17 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-20-20

  1. Caving to the mob won’t get you a conviction.

    “Capital murder charges conform to the slanderous anti-cop narrative, not the facts in this case.”


    “If you broadcast that you are willing to be bullied, then you invite the mob to rule. When the mob rules, you get brass-knuckles politics, not justice.

    You get a hyper-political county prosecutor, under the corruption microscope as he desperately seeks reelection, filing trumped-up, mob-driven charges before the actual investigators have a chance to finish their work.

    You get a capital murder charge against a police officer who returned fire after being shot at with a taser by a fleeing suspect.

    A taser that the fleeing suspect, a criminal with a violent history, stole from the police while they attempted to arrest him on a well-founded charge.

    A taser being the very weapon that the same prosecutor, just days earlier, had deemed a deadly weapon under Georgia State law. But of course, that was then, when the same prosecutor was addressing the use of tasers by police. This is now, when a criminal used a stolen taser on police. In mob-stricken Atlanta, the prosecutor says the latter use of deadly force is no threat at all.

    In an outrageous trumping up of a criminal case — to describe this as mere “overcharging” would be woefully insufficient — Fulton County prosecutor Paul Howard Jr. has charged former police officer Garrett Rolfe with felony murder in connection with the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks.

    The killing of Brooks, who was violently resisting arrest and attempting to flee, is still under investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). But in the wake of George Floyd’s recent killing by Minneapolis police officers, the Black Lives Matter demagogues refuse to wait for evidence-based conclusions. They will tolerate no storyline other than the slanderous fiction that we are all expected not just to abide but endorse: Institutionally racist cops are hunting down black men.

    So prosecutor Howard, did not wait for the GBI to finish its probe. The mob was demanding a scalp, so he gave them a scalp.

    Howard got his in-house investigator to sign off on arrest affidavits. They charge Rolfe with felony murder, in addition to several other charges. In Georgia, felony murder is a death-penalty offense. The homicide theory of felony murder is that, while the offender does not specifically intend to cause death, he does intentionally commit a felony from which death results. In this instance, Howard alleges that the underlying felony was aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

    The allegation is ludicrous. That is why Howard rushed to get it done before any investigative findings could contradict him. He is in a fight for political survival: trailing in his reelection bid while facing sexual-harassment accusations by two women who worked in his office. There are also allegations that he violated campaign-finance laws. The state ethics commission is looking into those.

    Under this corruption cloud, he has taken stock of our mob moment. His best shot, he apparently decided, is to run against law enforcement.

    That is why he charged Rolfe. He has also filed charges against Officer Devin Brosnan, Rolfe’s partner during the incident. Brosnan is not charged with murder. Howard’s main allegation against him is aggravated assault — in Atlanta, when a suspect forcibly resists arrest, steals an arresting officer’s taser, and the officer sustains a concussion, the new practice is to charge the officer with felony assault.”


    Prosecutorial misconduct.

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  2. The stupid hurts good people.

    This is fascist BS. I hope she sues them into bankruptcy, since they’re morally bankrupt anyway.


    “Stepmother of Atlanta Ex-Officer Accused of Shooting Rayshard Brooks Fired From Job

    “We value diversity of thought and respect Melissa’s personal views and the views of all employees; however, when those views create a hostile working environment, we must make difficult decisions to part ways.”

    “Tucker Carlson first reported on Thursday night that Equity Prime Mortgage fired Melissa Rolfe, the stepmother of Garrett Rolfe, who is accused of killing Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta, GA.

    EPM confirmed the firing late Thursday night.

    EPM tweeted this statement hours before Carlson’s show:”


  3. More of this garbage will only turn people against your “cause.”

    “Law enforcement families face harassment, vandalism, and threats at home”


    “Law enforcement officers say they and their families face harassment and bullying by strangers and neighbors as a result of a nationwide crackdown on law enforcement following protests around the death of George Floyd.

    One former Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, faces a charge of second-degree murder over the 46-year-old black man’s death. The episode triggered nationwide protests over police practices and some violence and looting.

    At the same time, police officers around the nation, facing scrutiny by local, state, and federal officials, say morale is down in local departments. Budgets have been cut, and overtime pay for shifts during protests has been slashed. And the homes of police officers have been vandalized while anti-law enforcement activists have watched them from outside.

    “About an hour ago a black SUV stopped in front of my home and laid on the horn for a while. Message clear, I know where you live. Here’s a message for you. I’m a kid from Dewey/Stone area. Born tough, raised tough. Blue collar. I won’t go easy if you come for me,” tweeted Patrick Phelan, president of the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police and also the Western New York Association of Chiefs of Police, on Tuesday.

    In Bozeman, Montana, local news outlets reported that vandals spray-painted the words “pig” and “1312” on the home of a law enforcement family’s garage door.

    In another vandalism instance in a nearby locality, a profane anti-police note was left at the home of family members of the late Gallatin County Sheriff’s Deputy Jake Allmendinger. Allmendinger was killed in the line of duty last fall after being pinned beneath his car while trying to rescue a stranded motorist.

    The note read: “Imagine being such a piece of @#$% you were proud to be a cop right now. Go —- yourself and take down this ‘blue pride’ flag. Black Lives Matter. Your neighbors.”

    It is unknown if the suspect was aware the residence belonged to the Allmendinger family or if the blue line flag, a banner known for supporting the police, hanging outside the home made it a target.

    Police families find themselves hiding pro-law enforcement symbols that their families would ordinarily display on their vehicles and homes.

    “I needed to take the blue line stickers off my wife’s and daughter’s cars. I know of three blue line flags taken or defaced and eggs thrown at one home,” former NYPD homicide detective Rob O’Donnell told the Washington Examiner. “A friend’s daughter, who from age 13 made blue line bears for fallen officers’ families out of their uniform shirt, was getting death threats, and they needed to remove the wrap from her car.”


  4. Johnny Carson is rolling over in his grave.

    Even the host knows this is absolute garbage.



  5. ———-


  6. Further proof China has been lying all along.




  7. Obviously only hrw would link to common dreams

    Thin blue line flags, unless official and approved, deface and disrespect the American flag. The stickers, decals, wraps etc all give the police force a para military presence when in fact it is not.

    Obviously, its inappropriate to harass people at their homes but then again what do police do in neighbourhoods they patrol esp in poor marginalized communitues. They yell, threaten and pull guns. Perhaps this will give them second thoughts to how they treat peope in their homes….we can start by banning no knock warrants and at least getting the address.

    The incident in Georgia waa manslaughter. Perhaps with a higher charge to.start the prosecutor hopes to negotiate a plea or offer alternatives to the jury. Isnt that what they usually do in a homicide?

    The man shot had recorded a video on tge difficulties of the parole/probation system. Namely it made it difficult to hold a job or see his kids. In the video, he’s extremely restless … untreated ADHD or on the spectrum is my guess. Here’s where defunding the police and channelling it into mental health services would work


  8. “Why Cervantes?”

    Because they’re ignorant Marxist idiots who don’t know history.



  9. I’m afraid calling them “marxist idiots” may be giving them too much credit. I’ll bet most of those looting and destroying wouldn’t know Karl from Groucho.

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  10. Happy Father’s Day. My daughter and I went to see my dad. Car rides give my daughter and I time to talk. She expressed her frustration with suburban middle class uni friends who participated in what she called commodified activism….superficial understanding of issues but acting on it because its a trend presented by the media to be consumed. When they are drinking, they.become more honest —for example supporting the death penalty and the.prison system but when sober yell defund the police.
    Destroying a statue of Cervantes resembles an act by her uni friends; not those who understand Marx, Gramsci and the Frankfurt School.

    Btw, not using “Eskimo” as a term is not being “woke” but the US finally catching up to the rest of the world. No one else uses Eskimo (eaters of raw flesh) rather they use Inuit (the people). Its just common sense to use the term preferred by the Inuit rather then a Chipawayan word created as an insult.


  11. Bob

    From what I’ve read the Atlanta gentleman was shot in the back. Its pretty hard to shoot the police with taser when facing the wrong way. The police story … he aimed the taser at them is contradicted by the bullet wounds. The police officier who shot him also has a history of excessive force….of course, we shouldn’t judge by previous acts but the victim’s record is also.out there.


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