16 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 4-25-20

  1. Trump needs to realize that a President can’t make any statement in jest.
    He ought to know that, because other presidents (except Obama) have had to endure people taking out of context and misquoting.
    I’ve said a dozen times. Trump’s mouth is his biggest problem.
    (Biggest asset, too when he uses it right.)

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  2. I’m not holding my breath on that one, Chas. And I saw the comment, it didn’t at all sound like he was making it in jest. Dr. Birx’s speechless reaction spoke for most of us. The guy just says some crazy, weird, cringe-worthy things.

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  3. I drove my car to the store for the first time in two weeks. Nothing interesting on the radio, so I punched my disk player. Christmas music.
    I need to change that when I get time.
    Maybe next time I have my car washed.

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  4. I think Trump just tends to “think out loud.”

    That’s OK to do if you’re sitting around the living room with friends & family; but not so much if you’re speaking to the national media and are being broadcast live. You’ve just got to know it’s going to be a glaring headline before you’re even finished talking.

    It’s a discipline (and wisdom) issue. But after 3+ years in office, I doubt any of this will change.

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  5. Thinking before you speak beats “thinking out loud”.
    A politician (and though not a politician, I practice it) should never speak ill of anyone where it could be repeated by friend or foe.
    Just don’t say anything bad about a person. It never helps and can always come back.

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  6. Nor say anything that can so easily be misconstrued and has not been thought out before it “goes” out. It’s part of the twitter age, I suppose, and the president loves Twitter.

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  7. I always wonder what he’s distracting people from when he makes such random comments.

    🙂 Warm weather – I sat in the hammock reading for 1 ½ hours today. The garden area is clear of snow and we really only have snow now where it had been ploughed into piles.

    🙂 Progress on the house

    🙂 Good news that we’re slowly sending our province back to work

    😦 Still no idea of summer camp. Many camps are planning on doing virtual camp, but that just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s NOT camp!

    🙂 There is hope as camps are in phase 4 of opening up depending on how the first 3 phases go.

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  8. Trump, however, did not tell anyone to drink Lysol or any other disinfectant. That came from the media and seems just as foolish, IMO. The gotcha questions get very tedious and not just for the President.

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  9. Yes, but wise political leaders realize that the media’s role is an adversarial one — and in this case, yes, a go-after-Trump role has been adopted.

    Pence understands this, he deals with the hostile media masterfully and politely but firmly and clearly.

    Trump, on the other hand, takes the bait, every time, gets into a spat and leaves most of us shaking our heads over the mess and confusion that then ensues.

    Both sides are continually caught in the hamster’s wheel to the detriment of the country.

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