36 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-2-20

  1. Ruh-roh. 🙂

    Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Strxok, Page, and Wray should be nervous. Obama too. 🙂


    “BREAKING: Former FBI General Counsel James Baker Has Flipped! Durham is Building Conspiracy Case on All of Those Who Lied to the Court!”

    “Former US Attorney Joe diGenova was on the Howie Carr Show this week and he provided some more inside information regarding General Flynn’s case and the unraveling of the coup to remove President Trump from office.”

    “Former US Attorney was on with Howie Carr again this week and he dropped some more bombshells about the current investigation of the investigators involved in removing President Trump and his team from office.

    diGenova discussed the Durham investigation and said at the 5:30 mark that Durham is building a conspiracy case and anyone who lied to the court will be indicted for obstruction of justice charges:

    The bottom line is this, it’s unfolding and what’s happening is, what Durham is actually doing is he’s painting a picture and not everyone of these acts is going to be a specific separate crime. But they are going to be, what’s called overt acts in a conspiracy. One to defraud the United States government. One to deny the civil rights of Trump and Flynn and Page and a bunch of other people.”


  2. All roads lead back to Barry.


    More on Mueller and his corrupt team of angry Dem activists.


    “Mueller and His Team of Angry Democrats Withheld Evidence, Lied to the Court and Indicted Innocent Men… Are These Crooks Looking at Jail Time?”

    “Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) responded to this momentous news of government corruption by asking if Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his corrupt team of angry Democrat lawyers will face justice for deceiving the American public and lying to the court.”

    This came after the latest Flynn documents that were released by the DOJ were stamped with ‘SCO as in Special Counsel’s Office.’

    For years these corrupt attorneys “deviated from standard practice” or committed crimes in their attempt to indict President Trump.

    CNN published an interactive graphic on Mueller’s team of angry Democrats.

    CNN’s description of the Mueller gang would lead the casual observer to believe that this was an experienced group full of competent attorneys with no clear conflicts of interest. But this was not the case.

    What CNN does not share is that the investigation is unconstitutional for many reasons with one of the reasons being that the team is the most conflicted group of investigators and attorneys ever assembled for any investigation in US history.

    Below is the list from CNN with additional information not provided by CNN in italics! (Some of which was previously reported.)”


  3. And still more media lies….

    Polly wants a cracker…..


    “Media Hoaxes: No, Trump Did Not Ignore Daily Intel Briefings Regarding Wuhan Coronavirus

    Before the first U.S. death was reported on Feb. 29th, the Trump admin was working to protect the American people”

    “Before the news cycle (finally) turned to stories about the Tara Reade allegations against Joe Biden and the FBI’s apparent shocking malfeasance in entrapping General Mike Flynn, the Washington Post published a story claiming that President Trump ignored Wuhan coronavirus warnings issued throughout January and February in his daily presidential briefing book.

    The story was picked up and regurgitated by an anti-Trump activist media intent on undermining Trump by any means necessary, including by burying, as WaPo did, clear refutation of their unsubstantiated claim.

    According to the Washington Post, the president’s classified daily briefings included “warnings about the novel coronavirus in more than a dozen classified briefings prepared for President Trump in January and February, months during which he continued to play down the threat.”

    The unnamed sources were foregrounded, while an actual named source refuting the claim was not mentioned until paragraph eight:

    A White House spokesman disputed the characterization that Trump was slow to respond to the virus threat. “President Trump rose to fight this crisis head-on by taking early, aggressive historic action to protect the health, wealth and well-being of the American people,” said spokesman Hogan Gidley. “We will get through this difficult time and defeat this virus because of his decisive leadership.”

    As if that’s not bad enough, it’s only in the ninth paragraph that WaPo gets around to noting that the suggestion the president ignored his presidential daily briefing (PDB) has been denied by the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), the office responsible for the PDB.”


  4. Biden needs to subject himself to his own imposed on others standards.

    But he won’t, because he’s a hypocrite. Just like the so-called “womens” groups who remain silent on it.


    “Would Joe Biden Subject Himself To The Sexual Assault Adjudication Policies He Helped Impose on Colleges?

    Tucker Carlson: “What would happen if Joe Biden had to play by the same rules he made, now? Well he’d be done.”

    “When it comes to the Tara Reade allegations against Joe Biden, it’s important to remember that Biden played a pivotal role in the Obama administration’s Title IX policy on college campuses, regarding sexual assualt.

    Tucker Carlson addressed this on his show last night.

    He pointed out correctly that because of these policies, many young men were forced to face kangaroo courts on campus and ultimately had their lives ruined based on nothing more than allegations.

    Would Joe Biden’s candidacy survive the same policies? Of course not.

    Tucker lays the blame for this at the feet of modern feminism, which he says is a fraud, as shown by Kirsten Gillibrand’s endorsement of Biden.

    Here’s a partial transcript via FOX News:

    Tucker Carlson rips American feminists over silence on Biden allegations: ‘There is nothing more corrupt’

    Tucker Carlson ripped the “so-called feminist movement” on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Wednesday after Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y. defended former Vice President Joe Biden against sexual assault allegations, highlighting the stark contrast with her treatment of allegations against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in the fall of 2018.

    “The American feminist movement may be the single most corrupt movement in the world,” Carlson said, “more corrupt than the government of Equatorial Guinea. It’s more corrupt than the World Health Organization. There is nothing more corrupt than institutional feminism.”

    “If you want proof,” he continued, “look no further than Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York. Two years ago, Gillibrand wanted Kavanaugh’s life and family destroyed.”

    Gillibrand publicly expressed her support for Biden after former Senate staffer Tara Reade levied accusations of sexual assault against the 2020 presumptive Democratic nominee.

    “I stand by [former] Vice President Biden,” Gillibrand said during a conference call with reporters Tuesday, according to The National Review. “He’s devoted his life to supporting women and he has vehemently denied this allegation.””


  5. Joe is hiding what evidence they haven’t already removed.



  6. Project Veritas strikes again.


    From Joseph Antioco of Schafer Funeral Home.

    ““Basically, every death certificate that comes across our desk now has COVID on it,” said a funeral director in Williston Park, N.Y”

    ““They are putting COVID on a lot of death certificates because people who are going to their hospital with any kind of respiratory distress, respiratory problems, pneumonia, the flu — the flu-like symptoms lead into the COVID-19.” “To me, all you’re doing is padding the statistics. You’re putting people on that have COVID-19 even if they didn’t have it. You’re making the death rate for New York City a lot higher than it should be.”


    Remove the financial incentives.


  7. My how times have changed….



  8. Shoulda listened….


    “Looks like Jeff Sessions has less interest in returning to Donald Trump’s favor, at least in one sense. Trump has continued to make his former AG pay for the decision to recuse himself from the now-debunked Russia-collusion case by endorsing Sessions’ primary opponent in the race to win his old Senate seat back. On one hand, Sessions gives Trump an assist by agreeing with him that James Comey set a “perjury trap” against Michael Flynn in a politicized witch hunt aimed at Trump’s presidency, based on newly released documents in Flynn’s court case:”

    “On the other, Sessions tells Tucker Carlson that he tried to get Trump to fire Comey almost as soon as Trump took office:”

    “I think people knew that I felt that he should not continue from virtually day one of the administration,” said Sessions, who is running for his old Senate seat in Alabama. “When I was asked by the president about it, it didn’t take me 30 seconds to say [that] my recommendation is that he be removed.” …

    Sessions went on to slam Comey for taking advantage of the chaos surrounding the transition period to send two FBI agents to interview Flynn at the White House with no notice to the rest of the administration.

    “They should have called the … White House counsel or chief of staff to ask for permission to interview a key member of the president’s administration,” he said. “Comey just laughs about how he got around that.””


  9. Biden caught lying again.


    “National Archives Debunks Biden’s Claim, Says Senate Docs Related To Tara Reade Are Kept Elsewhere”

    “2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden said Friday morning that the National Archives would hold his personnel records and that these records would not be housed in the collection of his Senate records at the University of Delaware.

    Biden’s comments on the location of these records are incorrect, the National Archives said.

    “Any records of Senate personnel complaints from 1993 would have remained under the control of the Senate,” the National Archives said in a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

    2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden said Friday morning that the National Archives would hold his personnel records, but the National Archives have denied this.”


  10. And another victim comes forward. This is even pervy than usual for Creepy Joe.


    “Woman Claims Biden Sexually Harassed Her When She Was 14 Years Old by Complimenting Her Breasts”

    “A woman says she was sexually harassed by presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden when she was 14 years old.

    The woman, Eva Murry, told Law&Crime that Biden complimented her on the size of her breasts at the First State Gridiron Dinner & Show in 2008, a long-running roast of and party for politicians, journalists and prominent business figures held each year in Delaware. Murry says she remembers the event occurring sometime around May of that year.

    One friend and her sister said that Murry told her details of the alleged incident more or less immediately after it happened. Four other friends of Murry’s said they were told about the incident, with the same details, between two and three years after it originally occurred.”


    #BelieveSurvivors, right Nancy?


  11. “FDA Approves Emergency Use of Remdesivir to Treat Wuhan Coronavirus Patients

    Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Wednesday that a study found that “1,063 patients tested with Remdesivir took 11 days to recover versus 15 days for others.””


    “FDA issued an emergency use authorization to allow doctors to use Remdesivir to treat patients suffering from the Wuhan coronavirus.

    Remdesivir, an experimental antiviral drug from Gilead Science, showed promise against the coronavirus in a clinical study.”

    “From the FDA:

    “FDA’s emergency authorization of remdesivir, two days after the National Institutes of Health’s clinical trial showed promising results, is a significant step forward in battling COVID-19 and another example of the Trump Administration moving as quickly as possible to use science to save lives,” said HHS Secretary Alex Azar. “NIH, FDA, and scientists across America and around the world have worked tirelessly with patients to get us this new potential treatment for COVID-19. The seamless cooperation between government and private industry under the President’s all-of-America approach to COVID-19 is getting treatment options to patients in record time.”

    The emergency use authorization allows for remdesivir to be distributed in the U.S. and administered intravenously by health care providers, as appropriate, to treat suspected or laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 in adults and children hospitalized with severe disease. Severe disease is defined as patients with low blood oxygen levels or needing oxygen therapy or more intensive breathing support such as a mechanical ventilator.


  12. We will never really know how many died from the Covda virus.

    I have a question for you.
    If everyone in America had $1,000,000, would every one be rich?


  13. Mika is an interesting journalist. I’ve watched Morning Joe clips over the years and at first I thought she was out of her league but then I began to notice something different. Each time she was making a serious contribution/questions, Joe Scarborough would interrupt and either change the flow of conversation or appropriate her question and mangle it. He has to be one of the worst offenders of mansplaining I’ve seen. And then she marries him….. Therefore I wasn’t surprised that she was alone for the Biden interview — I’m sure Joe and Joe would’ve buried her contribution/question.

    As for hypocrisy both sides are doing it right now. The conservatives pretend to care about sexual harassment four years after they minimized, explained away and question the accusers. And the Democrats will reverse their role too.

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  14. Worth reading in my opinion,

    You mentioned a few days ago of a Democratic governor praising the Trump admin. Perhaps he was listening when Trump said he wanted to be appreciated. Meanwhile the Republican governor of Maryland called on the National Guard to protect test kits from confiscation from federal authorities.

    The body count will be argued endlessly and will never be accurate — Sweden has now admitted they under counted Cornavirus deaths as the gov’t faces criticism for their “herd immunity” approach.

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  15. If the Gov. thinks the BG will “protect” property for him from the federal govt., he should put the crack pipe down and resign. Won’t happen. Doesn’t have the authority.

    And oh, boo-hoo, some scary men and women showed up with guns…. as is their constitutional right, and not one weapon was fired, no one was threatened, and no arrest were made.

    So scary! 🙄

    Suck it up buttercup. It’s called exercising your rights.


  16. The Gov. and liberals who push this need to own up to the consequences of their poor decision.

    Mumsee and I joked about a Babylon Bee post… “California Prisons Release Thousands Of Felons To Make Room For Skaters, Surfers, People Who Go Outside”

    We agreed it was too close to true to be satire. I posted a Tweet that was posted in response.

    This one.


    And now today I discover that one of these 7 high risk sex offenders released by the Gov’s and liberals asinine policy has re-offended.


    “A high-risk registered sex offender was arrested Thursday for allegedly exposing himself at a parole resource center, just two weeks after a controversial early release from the Orange County Jail.

    Seven inmates who were deemed high-risk sex offenders were released early in April by a court commissioner, triggering criticism and warnings from county law enforcement officials who said the release was not necessary because the jails were not overcrowded.

    One of them was Rudy William Grajeda Magdaleno, who was released April 13 after serving 71 days in jail on a 180-day minimum sentence. Officials say he has an extensive criminal history including convictions for robbery, narcotics possession, criminal threats and child annoyance.

    Santa Ana police say Magdaleno was at a parole resource center on April 17 when he exposed himself to staff members there. He had also failed to charge his GPS monitor and the device had stopped tracking him the day before.

    He fled the scene, but officers found and arrested him on Thursday.

    “I find it extremely troubling that this high risk sex offender was authorized for release, in spite of his significant documented criminal history,” Santa Ana Police Chief David Valentin said.

    Santa Ana police say his convictions include a sexual assault on a mentally disabled person; breaking into a home while naked from the waist down and peeking into an 11-year-old girl’s room; and entering a Santa Ana law office, sitting on the floor and beginning to masturbate while staring at a woman in the office.”


    Own it.


  17. Dissent will not be tolerated.

    Call out the dictator, the brown shirts will come.


    “Candace Owens sent us this statement this morning:

    Twitter has locked me out of my account but has decided to omit which of their policies I have violated. Apparently, encouraging citizens to go to work is a violation, but Alexandria Ocasión Cortez encouraging workers to boycott and protest is not.

    I stand by my statement about Governor Whitmer acting as a dictator. Both the Sherriff Departments and the citizens, and the state legislature of Michigan are in agreement with me. I will not kowtow to a socialist world order that seeks to limit my constitutional freedom of speech.”


    Such good little speech Nazis….


  18. No wonder you were so upset about the protesters with guns. I forgot you live under a fascist regime. This is your normal.

    Only a fascist would start a Covid 19 press conference with gun confiscation efforts. Talk about off topic.


    “Trudeau Bans ‘Military-Grade Assault Weapons’ In Canada, Considers Confiscation”

    “Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a total ban Friday on “military-grade assault weapons.”

    Trudeau began his daily Ottawa coronavirus news conference with the news. The prime minister has often promised to ban assault weapons, including during the last federal election that returned Trudeau to power with a minority government.

    “Effective immediately, it is no longer permitted to buy, sell, transport, import or use military-grade assault weapons in this country,” Trudeau said.

    The prime minister described the sweeping regulations as “closing the market” on these weapons in Canada. He has also discussed banning all handguns, but he avoided discussing that option Friday.

    Trudeau talked about confiscating the roughly 100,000 existing firearms affected by the order at some future time through a “fair and effective buyback program.” Approximately 1,500 different weapons will be considered “military-grade” by the ban.

    Canadian Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said a “non-permissive amnesty” will be established in order for Canadians who currently possess the now-banned weapons will be able to possess their firearms for two years but will be unable to use it or sell it.”


    Does it hurt there, under the thumb of your ruling elite?

    They’re taking away your right to defend yourself against the tyrants they’ve become. They even admit, handguns are a target too. You might be OK with that, but here, we still have the means and right to defend ourselves.


  19. “Five Eyes Intel Report: China Engaged In A Mission Of Lies And Suppression About Origin Of COVID-19;
    Update: “Confidence Is High” On Lab Accident Theory?”


    “This shocking, shocking revelation might as well have originated with Five Billion Eyes. Australia’s Daily Telegraph has published findings in an intel assessment from Five Eyes that China has not told the truth about the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic. The intelligence cooperative that includes the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia has concluded that Beijing has engaged in a cover-up, although all of its motives may not yet be clear.

    Get ready for a major, er … Captain Obvious moment:”

    China deliberately suppressed or destroyed evidence of the coronavirus outbreak in an “assault on international transparency’’ that cost tens of thousands of lives, according to a dossier prepared by concerned Western governments on the COVID-19 contagion.

    The 15-page research document, obtained by The Saturday Telegraph, lays the foundation for the case of negligence being mounted against China.

    It states that to the “endangerment of other countries” the Chinese government covered-up news of the virus by silencing or “disappearing” doctors who spoke out, destroying evidence of it in laboratories and refusing to provide live samples to international scientists who were working on a vaccine.

    Pssst … intel dudes: We kinda knew that already. What else ya got? Actually, this looks rather disturbing, but is apparently unconnected to the current coronavirus sweeping the globe:

    It can also be revealed the Australian government trained and funded a team of Chinese scientists who belong to a laboratory which went on to genetically modify deadly coronaviruses that could be transmitted from bats to humans and had no cure, and is not the subject of a probe into the origins of COVID-19.

    Perhaps this might not be pertinent to this outbreak, but it certainly sounds like an origin story for a future pandemic. What’s the point of this work? Is it to stop such viruses, or amplify them? Either way, it sounds like a Pandora’s Box, which is why the State Department has sent up warning flares about the Wuhan Institute of Virology for years now.

    The main value of this new assessment appears to be a concise summation of everything we already know about China’s malign attempts to cover its tracks on COVID-19:”


    And the other 20-25% is Iran, Russia, China, and NK.


  20. They say it’s for military style weapons, and yet……


    “The CBC uncovered another bit of fine print that Trudeau didn’t talk about during his press conference.

    A government official speaking on background at a technical briefing for journalists said the number of these now-banned firearms currently in circulation is unknown.

    Some of the firearms being prohibited are currently classified as “non-restricted” — mostly firearms like shotguns — meaning licensed owners do not have to register them with the police. (The long-gun registry was abolished by the previous Conservative government.)

    There are 105,000 firearms currently classified as “restricted” that will now be classified as “prohibited.”

    The government official said that, at the end of the two-year amnesty, gun owners must dispose of the firearm or they may be able apply for the firearm to be “grandfathered.” Details on the grandfather process would be released at a later date, the official said.”


    And what good are more rights restricting laws like this? Criminals don’t follow them. Case in point, the Nova Scotia shooter, the “reason” for the overreach.


    “The RCMP has confirmed that the Nova Scotia shooter used firearms obtained illegally in Canada and from U.S. sources to carry out his crimes. He was not licensed to own firearms.”


    Laws will not stop it. You will only further destroy people’s ability to defend themselves against such madmen. No thanks.


  21. Equal pay!

    Yeah that whole leftist narrative about the poor US women’s soccer team being paid less than the men?

    It just go blowed up! 🙂

    What did these clowns think would happen when they filed a lawsuit? Did they think the court wouldn’t look at the actual facts, which they got so wrong, and lied about repeatedly?


    “Judge: U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team Member Claims Of Unequal Pay Were Bogus

    In dismissing unequal pay claims, Judge found the evidence showed the women’s team made more than the men’s team: “the WNT was paid more on both a cumulative and an average per-game basis than the MNT”

    “Did you hear the one about how the female soccer players on the U.S. Women’s National Team (WNT) were paid less than the players on the U.S. Men’s National Team (MNT)?

    Of course you did, it’s an article of feminist faith and social justice warfare that women always are victims, and no one played victim quite like the female stars on the national soccer team.”

    “Well that lawsuit now is over, in a very devastating way. After reviewing the evidence submitted by the parties, the judge found that there was no pay discrimination against the women. In fact, the women made more than the men.

    The Order (pdf.) throwing out most of the women’s claims goes through the history of the case, the negotiations, the pay packages, and so on. You can read the whole thing if you want to understand how broken sports is, but here’s the heart of the judge’s finding (emphasis added).

    The statements offered by Plaintiffs are insufficient to establish a genuine dispute that WNT players are paid at a rate less than the rate paid to MNT players. That USSF agents said WNT players are paid less does not make it true where, as here, Defendant has presented evidence that the WNT was paid more on both a cumulative and an average per-game basis than the MNT.

    In sum, Defendant has offered evidence in support of its Motion for Summary Judgment that the WNT has been paid more on both a cumulative and an average per-game basis than the MNT over the class period. In response, Plaintiffs have offered evidence that (1) WNT players are paid lower bonuses for friendlies, World Cup-related games, and other tournaments; (2) WNT players would have made more under the MNT CBA than they did under their own CBA, and; (3) USSF agents made statements to the effect that WNT players are paid less than MNT players. As set forth above, this evidence is insufficient to create a genuine issue of material fact for trial. Accordingly, the Court grants summary judgment to Defendant on Plaintiffs’ EPA claim.

    The Court then went through claims relating to ‘working conditions’ and left alive only a narrow set:

    For the foregoing reasons, the Court DENIES Plaintiffs’ Motion and GRANTS in part Defendant’s Motion. Plaintiffs’ Title VII claim for discriminatory working conditions survives only insofar as it is based on (1) travel conditions (specifically, charter flights and hotel accommodations), and (2) personnel and support services (specifically, medical and training support).

    This is a near total defeat for the female soccer players claiming discriminatin. Most important, the key aspect of the public relations campaign — unequal pay — was found to be factually bogus.”


  22. I’m not sure you actually read the article I linked.

    His argument is simple — white conservative men protest by bring arms. You don’t seriously think BLM or antifa would be able to make within a block of a state legislature let alone enter without being stopped and/or shot. They can’t even look at a gun in Walmart without being shot. Its not a right when only certain people on the basis of race or political ideology are allowed to exercise it. Then it become a privilege.

    When you allow a group to demonstrate armed, whats to prevent different political groups or ideologies from also demonstrating armed. The Weimar Republic featured heavily armed paramilitary forces supporting various political parties — Nazi, Communist, nationanlist, socialist etc. Is this where you want America heading — do you want socialists exercising their 2nd amendment rights in the legislature, do you want your lawmakers to wear kevlar in the legislature as they are currently doing in Michigan? Its a sign of a failed state when political parties use force and intimidation in the streets, when legislators need to wear kevlar. This is political terrorism (ie the use of terror to send a political message) and your president encouraged it.

    Candace Owens had her Twitter account suspended because she encouraged an illegal act. When twitter allows people to encourage illegal acts they become liable. Twitter is just exercising their right to private property and ensure they are not held responsible. Follow the rules ….


  23. The Nova Scotia shooting was the largest mass shooting in Canadian history — I think Trudeau can use his Covid briefing to talk about it.

    The notion I need a gun to protect my property and person is ridiculous. Why do I need a gun, I’m not living in fear — I live in a civilized country with a developed economy and respect for law and order. Outside of the US, most developed countries don’t see a need to arm themselves — they don’t live in a failed state. No one is afraid of arbitrary violence. Canada and the Scandinavian countries have a high level of gun ownership — mostly for hunting especially in northern native communities. However, these countries also have substantial regulations on gun ownership — this isn’t an infringement on freedom; it isn’t any different than car ownership, etc. I don’t need a gun to be free.

    The stats are simple — more guns, more deaths. You have a greater chance of dying by a bullet if a gun is in your home. In Australia, NZ, UK , a large mass shooting was followed by tough gun regulations and mass shootings did not happen again.

    Now its true; Canada has an additional problem the other countries don’t face — Canada is next to the US and a large source of illegal guns that flood the border; perhaps we should built a wall. However, just because a law doesn’t prevent something from happening 100% of the time doesn’t mean we should give up. Police are allowed to force breathalyzer tests if they suspect drunk driving but drunk driving still happens — should we just give up? Of course not, that’s a ridiculous argument.


  24. His point was stupid. I saw 1000’s of protesters, and you nd he are going to tell me there wasn’t a black or minority, or a Muslim among them?


    And even if true, so what? These prove once again that guns aren’t the problem. These people peacefully protested with their weapons. Sure they yelled, that’s part of protesting. But no gun violence, no assaults, no incidents, no arrests.

    Can BLM say that? No, they burned a city to the ground. Antifa? Same story, multiple assaults, property damage,fires, the whole deal. And you wonder why some groups might get treated differently?

    You’re being obtuse. You know full well the reasons.


  25. “Immigrants need to work in disease ridden conditions so Americans can have meat.”

    No, they don’t. They can always leave. No one is holding them against their will. Don’t like the conditions, go back where you came from and find something better. Easy peasy.


  26. “Outside of the US, most developed countries don’t see a need to arm themselves — they don’t live in a failed state. No one is afraid of arbitrary violence. ”

    Well, tell your fellow citizens who keep breaking your laws to stop buying guns illegally in the US..

    And no, you live in a fascist state, which is worse.


  27. You’re right there was 1000s of protesters and vast majority were white. Maybe there was the odd black guy but surrounded by whites he is protected. Imagine a 1000 heavily armed black men marching on the state capitol — they wouldn’t make it. A cop would panic and shoot bc he was scared. And when the dust settled there will be conflicting narratives, some police tape will disappear, and right media will wonder why the protesters didn’t comply with a lawful order. Yet last week, 1000s of white conservative protesters did not comply with a lawful order (social distance, no assemblies, and stay away from public buildings) and none were shot and right wing media celebrated their march. Antifa and black groups have long realized they won’t get away with marching with guns and so they don’t — they don’t want to give the police an excuse to shoot,

    In 1967, Black Panthers lawfully carried out armed patrols of black neighbourhoods in Oakland. In response, the California legislature introduced gun control signed by Governor Reagan. He commented that he saw “no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons” and that guns were a “ridiculous way to solve problems that have to be solved among people of good will.” In a later press conference, Reagan added that the Mulford Act “would work no hardship on the honest citizen.” For once Reagan was right.

    I know full well why some groups are treated differently —- they’re white. A black boy wearing a hoodie is killed — why didn’t he comply. Black teen is shot while jaywalking — he broke the law. Black man shot while shopping for a rifle — he scared the security guard. Black boy holding BB gun shot by police — why did he scare the policeman. Its history.


  28. I don’t live in fear therefore I live in a fascist society? Very strange idea of fascism.

    The entire western world, except the US, has gun control. Are they all living in a fascist society? A fascist society controls through fear — most people in the west are not so scared that they think they need a gun. There is more to freedom than owing a gun. There is the freedom to quit a job without penalty, the freedom to acquire an education, the freedom to travel, etc. All freedoms the West enjoys. Even right wing think tanks measuring economic, political, etc freedom will list the Nordic countries and the Anglo countries before the US. in terms of prison population by whole numbers and per capitia — the US is far above the rest of the world. Is this a free society or a society living in so much fear it arms itself and then allow the state to imprison people for the smallest offenses?

    In the chicken plant — people do have the right to leave but then they are only free to become homeless and poor so they continue to work. The plant simply needs to close down for three weeks to do a deep clean. Meat prices may rise and some people may need to end lentils or eggs for protein instead but isn’t that better than people dying so the rest of America can have chicken?


  29. Anne Applebaum is a conservative American historian/journalist of Polish Jewish heritage. Ricky liked her (where is he) and I respect her ability. She speaks her mind….and read to the end. She, like conservative historian Ferguson, make these points because they favour a world dominated by the US not China.



  30. Ah yes, the Atlantic….

    Like the Bulwark, only slightly better. The last refuges of the never-Trumpers. 🙂


    What’s the first thing fascists do? Take away the guns, so the sheep can’t defend themselves. And the sheep allow it.


    Wow, and look you only had to go back 53 years to find your black panther example. Yawn. Do better.

    You can’t trust Antifa with guns, or the religious group responsible for most acts of terrorism in the world, same goes for the radical black panthers. You know this, and you know why people think this way. The cops have legit reasons to be more wary. And you know this. Stop pretending you don’t.


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