elderly man who was trying to protect his business.”

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  3. Awwww….

    Poor thing’s been triggered. 🙂



  4. CNN’s “talent” still can’t deal with being held responsible for slandering a good kid. 🙂



  5. This is certainly been a different kind of convention. A naturalization ceremony and a presidential pardon. 🙂

    Double bonus! The media hated it. 🙂



  6. I don’t know how accurate this is, but I had read that Blake had tried to break up a fight, was relieved when the police arrived, and walked back to his car where his three children awaited. Again, I don’t know how accurate this is, but I’m sure that some on the left will make him out to be a saint and some on the right will find a way to make his actions nefarious even if they weren’t.

    Failure to do exactly what a police officer says to do, whether on purpose or not understanding or whatever, should not be a possible capital offense.


  7. When you ignore repeated police orders to stop, then open your car and appear to be going for something under the seat, bad things will happen. All this could have been avoided had he followed the officers orders, as the law requires you do. Simple, easy, and you get to live.


  8. Recently, there was a case (I forget where) in which a couple (who were white) was playing their video game pretty loudly late at night, and an upstairs neighbor called 911 to complain. The dispatcher asked if he thought any violence was occurring, and he replied something like, “If it will get them here quicker, then yeah.” (I think he deserves some of the blame for what happened.)

    The officers knocked on the door, then stepped to each side of it, which, intentionally or not, prevented them from being seen through the peep hole. They say they announced themselves through the door, but with the game being loud, they apparently were not heard. Being so late at night, and not knowing who was at his door, the man opened the door with his gun in his hand. When the officers saw it, of course they yelled “Gun!” and ordered him on the ground.

    As he was kneeling down on the floor, he had his hands out to his sides and was putting the gun down. (I saw the video). All of a sudden, one of the cops shot him in the back three times, killing him.

    I am not saying these things to be “anti-cop”. I was raised by parents who assumed and taught that anything the police did was for a good reason, and that we should always trust and support them, and that followed me into most of my adult life.

    But there is something wrong. I don’t know if there are more of these shootings now, or if we just hear about them more because of 24-hour news and the internet. Either way, it seems that their training needs to be seriously tweaked.

    HRW and I have both mentioned about how Camden, NJ successfully changed their policing, and it has had a great effect on the area. (There are other cities that have had similar success.)

    Another issue has been the number of family dogs that have been killed by police, even when in fenced in yards. (Tammy used to share those stories on Facebook.) But those shootings have gone way down in areas where police received some training on how to deal with barking, and possibly aggressive, dogs.


  9. Sorry Don, the genie won’t go back in the bottle.

    Time to own what you’ve encouraged.


    “Don Lemon: “The Rioting Has Got to Stop… It’s Showing Up in the Polls””



  10. Kizzie,

    There are more, because criminals are emboldened by Dems and the media. Egged on really. This is the fruits of their policies and actions.


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