16 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 4-18-20

  1. Ain’t nothing to do.
    Ain’t nothing we can do.
    Elvera has this expression. I don’t know where she got it, but”
    “sitting here like a knot on a log.”


  2. Chas, I was thinking this morning that more and more, the situation for all of us is morphing into what your life is like – sitting around with nothing to do. πŸ™‚


  3. I have plenty to do. Choosing the best to do is another story.

    My BIL, who often calls because he is bored, was shocked when I told him he may want to take this time to clean his large walk in closet. We moved him and I know how organized I made it. I also know how disorganized he is and what it must look like now. He has called convinced he doesn’t have something and I was able to tell him where it was. Most of us have these kinds of things we could do.

    However, we all need recreational things to do. The arts have a purpose and are a necessary part of life. I think many might be pushed to be even more creative from what I see online.

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  4. I’m thankful I’ve reached chapter four in the writing. Oswald Chambers has just arrived in 1906 Tokyo, so this is fun.

    Before getting to him, I’m going to finish the masks I have been making and close up shop. I need to pick up the living and dining room where my sewing materials are spread.

    I also have seedlings and seeds to plant. The day is full!

    We finally bought take-out last night. My husband has been reluctant so we have not supported my favorite restaurants as I’ve been suggesting. Maybe now I can get a Lepe’s burrito again. There is hope!

    Surge appears to be waning in LA.

    Lots of good news!

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  5. I saw my first local red fox this week, and only the third or fourth sighting in my life. All but one of those sightings have been one or two second sightings of a running fox, but that’s still cool.

    The prettiest week of the year was last week, and this week went downhill in color, in temperature, and in wet and rainy conditions. But it’s still spring!

    I too am finding it hard to focus in this time, but not at all hard to stay busy. I continue to have lots of work, and I could always do housework if I get bored enough. πŸ™‚ I am keeping up with the basics of it, but a spring cleaning could be in order.

    Yesterday I got “bad news” on several different fronts, and it followed a day of hearing about several different people hospitalized for non-COVID issues. (We had someone we knew, but our church prayer time named several other people we didn’t personally know.)

    Overall it has been a week for endurance.

    As I write this, a male cardinal has entered the bush right outside my window, and he is jumping around inside it and making cheerful noises. πŸ™‚

    It’s a good time to know that God is sovereign and that He knows and loves His own.

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  6. πŸ™‚ A drive, we can still go out for a drive. I had a couple errands today so I wound up extending the outing by driving along the ocean cliffs (I was surprised by how many folks were in the park) and the port lookout area (more people there, too, all in masks).

    Interesting, the street corner venders — who usually sell bouquets of flowers — are now selling face masks. Sign of the times I suppose. 😦


  7. Rant: the number of political emails I am getting it seems like hourly. I believe they are all because of the party I am a registered a member of. But this is ridiculous. And is not making me more patriotic at all.


  8. 😦 Politics is rearing its ugly head. Only a matter of time, but I’d hoped we’d hold out a little longer in this particular circumstances.

    😦 I really don’t get not being able to “take a drive” (in my case, it was a long ride home from necessary trips yesterday). Why? You get in your car, you drive around, don’t get out, then go home.


  9. RK – Saturday was the 18th, and today (Sunday) is the 19th.

    Yesterday would have been Hubby’s 65th birthday. Nightingale made a German Chocolate Cake (his preferred birthday cake) in honor and remembrance of him, as she has since his death. (And yes, she made it for him when he was alive.)

    DJ – I have read of some over-reactions and too-strict rules such as that (not taking a drive). Or the surfer who was all alone in the ocean who was arrested. Some people have had car parades for various reasons, but some towns have shut those down, too. 😦

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  10. 😦 Bad design. The new dish-drain I have has a badly designed silverware holder. It is about eight inches by about two and a half inches, and has dividers to make four sections. But the dividers are only about half an inch high, so the middle two are practically useless, with the silverware falling down almost flat.


  11. Kizzie, I forgot (or didn’t know?) that your husband had the same birthday as my dad. (Only he was young enough to be my dad’s son or grandson.)

    I saw someone explain not taking a drive because of the risk of an accident. But not driving a car comes with other risks, including not being able to use it in case of emergency. One cannot legislate away all human risks.

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