75 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-18-20

  1. I saw the squirrel and thought it was still yesterday and started to scan for last night comments.
    But today came up.
    Good morning everyone. I hope the rest of the day works out like this.

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  2. Morning! My thought exactly AJ…the designer of the helicopter most certainly must have been an observer of dragonflies! Nice photo of the little critters 😊
    A day of cleaning and spiffing up the place…getting ready for granddaughter’s visit this week. She won’t even notice…but I will.

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  3. Way cool! You got three eastern amberwings and you caught them all in flight and identifiable? I know it isn’t easy to catch dragonflies in flight, and for me this is a rare species. I saw one last week, but I think it’s my third ever. And they’re a small species, though so colorful.

    I took a walk this week that ended up being nearly perfect for insect photography. It was overcast, but mostly bright enough to get photos (I did get wildflowers and insects that I couldn’t get sharp because of the light level at that time or that specific spot, though.) Insects were out and about, but because it was rather cool, most of them weren’t very active, and I got multiple species, some of them insects under an inch long but with incredibly sharp detail. I told my husband after I looked at the photos that if I did insect photography for a living it would be considered an exceptionally good day.

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  4. Chas there was a “no thanks” at the bottom to hit and then the article comes up.
    Thanks for sharing that Janice…very well thought out and to the point. I am grieved at the divisions amongst friends and fellow believers over the entire mess.

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  5. They make you hunt for the little X’s and “No Thanks,” but they’re always there somewhere. Find it and click, then you’re good to go.

    My knee wishes you a good hike, Jo.

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  6. I hear the theme of “Mash” when I look at that photo …

    It’ll be a slow weekend for me, as usual. Seems like the knee is beginning to feel much better, but it sort of comes and goes, it gets worse as the day/evenings go on. It’s prompting me to go to bed much earlier than I’m used to, last night it was 9 p.m.

    I’ll need to do some watering today, I skipped a day or two I think.

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  7. Well, folks, concerning YA, it is time (past time, really) for me to shake the dust off my feet, pick up my pearls, and go home. I was deeply saddened by a couple of her responses regarding the gentle biblical exhortation I tried to give her. They actually even made me shudder inside for her. 😦

    I had written yesterday on here that I wrote about the biblical basis for giving people the benefit of the doubt, for judging actions, not motives. As I said, “I have seen her judging motives and hearts for years now, and she is becoming more embittered, I think.” I think I wrote kindly and gently enough.

    She replied by quoting the full verse about judging (as if I didn’t know it), and replied that her standard is one she is fine being judged against. I felt so saddened that she could be so blind to her own sinful and hateful attitudes. I pointed out that she is setting herself up to be judged by people seeing the very worst motives in her, rather than giving her the benefit of the doubt when they disagree with her. I ended my reply with:

    “I say this not in anger or any malice, but actually in quite a bit of sadness and concern for you, as you have repeatedly shown over the years that you seem to assume the worst of motives in people with whom you disagree.”

    In her reply, in which she pretty much said that her judgments are accurate, she also wrote, “God Himself can judge me on the criteria I’m setting and I’d welcome it confidently.” That really alarmed me for her soul’s sake.

    So I have finally realized that she is – at least for now – unteachable. I hate to say, but I fear it is true.

    I didn’t mean to come on here with more of the old “Look at what outrageous thing YA has said now,” but to paint a picture of why I am ramping up my prayers for her soul, and asking you all to do the same, as God lays it on your heart. And of course, I am also crying out to him for my Chickadee, who is under her undue and ungodly influence. It kills me inside to think of it (so I try not to think of it too much).

    And let’s pray for healing from past hurts for 6 Arrows.

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  8. DJ – Hard to believe it has been almost 40 years since MASH went off the air.

    I love the music of its theme song, but oh, those words are horrible!


  9. The words were part of a satirical scene in the film, written by a 14-year-old (the son of the composer, I believe — they were under the gun to come up with words, and the kid did it in 5 minutes). It was supposed to be a “stupid” song, not pro-suicide but rather mocking it.

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  10. Yes, saying you’re fine with letting God judge you on your own terms is beyond frightening and thoroughly an unbliblical understanding of who God is (and who we are), of course.

    I agree, she appears to be entirely unteachable and has a hardened heart toward God and others. Not a good place to be in. Let’s pray she’s not there for too much longer. Hard hearts can tend to harden even more as the years go by, however.

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  11. Cheryl, from yesterday, you shared a link to a clip sharing about an inhaler that could ‘cure’ COVID-19. The man presenting came across as a snak-oil salesman out to sell himself and his product as the world’s best gift. There are trials of the steroid inhaler budesonide going on as we speak in England: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04416399. As can be seen from the projected dates, this study will take some time to be completed and published. Until then, people like that doctor are making unsubstantiated claims. Budesonide is not something to be taken lightly. I should know, because I have to take it as part of my combination inhaler every day. Physicians that go on TV and make claims like that can put people like me in danger. My inhalers cost, without insurance, over a hundred dollars for a month’s supply. If people started stock piling budesonide the way they did chloroquine, that already high price could skyrocket. Do I expect that my inhaler could cure COVID if I got it? No, I know because I take a steroid inhaler regularly, symptoms of a lung infection can actually be dangerously masked, until an infection is far advanced, something the readout that comes with the inhaler warns about. I might be in less danger of too much of an immune reaction, but I am in greater danger of too little of an immune reaction.


  12. Well, looks like our church isn’t budging from its indoor meetings. In an email, they said they’re not standing “against” the governor, but instead are standing for the spiritual wellbeing and health of our church.

    I’ll have to text my elder to ask whether an outdoor option was explored and just not feasible or what.

    I saw somewhere that “inconvenience is not oppression” and that’s where I see this in terms of the covid restrictions on houses of worship right now.

    But again, opinions now run the gamut on the virus itself, whether it’s all that dangerous or not, so there’s this pretty strong pushback now.

    Until we know more, I have no issue with following the mainstream medical advice and think there’s wisdom in doing that. I wish my church were doing the same. But a whole lot of other folks think otherwise now, I realize.


    Our sister church is meeting outside, I may eventually just head there. For now, though, I’m still waiting for this knee to get a little better.

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  13. Hi Mumsee…. 😊
    Dj we now have an indoor mandatory mask order from Polis. Our pastor send an email saying he will be wearing a mask except for when he is on the microphone speaking the message of the morning. I don’t want to go and sit there with a mask on my face for two hours. We will be going back to watching the service online…and there will be no singing in worship 😞


  14. Hi Mumsee! You back?

    Nancyjill, yes, it’s all difficult and I don’t like the idea of wearing mask in worship either. We’re somewhat being encouraged to “return” to in-person worship now, especially for communion, but we are also continuing the livestream. Not ideal either way.

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  15. Nightingale is doing a great job in the basement, and finding all sorts of things that Hubby stashed down there (most of which has to be thrown away). She also found the source (or at least the main source, hopefully) of the dampness down there.

    Our sump hole has two pumps. One of the hoses goes outside somewhere. The other one goes to . . .the middle of the basement?! Why, oh, why?! (And there was so much stuff down there, it got hidden somehow. But I have no idea why it was like that!)

    Well, she took care of that, so I am hoping things won’t be so damp down there after this.

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  16. Roscuro, I specifically wanted to hear from you, partly because of your medical experience and partly because of your experience with asthma.

    I didn’t see any hint he stands to earn anything from saying “This works.” I didn’t watch the whole thing (and I don’t necessarily trust the person who forwarded it to me, and definitely don’t trust her assertion she got it from a “trustworthy site”), but it seems to me that he is making two primary claims: (1) In my own medical practice, I have been using this, and with great success and (2) Several countries have used this and have kept their death rate low as a result. If those two claims are true, then he has good motivation to push for this treatment to be taken seriously.

    Do you know whether his claims that this is what Asian nations have been using successfully is a true one?

    I did think about what such off-label usage could do to those who have asthma. And he seemed to gloss over “no side effects” in a way that isn’t believable. However, if he is right about the successful use of this treatment in several countries, that seems to be to be very important information.

    I haven’t been to church since March 1 or to the grocery store since March 10, have not seen a family member other than my husband and our younger daughter since Christmas, and will probably miss our granddaughter’s second birthday next month. And at the moment there is no end in sight for this continuing. So this is quite personal to me.


  17. ~ “If you ask, ‘Why is this happening?’ no light may come, but if you ask, ‘How am I to glorify God now?’ there will always be an answer.” ~ J.I. Packer

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  18. Psst! Mumsee’s back. Everyone behave now.

    We have to so she can see a good example. In Spanish, one must specify good or bad when saying “behave”, since the word can go either way. English is more obvious.

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  19. I get concerned our sump pump will break down and would like to have a spare one like my dad always did. I would like a battery backed up one, since none will work if there is no electricity. My husband does not share my concern, unfortunately.

    Glad Nightingale found what the problem is. I imagine cleaning all that up will be a load off your backs.

    As far as YA goes, prayer is one thing; engaging another. Jesus didn’t keep allowing the Pharisees etc. to dictate how discussions went or pursue them. He spoke mostly to those who might listen. YA is clearly someone who will not listen to the truth and simply cannot see it.

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  20. I wear a mask all the time at work, and it is not always easy work. Even in the air conditioned clinic, some of the dressings I do are such heavy work that I am sweating by the end of a visit. It was the same in the OR. Those surgical instrument trays are heavy, and we would stand for hours – I was present at surgeries that lasted the entire 8 hour day I was there – in surgical gear, sweating under our gowns and behind our masks, and the surgeons would have to ask the circulating nurse to wipe the sweat pouring down their brows, as one cannot touch one’s face while in surgical gear. In comparison to my nursing for eight and 12 hours at a time, wearing a mask to the store and elsewhere is easy. I was running errands to the store today, and I was pulling away in my car before I remembered that I still had my mask on.

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  21. Did a five mile hike with the grands today. That was just enough as we were at 8500 feet in elevation. Took a lot of pictures and then the girls borrowed my phone to take a lot more.

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  22. A 500 yard hike is more my accomplishment.
    IN English, “behave” and “Misbehave” seem to be clear designations of activity.


  23. For me, Sunday has been the same as Saturday for the last three months.
    I don’t like it.
    Sunday has always been a special day. Even before I became a Christian.Now? It’s just another.

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  24. Morning! It is Sunday morning and our new “normal” doesn’t sit well with me. But it is the cup from which we drink at the moment. He will be sought and worshiped no matter where we shall be.
    Wearing a mask is part of the training for medical personnel…most of us are not in that category. It is a strange world for us and one that can be uncomfortable. We can still choose when and where we go and for the most part that choice will include not to be out and about…just staying home…perhaps that is the goal?

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  25. Greetings on the Sabbath. Online service is at 11 a.m. here, now, I’m always ‘there’ and am grateful for that option while in a form of exile as it were.

    My knee is still causing me grief, I’m beginning to think that shot isn’t going to work for me, for some reason. 😦 They said it would take about a week, this is day 4. I may just be impatient.

    It’s a sunny, windy morning, the temperatures have been mild, in the 70s.

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  26. We went to our church service for the first time since mid-March. It was outside in a park and we brought our own chairs. We did decide not to stay for the picnic lunch, since many were not social distancing and only a couple had masks (someone with terminal and debilitating disease and her spouse). It is difficult to keep backing away from people who are oblivious or just think God takes care of us, so why be concerned? I have run into that attitude too often. I trust God, but I will not test him by being foolish. It was nice to see many people who we haven’t seen for quite awhile. It was nice to worship together in a physical way instead of online.

    I did not count the number there, but I doubt more than forty. There was a missionary there who has a church he started in Belgium, and he said we would be a mega church if we were meeting there. It is his mother who has a debilitating disease.

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  27. The other theme I sometimes hear among Christians is that being more cautious is a reaction from “fear.”

    To me, it’s a reaction from wisdom.

    And my other concern is when I hear that any restrictions by the government (such as outdoor worship only in our state for now) are being questioned as being akin to some kind of persecution.

    I’m so sorry this circumstance is causing some dissension within churches on those matters and I think we need to address that and try to get past it as individual bodies. We need to respect those who come out on different ends of these discussions and not come off as looking down on those who disagree.

    I love the Presbyterian form of church government but it is quite similar to how our nation is governed — not from the top down but from the bottom up. Congregations elect elders who then oversee the church, but when elder boards are split, a plurality carries the day. In a situation like this, we are left somewhat divided in the same way the nation currently is.

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  28. I see online that the cortisone shots in knees can take up to 2 weeks to be effective. Most say probably in 1 week, but I’m only in Day 4 so will try to be more patient. I was expecting a pretty quick response but apparently that’s just not always the case. I just hope it “works” for me.

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  29. I managed to listen to most of our church’s service this morning, even while I was at work.

    Our first family weekend is just about over and it looks like the families enjoyed it. Since none of us knew what to expect, we are please with how well things went.

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  30. Sunday is different than other days for me even though I stay home. I called Karen to tell her who would be preaching today. She had never heard the youth pastor so I wanted her to know what to expect in case she wanted to do church with me again by Facebook Live. She did. The service e was at 9:30. Afterwards she and I talked about the sermon. Then at 12:15 I was on a prayer call for an hour with lady prayer warriors praying mostly for the church and leadership and schools reopening. Later I spoke with my brother and we talked some about church. Then I had a call on the church prayer line. Now I am doing laundry and cooking brown rice to have with some black beans. All the praying works up an appetite. Lol.

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  31. Even when not in church, Sunday feels different. I don’t do any chores other than taking care of dishes and cleaning up the kitchen after any meals that may have been cooked. In the afternoon, I enjoy watching a movie.

    And I still miss Hubby and our Sundays together, in which we would go to church, then have an easy meal, and watch a movie, often with some kind of dessert. I find myself doing much the same things, but it isn’t “the same”. But it is still relaxing and enjoyable, even as I miss his presence and love.

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  32. And I do a lot of reading, too, on Sundays.

    A little while ago, I read something interesting. Remember Wally Cox? He and Marlon Brando were friends for many years, from childhood. They were roommates for a while as young men, and Brando influenced Cox to become an actor.

    When Wally Cox died in 1973, Brando asked Cox’s widow to give him his ashes, and said he would spread them in the ocean. Instead, he hid them in his closet and (supposedly, according to his son) would sometimes talk to them. When Brando died 31 years later, both sets of ashes were scattered in Death Valley.


  33. This sounds legit, but I don’t have a medical background. Any thoughts on this from those in the know?


  34. DJ – That Facebook friend I have mentioned a few times, Bill, who was a personal friend and former co-worker of Hubby’s, has posted things like that (about “fear” and losing our rights to practice religion). Recently, he shared something that says “Danger! You are being conditioned to view your freedom as selfish!”

    There was another he shared that said that being told to wear masks in public is further chipping away at our freedom. I was tempted to reply that we have to wear clothes in public but don’t consider that a loss of freedom. (But I didn’t.)

    Tammy (who used to be on here, but hasn’t for a while, since she started teaching again) has posted a lot about her own skepticism about masks, but she wears one in public for the sake of others, which I see as a way of loving our neighbor.


  35. There was an article I saw shared somewhere (on here? on Facebook?) that claims that the more stringent anti-mask people show signs of some kind of mental illness (I forget which one). I wouldn’t go that far, but I have noticed that the ones who are the most strident about it are also the ones who tend to be belligerent in other ways as well. (Have I commented this before? I remember writing about this within the last week or so, I think.)


  36. Yesterday Georgia had a record breaking load of new Covid cases: 4,600 in one day. We are getting braced for it. It’s all around us.


  37. Any thoughts about the Georgia governor using the Atlanta mayor over the mayor requiring people to wear masks when he is not making it mandatory? I see it from an impractical requirement of law enforcement to crack down when they are already too thin in number and morale in Atlanta. How can the mayor add one more burden on law enforcement? IMO


  38. Kizzie I would be skeptical of such a report. First of all I would wager the article was written by an anti-antimasker. I have seen and read the most vitriolic posts authored by those who seem to be the mask police. On Next Door neighbor a woman decided to “school” everyone on mask wearing. Belittling, shaming, condescending and self righteous is how she comes across. I mean come on, my husband riding his bike down a trail in open space, no one around and a guy riding a motor aided bike buzzes by screaming “MASK”!! Someone will get punched one day for doing that….over the top it is!!

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  39. Hi all!

    We have been having in-person church since late May. With a small congregation (18 last week), it’s pretty easy to sit 6″ apart. Most of us wear masks, though not all.

    Today’s service was a bit different though – we had a sort of candlelight service. Not planned, but a thunderstorm swept through shortly shortly before church started and the power was out. So no lights, no sound system, no organ. (Not very many people either – I think there were around a dozen of us.) My husband has a strong voice, so he had no trouble leading worship without a mike, and for once more people sat in the front several pews than the rear. The organist played the piano, with the guy who handles technology (which was limited to the camcorder, running on a battery) shining a flashlight on her music. The rest of us used the battery-powered “candles” from Christmas Eve (we switched a few years ago from real candles for safety reasons) to see our bulletins and hymnals. My husband found it too difficult to find the right places in his (lengthy) notes so he just preached what he could remember from his preparation (and wasn’t super happy with the result).

    But at least we were able to have a full church service, except for skipping the prelude, meditation music (what would be the offertory if the offering were collected, instead of just having a plate in the back), or postlude, because those aren’t as easily adapted to piano as hymns.

    Afterward we drove to the town where my husband’s other church is, and by then the storm was over, but the effects weren’t. People were standing in their yards looking at downed branches, some of them very large (one pretty much covered a garage roof, though it wasn’t entirely detached from the trunk), and one street was blocked while a huge fallen branch that blocked the road was being cut up and taken away. No one was at the church except the organist, who went outside to watch the tree removal process because it was so hot inside with no air conditioning – plus she couldn’t play either the organ or electric piano without power. So my husband called one of the session members and they agreed that it was best to cancel the church service and let people focus on taking care of damage from the storm.

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  40. I don’t know who the anon is who posted the 5:35 video and I didn’t watch it all, but it sounds like some of the scare tactics going around on social media. Does she say it’s an attempt to sterilize people? I did hear something about making us another species. It sounds like a lot of hype over a vaccine that hasn’t even been produced yet. And from someone who thinks the disease itself isn’t “real,” perhaps? What I saw (the beginning and patches here and there–we have a thunderstorm playing around and I didn’t want to take time to watch it all) didn’t look credible.


  41. Traveling with masks is not fun. I am thinking that maybe I should quarantine from my friends when I return after having been exposed to so many folks.

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  42. NancyJill – Yeah, that is why I said that I wouldn’t go that far (as to say that they are mentally ill). As I said, I have seen that the most strident anti-mask people seem to be ones who tend to be belligerent in other matters, too. After I commented earlier, I thought that probably the most strident pro-mask people are also prone to belligerence in other matters as well.

    There is a lady who sometimes posts on a local Facebook page who is known for having mental problems (Nightingale knows her casually but not as a friend) who has been very outspoken against masks and social distancing and such. She one time offered to have people come to her house so she could hug them. A sweet thought, maybe, but that was in the midst of the worst of it, and could have been dangerous for her or others.

    She takes that tone which says that she is the one with the “real” info, and anyone who disagrees is living in fear.


  43. Okay, I realize there are mask and anti-mask people here. I’m not anti-mask, just skeptical since so many “experts” disagree on their efficacy. I only wear a mask when required by employers (at the cave, for instance). But my nephew, a nurse anesthetist, posted this video on Facebook. He, like Roscuro, has to wear a mask all day when in surgery, so he is not one who doesn’t know the science. Here it is:


  44. Kizzie it is all so very confusing isn’t it? A very well respected physician in our area has stated this mask mandate is a total waste of time. He stresses washing hands vigilantly and stay 6 feet away from others. Then there are those who will oppose his position with just as much respect in the field. 😞

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  45. Mrs L pointed out that if we wear masks, why do we need to “social distance”? Or if 6 feet apart is plenty, why do we need a mask?


  46. Peter, you ask why six feet and masks, both? Not an expert here, or even close, but I’m the wife of a man who has been wearing a mask to church for the last two years after picking up one too many illnesses that dragged on.

    Let’s say you and another person both enter a building where no one else has been for 48 hours. You sit in one chair and he sits in another, and you are farther apart than six feet the whole time, and you leave by different doors. To the best of your knowledge neither of you is sick, neither of you wears a mask, and neither of you coughs or sneezes during the time you talk. Under those “perfect” circumstances, it is highly unlikely either of you has exposed the other to anything. And if no one else enters the space where you sat in the next day or two, you won’t be exposing anyone else either.

    However, we aren’t in an ideal world. Sneezes and coughs can travel farther than six feet (six feet being the greatest danger zone is the reason for that unit, I believe) and can linger in the air. The risk may not be great in some of those circumstances, but you probably wouldn’t knowingly let your 90-year-old aunt spend time in a house whose residents were taken to the emergency room with COVID-19 a half hour before.

    Most people aren’t all that good at keeping a six-foot distance from other people, and sneezes and coughs do travel. My husband got pneumonia at Christmas from being in the same house with a woman who was coughing (we were at the same party), even though as soon as he heard her coughing, he held his breath, quickly put on a mask, and spent the rest of the time at that event in the basement wearing a mask.

    Basically when we’re dealing with a disease that kills some people and sends lots of others to the hospital, multiplying precautions is using wisdom. If everyone in a room is wearing masks (correctly) and staying six feet apart and avoiding touching surfaces and avoiding touching their faces and washing their hands as soon as they leave, the risk of transmission is low. But with a few people lax on a few of these things, the risk of transmission goes up. (They also say mask wearing helps people not to touch their face.)

    I stay at least six feet from other people when I walk locally, and I don’t wear a mask. I’m outdoors the whole time and diligent about distance. I’m not a threat to other people, but they might be a threat to me. I’m not going “indoors” at all, with or without a mask, except in my own house–the risk of exposure is simply too high. Consistent mask wearing can lower that risk, and those who are vulnerable need that risk lowered.


  47. Cannot see the video on the phone reader, but do know the reputation of anesthetists. I used to see them take off their masks behind the sterile drapes during active surgery. My instructor, who was also the clinical educator of the OR department where I took practical training, had once been an anesthetist in his home country, and knew their ways, which he didn’t tolerate. I recall the anesthesiologists putting on their masks when he was going to be in the room.

    The kerfuffle over it all keeps bringing this passage to mind: “My father, if the prophet had told you to do some great thing, would you not have done it? How much more should you do it when he tells you, ‘Wash and be clean’?” (2 Kings 5).

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