58 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-24-20

  1. It is Friday indeed.
    When I look back on what is accomplished this week, I can count them all with my fist closed.
    None of you remember when people listened to stories on the radio. But there was a guy in a program, -I don’t remember the program, or the guy who said it-. But this guy used to say:
    “Lord, I feel so unnecessary>”
    Amos and Andy?
    Lum and Abner?
    I don’t remember.

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  2. “From out of the past come the thundering hoofbeats of the great horse silver.
    A roar of hooves. a shot rings out.
    And a hearty “HI Ho Silver!.
    The Lone Ranger rides again.”

    Most of you don’t know what that does to a ten year old boy.”

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  3. Good morning. I remember Hi Hi Ho Silver!
    When Wesley was young he listened to all the Adventures in Odyssey stories on the local Christian radio station. Probably most of the parents here have heard those stories on the radio. I really loved having that special listening time each day. We still have the falling apart Adventures in Odyssey Bible.

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  4. I remember Amos and Andy but not Lum and Abner. It is a long stretch to remember Amos and Andy. I have only a picture of them but no recall of anything from the episodes.


  5. Twelve year old likes to listen to Adventures in Odyssey on her radio. Others enjoyed that and Ranger Rick. I enjoyed Paul Harvey. Lone Ranger was on tv, I don’t remember if it was on the radio.

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  6. Good Morning Everyone. I posted on FB yesterday that I think I have Covid ADD. I sit at my desk and do things but at the end of the day I don’t see that i have accomplished much. I am working until noon today and then I am going to clean this house. It is a mess!!!!

    I have two closings next week and then I will have to start scrambling again. I am very thankful for them.

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  7. Peter, I still watch re-runs of Hee Haw, and I remember String Bean. But I don’t remember seeing him.]
    One thing that confuses me about that program (except the canned laughter getting in the way of the joke) is that Roy Acuff keeps showing up, but has never appeared with the actors on the program.

    I never watched much TV until I retired. The first (I think I told this before) TV I saw was in a store window in New Orleans while I was waiting for connection to San Antonio for basic training. I didn’t see much TV in the service. When I got out, my parents had a TV set, but I was off to USC Columbia. I went to school and worked part time at the SC Highway Dept for one part time job. And after work, I stopped by a cafeteria and put away stock that had arrived. My pay for that job was free meals.

    I really didn’t watch much TV at all until I retired. There was always something going on.
    So? I don’t have any favorite programs and don’t remember much of what was happening. I doubt that I missed much.

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  8. Today is a math problem. If you write the date as day/month/year you get 24-4=20. Or if you write it as year/month/day you get 20+4=24.

    Yeah, too much time on my hands.

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  9. I have trouble focusing, too, Kim. It reminds me of life during/after the fires. I could only stay “on task” for short bursts–or read fiction!

    Even though I’m up early, I don’t seem to get around to the actual “deep writing” until later. I’m making progress but not as fast as I’d hoped. 😦

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  10. We picked up one of our sons from Summit Ministries outside of Colorado Springs on a Friday night some 20 years ago. We needed to be back in northern California by church on Sunday to say goodbye to our pastor, so we decided to drive straight through. We had three drivers, why not?

    We’d visited Focus on the Family and bought a bunch of Adventures in Odyssey. To keep ourselves going we listened to the 23 straight episodes. By the end, we hated Chris . . . and I’ve seldomed listened to them since!

    The Adorables, however, fall asleep to their CDs every night.

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  11. I enjoyed Adventures with my children. What I didn’t like was when they made videos and they were all cartoon characters. When you listen, they are real people, so seeing them otherwise just wasn’t right.

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  12. Lots of activity next door this morning, police, paramedics all there. Not an emergency from the sounds of it, just another ‘call’ (not unusual there, one of the sons has drug issues). Probably trying to get him taken either to the hospital, before the paramedics arrived I heard one of the kids shouting “I’m not going!”

    I feel for the mom. This is a semi-regular occurrence. Prayers.


    It’s all over, guess the one son was suicidal, quite a few police were on hand parked up the street (probably because he has a gun? at least he used to have one) but all’s well, paramedics took him to the hospital – mom was upset as she couldn’t go with him due to coronavirus precautions, but at least he’s being treated and watched.

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  13. Morning! We had more rain showers overnight and it was quite humid in this forest this morning.
    When the kids were little we listened to Adventures in Odyssey every evening then the old time radio show that came on after that…the kids loved it!
    I have not been focused for the most part and at times feels as though I am a hamster on the wheel in the cage. Just spinning my wheels!!
    I did pick up a book at Sam’s the other day “Becoming Mrs. Lewis”…good and not so good reviews but I am enjoying it thus far….

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  14. Waiting for the morning staff call to begin … weird notice that went out from the coast guard today about an unusual number of oil tankers sitting off the coast today, they’re monitoring … ?

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  15. I have bought lots of those audio stories for my grandchildren. One grandson is past his mid teens and I still buy him audio books. He listens to them when he is going to sleep; sometimes over and over.

    I had the virtual visit that wasn’t. I was waiting for the virtual visit for almost 45 minutes when I decided maybe I had done something wrong. That led to me hitting something that ended the session. While trying to get back the doctor called. Then I was on Zoom, but I could see her. She decided to conduct the visit by phone while she tried to get on. The visit went on by phone and she never did get on. I was thrilled that I was able to do it, while she had difficulty. Not that I wanted her to have difficulty, but I am always so sure someone else knows oh, so much more than I do. Especially someone this well educated. 😀

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  16. I worked this morning. Finished an Eric Dowdle puzzle and had lunch. I’m now going to rip the gross carpet off of the stairs!! I’m so excited to get rid of the grossness.

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  17. It has been heartening to read on the local Facebook pages about people helping each other out. There is a lady who organizes putting together a daily “Community Cooler” with various foods for anyone in need.

    Today’s offerings are: cereals, pb&js, hard-boiled eggs, tuna sandwiches, pepperoni sandwiches, ramen noodles, bagels w/cream cheeses, granola bars, cookies, assorted chips, cheese crackers, peanut butter crackers, fruit cups, craisins, apples, carrots, raisins, oranges, small bags of candy, juice boxes, and bottles of water.

    With help from some others, she puts this cooler out every day. (I would guess it is a large one to hold all of that.) Others are busy making masks, or doing shopping for people who can’t get out.

    There is also a longtime local ministry that gives food packages to people every Saturday. I think they are still operating through this.

    Today is the first of two back-to-back doubles that Nightingale is working. (She leaves at 6:40am and gets home around midnight, but sometimes later.) She will also be working on Sunday and Monday, so she won’t be able to sleep in until Tuesday. She only gets about three or four hours of sleep when she works a double and also has to be up for work again the next day. I am praying for her stamina and energy, and that in her sleep-deprived state, she doesn’t make any serious mistakes.

    From my perspective, since I am usually still asleep when she gets ready and leaves in the morning, it will be as if she is gone for three days, since I won’t see her again until Sunday late afternoon/ early evening. Boy may see her in the mornings, as he often wakes up when he hears her moving around.

    Glad to say that she left us with some delicious leftover homemade pizza which should be enough for dinner tonight and tomorrow night, as well as three loaves of banana bread. And we are stocked up on anything else we may need. Boy has been good lately, entertaining himself. I just have to keep reminding him to brush his teeth in the morning and at night. 🙂

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  18. A couple months ago on Facebook, Michelle had asked a question about prayer. Here is part of my reply. (I had copied my reply and saved it to an email, to share here, but kept forgetting to do so.)

    “Although I have prayed those quick, conversational prayers in the course of a day for years, since Leon’s death I have felt a deeper intimacy with our Father, so that I find myself “chatting” with Him a lot throughout the day. Almost every time I talk to myself about something, I find that it quickly turns into talking to God. 🙂

    Often, especially while lying in bed at night, I get to “chatting” about various little things that are not particularly important, things we would find ourselves talking to our husbands or friends about. Sometimes I then wonder if I am being too casual with the Lord in doing so.”

    To add to that, sometimes I catch myself chatting away, often in a “thinking out loud” sort of way (but not always literally aloud), and think that I’m wasting His time, or He must be bored with me. At such times, I wonder if I have crossed a line between casting my cares on Him and being irreverent. I certainly don’t mean to be irreverent.

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  19. Last night I dreamed that I had cancer, and I had asked the doctor, over the phone, how long I had left. He replied that I only had three or four hours left, which puzzled me since I was still walking around and doing things, but I believed him.

    So what was the first thing I did, knowing that I only had a few hours to live? I got on this blog to say goodbye to you all. LOL!

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  20. Kizzie, you choose to talk to God. There are always others you could choose, but you choose Him. I think He places high value on that. I suppose you could add a bit of listening time in between comments out of reverence, but you read your Bible each day and that is His time to talk to you. You are casting your cares upon Him knowing He cares for you. Sometimes our cares seem like little trivial things in the grand scheme, but He has made it known that he cares enough to count the hairs on our head. Has that ever seemed important enough to any of us to attempt? I think not. That is what makes me know He cares about our little things.

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  21. I got as far as laying pattern pieces on my wool for next project. I need to iron them on, then cut them out and pin them on my wool background. I am so unmotivated. But neighbor has just sent a text to walk so I must get myself out of this chair and head out. I think another cup of coffee might do it! 😊
    And yes Michelle I already have a knot in the gut at where this may be going in the book…I do not want to think less of Lewis but I fear I am going to be so disappointed! Bubble burst!! 😳


  22. We’ve never had a good radio in the house, so I discovered Adventures in Odyssey in the car many years ago. It played daily while I was on my way home from work. I listened to it for my own enjoyment for a long time before we got recordings to share with the children. It was great for long family car trips.

    Do they still make new ones? I’d still be listening but it’s no longer on the radio when I’m driving home.


  23. We’re getting our every-other-week personal shopper making a trip for us in the morning.

    We’ve been well stocked enough that we haven’t asked him to get much, and nothing in the way of sweets (unless a bag of brown sugar counts). But tomorrow’s list includes ice cream and sorbet. 🙂 We still have some from last year, but they’re on sale and it’s time to start the 2020 ice-cream season.

    A couple of days ago we drove by a local and largely undiscovered beauty spot to see how many cars were in the parking lot. When we’ve visited, there have only been one or two other cars, but more people are going out walking these days with other forms of entertainment shut down. Anyway, the parking lot was full at noon earlier this week, so today we went at 8:00 or so to get ahead of the crowd. We were there a couple of hours and only saw two other people, and were able to move well off the trail both times to let them pass. And because we had a good amount of rain yesterday, the water was flowing with force and beauty–but the trail was super muddy and it was a real workout. Periodically we would scrape our shoes, because they were picking up enough mud to be heavy! It was a treat to get out, though, farther away than the trails in walking distance from our home.

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  24. Boy and I had salad with our pizza. Nightingale has been buying salad kits from Aldi that we all very much enjoy. Tonight’s was Asian Caesar.

    At lunch, I finished off the homemade coleslaw that Nightingale had made. I am picky about my coleslaw. This one was good, not too vinegary, but not creamy, either. (I spruced it up by adding a little bit of Ranch dressing. Nightingale would be mock-offended by that, so don’t tell her.)

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  25. Two stories, a long, frustrating day.

    I moved to the back den/office room from the front of the house (too much in the sun) to work today as it’s a tad cooler and there’s a working ceiling fan in here. And the chair is cushier.

    On the down side, the cheap battery wall clock that I bought at the first of the year, I discovered, is not working. Or it’s on pandemic time, perhaps, where nothing really changes. The clock reads (now all the time) 4:43. The second hand makes its way to about the ’40’ mark and then trails backward for 5 seconds, then forward again to the 40 mark, then backward again … over and over. It’s stuck. I know the feeling.

    But I kept thinking the day was almost over every time I looked at the clock.

    I’m going to make a salad even though the work day isn’t quite over yet (but almost), no matter what the clock says.

    The house is too warm, in the 80s, with no cool ocean breeze outside today.

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  26. It’s in the sixties here and down to the forties tonight. It just feels too cool. I even feel chilled with my hoodie on in the house. Miss Bosley clawed her way up under the thick bedspread for her nap. She likes the feeling of being in a tent when the weather is chilly.

    I have not felt well today and was a bit worried until I checked to see if ligustrum had started to bloom. Yes it has which explains my congestion, irritated eyes, and a tickle. I drank some chamomile tea and that helped my allergy symptoms to clear up for a while. I don’t understand how chamomile works. It is in the ragweed family and seems like it would cause allergies, but somehow it clears a stuffy nose. I do notice it seems to also work somewhat as a diuretic so maybe that is how it clears the stuffy nose.


  27. Pizza and salad sounds divine. I did buy some vanilla ice cream to mix up with orange juice to make the drink that Chick-fil-A serves seasonally. We love it, and I can make it as a surprise for Art.

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  28. We had pizza and salad tonight as well. My doctor was glad to see my cholesterol numbers were so much better than last time. I told her it must be because of all the home cooking. 😀

    Yes, Kevin, I do believe they are still making those audio stories.

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  29. Janice, could you explain how to make the orange and vanilla drink? I’ve had something like that as a frozen bar (creamsicle) and as an Arby’s shake, but not as a drink. (I don’t think I’ve had it at Chick fil-A.) It doesn’t sound like something my husband would like, but that I would.


  30. Kizzie, Mrs B was just asking me how you all are doing and wondered about the legal situation with Mr X. Last I remember he’d left the area. Did the court action about custody and visitation ever conclude?

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  31. I’ll try a new battery. I lived with it today. It’s still 5:43, in case you were wondering what time it is.

    Hot, too hot. My house got up to 88 and is only very slowly creeping down (86 at 8:40 p.m.). I took a cool shower about an hour ago, have several windows open and fans going. It’s been such a cool spring for us that this seems like a big (unwelcome for me) change.

    Temps are supposed to start heading down tomorrow and be back to around a high of 70-72 by Monday. None too soon for me.


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