19 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 6-27-20

  1. I see on TV that Sen. Ernst proposes a bill to end lawless zones.
    What is a lawless zone?
    How did it get lawless?
    Is there a law against murder in a lawless zone?
    If I kill someone and leave the lawless zone, have I committed a crime?


  2. I am almost 90 years old, so I shouldn’t care.
    But I do. I fear for my grandkids. (greatgrands, the kids, I think, can handle it.)
    I’m afraid we are going to run out of country before we run out of idiots.

    I see where Congress has voted to make DC a state.
    Nobody who lives within the (previously) 10×10 area belongs there’re. i.e. Everyone is from somewhere else and belongs somewhere else.

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  3. Nothing new here, Chas. Pray for His people. Pray for the world. Love your wife. Love your children and grands. Love your neighbor.


  4. I’ll bet Mumsee even wants me to love the person who wrecked the statue.
    I’m trying, but it isn’t easy.
    I think that there was a time when the Apostle Paul might have been in that crowd.
    I realize that there may be another “Saul of Tarsus” pulling Lincoln down. But it is’t easy.

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  5. 🙂 So grateful Jesus left us The Holy Spirit to help us! All to the praise and glory of God.

    🙂 The fruits of summer.

    😦 We need rain.

    😦 Those who know what they are doing have always taken advantage of the useful idiots. God has and can change hearts and minds. I know that first hand.

    😦 Prayers for the teachers and parents to stand against the revisionist history pushed in the schools at every level. I have no problem with expanding history to include those forgotten or not appreciated. Changing it and ignoring human nature in any people group is another thing and needs to be avoided.

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  6. A Christian friend said what comes to his mind are people frantically searching for something, a cause, to fill Augustin’s “God-hole” in their souls.

    Me, I think of sheep without a shepherd.

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  7. 😦 We need rain, too, but we won’t get it. It really doesn’t rain hardly at all during the summer months in Southern California. We’ll be dry now through at least October, maybe longer.

    😦 I wish I could go out and really soak my front yard but it’s all too much for my knee right now. I need to get the sprinkler attached and see if I can’t program it to hit the dry grass and not the sidewalk. But probably not today. I’m feeling really discouraged about this knee, but I keep reminding myself there’s a purpose and a lesson for this particular trial.

    😦 My vet tweeted out a quote this morning, something about how viruses “always win,’ that’s what they do. But a cure will be found, then we go on.


  8. Re the statues, I feel more frustrated that something can’t be done (or rather isn’t being done) to protect or intervene when they’re being demolished. Seems like a hands-off policy for police. But I get it, why risk riling up a mob and winding up with human casualties that only sparks even more violence.

    Easier to let them go at it and then try to pick up the (literal) pieces later. But it is disturbing to watch. It’s all so mindless, so reminiscent of the scenes from totalitarian revolutions in the recent past.


  9. Funny, not-funny doctor tweet this morning:

    “Wear a mask. That is, unless you want to be intubated by a gynecology intern July 1st who did her last semester of med school via Zoom.”

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  10. 🙂 Summer is here.

    🙂 Birthdays with a loving husband.

    🙂 Summer fruits. In the fridge we have watermelon and blueberries and cherries and even a couple of overripe peaches.

    🙂 Summer flowers. They are now blooming in pinks and yellows and blues and purples and whites . . . and they’ve now added the orange of lilies, jewelweed, and butterfly weed.

    🙂 Summer butterflies and dragonflies and a million other interesting insects that show God’s marvelous creativity and how all of creation fits together beautifully. The insects pollinate and they are food for the growing young birds. They come in all colors of the rainbow, too.

    🙂 Fawns. I saw one following its mother on our walk, too.

    😦 Not being back to church yet.

    🙂 A Zoom call with the blog, a long phone call with a friend, shorter ones with siblings, and connection to people by e-mail and in other ways. Including the cards that come in the mail. In a time of disconnection, it’s lovely to have those connections.

    🙂 Friends who do our grocery shopping. One is supposed to be bringing us treats from Starbucks later, because I get a free birthday drink.

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  11. I guess we should have sung happy birthday to Cheryl!

    😦 After six months of fighting with the computer system we bought and set up for me, I’ve thrown in the laptop towel and we swapped the tower monitor downstairs for the laptop.

    I now get to reset up the desktop, shift everything around, and try to remember/find where everything is.

    🙂 I did email the manuscript to myself, so I’ve got that to work on.

    🙂 I’m hoping this will calm my agitation. The laptop system just wasn’t up to what I need it to do. It kept resetting itself and there’s no need to go into what happened after that to the system or my temper.

    🙂 I AM thankful I’m working with a computer and not a quill and paper.

    🙂 The Lord is good, always. He warned us we would have tribulation in the world, but He HAS overcome it and heaven awaits those who are in Christ Jesus.

    🙂 Jesus went to heaven so we could have the Holy Spirit living with us every moment, responding, encouraging, blessing, leading and guiding.

    🙂 He’ll listen when we tell Him about our agitation (see computer, statutes, social media, politics, life), but He overcame the world with Jesus and God.

    Blessed be His name.

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  12. 😦 Young people being used to support BLM. I saw on the news the soccer teams all wearing those shirts and kneeling before a game. I can not imagine the peer pressure etc. to conform to the rest of the team. OTOH, maybe it will force some to think a little deeper and step out and do what is right in God’s eyes.


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