9 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-10-20

  1. When rescue is needed, it doesn’t matter what color your rescuer is.


    “Two Heroic Men Rescued Young Children From A Burning Building In Phoenix”


    “Blanks, now 28 and a retired U.S. Marine, was at a friend’s apartment in Phoenix on Friday morning when he heard frantic screaming and a commotion. He immediately ran outside, barefoot, and saw the top floor of the apartment complex was ablaze and enveloped in smoke.

    He looked up and saw a petrified woman on a third-floor balcony with a child. Flames quickly crept up behind her.

    “People started yelling for the lady to throw her kids down,” Blanks said.

    Blanks said he got “tunnel vision” when he saw the child falling. There was another man standing closer but Blanks reacted quicker. At the last second he dove and caught the falling 3-year-old boy before he landed in the rocks and then carried him away. Here’s the video:”


    “Fortunately, there was a second hero there that day in the form of 42-year-old D’Artagnan Alexander, a barber who happened to be passing by on his way to do some shopping. He heard there were kids inside and ran up the stairs into the flaming 3rd floor. “I heard someone scream for help and I found the girl on the floor and carried her outside,” he said. Alexander had rescued the 8-year-old sibling of the boy who’d been dropped off the balcony.

    In the chaos after the fire, with over 100 police and firefighters at the scene, Alexander and Blanks never met. But they both learned about the other and wanted to meet. Eventually, Blanks got Alexander’s phone number from a reporter and texted him. The two met and now say they feel bonded for life by the experience.

    The two men also met with the father of the two children they rescued, Corey Long, who was at work when the fire happened. Long didn’t want to be interviewed for the Post story, but there’s a photo of him in the story with his arm around Blanks and Alexander. Blanks said of the mood of that encounter, “We became family, all three of us.”

    There’s a racial element to this story which really cuts against the grain of a lot of what is in the media these days. Phillip Blanks and D’Artagnan Alexander are black. Corey Long and his children are white. None of that mattered for even an instant in the midst of this disaster. As Alexander, who has two kids of his own, said, “I didn’t have time to think, my body just kicked into action and I went in.” That’s the kind of thing that real life heroes say.

    I’ll leave the larger lessons for the reader to ponder but here’s what this story says to me: We’re all capable of being heroes for each other and race doesn’t have to enter into it. It feels like some people have forgotten that.”

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  2. So now you think police don’t need military equipment?

    Funny, you never mentioned it when Obama was handing out military equipment to police.


  3. Biden visited his hometown of Scranton yesterday, and was greeted by supporters…… the press. That’s pretty much it. His supporters are the press.


  4. Looks like America is starting to get back to work.

    “Jobless claims at better-than-expected 1.3 million, total getting benefits falls to 18 million”


    “Weekly jobless claims totaled 1.314 million, compared with the Dow Jones estimate of 1.39 million.

    The total was a decline of 99,000 from a week ago.

    Continuing claims fell to 18.06 million, a drop of 698,000.”

    Weekly jobless claims were lower than expected last week as workers slowly returned to their jobs in the wake of rising coronavirus cases.

    Claims for the week ended July 4 totaled 1.314 million, compared with the 1.39 million expected from economists surveyed by Dow Jones. The total marked a decrease of 99,000 from a week earlier, according to the Labor Department.”


  5. How does it happen?

    Same way it does with the AF guy yesterday, and the “mix up” with the C-19 counting at the CDC. Partisans in govt who don’t follow the rules and have no ethics. The Deep State is real folks, you should know that by now.


    “US Army investigating how ‘MAGA’ was described as a form of ‘covert white supremacy’ in handout”

    The US Army is investigating how a handout distributed on a base in Alabama initially included a description that the phrase “Make America Great Again” was a form of “covert white supremacy” and therefore racist — which it says was “sent out in error and immediately recalled.”

    Earlier this week, a graphic was included in a handout disseminated at the US Army’s Redstone Arsenal that suggested that President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan was a form of “covert white supremacy.”

    On July 6 at Redstone, officials distributed a handout to personnel that “included two unapproved pages that were sent out in error and immediately recalled,” Army spokeswoman Cynthia Smith said in a statement.

    The slides were to promote the Army’s so-called listening tour under a program it calls Project Inclusion, a new initiative to improve diversity and racial inclusion across the military.

    The graphic shown on one of the slides includes a pyramid graphic sourced from Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence that states blackface, swastikas and racist jokes are forms of “overt white supremacy.” The graphic includes “MAGA,” the “celebration of Columbus Day” and “All Lives Matter” as types of socially acceptable or “covert white supremacy.”

    “The slides — copied from a non-government website — included a word cloud with phrases that were intended to spark conversation; however, the document was predecisional and inappropriate for the discussion. The unapproved pages were in no way used as part of the ‘Your Voice Matters’ listening tour sessions,” Smith said.

    The Army did not specifically mention the MAGA phrase in its statement, long used by Trump and his supporters, only saying “the Army does not condone the use of phrases that indicate political support.”

    “The Army is and will continue to remain an apolitical organization,” Smith said.”


    They mean starting now…..


  6. So he’ll shut down fairs and parades, but BLM protests are just fine. 🙄


    And how pathetically childish are you?


    “De Blasio Bans Large Gatherings After He Helps Paint Black Lives Matter in Front of Trump Tower

    NYC has so many problems, but I guess antagonizing Trump is more important.”


    Note no mask until the painting started, and absolutely zero social distancing. He is the Clown Prince of Elitist Tools.

    Because Orange Man Bad.


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