67 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-29-20

  1. Good morning everyone.
    Real neat song there Peter.
    I’m beginning (not “beginning, I have thought for some time) to think concerning this virus, that the cure might be worse than the disease.

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  2. Good morning, Chas.

    I suspect they did not know what they were getting with the virus and erred on the side of caution. Those who have been through it or have had family or friends die from it, may think the cure was not enough. The rest probably think overkill. Whatever they did would have been “wrong”. I think we did the best we could with the knowledge we had.

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  3. No dishwasher?!

    You poor thing… I can’t even imagine….. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    We had a Kenmore for 17 years. We would still have it if a certain unnamed person hadn’t tried to run it without putting the water on first. Burned the motor up.

    Now we have another 3 year old one and I’m just as happy with it. They’re good, clean well, and about mid-range in price. I’d recommend them.

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  4. Dishwasher? I have one but have not used it in about five or so years. We don’t have enough people here to make it worthwhile. But it worked well when we used it. GE Profile. I should run it to make sure the seals stay good, but we currently have no water.


  5. We went with the cheapest one that had the features we wanted (garburator for small food chunks). Our family members have gone with more expensive models and they don’t seem to clean as well as ours. Of course, it could be the water or the detergent they use, but we have well water (softened) and it works great. It’s a Frigidaire. They’ve had to replace their dishwashers, but we’re so far, so good.

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  6. We had two bull elk in the yard eating last year’s sunflower stalks this morning. Their antlers were like crowns – full velvet and just starting to grow.

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  7. We didn’t have a dishwasher for a long time, then bought a house with one in it. The children liked it as they were the dishwashers prior to that. Then we moved into a house without a dishwasher, but could not afford another. When we remodeled the kitchen, Mrs L wanted a dishwater, but D2&3 who swill lived with us said we didn’t need one. Mrs L got her way, but only used it for the rinse cycle to kill any left over bacteria. Now we don’t have a mechanical one, but since there are only two of us we get by.

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  8. From my friend Chris
    Things to know that we know now:
    1. This week raging fever for Mike and horrible coughing. His worse than mine.
    2. I did not get the flu vaccine. He did.
    3. Last week, Mike got a cough. Stayed home from work on Tuesday. Slight low grade fever Tuesday night. Wednesday, let’s get tested. We tested positive on Thursday. What? Seriously?
    4. The week prior to that we were exhausted.
    5. We had it and had no clue.
    6. You do not remember to eat.
    7. You forget to drink when it sits next to your chair.
    8. Concentration is gone. Mike does not enjoy news on all the time and, now, it can be on…he says nothing.
    9. Cough feels like the top of your head will explode. Your chest has burning needle sensation in bronchial tubes.
    10. Hours go by and you do not miss them.
    11. Taste buds are gone.
    12. If you are like me, you will still have all the cooking, cleaning, clothes washing to do and put away. Being sick and taking care of someone sicker is hard.

    I am officially worried about Mike. He is drinking, probably not enough. His fevers will not break. He is still the sweetest man alive, but his mood has changed to more somber. He sleeps a lot in his chair

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  9. Who, besides me, just feels overwhelmed with all of this? My concentration is gone. I have things that need done and I just can’t seem to concentrate on them.
    I get up every morning and get dressed just as if I were leaving the house. I sit down at my desk. I work on things and answer the phone to solve problems, but again, at the end of the day I haven’t accomplished much.

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  10. Totally, Kim.

    Iโ€™m mentally gearing up for my first visit to the grocery store in 2 weeks. I drove the car on Monday for the first time since the last grocery store visit. I had to sit in the car in the garage to think about HOW to drive before I backed out.

    I get nit picky on stupid things, bent and then get to apologize.

    I feel guilty because I have nothing to complain about compared to almost anyone else in the world.


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  11. I love my dishwasher and will frequently say so out loud. Sometimes I will just ask, “Have I told you lately how much I love my dishwasher?” Saves so much time and allows it to be used for other chores or hobbies etc.

    We have our second Whirlpool. I think the first lasted about 20 years. I like the silverware tray in the door. I did not like this configuration as much as the first one, but I can lift the top shelf and that is handy for tall pots or tall glasses when lowered. That is more of a case of learning how to fill it to make the most of it. This one does not have a garbage disposal feature, which I wanted but was told are not on the newer models. So far I haven’t even cleaned the two filters.

    I will say that it irritates me to no end that the directions for doing that are online. Give me a written manual!! I am one of those nerds who will read it and follow it. I hate doing so online and will only do so when forced to do so.

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  12. Chas, I have thought often of your comment about having no purpose. Besides your purpose in caring for TSWITW you have the purpose of praying for us. Also, you have the purpose of showing how one is faithful to the end of his life. I know I have been blessed by your presence here. I don’t believe God keeps any of us alive beyond us having a purpose. Only he knows what that may be.

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  13. I feel like I am becoming Chas. Nothing really to do. No one needs me or anything that I can do. Oh, guess I will go for a walk. Two of my Bible studies end in the next week. They have held me accountable as I do all the lessons. And, horrors, I do not like Spring. Saw the little inch worms floating on their webs yesterday. Hate those things.

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  14. There are technically only two of us, too, and my initial plan was that we’d wash our stuff as soon as we’re done so a dishwasher would not be necessary. There were two flaws in that plan: 1) hubby does not wash his stuff when done, and we often eat at different times due to our schedules and 2) I frequently cook dinner for us and the four upstairs peeps which results in a lot of dishes. I’m doing that more often now because I’m home and she’s working two part-time jobs that have her out of the house a lot. They are both marketing/event coordinator jobs, one at our church and the other at the girls school, but she likes to be “on site” as much as possible. Thus I’m volunteering to make dinner more often.
    Thanks for the input!

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  15. Answered prayer today. We received our stimulus check today!

    This is good, because unemployment is still not paying out. They will, she was approved, but they’re weeks behind, so this is a huge help. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you Lord. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  16. I love my dishwasher but for the last several months — I think ever since I’ve been mostly working from home all day — I have just been hand-washing dishes as I use them or at the end of the day anyway, which works fine since it’s just me.

    But Real Estate Guy chastised me, says use it or lose it, run the dishwasher even if there’s nothing in it. So I may try to get back to using it again, I really only would run it once a week or so before. But I love dishwashers, it does feel like dishes get cleaner with all that hot-hot water and sanitizing rinse.

    I have an ice pack on my knee, I think using it yesterday a couple times actually did help. Oh, and I found an actual ice pack that i’d had in the freezer, must have been from the urgent care appt I had maybe a couple years ago for a knee bump. Hmmm. Maybe same knee? I don’t remember now. But the CVS pack is a good size, it’s long, thin and has a velcro strap to keep it in place.

    Two stories to do today but I also need to get to the drug store and maybe home depot.

    Mumsee said it well way up top, this caught everyone by some surprise, we weren’t exactly prepared to cope with it, we knew next to nothing about this virus, and people were, indeed, getting very sick and some were dying. Let’s hope if it does come back for an encore visit later this year (and most experts think it will) that we’ll have at least some effective medicines and more knowledge; perhaps a less drastic response can then be employed.

    As I like to say, hindsight is 20-20. What we could have done differently the first time around, I’m not sure. I think, with mumsee, that we did the best we could with the information we had at that time. It wasn’t perfect, but it was seen as the best option to save lives.

    With the virus still apparently spreading and killing some folks, we’re stuck here for at least another few weeks, although our state is starting to roll out plans for a possible reopening sometime in mid or late May? Looks like no concerts or sports games (at least with live audiences) through the end of the year, however. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    And I’m afraid the economy may be shot for a while.

    On the work front, apparently the same group of reporters for us will be furloughed in May as were furloughed in April, those covering sports and features. That doesn’t seem fair, they’re again getting 2 weeks of unpaid furlough time which amounts to another 50 percent pay cut for May. And bosses are announcing this month by month so no one knows what the next month holds. We news reporters appear to be somewhat safer, but only by a smidgen, I suspect. How long any of us hang on is a big question mark.

    I see Gannett went through more cutbacks and furloughs yesterday as well. One of our former editors and reporters work for them now in Tenn. and the editor was telling one of my editors yesterday that the whole situation is, essentially, a big and scary mess.

    The state of the entire economy is a big concern, I agree. The unemployment figures are mind-boggling.

    But it is Wednesday, another week almost half over. I’m grateful to be working.

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  17. Morning! Cute cuddle kitties up there!!
    We have a Bosch dishwasher and love it. It is quiet, washes the dishes thoroughly and has a stainless steel interior. It is now 10 years old.
    Thankful with you AJ! Hoping this shut down ends soon.
    We had a lovely time with our daughter celebrating her birthday last night. We both agree we cannot get a thing done with people in the house (she has three kids schooling at home now and a husband working from home!) I can get so much accomplished if I am here alone. Problem is I am never alone in the house. So nothing gets done that I want to get done. I just shut down. I have a mental block I suppose. But the house is clean, laundry done, meals cooked. But that laundry room is not painted, basement not organized, paperwork not sorted ๐Ÿ˜ž

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  18. And my dishwasher is a Kenmore also, I’ve been happy with it — basic workhorse model, not a lot of bells or whistles, but it’s lasted now for several years. Then again, even when I’m using it, it only gets run maybe once or twice a week.


  19. It’s one of those days when you want to feel more in control.

    I just found out that Art’s kidney stone blasting is on for Tues. in the doctor’s office instead of at the hospital. I wish he’d cancel.

    Earlier I was going out th er door to retrieve a bag of cat food I’d stored in the car and my neighbor was at the door dropping the bag of picture books I had loaned them. Neither of us had expected to see the other. She told me they are moving today! She had previously mentioned they might move (the one time I had ever talked to her). All the neighbors in that house have had children and end up moving to other counties with better school systems when the children get to school age. Since we homeschooled that was not an issue for us.

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  20. Dishwashers: I have heard that they use less water. However, I am not convinced they take less time. Washing up for five really only takes a few minutes. Loading the dishwasher and unloading takes a lot of time and bending not to mention the wait for it to run.
    I have taken many sanitized but dirty dishes out of high quality dishwashers. And I have cleaned a few dishwasher filters. Ewww.

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  21. At what point do you lose you mind and blow your top over the incompetence of others?
    I had a closing on April 7th. The title company was going to over night the package to my office for next day delivery. This past Friday, April 24th I called the closer and told her I hadn’t received it. She called me back upset that she had just found it where it didn’t get picked up with the other package to go FedEx. She told me she was putting it in the outbox. It still has not arrived at my office. FedEx just delivered. I sent the closer a text message and she responded that she found it yesterday and put it in the out box again. Now I receive a text that she is going to track it. I’m like everyone else. I expected that money weeks ago.
    I found out a while back that my surgery related bills (about $7,000 in deductibles) had not been paid, so I have been working on paying them off. I have managed to get the 3 smallest amounts paid and this check will take a chunk out of the rest. I am mad and disappointed on several levels regarding the whole mess.

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  22. Hmm. My California state tax refund still isn’t showing up — when I check, says no record yet of its being received. It’s been 2 weeks (at least) since it was e-filed, I believe. I emailed the tax guy a couple days ago for confirmation but haven’t heard back from him. I’ll have to call him I suppose.

    I received a folder with hard copies, but don’t know if the filing date would be on there, it should though. The federal we were holding for July 15, but the state should have gone in. When I saw him on the first Saturday in March to drop everything off, he indicated the state would go out by the end of that month so I could get the refund quickly.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been as confused as I am this time about what or whether things have been done and when. I wish he could send me a plain-english note/text/email. I know I must strike him as high-maintenance, but I think we’re not communicating well and I just need to make sure everything’s in.

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  23. yeah, my taxes are done, but I am not sure if they are filed. The irs has not taken the payment out of my checking account, which tells me it probably has not been filed. Not something that we talked about.

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  24. I grew up without a dishwasher. In my teens we moved to a home that had one, but we only used it on Sunday (that was the day Dad had washed dishes, so it didn’t save us kids any work) and Thanksgiving (that did save us a lot of work). When company came over, the policy was that if they offered to help wash dishes, we were to say, “No, thanks, I’ll do it” and only accept help if they offered a second time.

    Do you know that adults never, ever offer a second time when a child says politely that she actually “wants” to do the dishes herself? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Anyway, I’ve had a dishwasher very little of my adult life, and I’ve never really liked them. In Nashville I took it out and put a small freezer where it had been. In our house up north we didn’t have one. My last home in Chicago didn’t have one. That’s 23 years straight without one. But my husband wanted one, and after a while we replaced the broken one here. But since it isn’t my thing and dishwashers confuse me (I never know if they’re “clean” or “dirty”), my husband has taken over dishwashing. (We used to share the load, with me doing more than him but him doing some. When the girls lived with us, I wanted to have that be their job, but my husband and I still did it most of the time. If it was their job, I wouldn’t do it for them, but he would.)

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  25. Yes, dishwashers use less water. But unless you rinse them when you are done using them, the food dries onto the plate/pot and often does not come off in the dishwasher, so you’re lest with dried on food, especially cheese. As mumsee sad, it’s sanitized, but who wants to eat off a plate that has cheese baked onto it? So, in the long run, you use the same amount of water with a machine as by hand, but by hand you can actually see if the plate is clean.

    What I’m saying is, there are advantages and disadvantages to either.

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  26. Just watched the Bible project videos on Zephaniah and Haggai, the two books that I studied this week. The videos are so good and concise. And the pictures really help it to stick with me.

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  27. I just mailed a birthday package to our son in KY. I sent it FedEx and it is supposed to get there Saturday but…they will not guarantee that it will…? 15 dollars to send an 8×10 envelope and it weighed next to nothing. I do have a tracking number as if that does any good?!
    I took the car through the car wash and I was the only customer on this fine Spring day. Two fellas were standing there waiting for something to do…I tipped them well ๐Ÿ˜Š
    I then drove across the road to Sprouts…I went in the โ€œwrongโ€ door and met up with two gentlemen as they exited and both were laughing asking me โ€œhey where ya goingโ€?! There was no sign on the normal entry door telling us not to go in so I was just all backwards today!! We all had a nice chuckle over it…and I had on a mask ๐Ÿ˜ท
    I am in the habit of rinsing off dishes before placing in dishwasher but our manual says not to do so…but we are on septic and I scrape off the dishes in the trash first getting most junk off then rinse in the sink.
    On cold winter days I enjoy washing dishes in the sink…it warms you up and is quite enjoyable for me…soothes the soul ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  28. I hate to UNload the dish washer and put them away. Now I have to time when to do it because I have a little help who likes to hand me the breakable dishes on the lower rack. “Here you go Mimi”.
    When BG was a little girl and even older she had no interest in helping me around the house. She hates to unload a dishwasher almost as much as I do. She didn’t play with baby dolls much either. I do have this vivid memory of her bringing me Bitty Baby in the doll stroller. She had her “pocket-purse” on her arm and said, “Watch the baby. I’m going shopping”. We all laughed about it because it was sooooooo cute. It was a foreshadowing of what was to come.

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  29. Sadly my dishwasher un-loader is probably leaving for college in the Fall, if things go as planned, but who knows with this stupid virus. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I will now have to handle all of it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I’d ask the cats for help, but they’re generally unreliable as household help. Truth be known, they’re a bunch of freeloaders.

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  30. I have a basin filled with soapy water in the sink the dishes slide into to soak, slucie off, whatever, before going into the dishwasher.

    I can’t stand these dishwashers that require ME, of all people, to take apart the interior to clear a filter. I managed to live happily with a dishwasher for most of my adult life until the fancy Bosch demanded action.

    Mr. Engineer explained that with the downgrading of soap–taking out the phosphates–washing in general became more problematic. The soap just doesn’t “work” as well.

    Appliances are not made to last more than 4-5 years (I’d never had a refrigerator fall apart before!) and that’s even with caring for them as we do.

    He researched dish soap and determined that whatever they sell at Costco is the best product–the plasticine cubes. That’s what we use and it’s better, but still . . .

    Yesterday I used “dishwasher cleaner” in an attempt to encourage what I have. So-so. It IS quiet, so that’s splendid. Everything else? Sigh.

    You all, however, are giving me hope. Maybe it isn’t just me? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  31. That’s the advantage of having Mr. Engineer in the house 24/7 (except for his Mr. Fit hour each morning). He “solves” all my problems. Some are terrific–“why didn’t you tell me you wanted an electrical outlet in the bathroom?”)–some are frustrating, and some are life savers.

    I thanked him this morning. We’ve been trying to get my computer system–new computer, etc.–working since January. It’s ridiculous it took this long, but it appears we may finally have solved the last problem.

    BackBlaze for the win for automatic in-cloud backup.

    Broken things keep him occupied . . .

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  32. Yes, Kim, every hour of every day. I am surrounded by work emails about the latest protocol, reading about how many health care workers get it, researching the actual numbers myself, and the very real fear that I will bring it home and infect my family. I do all of the safety things, change my clothes at the end of the shift etc. I do rely on God, but he doesn’t keep everyone from getting ill. He does provide for all of our needss. I just feel unequiped/too tired emotionally and physically to go through another big health crisis.

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  33. I personally do not believe it takes the same amount of time to wash a load of laundry by hand as to use the washing machine but I have no idea as I have never actually done it.


  34. Well, I love the dishwasher, never had one before this house, either, but would not want to be without one.

    Working from home, though, makes it easier to just wash a dish as I use it rather than let it stack in the dishwasher … and I hate clearing the dishwasher out, too, putting away a full load of clean dishes.

    One story is in, another short one to do then I may call our coyote researcher to see if she has a story. They’ve managed to gps collar 5 coyotes in recent weeks/months so maybe that’s enough to be pretty interesting. Another reporter on the staff call this morning said he’d seen a photo of a coyote standing alone on the Esplanade — the walkway along one of our more popular area beaches that remains closed — so he was going to try to find out who posted it to see if we could use it.

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  35. Economic expert I interviewed call the Covid-19 outbreak a “once-in-a-generation” kind of event. All in all, a very big deal on many fronts.

    This is free:


    The Book of Job

    In this series, Dr. Derek W.H. Thomas walks us through the book of Job and considers what the Bible says about our darkest moments. He addresses the difficult question of the relationship between Godโ€™s sovereignty and the existence of evil, sin, and suffering.


  36. Oh, it was a “once in 100 years” event I think he said.

    He also suggested, in musing about long-term changes it could bring, that the stimulus money could perhaps open the way the guaranteed income concept — now that it’s something people have kind of experienced. But not me yet, still waiting for mine.


  37. Kathleena @ 11:25
    Thanks much.
    I spent the day mostly trying to get my glasses fixed.
    It is very difficult for a man who has been self-sufficient for most of his life to adjust to depending on someone else.

    Seems so unnatural.

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  38. waiting for mine, too. Glad to hear that I am not alone. I went to the irs site and it said that folks getting SS were not listed.


  39. LA Times headline (behind a firewall so I don’t know what the article is really about), that made me laugh: “Dirty money piling up in L.A. as coronavirus cripples international money laundering.”

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  40. I don’t rinse all my dishes. You aren’t really suppose to unless it is acidic and may damage your interior depending on what that is made of. I seldom have dirty dishes, although I tend to crowd the silverware and may if something is spooned together. I only wash them when the machine is full. I don’t believe it takes as long as hand washing. I have to put the dishes away whether I hand wash them or use the machine.

    We got our money awhile ago and we are both on SS.

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  41. To me, emptying the dishwasher is no big deal. It only takes a few minutes.

    Usually, I run the dishwasher in the evening, every couple nights or so, not every evening. I don’t use the dry cycle, but when the washing is finished, I open the door, stepping back a bit to let the steam out. Then I wipe off the puddles that may be on the tops of cups or glasses on the top shelf, and leave the door cracked a few inches. By morning, everything is completely dry and ready to put away.

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  42. Nice golf course walk this evening. It was much cooler so I actually was walking briskly. Tomorrow will be my last chance before the golf course reopens on Friday.


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