18 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 5-2-20

  1. Enjoyed having son here. He did a couple projects with husband and we had good conversation. He is doing well though he still has some areas of insecurity. May be human.

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  2. 😦 Big lay-offs in our major industries now. It was just a matter of time, but still a shock when it happens. I am sorry for all those dealing with the loss of jobs. It is a very difficult time for all. We do not realize how much we find our identity in such things, nor how they seem to be our security. More is lost than wages. Then add in being socially isolated and what a mix!

    🙂 Hopefully, more and more will realize that all those things we relied on is sand. Praying more and more find the Lord who is a sure foundation.

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  3. “Like a Saturday afternoon without a football game.”
    I don’t remember who said that. Likely either Sonny, Sam of Frank.

    They used to broadcast the Redskins football games for WMAL Sony was a quarterback for the ‘Skins, Sam Huff was a linebacker and Frank Hurtsog was WMAL announcer.
    They made a great team.
    And they are the reason, if you listen to it, you hear the action on the radio about five seconds after the real-time action on TV.

    They used to say, “Turn the sound down and listen to WMAL” describe the game.
    Networks didn’t like that.
    Now, any radio broadcast of a football game has about a five second delay from the action. If it is on TV also. No. I don’t know how they enforce that. But I notice it.

    Sam used to say the game didn’t start until you hit someone.
    Sonny played for Duke. I likely saw him in a game against them. He is five years younger than I am.

    All of that is over now.

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  4. It was very strange being on a zoom call, we were the audience for the cellos, with my ex and his wife. I just kept myself muted and still.

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  5. Maybe someone should set up a zoom call for the blog! Though I am not sure I would know how to talk to you all. And we do have lots of different time zones.

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  6. I sent an email through her link even though I do have her email address. Guess I didn’t read that closely enough.


  7. I’ll join the Zoom. I just sent Michelle an email. (I’ll be finishing up my community college class about that time, so I’ll join a few minutes late. Now to convince Mrs L to join in.)

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  8. Mumsee- get as close as you can to Wifi if that’s what you’re using. Also join audio only and it doesn’t freeze up as often


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