14 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-21-20

  1. Looks like the Fredo is a flaming hypocrite.



  2. The point the left is trying to ignore…



  3. And the Cuomo/hydroxychloroquine story gets better…..

    And they say the president using a legal,and prescribed real drug is dangerous?




  4. The media owes some apologies. But these are R Gov’s, so it will never happen.



  5. Georgia too.


    “As more states reopen, Georgia defies predictions of coronavirus resurgence.”

    “On April 24, as more than 25,000 Americans continued to test positive for COVID-19 each day, Georgia became the first U.S. state to initiate the fraught process known as “reopening.”

    First it allowed hair salons, gyms, barber shops, tattoo parlors and bowling alleys to resume operations. Dine-in restaurants and movie theaters followed a few days later.

    Today much of the state is open for business, under guidelines including a 6-foot social distancing rule.

    The move was controversial, to say the least. In the New York Times, Keren Landman, an Atlanta-based physician, epidemiologist and journalist, accused Republican Gov. Brian Kemp of potentially “setting us up for a punishing new wave of infections” by volunteering Georgia as “the nation’s canary in this particularly terrifying coal mine.”

    Even President Trump said he “disagree[d] strongly with [Kemp’s] decision.”

    But now 26 days have passed since the state started to reopen — and that punishing new wave of infections has not materialized. In fact, according to a database maintained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia’s rolling seven-day average of new daily cases — an important metric that helps to balance out daily fluctuations in reporting — has fallen for three weeks in a row.”


  6. What is it with these Dem Gov’s? What don’t they get? They’re making it worse. NY, PA, NJ, and now Michigan. They are causing this with their stupid policies.


    “Michigan: Gretchen Whitmer seeds the nursing homes with COVID-19”

    “In light of the nursing home disaster in New York, what kind of a ghoul would take that as an example to emulate instead of a baleful death warning to avoid, and then order contagious COVID-19 patients into her state’s nursing homes?

    Only Michigan’s hard-faced Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, the ambitious Democrat who banned sales of garden seeds to Michiganders, saying she’s doing it in the name of keeping everyone “safe.”

    “Safe” to Whitmer is seeding the nursing homes with COVID-19 patients, supposedly as a means of lightening the loads of hospitals. Too bad if Granny gets it. Under Whitmer’s executive order, which she just extended yesterday for a week, any nursing home with less than 80% capacity will be forced to create special COVID units, regardless of their ability to protect their other patients, with the special ventilation systems, trained staff, and personal protective gear something like that would require even if it were advisable, and none of which is included in her order.

    If I were a nursing home, I’d be offering free places to anyone who wants one just to prevent a breach below that deadly 80-percent threshold.

    Even New York’s Andrew Cuomo could see the disaster of that outrageous and deadly policy. Nursing home deaths in New York are sky-high at more than 5,000 deaths, and since the outrageous order was exposed as his own administration’s doing, he’s backtracked, blaming everyone but himself.

    Yet Whitmer, by contrast, viewed Cuomo’s bad maneuver as a “how-to” guide. There will be deaths with even this one-week extension, and the blood will be on her hands.”


    It already is.


  7. Remember the old days when folks used to tell us what a squeaky clean, fine, upstanding official Mueller was?

    Yeah, good times…..


    “Mueller Team May Have Leaked Fake Story to CNN to Sway Manafort Judge”

    “In the lengthy Twitter thread below, Undercover Huber tells of a 100% false story that was leaked by someone to CNN and published on September 18, 2017. CNN reported the “bombshell” story that the Crossfire Hurricane team had obtained a FISA warrant on Paul Manafort. Undercover believes the leaker might have been a member of the Special Counsel team. Their motive would have been “to influence D.C’s Chief Judge into allowing the SCO to pierce Manafort’s Attorney/Client privilege.”

    The deep state couldn’t have carried out their conspiracy against President Trump if it hadn’t been for the media. The media could always be counted on to publish just the right story at just the right moment. They played an essential role.

    Undercover does a superb job of lifting the curtain on the early days of the government’s case against Manafort. By the time the Mueller team began ramping up their campaign against him, they knew that the dossier was completely bogus and that no one in the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election, but they continued anyway.

    Here is the nutshell version followed by the more detailed Twitter thread (which includes all supporting documentation):

    The December 2019 Horowitz report states that the FBI neither sought, nor “even seriously considered FISA surveillance of Manafort.”

    CNN added a note to their article which said, “The IG report contradicts what CNN was told in 2017.”

    The CNN article claimed:

    FISA started in 2014 over Ukraine, was stopped, then “restarted”, likely after Manafort was ousted from Trump’s campaign in mid Aug 2016, and “extended at least into early [2017]”, “before and after the election.”

    CNN “learned” the FISA also included a *physical* search “of a storage facility belonging to Manafort”

    (Note: it is already known that the search of this storage facility was briefed to the Associated Press by the SCO’s Andrew Weissmann)

    The FISA “snooping” included a time when Manafort was “known to talk to President Donald Trump”, and “sparked” concern that “Manafort had encouraged the Russians” to help the Trump campaign, and that the SCO had copies of these “communications.”

    And CNN’s “sources” also claimed there was a “gap” in the FISA due to it being stopped and restarted. When was the “gap”? Oh, in June 2016, during the Trump Tower meeting. Maybe that’s when the Collusion must have happened, in this “crucial” period when nobody was listening…!

    Unmentioned by CNN is that SCO already knew this public narrative on Trump Tower (leaked in July 2017, 3 months beforehand) was false, based on their own interview of the translator at the meeting. And that Manafort had done literally zero at the meeting.

    The thread explains why it makes sense what the SCO stood to gain by leaking this story on the precise date it was leaked:

    A recap of the Manafort case and two key court hearings may show motive for why someone would want to make up such an elaborate fake FISA story to bolster the Collusion narrative, and leak it to CNN, timed to land on Sep 18 2017.

    July 26, 2017: The SCO carried out a dawn raid on Manafort’s house.”


    And there’s way more evidence…..


  8. More fake news exposed….


    “VA Sec. Robert Wilkie was asked about the notorious “VA study” during a cabinet meeting at the White House.

    “Do you want to listen?” President Trump told the reporter as Wilkie began answer the question. “Because I don’t think you’re even listening.”

    “I want to clear up something the media did not report accurately,” Wilkie said.

    “That was not a VA study,” he explained. “Researchers took VA numbers and they did not clinically review them. They were not peer reviewed,” he stressed.

    The secretary also noted that the researchers did not take into consideration the serious comorbidities that were already present in the patients.

    Wilkie explained to the media that he had received “very clear” instructions from the president to do everything he could to “preserve and protect life.”

    He added: “Those of us who have had a military life, some of us around this table, we’ve been taking this drug for years… the Department of Defense and VA have been using this drug for 65 years. On any given day the VA uses 42,000 doses of this drug. And what we did when this virus first hit us was to use every means to necessary to help preserve life.”

    Wilkie also pointed out that they have been administering the drug to patients under the “Right to Try” law to protect life in consultation with the families of veterans and in consultation with our doctors under FDA guidelines.

    “So I want to knock down the phony story that this is somehow the VA going back on what the president told us to do, which is to use every opportunity possible to protect and preserve lives of our veterans.”



  9. This makes no sense.

    Most church sanctuaries are bigger in size than more than most restaurants. So he’s saying you can jam 50 into a McDonald’s, but only 10 in a sanctuary twice the sq. footage. It makes no sense.


    “Minnesota is moving into the third phase of its reopening under Governor Tim Walz’s plan on June 1st. After plenty of comments from the public, however, he’s been making last-minute changes to the plan. The most recent update offered more opportunities for people to out for dinner and put some food in their bellies. Food for the soul, on the other hand, still won’t be quite as available. Restaurants will be allowed to host up to fifty customers on outdoor patio seating, but churches will remain limited to 10 congregants whether they are indoors or outdoors. (Washington Examiner)

    Democratic Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz announced on Wednesday that restaurants will be able to host up to 50 customers in outdoor seating but that churches will still be limited to 10 no matter the setting.

    Walz announced several changes to his coronavirus policies that will take effect on June 1, including the limited reopening of hair salons and tattoo parlors. Under the new guidance, restaurants will be able to allow 50 customers to dine in on outdoor patios. Customers and employees are encouraged to wear masks, though it is not clear how customers would wear a mask while eating or drinking in the restaurant.

    Churches were not granted more liberty by Walz. Under the policy, indoor and outdoor religious services are still limited to 10 or fewer people. Religious groups can still host drive-up services.

    It’s not hard to see where the Governor’s priorities line up here. The needs of people of faith clearly aren’t deemed as urgent as the need to allow restaurant owners to get back into gear. You could almost forgive this if the relative risks posed by the types of gatherings we’re talking about were reversed, but that’s not the case. Congregants can make it through an entire sermon while wearing masks. Diners have to remove their masks in order to eat or drink. Unless you’re picking up a hymnal, you can get through the entire church service without touching anything but your chair/pew. Diners will be touching silverware, glasses, condiments and napkins, so there’s a lot more sanitizing to be done.”

    These points have been raised to Walz already, but his only response was to say that the answer wasn’t “perfect.” He then launched into a rambling sort of answer about the “predictability” of people attending a church that wound up sounding like a striking impression of Joe Biden when his mind begins to wander.”

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  10. It’s sad that McCorvey carried such a burden. I wish that it had helped her to know that it was never about her. Without her there would still have been Roe v Wade with someone else playing the part of Jane Roe.

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  11. All I see is Obama being informed that Flynn may be compromised in terms of national security and thus he informs his staff to be careful with Russian intelligence around him. Given Flynn’s Russian connections, its a legitimate act of national security.

    Looking at the stats, both Florida and Georgia are in the top 10 for active cases and Florida is the top 5 for new cases. Whether Cuomo deserves accolades or criticism is separate from De Santis — he should be heavily criticized, from a Canadian perspective, he is blamed for the majority of cases in Ontario and Quebec. In addition, the data from Florida is suspect. Michigan btw has lower number of new cases than both Florida and Georgia.

    Perhaps the Minn governor is influenced by the restaurant industry lobbying — restaurants like to squeeze people in so as to make the restaurant look hip and happening. I would think any public gathering numbers should be guided by available square footage. I’m enjoying the enlargement of personal spaces Covid has brought me — my bubble is now a six feet radius.

    How did McCorvey acquire such a burden — did early accolades from pro-choice turn into a burden once she was converted or was she a focal point prior to conversion. It could be argued that making the abortion debate personal by both sides pushed the burden on her and once she converted she assumed the guilt. Religious adherence acquired through family and social setting rarely requires intense support but an emotional conversion usually requires support and care. I wonder if the latter was short changed in her case in order to score points in the abortion debate — was she used for a greater purpose and thus neglected individually — I think its a legitimate question.


  12. ————


    “Shooter killed near Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi in ‘terrorism-related’ incident, officials say”


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