25 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-9-20

  1. Gee, I wonder what could have caused it?…..


    “AP Wonders: What Could Be Causing “A Surge In Violence” In America’s Cities?”

    “Come on, man. It’s not that much of a mystery, is it? Like any other social issue, any number of factors might play into levels of violence, especially in long-term trends. But the Associated Press’ claim that the sudden explosion in violence “defies easy explanation” is akin to micturating on heads while calling it precipitation:

    Still reeling from the coronavirus pandemic and street protests over the police killing of George Floyd, exhausted cities around the nation are facing yet another challenge: a surge in shootings that has left dozens dead, including young children.

    The spike defies easy explanation, experts say, pointing to the toxic mix of issues facing America in 2020: an unemployment rate not seen in a generation, a pandemic that has killed more than 130,000 people, stay-at-home orders, rising anger over police brutality, intense stress, even the weather.

    “I think it’s just a perfect storm of distress in America,” said Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms after a weekend of bloodshed in her city.

    Jerry Ratcliffe, a Temple University criminal justice professor and host of the “Reducing Crime” podcast, put it more bluntly: “Anybody who thinks they can disentangle all of this probably doesn’t know what they’re talking about.”

    Oh, I think people can take a look around and see for themselves what suddenly changed right before the uptick in violence. In Atlanta specifically, it wasn’t a “perfect storm of distress”; it was the decision to file charges against two police officers in the Rayshard Brooks case before the investigation could be finished. That led to an initial blue-flu walkout by police and a sharp retreat in assertiveness ever since. That all but announced “open season” on the streets, and the violent recognized it better than the politicians and the media.”

    That has been the trend in all these cities — protests, followed by retreats by city leadership on enforcing the law. Some of this definitely preceded the protests. For instance, California went as far as making burglaries and thefts under $950 into misdemeanors, which unsurprisingly resulted in an increase of those crimes. Bail reform put more criminals on the streets, so much so that New York governor Andrew Cuomo supported a rollback of those reforms this spring. The COVID-19 lockdown undoubtedly contributes to the general unrest and unease, too.”


    And Cuomo finds it funny.


  2. Democrats built this.



  3. Not all black lives matter to BLM.


    “This week, CNN’s Don Lemon, who has spent the last few weeks bashing the supposed thoroughgoing systemic racism of the United States, hosted black actor Terry Crews. He then proceeded to browbeat Crews, who had committed the great sin of tweeting, “#ALLBLACKLIVESMATTER 9 black CHILDREN killed by violence in Chicago since June 20, 2020.” Lemon specifically objected to Crews’ hashtag. After Lemon humbly informed Crews that he has skin “as tough as an armadillo,” he then lectured: “The Black Lives Matter movement was started because it was talking about police brutality. … But that’s not what Black Lives Matter is about. It’s not … all-encompassing … The Black Lives Matter movement is about police brutality and injustice in that matter, not about what’s happening in black neighborhoods.”

    This, of course, is largely false. The Black Lives Matter movement did indeed begin with protests about police brutality but quickly morphed into broader debates over the validity of looting and rioting, tearing down historic statues, slavery reparations and defunding the police. And Black Lives Matter, as Crews correctly pointed out, has never restricted its mandate to the question of police violence: It has announced that its focuses also include police brutality, transgender rights, gay rights, disrupting the nuclear family and freeing Palestine, among other diverse topics.

    So why is Lemon so deeply invested in preventing conversations about black lives? Why, in fact, do only some black lives matter, rather than all?

    That’s not merely a question asked by conservatives or contrarians. It’s being asked all over the United States by black Americans being left to the predations of criminals, in large part thanks to the woke virtue signaling of many Black Lives Matter leaders and media allies. In Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser emblazoned the enormous yellow words “BLACK LIVES MATTER” on 16th Street. Protesters quickly added “DEFUND THE POLICE.” One month later, 11-year-old Davon McNeal was shot in the head while heading to a family cookout on July 4. His grandfather, John Ayala, lamented: “We’re protesting for months, for weeks, saying, ‘Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter.’ Black lives matter it seems like, only when a police officer shoots a black person. What about all the black-on-black crime that’s happening in the community?”

    McNeal was just one of the latest victims of a wave of violence gripping America’s major cities. Last weekend, at least 89 people were shot in Chicago, leaving at least 17 dead. Shootings in Philadelphia have spiked 67%. In the first week of June, Los Angeles saw a shocking 250% increase in murders from the prior week. New York City’s shootings have skyrocketed 44% over last year’s numbers; every person shot there the week of June 29 — 101 — was from a minority community. It turns out that the agenda of Black Lives Matter, which includes fighting against the prevalence of police — a call taken up by Democratic mayors and city councils around the United States — endangers black lives far more than the presence of police.”


  4. Cue the outrage mob……

    “Floyd Homicide Defendant: Body Cam Shows Charges Should Be Dropped”


    “Everyone has seen the video that prompted the mass outpouring of anger into the streets of America. What do the body cam videos of the killing of George Floyd show that might change minds on the case? Counsel for one of the other officers on the scene submitted a motion to dismiss today, arguing that the video showed that Thomas Lane could not possibly have known that Derek Chauvin was committing a crime, let alone aid and abet it.

    Good luck with that motion, Earl Gray:

    Gray has argued in court that the case against Lane should be dismissed because his client twice asked if they should turn Floyd, who was handcuffed and lying stomach-down in the street, onto his side. Chauvin said no.

    Lane was holding onto Floyd’s legs at the time. Kueng was holding onto Floyd’s back. Thao was managing a crowd nearby that had begun to gather and while some pleaded with the officers to lighten up. …

    Lane was holding onto Floyd’s legs at the time. Kueng was holding onto Floyd’s back. Thao was managing a crowd nearby that had begun to gather and while some pleaded with the officers to lighten up.

    The motion includes transcripts of footage from Kueng and Lane’s body cameras. Kueng’s attorney, Thomas Plunkett, confirmed that body-worn camera footage from Kueng and Lane were publicly filed as part of Lane’s motion. The state court website tracking all four former officers’ cases listed the transcripts but did not list the camera videos as having been filed. It’s unclear why; the courts could not be immediately reached for comment.

    The body cam footage — or at least its description in court filings — give the most complete account of the incident yet. Floyd apparently didn’t entirely cooperate at first, ignoring commands to show his hands. Floyd apologized and said he had been shot once before by police and that he was flustered at the stop. Lane told investigators from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension that Floyd had been “digging underneath the seat” when they first approached, however, which made them think he was potentially going to pull out a weapon. It’s unclear whether the body cam footage supports that version, but it would at least have contributed to heightened threat assessment right off the bat.

    We also know now why Floyd was on the ground in the first place. The officers had tried to get him into the squad car, but Floyd refused and resisted, as WCCO reports from the body cam footage transcripts:”


  5. This shouldn’t even have to be said.


    “Why Military Brass Should Not Mouth Off About George Floyd On Facebook

    When U.S. Air Force leaders issue divisive social media comments on George Floyd, they sully the USAF’s shared values of Integrity, Service, and Excellence.”

    “On June 1, Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Kaleth O. Wright took to Facebook to voice his thoughts on the death of George Floyd. Wright is exceptionally popular with airmen and on social media. He has a podcast on leadership, gives talks around the country, and has used his time as CMSAF to boost the morale and welfare of the regular rank-and-file.

    Wright’s “mic-drop” on Facebook comes just a few months before his retirement. He had an excellent opportunity to help unify the Air Force around a sense of common purpose and mission before hanging up the boots. Instead, Wright turned inward and defaulted to groupthink and grievance.

    Social media is not typically a place to find solidarity. If Wright felt he must speak out on a national-level crisis, he should have written his message on official Air Force letterhead, adhering to the tapered three-bullet format, with policy recommendations and well-defined terms, making it clear that what was written was personal, not an endorsement from the entire organization. Yet like many homespun homilies posted to Facebook or Twitter, Wright’s “address” is burdened by imprecise language.

    He calls for certain airmen to be “seen, heard, and treated like human beings,” but offers no image of who these airmen are or how their wingmen have failed to see, hear, and treat them. Wright claims the Air Force has “not made much progress” in fighting “racial injustice” but fails to provide reference points for where we started and a principled argument for where we ought to be.

    As a result, Wright’s readers are left with little more than a vague, ugly feeling. He capitalizes “Black,” turning an adjective into a partial proper noun. He highlights a “lack of diversity in our senior officer ranks,” an ironic charge considering the incoming chief of staff is black, not to mention that Wright’s very own replacement is a woman and native Hawaiian.

    Implying that the Air Force ought to institute race-based quotas is not leading from the front or the rear but from the surface. It’s an appeal, driven entirely by emotion, that ignores the Air Force’s own data showing that black Americans are proportionally represented in its ranks. Instead of promoting the integrity of the Air Force, Wright shines a self-appointed light upon imagined differences.

    Leaders Should Not Promote Grievance Politics

    Wright delivered his anecdotal grievance from a position of hard-earned but unelected duty. Instead of acknowledging personal choice, the day-in, day-out 31-year effort of service and sacrifice that has built his career, Wright chooses to define himself according to a non-voluntary trait.

    “Who am I?” Wright asks. “I am a Black man who happens to be the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force.” This is exactly backward. It suggests the highest-ranking enlisted position came to him by accident. In the military, who you are is not the color of your skin or where you come from but what you wake up every day and do.

    We make choices, we serve one another, we even give each other little ribbons for doing remarkably selfless things. Military leaders are meant to promote service through a humble example. They are not meant to traffic in assertions which cannot be disproved. They are not meant to virtue-scare coercive consensus.

    Wright should abstain from the expression of opinion in uniform because it corrupts the integrity of service, for him, and every single Airman. In truth, Kaleth O. Wright is the chief master sergeant of the Air Force — he only happens to be black.”


  6. Tucker nails it again.

    Sorry Tammy. While your service and sacrifice in the past are appreciated, it doesn’t give you a “get out of criticism for what you do now” free card. Say reprehensible things about your country and fellow countrymen, expect to be called on it.

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  7. As for the other un-American hack….


    “Ilhan Omar has paid new husband’s consulting firm $878,000, filings show”

    “Rep. Ilhan Omar has continued quietly funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to her new husband’s consulting film, including a $189,000 windfall in March — just weeks after they announced they had tied the knot, campaign data shows.

    The payments between the Minneapolis Democratic congresswoman and Tim Mynett prompted at least one ethics complaint in 2019 after The Post first revealed allegations — made by Mynett’s then-wife in her divorce filing — that Omar was having an affair with the member of her political consulting team, who was at the time married to another woman. Omar was married to her second husband at the time.

    But that doesn’t appear to have stopped the now-married couple, with Mynett’s E Street Group collecting $292,814.99 from his wife’s campaign this year for digital advertising, fundraising consulting and research services, according to the Federal Election Commission filings.

    In total, Mynett has received a whopping $878,930.65 from Omar’s campaign since he began working for her in 2018, raising eyebrows among watchdogs and political law experts who say the practice is rife with cronyism.

    The majority of those payments were made after the Somali-born lawmaker’s victory in the solidly Democratic district in the November 2018 midterm elections.

    Omar is by far the E Street Group’s biggest client, according to Open Secrets data, with nearly one in every three of Omar’s campaign dollars going to her alleged lover’s firm as of last August, according to the Washington Examiner.

    The FEC allows lawmakers to hire family members or spouses to work on their campaigns, making the arrangement technically aboveboard, but multiple political experts told The Post on Tuesday they believe the practice should be outlawed.

    “It should not be allowed,” said attorney Richard W. Painter, who served as chief ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush White House.

    “I think it’s a horrible idea to allow it, given the amount of money that goes into these campaigns from special interests,” he continued.

    Now a professor at the University of Minnesota’s Law School in Omar’s hometown, Painter said star candidates in safe seats who raked in millions of dollars in campaign donations had the ability to enrich themselves and their families.

    “We already have enough problems with gifts to campaigns as a quid pro quo for political action,” he said.”

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  8. Oh look, more incriminating Strzok notes just happened to be found.


  9. For children, it’s not even close to as deadly as the flu is. Yet we don’t often close schools for it.

    So why all the fuss over re-opening schools?



  10. “The Anti-American Pattern Of Elites’ Coronavirus Restrictions”

    “While gathering to worship God, celebrate the country, and vote are deemed selfish attacks on our neighbors, gatherings to protest Christianity, the country, the police, the Republican president, and capitalism are viciously defended.”


    “In a crisis, whether real or imagined, the elites’ priorities and suspicions take precedent and are very often laid bare. We see it in wartime, in longer-rolling natural disasters, in civil disorder, and in widespread disease.

    Coronavirus is no different, and over the spring and early summer a pattern appeared amid the different virus restrictions enforced around the country. They all, it seems, roll downhill from America’s elites, and in 2020, downhill from the elite means against the aspects of our society the left is indifferent toward or actively opposes.

    That isn’t to suggest the virus doesn’t exist, or that its existence is some kind of intentional or vast conspiracy. It doesn’t need to be when you’re in charge.

    July 4 saw saw this borne out plainly. In Lewes, Delaware, a truck going the speed limit, decorated with Independence Day flare, was ticketed by an unmasked police officer for carrying a patriotic woman waving from the back. No “activities associated with” Independence Day would be permitted, Mayor Ted Becker declared, “out of concern for everyone’s safety.”

    “It is unfortunate,” he continued, “that this rogue event occurred.”

    Becker was hardly alone. Across the country, parades and fireworks displays were cancelled. People could not be trusted to gather outside for fear of the virus.

    The accusation that our country’s elites hate Independence Day is not merely stringing together a series of restrictions and guessing at a connection — their hatred is expressly written in their favorite newspapers.

    “American independence helped further colonialism and white supremacy,” The Washington Post claimed Saturday. National Public Radio cherry-picked quotes from Frederick Douglass’s beautiful and moving July 4, 1852 address, selecting those that painted the country (a country that had not yet sent hundreds of thousands of northern men to die to end slavery) as a terribly unjust one, while omitting his inspiring embrace of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence as the ideal vehicles for the liberation of man.

    Not to be left out, wannabe football player Colin Kaepernick called it “your celebration of white supremacy.” Two days later he announced a deal with the once pro-American Walt Disney Company to promote his politics.

    This is just a sampling of the corporate-backed outpouring of anti-American feeling — and coronavirus concern-trolling followed along, as it does for all American activities either not valued or actively opposed by American elites.

    Private businesses and their owners are called selfish killers for struggling to open before local masters allow.

    In states where churches aren’t still forced closed, many are not even allowed the building capacity of restaurants, shops, or other aspects of life deemed essential. Religious gatherings are targeted and shamed with accusations of selfishness. Mainline Protestant and Catholic leaders happily play along, stressing their “good relationship with the civil authorities.”

    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi broke centuries of fragile congressional precedent by allowing congressmen to phone their votes into Washington without even making a show of appearing for their jobs and the attendant debate. Her charge was that in the age of jet travel, black cars, safe roads, climate control, and handicapped entrances, advanced age and poor health are too great a burden for politicians who once traveled by horse and carriage down dangerous roads to perform their elected duties.

    The health of these representatives, though. appeared strong enough to attend protests and shuttle launches. Emboldened by the win, Pelosi and her allies led a similar campaign throughout the country, wining battles for mail-in ballots ripe for Democrat fraud when not pushing to cancel elections all together.”


  11. So it’s Bernie in a Biden mask.

    And note Biden is plagiarizing other people’s work again.


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  12. summary”
    there ain’t nothing that ain’t racist.
    Including this:

    The left is so obsessed with getting Trump somehow that they are trying to get regulations that will affect all subsequent presidents, or seekers of the office.

    I can understand a dislike. I disliked Obama and his tea. But this hatred is beyond reason.

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  13. How about you idiots stick to what you know?…. Which is lying about the president.

    No need to do the same to Christ. He’s not a bad orange man…..

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  14. She’s such a good Catholic, wanting to use other people’s money to murder the unborn. She calls it “gravely unjust” that the law won’t allow it.


  15. As for this: “He capitalizes “Black,” turning an adjective into a partial proper noun,” capitalizing Black has become the new acceptable way to write the word. I am guessing that the comparison would be to other words such as Italian, English, Muslim, Christian, etc. I’m not sure if it is an accurate comparison, but out of respect, I have changed to capitalizing Black myself.


  16. Like I said….

    Don’t trust the numbers. They’re all inaccurate.


    “CDC acknowledges mixing up coronavirus testing data”

    “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) acknowledged Thursday that it is combining the results from viral and antibody COVID-19 tests when reporting the country’s testing totals, despite marked differences between the tests.

    First reported by NPR’s WLRN station in Miaimi, the practice has drawn ire from U.S. health experts who say combining the tests inhibits the agency’s ability to discern the country’s actual testing capacity.

    “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, told The Atlantic. “How could the CDC make that mistake? This is a mess.”

    Viral tests – commonly referred to as PCR tests as most of them use a process known as polymerase chain reaction – are used by health professionals to determine whether or not a person is currently infected with the disease. During the pandemic, viral tests have been the most effective way of being able to diagnose a positive case of COVID-19. They are what state governments have been counting to track the number of confirmed cases of the virus they have.

    Antibody, or serology, tests serve a different purpose. Unlike viral tests that are taken by nose swab or saliva sample, antibody tests examine a person’s blood to see if their immune system has created antibodies to combat COVID-19. These tests allow doctors to see if someone has previously been exposed to the virus. As the push for widespread testing in the U.S. has strengthened, antibody tests have been widely produced, many experts have balked at saying that antibodies equate to immunity from COVID-19. Serology tests are also less accurate than PCR tests, increasing the chances for a false negative.

    Moreover, a negative test means different things for either test. A negative PCR test indicates to physicians that the patient isn’t currently ill with the disease. But, a negative serology test means that the patient has most likely not been exposed to or infected with COVID-19.

    “The viral testing is to understand how many people are getting infected, while antibody testing is like looking in the rearview mirror. The two tests are totally different signals,” Jha told The Atlantic.”


    Positives are not as high as reported, and deaths are down. These facts continue to be misreported and the numbers misrepresented by the media and partisans, all to make the Trump admin look bad.


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