28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-5-20

  1. Ah, what a cute turtle!

    As soon as my husband is awake enough, we are out for a date to explore a state park (or some kind of park) we haven’t visited before. We intended to go yesterday, but I was one day late finishing my deadline. I hate “missing,” but it’s the reality in my world that sometimes it happens, and a one-day miss isn’t the end of the world. But we can go out and celebrate finishing that before I start the monster project.

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  2. Good Morning. I was awake at 4:30 but REFUSED to get out of bed that early. Amos started coughing about 5:15 so we got up and he got his medicine. Today is going to be a long day. I teach from 9-12, I have a lender coming in at 12 for a lunch and learn on mortgages, then at 1:30 staff and leadership meets with the candidate to be hired for the front desk position.
    It’s all part of the hiring process around here.
    Off to set up the classroom.

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  3. Morning! We had a most majestic sunrise this morning! It just took one’s breath away it did!
    Chas it seems every August the bears are roaming about everywhere. We had one out here in the forest earlier in the summer. However, down by the Broadmoor and Cheyenne canyon area on the west side of town, the bears are out foraging for food. A sure sign that autumn is upon us 😊 🍂

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  4. From Exodus 16, where we’re now wandering around in the wilderness:

    When we sat by the pots of meat and when we ate bread to the full: Israel selectively remembered the past and thought of their time in Egypt as a good time. They lost sight of God’s future for them, and they also twisted the past to support their complaining. This thinking is common among those who complain.

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  5. Good morning. Is it Wednesday? I think it is. But I’m never sure anymore.

    Another overcast coastal morning, I’m actually wearing a sweatshirt. I have a meeting to cover at 9 via Zoom, I’m at least able to block my camera for that as I’m just an observer, but everyone knows who I am and my name appears on a black square 🙂

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  6. DJ, that 11:32–clever!

    My husband and I didn’t end up getting our date, as he didn’t feel up to it. But I’d already planned to take the morning off to go with him and my brain didn’t want to redirect back to editing, so I went to a local park that’s always good for nature sightings (bucks, butterflies, tadpoles in the creek). And I finally found mating monarch butterflies, the only “stage” of the monarch’s life cycle I was missing. (I had an egg, caterpillars of every life stage, a chrysalis, and the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.)

    I felt a little bad for the female, though. Periodically the male would fly to a new flower, with her hanging along for the ride (I don’t know if she was pedaling too, or just coasting). And when he landed on a flower, generally he got to keep feeding. Sometimes she got to cling to her own flower and feed, but sometimes she was just hanging there, and sometimes the wind was blowing and her face kept getting knocked into the flower or the stem. I could kinda see why a female insect that has already mated doesn’t really want to go through that a second time, no matter how nice the fella seems when he comes along and tries to sweet talk her.

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  7. Good afternoon. Art woke me this morning to get up and make breakfast. Somehow I fell back to sleep and was dreaming of being at a resort at the beach. I jumped out of bed with an apology a few minutes after 8 a.m. He said he had to go ahead and leave but it was no big deal. I am thankful he does not get angry about such things. I did feel badly. I went to pick up his meds at Kroger and barely made it home in time for my ladies’ Bible study which was excellent as always. I had about a minute to get on the Zoom call.

    Last night we heard from Wesley. He either sprained or broke his arm when he fell on it when he tripped on a root while running on a trail. Unfortunately his insurance expired August 1st and he probably does not yet have insurance with the job beginning later this month. He is checking into that. Prayers appreciated for him. Baylor begins later than many schools. They will see how it goes for the others and learn from them.

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  8. The only thing that helps me manage time in my brain is: Sunday is church service and prayer call; Wednesday is Bible study and prayer time; and, Friday is prayer call. Without that routine in my weeks I would not know what day it is. I am I have my God Time Clock.


  9. So sorry to hear about Wesley’s fall and maybe break. He should check with his former ins company. We had a grace period of a couple weeks one time when husband had changed jobs. Cannot recall the name of that ins company but it would be worth looking into for him…praying he heals quickly…

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  10. Oh, poor Wesley. I hope it’s a sprain, that would be less traumatic. But I can’t imagine any kind of medical bill with no insurance right now. Hopefully there are options that can be found.

    I turned in my story (Fleet Week is official canceled, even though everyone kind of knew that anyhow) but have others to work on — the dental cleaning is in about 2 hours.

    I’ll not have to worry about touring a Navy ship with a whacked-out knee this year. Always an upside.

    Editors are sending some reporters, but not me haha and thankfully, out to the Apple Fire. The young ‘breaking news’ kids find it still rather exciting.

    Such a cool turtle, I had trouble seeing it on a smaller screen at first.

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  11. Had a blood test today. It doesn’t normally bother me much, but the way the needle was inserted this time caused so much pain I felt completely shattered. I was planning on running errands, but after I decided to just come home again. This just is not my week.

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  12. Teeth cleaning went well, fast and easy.

    She asked how the flossing was going. I told her I flossed last night.

    As usual, I’m now recommitting to a nightly routine.

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  13. Such a big decision involved in buying a car. I really like the one in my town that some of you looked at. It has everything I want and need. Is it too much money? probably. I haven’t bought a car in so long. If I show up in something that looks new will others judge me?? Is it a wise way to spend the money?

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  14. I have had trouble staying awake the last few days. I finally realized that I am reacting to the bug spray that I have had on the last three days as we worked in the woods. Just can’t keep my eyes open.

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  15. worked to finish sorting things this morning the my friends and I stopped by a coffee place and got some frittatas. I saw several old friends that I hadn’t seen for years. Then came home and rested, then checked messages. Friends from college were driving through the area and invited me to lunch. So fun to see them again.

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  16. Roscuro – I’m sorry to hear about that painful blood test. Things like that can be traumatic and deplete us of energy and motivation.

    You mentioned recently getting a needle stick. That happened to Nightingale a while back, and they tested her for HIV. (It was negative, which is what she figured.)

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