46 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-23-20

  1. What is it?J
    Looks like a critter in the water.
    But it could be a log in the snow.

    This world is not my home
    I’m only passing through.
    My treasure’s all laid up
    Somewhere beyond the blue.
    The angel’s beckon me
    To Heaven’s golden shore
    And I can’t feel at home
    In this world anymore.

    I don’t know why. But I woke up with that song in my head. And it won’t go away.
    I hope it isn’t premonition. I don’t care for me, but I need to care for her..

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  2. So today is last week? At least I think it’s June 23rd, not the 16th.

    I otter know what that critter is. I think it’s not a beaver, because I can’t see a tail.

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  3. After scanning the Politics thread. I’m convinced that the song above is not out of place.

    Why should anyone care that a picture of Aunt Jemima is on a syrup jar?
    Doesn’t anyone have something better to do with their lives than worry about syrup jars?
    I have, I confess, an unchristian attitude about such trivia.

    And nothing but sheer contempt for such thinking.

    The above also concerns statues. With this attitude, the Statue of Liberty should have been the first to come down.
    I fear for the next generation. I really do.

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  4. And some good news: The contractor just unloaded his tractor and is coming later to start digging the trench around our house. Hooray! We may get to move back into our bedroom before the end of summer.

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  5. Looks like a muskrat to me. I only see them when we walk around a small lake in a town not too far from us.

    Yes, that Hank Williams song is appropriate for all believers. We are all pilgrims.

    Our jam session was delightful. Precautions were somewhat taken, although none of us wore masks. Food was served with the hostess wearing a mask and using gloves. She also prepared the shredded pork sandwiches in a safe manner. We were able to be outdoors under cloudy skies. Rain threatened but never fell. It was so good to actually see everyone. I was amazed that they were all able to just get back into the groove. I know my husband hasn’t played much music. They really encourage one another when they can meet.

    The senior living center where they normally jam is desperate to have some group activities again. They had coffee ‘and’ one time the first day of the shut down and everyone who attended had letters sent to them threatening to evict them. How long can people in various situations live with such limited contact? These people can leave their building, but so many can’t. I am so sorry for them. It is so difficult to know the balance between safety and emotional, spiritual needs.

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  6. Good morning. Otters are so cute when they frolic ♡

    I just saw this article that makes some interesting observations.

    The downtown Decatur square had a statue that was professionally removed and I believe put into storage out of fear that people would be hurt if they toppled it.

    The problem with such destructive violence and hatred is that it is never satisfied. Nothing is ever enough. It never leads to forgiveness.

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  7. Janice makes a good point.
    After the statues are gone, then what?
    If you don’t like America the way it is, what do you want it to be?

    the country is already beyond it’s debt limit trying t be that way.

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  8. Good morning. And a good morning it is. Husband is home so daughter will not be quite so off her rocker. May even be done and back to her normal.

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  9. Yes, it’s a muskrat. And I used the zoom a little bit (it isn’t a very big creature), but it really was almost that close. I heard a splash and looked around to see what had made it, and this wet muskrat was eyeballing me.

    I’ve learned to really love muskrats because most of the time they simply ignore you if you stay quiet and fairly still. Once in a while one will dive as though to get away, but that seems to be the exception. I’ve stood 10 to 15 feet from one for about as many minutes several times. One came to within five or six feet of me a few weeks ago (at just about the same place as this one). It came up on land, cut down some plants, and took them back into the water to eat, and it was less than two yards from me for the couple of minutes it was cutting the plants. (It was somewhat inside the plant, so I couldn’t see it while it was working, except a little bit of its back.)

    There is something so Eden-like about a creature simply going about it business while you stand and watch. Mallards are often OK with people, and squirrels–but that’s because they get fed. Muskrats simply don’t see people as a major threat, and so they ignore us. I can easily imagine Eve holding out her hand and having it come to be petted. And they look so very pettable–which is why coats used to be made out of this cute little guy.

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  10. We are home again after a wonderful, sweet visit with my dad and my family. My sister had a mallard nest under a shrub just off her front veranda. They set up cameras so that we could watch the action and we saw the ducklings hatch out! Only 5 of the 11 eggs hatched, but they were so sweet. Mama duck snuck them away to water without the cameras catching her.

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  11. Good morning. The boys have almost completed a chicken tractor of their own design. They are proud of their work as it is their first time building anything on their own. We spent a couple of hrs playing in the pool and they polished a full carton of blue bell peach ice cream and another half of pralines and cream.

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  12. Peter, Yay for workers. I remember the excitement as major jobs were getting done here just a few years ago. Such a good feeling.


  13. We used to sing that song in our college fellowship.

    Just up in glory land, we’ll live eternally.
    The saints on every hand are shouting “Victory!”
    Their songs of sweetest praise drift back from heaven’s shore,
    And I can’t feel at home in this world any more.

    Even as I sang that song back in the day, it was easy to feel at home in this world. But it’s getting a lot harder.

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  14. A bit of humor for an otherwise dreary news day.

    Oldest GD, Becky, came to visit. She mentioned that her oldest daughter, who is nine years old is concerned.
    She has trusted Christ, and is baptized. She is learning about the promise of Christ’s return. Now she is worried. Maybe Christ will return before she has a chance to have some babies. Serious concern of hers.
    Becky says she doesn’t know about babies yet. She just knows that she may be a “mommy” someday with children of her own.

    I don’t know how Becky is going to deal with that. Nine is too young to learn the facts of life. But Becky can handle it.

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  15. As an aside, Harvey, the president of our college fellowship came from Maryville, Tennessee, and had an endearing drawl. He pronounced his home town “Murrville”. He made sure when we sang the last line of that song to pronounce “can’t” as “cain’t”. I cain’t hear or sing it without thinking of him.

    I met Harvey at my freshman orientation, where he was a senior counselor. When I gave him a glimmer of hope that I might be interested in the Christian fellowship on campus, he became relentless about making sure I got there. His bold witness helped me bring my nearly-forgotten little-boy faith into adulthood.

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  16. I had an interesting meeting this morning. Nothing will come of it until the first half of 2021 if we move forward. I have several thoughts on it. Mostly that I was relieved to not have to make a decision right now. I could use prayers that it will all work out as it should.

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  17. Morning….rk that sounds as much of a perfect summer day as one could ever imagine! Precious times and lasting memories! ❤️
    Kare your news is wonderful…so excited for you! And your family visit appears to have been very blessed of our Lord…. 😊


  18. The next song on my link is “Have Thine Own Way”
    As a matter of fact. I don’t relate that song with Hank Williams. Though Hank dis write gospel songs. He did have a reputation, but he knew what the Gospel was about.
    I really like Jim Reeves too.


  19. Hank Williams Jr. once said that the only song his father sang that he didn’t write was “Lovesick Blues”. That, you may remember, is the one he is most famous for. But it wasn’t his song. But the original was a blues song sung at a different tempo.
    Hank had a daughter that he never recognized. She lived in Maryland, and through test, it was verified that she was, indeed, his daughter. She sued Hank Jr. for a cut of Hank’s revenue from previous recordings. She won, in that all revenue from that date (they didn’t go back the years she missed.). –The subsequent income from Hank’s music was split with her.
    Hank made lots of money after he died.

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  20. I’ve scheduled the Zoom meeting. If you do not get an invite from me, either ask me or anyone else to send it to you.

    Tomorrow, Wednesday June 24, 5:15 California time.

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  21. Chas- modern technology called sonograms can usually tell you which gender the children are and if there are more than one.


  22. Peter:
    When Chuck was born, a nurse came out and said, “It’s a boy!” I then went and looked at him. I was heartbroken. I thought that he would be terribly misfigured. The nurse said, “No. we’ll clean him up.”
    Some fathers want to be in the room when their baby is being born.
    I think a father should be at least in another room. He has already done his part.. Now he will keep doing it forever. Or until his child starts taking care of him.

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  23. My MIL was a twin.

    Hank Williams Jr.’s daughter was recently killed in a car accident. 😦

    I remember my oldest daughter saying she did want Jesus to come, but not before she could get married and have children. She did get to do that.

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  24. When Nightingale was a toddler, I was talking to one of our elders, who was also a friend, and I said that I wanted Jesus to come back, but I also felt guilty for wanting to have time to see my daughter (only had one at that time) grow up. I wanted to have tea parties and do other mother-daughter kinds of things. He told me that that was perfectly natural, and part of what God put into mothers. That made me feel better.

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  25. The summer I got married, foolish men were making prophecies as to the date Jesus would return, and one chose the day before my husband I got married. I pretty much think Jesus looks at the calendar and says, “No, can’t come on that date–someone said I would.” Tongue in cheek, of course, but He told us no one knows the date. Anyway, when thinking of my wedding date, I knew I wouldn’t have even a second of regret if Jesus came back the day before, but from “this” side of His return, I did say, “At least give me a couple of days to be a wife.”

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  26. Yes, it’s perfectly normal to have attachments on “this” side that include our earthly connections, dreams, etc.

    Carol’s potassium dipped again so she’s off to the hospital, Hollywood Community (not as nice as Hollywood Presbyterian where she usually goes). She called about an hour ago and said she was waiting for the gurney but told me no one would tell her why she was going to the hospital. So I called the administrator who wasn’t aware she was going in, she found out it was the potassium levels and when she called back she was with Carol in her room explaining it to Carol also.

    Carol wants me to visit but I reminded her that COVID would prevent that. 😦

    After my eye appt today (where they had to dilate my eyes) I was not good for much, couldn’t even read anything on the computer even wearing my sunglasses, so I wound up taking a nap and just got up a little while ago. She’s taking all her gadgets with her along with chargers — phone, watch, kindle. Hope they have enough plugs to accommodate her. I should probably check the county list to see what their COVID numbers are right now there. Always a risk going into those settings, but that potassium has been a serious issue before so I’m glad they caught it.

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  27. I walked the dogs, we got a little farther this time. I stopped and chatted with a neighbor on the corner for about 10-15 minutes — they have the prettiest solar lights on their balcony-porch (they are in one of the bottom units of a 1920s 4-plex). They always decorate for all the holidays, now it’s 4th of July of course, so they have a flag and pretty twinkle lights everywhere.

    The walk left me a bit limpy and in a bit more pain (again), but I think it’s important to keep doing it, even though we’re not going very far.

    I have a solar lantern on my front porch and have wrapped a wire string of the tiny white battery lights on a (fake) plant on a table out there also.

    Earlier I watered all the potted flowers out front. They all seem to be doing well, lots of big colorful blooms, and I think watering them every other day (instead of every 3 days or so) is helping.

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