20 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 7-18-20

  1. 🙂 I was hungry this morning and just happened to remember I have a package of bacon in the freezer. Along with eggs and cheese and a tomato from my neighbors’ garden next door. And an onion. I think there’s a Saturday morning omelette to be made.

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  2. 🙂 After showering and dressing up, Nightingale took her friend Stephanie out for dinner to a local restaurant that is using outdoor seating. She texted me almost an hour ago that she is bringing me home a dinner, so I’m looking forward to that. Don’t know what she got me yet, but I’m sure I will like it.

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  3. That omelette lasted me all day.

    Now, for dinner, maybe spaghetti … Unfortunately, I forgot to pick up parmesan cheese last time I was at the market

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  4. Has it occurred to anyone that there would be no protests and riots if the media weren’t publicizing riots and protests?
    Does that mean that TV media is partly a riot enabler?.

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  5. But yes, it is possible that the current protests and riots wouldn’t be continuing as long as they have been if it weren’t for the daily attention.

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  6. I am convinced the media is for the most part propagandizing for the left. I despise listening to national and local news “journalist”….therefore we don’t. Keep stirring that pot 😳
    And in further news I will make a meatloaf for dinner tonight…so thankful I haven’t experienced heartburn nor digestive attacks since taking prescribed med by my doc. She still wants me to have an ultrasound and bloodwork to determine if it is my gallbladder…I really don’t want to venture into a hospital nor lab right now….

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  7. Chas, the “media” is now all of the Internet. You can’t get that back in the bottle. Everyone’s a “citizen journalist” and these things are splashed anywhere and everywhere by anyone with a cell phone.

    That train left the station a really long time ago.

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  8. Journalism, as a profession, is broken for the time being. We have young “woke” journalists who are joined to the cause. They’re as different from us older, more classically-trained journalists as day and night in many ways. Not teachable, woker than woke.

    The culture is very unstable at this point. And I don’t think many average voters (who pay minimal attention) are aware that we’re standing on the edge of a cliff right now.

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  9. But as for covering news events, I don’t think we’d want to live in a country that suggested that can’t or shouldn’t be done, that citizens should be kept in the dark about what’s going on. That’s a leftist kind of idea. Protests have a life of their own, whether there is ‘coverage’ or not.

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  10. The paper this morning was one depressing story after another, all the way through. I finally just closed it and worked on my favorite part of the 4-page sports section: the crossword puzzle.

    I wonder if sports has anesthesized our country for so long, rioting feels like a physical,outlet?


  11. That sounds so good kare

    There could be some knee injuries from those protest ‘games.’

    But yes, the news coverage we’re doing has been really quite depressing all year so far

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