Prayer Requests 6-1-20

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 111

Praise the Lord.

   I will extol the Lord with all my heart
    in the council of the upright and in the assembly.

Great are the works of the Lord;
    they are pondered by all who delight in them.
Glorious and majestic are his deeds,
    and his righteousness endures forever.
He has caused his wonders to be remembered;
    the Lord is gracious and compassionate.
He provides food for those who fear him;
    he remembers his covenant forever.

He has shown his people the power of his works,
    giving them the lands of other nations.
The works of his hands are faithful and just;
    all his precepts are trustworthy.
They are established for ever and ever,
    enacted in faithfulness and uprightness.
He provided redemption for his people;
    he ordained his covenant forever—
    holy and awesome is his name.

10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom;
    all who follow his precepts have good understanding.
    To him belongs eternal praise.

21 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 6-1-20

  1. A pastor/church planter/former missionary friend is having double open heart surgery this morning. His name is Rob. Thanks.

    As he, who has spent the last several years in Spokane working with a group of diverse pastors, said, “my heart is both figurately and literally breaking right now.”

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  2. Carol’s in full ‘birthday’ mode (her birthday is Wednesday). She’s already asked me specifically what to get for her and she’s eagerly awaiting a package from her brother today, hoping-hoping-hoping it’s the Kindle Oasis that is her latest object of coveting. Meanwhile, she’s again purchased dozens and dozens (and dozens) of bags of junk food, candy and chips, which has made her now frequent bathroom accidents seriously worse (and her caregivers not overly happy with her as they have to clean it all up).

    She continues to completely neglect church (when now it is so easy via livestream). Her pastor before this live stream era was sending her voice copies of his sermons, she rarely, if ever, listened to them.

    She needs wisdom (and a bit of a shake-up) in the worst way and I’ve been praying that for her. I may also say something to her but I need prayer that it won’t be a “scolding” as I’m feeling very frustrated right now. I don’t know how to get through to her, self-examination is clearly not her strong suit.

    But one thing I will suggest is that she begin to think about what she can send her brother as a birthday and/or Christmas gift this year, she never gives him (or anybody else, other than the recent boyfriend) a gift, she only expects gifts (and rather expensive ones) for herself. In the past I’ve suggested she send her brother a $10 Starbucks gift card but she never does. Send him something. Yet she begins hinting to us two months in advance when her birthday is coming and what she wants this year for Christmas.

    If the junk food buying & binging continues, she may end up facing an effort to take control of her money at some point, I’m afraid. She just is generally out of control in these areas, but more so especially around times when she’s going to “get” gifts and can buy a lot of “stuff” for herself. She’s been ordering things like crazy and has had deliveries coming every day since Thursday or Friday. At least her rent and phone bill are paid, but the administrators must just be so frustrated with this behavior. They’ve cut her off from second helpings at mealtime as she’s gaining so much weight.

    Anyway, pray for her and for me should I decide to broach this whole subject with her, probably not until after her birthday though. She’s going to order a pizza for herself and try to celebrate with more food, I guess. I understand how frustrating it probably is for her to be shut in so completely like she is now. But she’s just being so self-destructive without recognizing it for some reason.

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  3. And as roscuro mentioned on the daily thread, definitely prayers for me as I try to have also a tenderness for her frailties. Mental illness ran in her family (and affected her upbringing, and now she’s been diagnosed also) – so I don’t expect her to be able to overcome much of that, it’s kind of hard-wired into her and God knows those weaknesses.

    I suppose my occasional frustration with her that comes out has to do with the sense that she’s not recognizing, let alone “trying” to get a hold on or address, any of these really horribly out-of-control behaviors that affect so many people around her.

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  4. DJ – If she is having accidents, it sounds like it is time for her to be in a Depends-type of underwear.

    Is this facility also like a full-scale nursing home, where they have nurses and CNAs? (It’s the CNAs who do the changing of the “diapers” and cleaning them up, among some other things.)

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  5. Oh, she’s been in pull-ups and diapers for a year or more now, several layers.

    She may wind up in a nursing home soon, I really feel bad for the staff having to clean up what sounds like horrible messes that wind up everywhere. (Much of this is due to her several intestinal and hernia surgeries over the years, her system does not digest normally, things run through her, literally — but especially things like chocolate, the intake of which she just can control once it’s in her room)

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  6. This is not the same as Carol’s buying of goodies, but I currently have several packages of different kind of cookies, as well as a couple boxes of Little Debbie’s Nutty Bars, secretly stashed in Hubby’s old dresser. (There is a section with doors that open to shelves, which is where I keep my stash of goodies.) That is because I recently had accidentally clicked a button to join Amazon Prime. With Prime, one can buy stuff from Prime Pantry.

    Although I cancelled it right away, I still had a free trial through May. So I took advantage of that to stock up on goodies for myself. But all of those will last a long time. It does sometimes make me laugh, though, when I open the doors of that dresser and see all of those packages of cookies. I often laugh at the thought that if I suddenly died, Nightingale would eventually find that stash and be shocked. 😀

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  7. Michelle, the speak up when they should has the given there will be a time for silence. Obviously, people who are not open to hearing the Truth are going to continue on but every now and then, God provides an opening where Christians need to step up. We can go about the business of bandaging with our mouths closed, but if He calls us to speak, we need to be prepared to answer for our faith.

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  8. DJ – So her accidents are not confined to the protective underwear?

    That reminds me of my MIL Mary. She had had a serious surgery right before coming to us, which involved removal of much of her colon, so – like you mentioned with Carol – food went right through her. She was on a high daily dose of Immodium, but it didn’t help much. Sorry to be gross, but the smell was absolutely awful!

    I had enough times of cleaning up accidents, and her, to empathize with those who have to do it for Carol. One time there was a trail of poop going from the bathroom through two rooms and into a third. I was horrified, and probably cried. Poor Mary had no idea what was going on, or that she had done it.

    Nightingale at the time didn’t like overhearing the “poop stories” I would share with Hubby or a friend. Funny that now she works in a nursing home.

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  9. Kizzie, yes, she also had part of her colon taken out. And she also tends to over-share, all the details where it goes, how much. I got her to stop doing that for a while but now she’s back to it. I can’ only imagine the staff and who draws the “short” straw to go to her room these days.

    Some of it can’t be helped but the snack aspect — and these don’t last a long time with her, she plows through them in huge quantities once they’re in her room — makes it so much worse, i think. First thing she said to me yesterday was she’d “had too many snacks, and …. ” then the rest of the gruesome story in too much detail. I’ve reminded her that the consequences of that fall on other people (and she said some of the caregivers make it known how unhappy they are to be cleaning all this up so often). But it doesn’t seem to affect her.

    My former roommate had a sweet tooth and had one kitchen drawer set aside for her ‘stash’ of cookies. But she ate them slowly, 1-2 a day.

    Amazon Prime is worth the price for me in several ways.

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  10. Selflessness is taught. Carol can learn it. She will use her mental illness as an excuse and any physical issues she has. Sounds like you do a good job of balancing that DJ.

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  11. I think she does use it kind of as a “pass,” though she won’t say that. But people have always liked and felt sorry for Carol so she’s been on the receiving end of gifts, etc., many have been generous with her. She’s never done much on the giving end (but there’s no excuse for that, she gets enough money each month to buy at least some low-cost things for people).

    I sent her an Amazon gift card but for a lesser amount than I’d originally planned (the amount went down when she out-and-out requested it from me the other day — when I already had planned to give her that; it really just killed the fun of even giving anything to her and I told her that, it’s a very annoying and manipulative, rude, bad habit; it’s not supposed to be a Santa list, an “order” she submits so people make sure they buy and give her what she’s asked for).

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  12. DJ, I would give her things that she would not want and can’t return so she has to find someone to regift them to. Maybe when she sees the joy of people receiving gifts from her, it might prompt her to think more of others and want to repeat the experience.

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  13. I remember going to a Jersey Mike’s sandwich shop and telling her, before we went in, that she could order a medium sandwich with chips and a coke.

    Not a footlong?

    No, a medium sandwich is plenty for any of us.


    (On walking in she spots chocolate chip cookies for sale on the counter) Oh! Donna, can I have one?




    I’ve learned a lot, she’s accepting once you put the limitations on her up front, kind of like a child. Otherwise, she’ll take you to the cleaners 🙂 while thanking you profusely, of course.

    For a couple years, I also got her NOT to put in a Santa request for Christmas and bought her things that she both needed and enjoyed.

    This last time was a slip-up when she requested her own gift again. Both her brother and I have gotten on her case about doing that.

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  14. Another time (which didn’t work so well) I was taking her through a drive-through and told her she could order a “medium” sized meal (so a regular burger, fries, coke).

    She says she still has money on her debit card so could she order a large-sized meal if she pays for it?

    Sure, I said, order whatever you want if you’re paying.

    Well, she orders a whole lot of stuff and we get to the window and the gal says we owe her, can’t remember, maybe $7 or so, said the card “ran out” and wouldn’t cover everything she ordered (and the food was already sitting there. I couldn’t figure out at first why extra money was needed, by the time I did I was a bit ticked off, but lesson learned — the hard way.

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  15. One Christmas a few years ago I bought her a comforter — it was something I thought she needed (I got her a couple smaller things too, books I think).

    She still loves that “blanket” and worries when it temporarily sometimes disappears in the laundry service. It eventually makes its way back to her.

    I certainly know her well enough to pick out things I know she’ll use and also like.

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