33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-19-20

  1. Yes, those are Mrs L’s petunias.

    And these are the weekly installment of political cartoons. To clarify, based on a comment last week, WORLD has these throughout the week and you can read them any time you want. I post them every Friday because back in the old WMB days, the moderator (I think it was Joe Carter) would post the link as “Friday Funnies”. Then he left and Chas missed the funnies, so I started posting them. Back then, the link was hard to find because WORLD’s website was confusing.

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  2. Morning! They are most lovely Peter! And they happen to be my husband’s favorite color of petunia. We have them in pots all about the place. For some reason our purple petunias are the most fragrant.
    We only had a spot of rain last night and they continue to tell us more is on the way this afternoon…we are praying so as it is a bit too dry in this forest. We are having a grand time watching the little birds catch these pesky moths for dinner though. The babies are beginning to take flight and husband is ever watchful when the blue jay decides to lurk around. The magpies are watchful for them as well 😊

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  3. “Purple flowers’ works for me.
    Elvera kept the flowers in Annandale. We didn’t have them in Hendersonville, nor here.

    Yes. I come across one of the comics during the week. But I’ve never looked for them otherwise. I am not “modern” computer literate. I was with it when I was working, but that was long ago. But it has passed me by .now.

    Strange situation. I have time on my hands, but I can’t “occupy my mind” with such.

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  4. A man came into a little village. As he drove around, he saw one of the villagers and asked, “This is a beautiful village—any great men born here?” The man said, “No…. Just babies.”

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  5. Such a rich purple color. That is beautiful ♡

    Art was tired when he got home at 9 p.m. He is back at the grind. Staycation came to a quick halt.

    Now the protesters are outside the Governor’s mansion demanding that he say the words, Black Lives Matter. What does he do with that? They say because the black democratic woman mayor of Atlanta said it that he a republican white male must say the same, must march to their drums. Only God can help us at this point.

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  6. Good morning. I was thinking of this yesterday, but got busy going to Moscow to visit my dad and stepmom. They are well, thank you, though my dad, the life long Republican, continues to struggle with Trump derangement syndrome. Bizarre.
    Anyway, Chas addressed this over on news and I thought I would continue the thought. Where do people find time for all this protest stuff? When we were growing up, we all had jobs from about age ten. Newspapers, magazines, lawn mowing. The country children had farm chores. Now, though the country children can still do farm work, those other jobs have been moved to adults for “safety” reasons. In protecting our children through child labor laws and fear of strangers, we are depriving them of opportunity to make their whole lives run more smoothly. A lot of children now grow up, never having any job before college graduation. They then have opportunity to be free to express themselves. I am sure Covid is also to blame.

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  7. I realized that I don’t get a newspaper and don’t really have a good source for updates so went online to the local news station and signed up to get more email updates. The governor made wearing masks mandatory which I only knew because I happened to turn on the ten o”clock news. Email is easy to delete.

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  8. I think SIP has exacerbated people having too much time on their hands, losing their jobs, not getting started after graduating; there are a lot of thwarted hopes and dreams coupled with bottled up anger from way too long divorced from the usual diversions: see sports.

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  9. Those flowers look deep blue to me. My husband would call them roses. He always says, “Look at those pretty roses.” My parents had a greenhouse business and he would go through and call them all roses.

    We laughed yesterday when I asked what the white thing was on the edge of our lawn. I thought it was some litter that blew in. He came back with a daisy that had been bent down. It was just a wild daisy and so small, yet seemed the size of my fist when against all the green. He got a vase for it.

    I have told people about my grandchildren having jobs in their early teens and gotten looks of sympathy! My grandchildren were thrilled to have these jobs! The jobs made them feel mature; it gave them spending money; it gave them skills and gave them a good way to spend the extra time young people have.

    I know of young people thrilled to be fired from a simple fast food job, because they could get a government check for being ‘to depressed’ or whatever to work. They are sucked into a system that will destroy them.

    Drug use, bad thinking and a lack of entry level jobs led to lots of young people not working well before Covid. The high employment rate helped that, but shutting things down hurt that.

    I myself saw signs up to ask for people to sign up for protests and get paid. Not these particular protests, but nevertheless, it happens. For some people causing chaos IS their job. Being used by those who will not help them in the end.

    Educators and parents need to teach the value and joy in work. Children need to perform to be given kudos, instead of being fawned over for just showing up and often not even for that. Okay, soap box over.

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  10. I have digital subscriptions to the LA Times and WSJ and I check in on other news sources. They also will send you alerts, with or without subscriptions.

    I’d say subscribe digitally to one local or regional news (paper) site and to one nationally-focused one and you should be covered. TV news is ‘ok’ on the fly, but won’t give you much more than snippets of headlines.

    I had another hard time at PT yesterday but that’s mainly because I was already hurting when I went in, I’d spent the whole day jamming out a story and barely had time to get up from my chair and computer. So the session was focused mostly on trying to reduce some knee swelling, 10 minutes in the bike, and ending with an ice/heat/ice session that wound up making the knee just really achy. I think things feel better this morning. But I suppose this is all a “process” rather than an instant cure. Better for several days, then not so good again, then better again.

    I’m looking for an easy story to do today, have a couple calls out, and I need to drive to the vet’s to pick up antibiotics for an ear infection that apparently has returned on Tess.

    I’ll have to send in a photo of her with her new short clipped haircut, she’s so little now. 🙂 Her coat had gotten just super-dense in these past 6 months. I thought she might have been gaining weight but I can see now that she was still nice and trim underneath all of that.

    Janice, I don’t “get” forcing people say words or to kneel or to otherwise “obey” on command. Where is the victory in that? It has an eery and dangerous feel to it all, of course.

    I’m in an interesting conversation with an old friend, non-believer, and am realizing again the divide between those world views (believer vs non-believer — between understanding that there is always something “bigger” going on in these events and thinking ah, just a phase where going through, all we see is all there is, nothing more).

    It’s frustrating, but I realize anew that the conversation needs to be restrained to that level somehow.

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  11. And on news, stay away generally from the overtly biased sites unless what they’re reporting can be vetted at other sources.

    I’m old-school still.

    But don’t rely on just “one” news source.

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  12. Thanks, Dj.
    Time to get out for a walk before it gets any hotter. I do still belong to a gym even though I only went once. With the weather predictions of hot and hotter for the next week, I may have to do my walking at the gym.

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  13. Loud and long argument this morning next door between the mom and the one son, very intense, I was afraid it was about to get physical (I was on the staff morning call on speaker phone but my windows are open so it was hard not to hear the screaming that went on for about 10 – 15 minutes). It’s quiet now.

    This covid lockdown has really been bad for so many folks, I’m afraid. And basically just hard for all of us.

    I think another friend is going through a bit of depression over it.

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  14. Much of the drama next door happens in the driveway right outside my dining room windows, so it’s just hard to escape. They’ve always been a rather volatile bunch, but lately things are extremely stressful. Prayers …

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  15. You all are part of my mental health program. It’s good to have lots of connections and stimulation.

    Would it be good to do a Wanderers Zoom meeting semi-regularly? I really enjoyed “meeting” some of you a few weeks ago. Maybe every month or so?

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  16. DJ, I remember when growing up at one point living beside a couple and the man must have been on a drunk when he spewed angry tirades at times using very bad language. We had no air conditioning so it all came in through my bedroom window. I was not use to anything like that. It was so disturbing. All the other neighbors who had lived there had been so peaceful. When you mention your neighbors it takes me back to those unsettling times. After all the distressing news you deal with daily, I feel badly that you have to have that extra stress at times. There is always a morbid curiosity to listen to see what people are saying, but after you hear their outbursts, you wish you’d put on noise silencing headphones


  17. Thanks, Michelle. The statement by Hillsdale college is powerful. That is sort of how I feel. Spending my life teaching overseas has opened my eyes to the cultural differences. I don’t feel a need to say anything, simply continue to serve.

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  18. I only lived in one place where the couple next door regularly fought. It must be difficult to hear and see it often.


  19. I received a phone call this morning about an opportunity. I live where I am and what I am doing but I am going to have the conversation next Tuesday. It may be too good to turn down. I could use some prayers on making the right decision. It would give me
    At least 2 hours of my day back and would save about $300 a month in gas.

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  20. My day has gotten busier, but i did manage to pick up the dog meds ($165, ouch)

    Now I have a homeless shelter story to do, text out to local bar owner to contribute something to story about bars finally being able to open, photos to set up, phone interviews coming.

    But I did get out of doing the big off-market meat bust reported at the ports (wire can be used for that) and I may miss the covid numbers report for LA & LB if my editor can swoop in and handle that.

    There were a bunch of people off today in our LA/LB group so we’re all scrambling.

    People next door — I think I heard the wife throw a plate at the husband once, but they generally were very close. Peter, at the time, told me it’s not unusual for Latino families to let it all out. Husband is deceased (too young) sadly (but not from a plate); now it’s the 2 grown sons who both have histories of drug use and dealing that are causing the mom all kinds of frustration.

    Everyone’s trying, but this lockdown, with jobs hanging in limbo, economic crises, just hit a lot of folks exceptionally hard.

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  21. Otherwise, aside from the eruptions that not uncommonly involve the visit of a black and white, the family seems to be very close. 🙂


  22. Oh, homeless demographics from the annual count released last week (which was last Friday’s nightmare) just were released on top of everything else today. My editor has asked me to kill him.


  23. Happy Birthday to Joanne!! 🎂
    I just arrived back home. I had my eye exam which always makes me nervous especially since I have to renew my drivers license next month! I passed it fine and she said my eyes are healthy but I do have cataracts. She isn’t concerned about it right now but we will “watch” it and reassess next year. 👀

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  24. Day is done, I guess. Still waiting on a question I have before a story can be posted, but looks like it’ll wait until tomorrow.

    I’ve iced my knee and responded to my non-believing friend (who is under the impression that any suggestion of ‘judgement’ by God indicates the “end times” ala Chuck Smith are imminent.

    It’s good to clarify some of those things, in a gentle tone on my part, I hope.

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  25. When’s a good time next week for Zoomimg? I’m not available on Tuesday night— owing to a Google meeting. Otherwise, I can set up one.

    Bring a memorable WV anecdote.


  26. what a peaceful evening. I finally remembered that I had Pandora on my phone set to play hymns and some other things. Lovely and just what I needed.

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