Our Daily Thread 5-22-20

Good Morning!

It’s Friday!

The header was swiped from Kizzie’s daughter. It was part of their Mother’s Day celebration, and I just thought it was a nice spread and a great pic.


Anyone have a QoD?

62 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-22-20

  1. I hear on TV that they are closing National Cemetery this weekend because f the virus.
    Doesn’t make sense to me.
    Those in the cemetery are immune from the virus.
    And visitors usually come alone or with some kin.
    Lots of this doesn’t make sense to me.

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  2. Morning! That is such a quaint photo up there encompassing such sweetness! Tea for two? 😊
    Chas shutting down a cemetery seems to be a power play to me. Years ago when we lived in town the voters turned down a tax increase. The city admin’s decided to removed all trash cans from city parks, locked all rest room facilities, stop watering and mowing the fields…you get it? Don’t give us money we will punish you even though we have a budget for those services 😞 Control…..

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  3. Good morning! What a fancy setting for Mother’s Day! It’s beautiful and shows the difference between boys and girls. If Wesley made a treat for me it would be served on a paper towel ♡ That setting is gorgeous.

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  4. I have much more yard work since my brother put some large piles by the street. I have to find containers or those tall brown thick paper bags and stuff them full. It takes so much more time to put it all in containers. We have so many things like that which waste our precious time compared to how it was some years back.

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  5. Nightingale does have a flare for the pretty.
    I am busy this morning. I have my 8:30 call with my BOLD Agents. A 10:00 call with Maryland DIL to discuss her doing some virtual assisting for me and at 1 I am showing property in West Mobile. Tomorrow I am showing property in the same neighborhood where I live so that won’t be hard. Hopefully something will come of one of these. I lost the deal that had the appraisal come in so low. That was going to be my next quarterly tax payment. sigh….

    I think I might have arthritis in my right thumb. Opening bottles hurts because of the pressure. At first I thought I had bumped it, slammed it in something, or somehow “sprained” it. It’s been a while now–time is a void right now, so who knows how long it has hurt. I am also feeling pain inn my upper back where last year they told me I had osteopenia. I think it has been made worse by so much sitting and not enough up and down and moving like I do in my more “normal” days. I found some exercises on line to strengthen the back and spine, It’s a lot of floor work and stretching out the hips and legs. Amazing the difference that is making.

    I told you that my hair is longer than it has been since I was in college. This morning I had it up in a ponytail on top of my head and my husband said “I really like your hair longer, I don’t know why you keep it so short”.

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  6. I am back checking on the chicks, feeding the sheep and stacking the firewood. Husband and children have pretty much taken away my exercise program of wood chopping so I have to find it where I can. Husband had split a lot last night after small folk went into bedtime routine so I had some to stack this morning.

    Five years ago, or was it six? Husband was in a chair unable to raise his hand to his mouth. God is so generous.

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  7. The military here have been working in long term care homes that have outbreaks to help with staff shortages. 28 so far have been infected with the virus.

    I remember during the SARS outbreak in Toronto, all the surrounding communities instituted the same precautions, and the same thing this time. Large urban centres are hubs for human movement. People out here go back and forth into Toronto all the time. Large urban centres are usually the epicentre of disease in an epidemic, but they are also known to be a source of disease for smaller surrounding areas.

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  8. I have found most guys seem to like long hair on women. My husband always liked mine short. It is still fairly short, except for bangs that are too long to leave down.

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  9. Janice, in Nashville one only had to put tree branches and such by the street. Periodically, about three times a year, they’d pick them up–so if you put out a Christmas tree the day after they did the pickup, it would be there a while!

    The neighbor’s tree fell one day and filled up my entire backyard (its top was one or two inches from my house–a really near miss). My best friend had a wood-burning fireplace, and her husband loved learning of fallen trees so he could cut them up for firewood. So he got two or three pickup loads of wood from the tree, but she and I took all the branches and twigs to the edge of my street. That load took up the entire width of my yard and was stacked perhaps eight feet high: a really mammoth pile! Providentially, the very next day the collectors came by, so I didn’t have that eyesore sitting for weeks or months. In fact, after they collected the big load, I had room to put out several more armloads, the rest of what remained in my backyard . . . and since they weren’t actually finished in my neighborhood, the next day they went by my house and got the new load too!!

    Leaves, however, were supposed to be in bags and put out near the road, no more than four bags per week. One time I put five, just to see if they would take them all . . . and they took just three.

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  10. I recently tried growing my hair longer, as one last hurrah before I went gray, as my grey hairs, while still curly, are a different texture than my original colour. It takes a while for length to show with my hair due to the curls, but it was long enough I had to pin my hair back at work. But with the mask and goggles I wear now, the clips to keep my hair back were getting uncomfortable. So I trimmed it to the length you saw and think I will keep it that way for the future. My mother likes it this length. Not all women were not made for long flowing hair.

    Gothard was notorious for asking the girls he made favorites to straighten their curls, as he like flowing locks. I have before described encountering a rather sinister pastor who was of the same opinion and had his daughters straighten their hair. The Amish consider curly hair worldly and require women to hide their hair pinned up under caps and I know from experience just how hard it is to keep curls under a cap. Somehow, I do not think that is what God intended when he created so many different hair textures.

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  11. Talking with a friend the other day, a public school teacher, who recently made the decision to begin homeschooling her middle schoolers next year. I mentioned I was glad that thirty five years ago we got the idea of homeschooling our children. Then commented that she did not even have feet on the ground thirty five years ago. Time flies.

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  12. Janice, it depends on the disinfectant and where is it being used and for what. Antibacterial hand soaps are worse than useless, and only contribute to the rise of resistant bacteria and have no affect on viruses. But alcohol and bleach based sanitizers never lose their efficacy, as they act mechanically, and work against both bacteria and viruses. Bacteria lives naturally in the environment, but viruses quickly die without a host, so a rapid sanitization using soap and water, alcohol based sanitizer or bleach based disinfectant will help remove the danger of contacting a virus without completely eliminating environmental bacteria. The only way to eliminate bacteria entirely is sterilization with steam.

    When you sanitize your hands with alcohol rub, it does not sterilize your hands. They still have bacteria in them that were deep enough in the cracks and crevices of the skin to be missed by the sanitizer. That is why surgeons and others doing sterile procedure use sterile gloves. Even the elaborate surgical scrub only reduces bacterial load on the skin, it does not eliminate it. Hair, which is a series of dead cells that overlap each other, cannot be sterilized either, which is why those in an operating room wear surgical caps. Once, when I trained in the OR, we found a hair on the equipment we were setting up. That one hair meant the entire sterile field was contaminated. It had to be cleared away, the equipment sent to be resterilized, and the operation delayed until we could set up a new field. I checked my cap to make sure it was not my hair – see my comment above – but I had successfully covered it using two surgical caps.

    So, all that to say that hand washing, alcohol based sanitizer, and bleach disinfectants are limited in their ability to remove bacteria from the environment. They can greatly reduced bacterial load, but not eliminate it. But this disease is not bacterial. Viruses, thankfully, are easier to kill when in the environment, and COVID-19 is a virus.

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  13. I can tell you I lived in Connecticut and was newly pregnant with child #2. It may have been about that time that our lives made an abrupt turn.


    Taking my life into my hands and meeting a friend to walk the park and then go to the post office.

    Thank you for posting the day of the week. My husband already has corrected me twice and advised me on the date.

    I’m 38K words in. I just want to finish, but this part of the book is very complicated.

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  14. OK, let’s see if I can make it on 5 hours of sleep today.

    I definitely know it’s a 3-day weekend. And I see that my vacation time is just about to “cap out” on the books, so I need to take some of that, too, soon. But we’re all waiting to hear what will become of us in June.

    Our local cemetery usually puts on a spectacular Memorial Day ceremony, excellent speakers, parachutes, stirring patriotic music; I used to cover it quite regularly for overtime — back when they paid overtime 🙂 That’s been a very long time ago. Anyway, that cemetery now also is closed to visitors for now.

    I talked to a friend who attended the burial a few weeks ago of the otherwise healthy man we all knew who died of the virus. He said they all had to sit in their cars around the gravesite. This whole thing is very sad.

    This is an excellent discussion for those with a little time to listen. I watched it last night on the recommendation of an email from our church and was glad I did.

    It’s about an hour, but definitely worth the time. It’s a measured discussion of the situation in which we find ourselves. As one of the participants rightly, I think, says also, we often don’t know what to believe about all of this as there are so many conflicting sources of information. But we return always to God’s care and direction and focus on what we as individuals and as the church are to learn from all of it.


  15. Real Estate Guy has a full head of gray hair (he’s in his middish-70s?) and has grown a goatee — and he told me yesterday he’s plotting a move soon to Belize, something he’s thought of for the past several years now. There are a lot of Americans there, apparently; low cost of living, but also low wages, as in $2-$3 an hour even for the better jobs. Not great medical care options available.

    He’d visited there some years ago to spend a couple months, to see how it might be if he moved there someday, but decided at the point it was dulls-ville as the kids who predated me used to say. Everyone sitting around on the beach with nothing to do, starting to drink at noon. Didn’t sound like such a great environment, in my view. And the heat and humidity on top of that, but Real Estate Guy came here from Buffalo NY to escape the cold many years ago — it’s too “cold” for him at the dog park — so the heat is a plus in his view.

    Anyway, he’s having someone there build the framework of a small house for him, one bedroom, one bath, and then he’ll finish it with a helper when he gets there. Not sure when he’s leaving but I hope it works out. He also believes the U.S. is in for a long, hard, economic crash that’ll last for several years, so I think that’s also motivating him to just to leave. He wants to live “off the grid” as he puts it. Gilligan’s Island.

    But I look at folks like that, who aren’t believers, and how desperate it all seems. If he goes, I hope it’ll be a good move, but it doesn’t seem like such a great idea in my view. But he makes friends easily, is a ‘party’ kind of a guy, has been married and divorced several times (no kids), so he’ll maybe find a social niche at least. Still, it all sounds rather sad to me.

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  16. Old hair is also beautiful, as the Proverbs say. It is a question of perspective. One of my mother’s friends has relatives in Europe that invite on vacations there. Her staight brown hair is now snow white, and she, a lifelong single, chuckles over how the Mediterranean males pay a lot of attention to the ‘platinum blonde’ she is now.

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  17. The cat is tinkering with things in the kitchen again, something’s about to go flying off a shelf. Better go feed her.

    Honestly, cats are so manipulative.

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  18. Roscuro, my hair is wavy and I’ve always wished it had just slightly more curl. In the nineties I’d get a perm every two to three years (it lasted that long on me), but eventually I realized that curly hair was completely “out” and I should be content with my waves rather than paying for curls.

    At one point, everyone with curls was straightening it–curly hair was out. Well, sorry, but to me it’s crazy that long hair or short hair or straight hair or curly hair or gray hair or red hair can ever be either “in” or “out.” God gave us a variety of colors and styles, and it’s beautiful. So anyway, I went to a nicer salon to get my hair cut, and she asked did I want her to straighten it and I said no, I like the curls and wish it were curlier. She told me the straightening was temporary and I could try it and see what I thought. I already knew I didn’t want it, but it wouldn’t hurt anything and it would make her happy, so why not? (My hair tends to get a bit straighter as it gets closer to needing washing, so I already know that isn’t my preferred look.) She straightened it and then asked, “What do you think?” She probably expected me to say, “Wow, that’s so wonderful–I had no idea! You changed my life, and I’ll wear it that way from now on!” But I was 40 years old or so, and actually did already know that I prefer curly hair to straight (though long straight hair can be beautiful too). So I said, “It looks fine, but I do prefer the wave.” She then went to her area and came back with I think three full-size hair products. She said, “Here, you can have these. They’re for curly hair, and all my other customers have straight hair.” So knowing what I wanted got me a lot of free stuff that day!

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  19. Re: wavy/curly hair

    D1 has curly hair. D2 has straight hair. When they were little people always admired D1’s hair. Except when we went to Puerto Rico, where curly hair is predominant. Then everyone admired D2’s hair.

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  20. For those of you not on FB, here’s today’s post:

    Those of you familiar with my appliance travails will be intrigued by the newest mystery.

    The washing machine–which has always complained that I will not hook it up to the Internet so it can conspire with my phone and car–decided to go on walkabout last night.

    Perhaps it was trying to get to the car– a mere five feet away on the other side of a wall. We don’t really know.

    But, while doing laundry late last night, 20-year-old Alex, who lives with us, discovered the washing machine was three feet away from the wall–tethered in place by the water hose and electrical cord.

    Any ideas?

    When I asked him what happened, he asked me why I moved the washing machine.

    All the three of us can figure is, the bedding unbalanced the tub so much, it moved along. LOL

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  21. Just finished three miles in the state park with a friend. That is the first time I have gone walking there for a month or more. The trails are wide so lots of space.

    So glad to walk and talk with a friend. I hit bottom yesterday. This being alone for almost ten weeks is hard.

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  22. Jo, very glad for you that you got time with a friend, time outdoors, and exercise! Yes, being alone can be very difficult. (In Nashville I lived alone and worked from my house, and in the last couple of years I had health difficulties that sometimes meant missing church. Not 10 weeks of isolation, but some sense of having “been there.”)

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  23. Baby is off with mommy and eighteen year old so I was able to go out and get some weeding done and get some peppers, tomatoes, bok choi, squash…in the ground. Nice to have that done on a cool rainy day. Unless of course it freezes. That is not in the immediate forecast though.

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  24. ““In America We Need More Prayer Not Less!” – BREAKING: President Trump Designates Houses of Worship “Essential” States Must Open Up Houses of Worship THIS WEEKEND!”

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  25. How nice to hear that. Especially after spending yesterday and today fasting and praying for wisdom for our church leaders and ministry staff about opening up and summer schedules.

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  26. Though the weather is not “beautiful” it was warm, so Mrs L and I did some gardening. I planted wildflower seeds and she put in tomato plants. Later, we’re going to a Mexican restaurant we haven’t been to in ten years in a town 15 miles away.

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  27. Just an encouragement if you listen to podcasts, to consider listening to this 1/2 hour one based in church/missionary history.

    I thought I knew a lot about several of these women (the podcast is only 6 weeks old), but I’ve been shocked by several things I’ve learned! LOL

    Jasmine Alnutt has taught a class on missionaries–maybe even female missionaries–and Cheryl Broderson is a fine speaker and writer in her own right. (She’s also the wife and daughter of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa pastors if you need to know).

    Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed these podcasts; both women are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and interesting conversationalists.

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  28. Michelle, washing machines do walk. Ours often moves a few inches (especially with bedding), but it doesn’t have room to move that much.

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  29. Cheryl, Michelle lives in California. It is possible the house walked and the washing machine remained in its spot. They do odd things there. And the earthquakes…

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  30. Happy Anniversary Peter. Is this a restaurant where you can dine on the premises? We’re embarking on pulling tables on the streets so restaurants can at least serve a fair # of customers.

    I still have a third story to write. What a long day.

    The ceiling fan is fixed.

    I use a product for curls in my hair, just something you put on your damp hair after washing it and leave it. The layers definitely help also. I have some natural curl that I always fought, straight hair was “in” for as long as I could remember. So we all had long, one-length very straight hair, but that’s still a popular style for younger girls.

    One of my friends whose hair was always straight now perms the heck out of it. Funny how we always want the hair we weren’t born with.

    I’m tired, looking forward a long weekend.

    Ok, back to this last story.

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  31. DJ, very much enjoyed that Ligonier video. Well worth watching. It made it much more clear to me that there really is a change out there. My life has not changed at all, but others have changed a lot. But God is still there.

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  32. DJ- This is Missouri. We eat inside restaurants here, they just have to limit how many are in there and separate the tables to keep the 6-10 ft. distance. Also, nor groups over ten people.


  33. That’s why the plan out here for alfresco dining, asap. Restaurants say they’re already hurting and reopening but limiting the numbers of inside customers isn’t going to cut it. They need a decent clientele — so a couple streets will be closed to traffic so tables and chairs, all socially distanced, can be set up to extend the service capacity into the outdoors so numbers will be closer to normal.


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