62 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-25-20

  1. So you all know if I can make you laugh–even at me– I am happy.
    Yesterday, I rode in the tow truck to the tire store. I wasn’t supposed to be allowed to to that because of covid, but they were nice. From the tire store home, I got Lyft. A nice retired gentleman. As I got out I realized I didn’t have a key to the front door nor my garage door opener. Mr. P has a padlock on the two gates to the back yard and I thought I had a key to the back doors.
    I thought about dragging the trash can over to the fence and climbing it but it seemed a little unstable. There is a metal rod that bends over at the top, kind of like an F and the gate lever. So I stepped my left foot on the F, then my right foot on the gate lever, and swung my left leg over the fence. On the back side of the fence are horizontal metal bars for support, so I just “stepped down those. Guess who doesn’t have a single key on her key ring to her house?????
    If you guessed Kim, you would be correct.
    So back over the fence I climb to call the tire store and ask if they will please bring me my garage door opener. My new friend, Clay was nice enough to bring it to me and had even started opening the garage door for me as he pulled up.
    When Mr. P got home from the doctor later, I was telling him what happened. He asked me why I didn’t just unscrew the wing nut that is on the screw that goes through the two gate lever holes on that gate. Well, DUH. He laughed and laughed and said I was “such a blonde”.
    Oh, by the way, the fence is 6ft high. I’m 5’4″ on a good day.

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  2. Morning! Beautiful front porch and lovely flowers Dj!
    Well Kim at least you tried. Me? I would have probably just been mad and pouted 😊
    I have been up since 2:30. “Papa” and his grandson,12, are climbing LaPlata…a 14”r. Last week grandson asked his Papa if he would take him up. Papa has been flying on cloud nine over the anticipation of this adventure. His request to me was to prepare fresh cinnamon rolls for them. Of course how could I refuse? ❤️

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  3. I would be sitting next to you, NancyJill!

    So, this is what the world looks like when you sleep well?


    Especially with the windows open! 🙂

    I’m still wandering around in Exodus and read this gem:

    “the name Yahweh is in Jesus. His name is literally Yah-shua. Jesus was with Israel in all their wilderness experience.”

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  4. Kizzie, too bad you can’t get the sign out. Someone would love to have it and pay good money for it, I would imagine.

    Our church is looking into a stair lift. We have steps no matter which way you come into the building and up and down. An elevator has been mentioned but not considered practical. We have mostly older people, so it is a real issue for many. Even communion requires stairs, although there are always people to help those who need help.

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  5. Kathaleena, our church building was built before the days when people drove a car to church; thus, if you were able to come at all, you were able-bodied enough to climb stairs. So to come in any door (any of the three outer doors) means to come half a flight up to the sanctuary or half a flight down to the basement, and from the sanctuary to the basement is a full flight. (Church dinners, the men’s room, and children’s classrooms and the nursery are all in the basement.) A year or so ago, a chair lift was installed on one set of stairs (one lift to the sanctuary and one, on the same staircase) into the basement. Before that happened, it occurred to me that my husband and I were intentional about buying a home with no steps for the years into our old age, but if we were unable to get into church, that wouldn’t be a good thing.

    Of course, that was before I realized a pandemic could keep us out for going on six months and counting. 😦

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  6. I am thankful that once again our knees are in better shape to handle the carpeted stairs in our split level. Not sure if the old weather will change that though. The stairs are only about six to the upstairs bedrooms and bath and six down to the same below.

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  7. I’d still like to paint the concrete porch (and steps) … someday. And I need to do something with the “lawn.” I’m tired of it and would love to have some pretty native plants in front instead.

    It was much cooler overnight last night, such a relief. I even used the covers (but kept the fans running and window open as usual, I tried turning one fan off but it still felt too warm without it). But it was nice to get up this morning and not immediately have to turn on the living room fans.

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  8. The houses on our side of the street, because they were built on a hillside, have lots of steps leading up to the porches. My one neighbor, who is several years older than I am and now needs both knees ‘replaced,’ has a really hard time getting in and out, but can manage with a single crutch. I think she’s finally reaching the point where she’s going to look into the surgeries. She tried the stem cell injections a few years ago as she’s terrified of the surgery but they only gave her some temporary relief.

    I dreamed I was in Iowa with one of my favorite aunts (long deceased). We were walking into a gift store owned by a good friend of hers; there were corn stalks all around us as we walked toward the entrance. Inside there were a lot of Christmas things on display early, pretty angels. And then I ran into one of our elders from church, we were both dumbfounded to see each other so randomly and so far away from home.

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  9. My stepmom turns ninety six in a few days. My dad is ninety. They live in a split level with about eight steps from the bedrooms to the living room kitchen level. He walks backwards down the stairs to give her support when she comes down. I am glad they can stay in their home, I don’t like the stair issue. They are signed up to move into assisted living at the next availability. I have offered our home, their own wing, no stairs. He would come but she has family close there. He will stay with her with our full support. They adore each other.

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  10. Well I did three miles this morning. Yesterday I did two and had to ice my knees later.

    I am spending four hours today with a 92 year old friend who fell this week. Pray I will be helpful.

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  11. Mumsee, at that age, staying together is the primary objective.

    Thanks for the prayers everyone. I can drive for another year. I am limited to five miles from home and 45 mph speed limit. I can live with that.

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  12. Good news, Chas.

    The neighbor’s son (his brother is the one who died recently) is a music buff, plays his music all day long from the garage. Most of his music I like and in the garage it’s not over blaring.

    But he’s now apparently re-wired and fixed one of his brother’s professional-grade music systems (from what I overheard him telling his friends last night, adding that he’s going try to make some money doing music system upgrades going forward) and he’s been just blasting music nonstop since Sunday — from the driveway or backyard area so out in the open and so the sounds really carries.

    It’s so loud I can’t hear anything else sometimes — and my work days spent in my back office room aren’t immune, I can still hear it, morning to night, nonstop, but at least it’s less annoying than it is from the main living space.

    I’m surprised his mom lets him get away with that — and these days we all have to leave our windows open for any kind of heat relief. I’m guessing other neighbors are finding it annoying as well, but I think I’m probably impacted the most.

    He’s a nice kid (well, 30-something now), but really is tone-deaf when it comes to consideration of his neighbors sometimes.

    I hope the novelty wears off soon and he goes back to playing the music more quietly from inside the garage. I really wish he’d enroll in a trade school or something to get his future on a more secure track.

    Rant over.

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  13. Donna, I would recommend a fortissimo playing of Bill Monroe’s “Footprints in the Snow” . A great rendition if you like original country. I found it, but don’t remember how to bring it over. It’s an excellent example of “Country” in the 1930-40 era.

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  14. chas, interestingly, his musical tastes are quite broad; he favors rock of all eras, much of it music I grew up with, but also reggae and just about everything else (except classical). The repertoire last night, after a heavy-guitar surf music stint, included several gen-U-ine cowboy country songs. But it’s all played at top volume.

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  15. Kare, Lucky for you I saved the card on those —

    Dipladenia — Rio

    Recommended for porches & patios, “upright, mounding, drought tolerant, easy care, non-stop blooms.”

    My cousin said her mom (the “favorite aunt” from my dream last night) had them in hanging baskets and they were spectacular

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  16. https://www.gardensmart.tv/?p=articles&title=Rio_Dipladenia_is_the_Gardener%27s_Dream_Plant

    “Not new to the gardening scene but growing in popularity is the Rio dipladenia. Originating from Brazil, this hardy plant has seen a steady increase in the North American market over the past several years due to its tropical aesthetics and low-maintenance growing attributes. Rio dipladenias offer flower lovers the delicate blooms of tropical flora while being hardy enough to withstand a full spectrum of weather conditions – anything from periods of hot sun and drought to cool temperatures and significant rains. Combined with its tolerance for disease, Rio dipladenias are the ideal plant for veteran gardeners, newbies and the “green-thumb challenged.”

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  17. I suppose asking him to just turn down the music a little bit doesn’t work?

    Often we don’t know we’re being a problem because no one says anything until the just can’t take it anymore.


  18. Having heard Bill Monroe sing Mule Skinner Blues later in his life, I chose what looks like it was recorded when he was younger. Of course I was young and wondered when he would ever stop, but everyone else kept giving him standing ovations.

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  19. mumsee, yes, I thought of that and realize that’s no doubt part of this. As I said, I’m hoping since he’s only been blasting the music for a few days now that things will ramp downward again. I don’t mind the music he plays all day from the garage at a lower decibel. I hear it mostly if I’m in the backyard or on the patio, not as much when I’m in the house.

    But this was pretty distracting to the point of not being able to hear anything else in my house, whether I wanted to play music, watch a movie, etc. Pretty extreme.

    Now the complete “quiet” seems really odd. Maybe he left to go somewhere.

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  20. That old mail slot at the very bottom of my original front door — flip part is painted white. Should I paint it a pale blue?


  21. DJ, it hurts my ears to consider that loud music. It is so difficult to know what to do when people’s houses are close together.

    When my brother was here, being the take eff charge personality type, if he sees something he thinks needs fixing, he will do it without asking. This was a bit awkward when he showed me he had dug a trench for water from our new gutters to flow through because he had noticed water seeping into the carport through the wall or at the floor near the end of the gutter downspout. Great thinking on his part about solving that problem. He is smart like that. However, the trench he dug is right beside where that internet cable line was put underground that irked my neighbor. I thought to myself, “Oh, Brother, here we go again!”

    On the 4th of July I had bought a $50.00 Publix gift card for that neighbor and wrote at a nice card apologizing for the inconvenience. The only words I heard in response was, “That wasn’t necessary.” Yep. Another “Oh, Brother” moment.

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  22. I did not get to edit before posting. My phone added the “eff” and made any other mistakes. It is not a smart phone. I hit post immediately before editing and answering the call from guess who? My brother.

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  23. Kim @ 3:30 Thanks.
    When I was a kid, we used to turn on WSM on Saturday night to listen to the “Opry”
    WSM was/is a “clear channel” 50kw station that, in those days, could be heard across the country at night. (may still be, but it isn’t important anymore.)
    WSM is on the far end of the broadcast band, and I could get it on our radios when flying up to Thule. I would sometimes, when I had a chance, tune it in for the crew to hear the Opry (or other country music).. The crews appreciated hearing WSM while flying 7500 feet up the Greenland coast.

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  24. Kim,
    Your story about not having a key reminded me of what happened to the director of our community choir a couple of years ago. There was a power failure during the day when neither she nor her husband were at home. When they did get home, they discovered they had no way to get into the house, without being able to use the garage door opener. I don’t remember what they finally did, if the power was restored before bedtime or if they got a locksmith to get them in, but I’m sure they carry keys now, just in case.

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  25. My husband talks about listening to WSM, too, at night. We still will listen, but it has greatly changed and we are on satellite radio most of the time, unless we are down that way. I never grew up listening to it myself, but have certainly learned to appreciate it.

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  26. I noticed baby was starting to stand up. Told daughter, the fix it person, she needed to lower the crib bottom so she does not tumble out. Explained about their heavy heads. Looked in after nap and there was baby, standing up, looking down at the floor from a good head height above the top rail. She also has a big blanket daughter has just added, some stuffed animals, and bumpers. All good for standing on and tumbling out. Fourteen year old went in and fixed it for her. God is so good to us.

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  27. Janice – Your comment about your brother reminded me of a former friend of mine who had that take charge kind of temperament. We were at a small Christian women’s retreat (I think it was only for my church), and this particular meeting was in a large room in which the doors were “propped” open with those things at the top of the door that keep them from closing if desired. The speaker asked us if we should close the doors, and we all thought it was a bit warm, so having them open was a good idea.

    Well, my friend Terry had been making a phone call home at the time we discussed that, and when she came in, she stopped and looked at the doors, and then proceeded to close them, without asking anyone. I remember kind of softly chuckling to myself, as it so fit her personality.

    Nightingale can be like that to a certain degree, at least at home, among family.

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  28. Music next door is back down to normal volumes, in the garage.

    PT (late, 5:30 p.m.) was kind of tiring today, several new exercises plus some pulling, yanking, tugging on my leg and knee.

    Had to do the bobsled machine, too, this time. When I finished, one of the assistants questioned if I’d done the full number assigned (I had). “Don’t make be get back down on that machine,” I said. He backed off 🙂

    I’m still favoring that side left of my body when I walk, he says, so now we’ve added some left-hip strengthening exercises.

    We had a new intern with us today from USC.

    After I got home, I trimmed up the front flowers a bit and just trying to cool off a bit.

    Humming Hawaii Five-0 …

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  29. Also put in some new batteries to the string of tiny white LED lights — they’re on the purple (fake) bunch of shrubs sticking up from the Mexican pot on the table. I have them timed to go on at about 8 p.m. every night, they’re a nice summer touch to the front porch, I think.

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  30. I have a brass “ship’s bell” which would work great.

    My longing is for a California “El Camino Real” Mission bell, but their replicas are pricey.

    ( “El Camino Real Bell and bracket”
    Iron Bell is 5 1/2 ” tall and 5″ wide. $149.95 )


    I can use a bell on the back patio or beside the sliding door also.

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  31. I have an old cow bell on the back gate, a little jingle bell on a string on the door knob on the kitchen door (Annie likes to “stand up” and play with that), a large ‘jingle’ bell hanging from the front door knob …

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  32. Fifty-sev….

    Oh, Hi DJ.


    We had an old cowbell growing up that Dad used to call us to dinner. We could hear it from two or three houses away if we were outside (and we usually were).

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