69 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-13-20

  1. Morning all. This is the earliest post that I have seen in a while. Is Aj up late?? It is only 10pm here, so not late at all.
    Enjoy your Monday. Easter today does make it easier to remember that it is Monday.

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  2. The header is grass (not lawn grass, thicker blades than that) with raindrops on it. Again, taken with the macro lens on my camera. This was growing near the beginning of my primary walking trail. By “near the beginning,” in this case, I mean actually before it starts, by the street.

    Social distancing had begun, and I was taking it seriously, but not everyone is. So I took a photo or two and wanted to take some more since I saw it was a good subject. But a man came onto the trail and simply stood there, setting his step counter or something, I’m not sure what. So I moved aside and waited for him to move. And waited, and waited, and waited. After several minutes I even debated saying something like “Sir, I’m waiting for you to move on, if you wouldn’t mind moving forward a few feet,” but I just went to my camera and started deleting photos so it wasn’t just wasted time. After four or five minutes, he did move forward 10 or 15 feet, so I moved back to the grass. And he proceeded to do pushups on the trail for several more minutes. No one came along during that time, but it told me how oblivious he was as to the situation on everyone else’s mind, that he’d put his hands and face down to the ground in a public place and basically block access for anyone else who might have wanted to start walking the trail!

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  3. Good morning! We survived the storms and tornados that changed the news subject for about a day. Karen called me at 3 am to tell me we were under a warning and that the alert system horn was going off. But it soon passed this area and we were put on watch for awhile after that.

    I had a nice phone call from Wesley yesterday and my brother called and spoke nicely for a change. He did not tell me, but Art told me that my brother plans to go down to the office to use the computer. Not knowing my brother’s plans while we talked, I told him all about the first responder who had been in without a face mask, and I said they didn’t keep a safe distance because it is about two and a half feet across the desk where people hand papers back and forth. So my brother is fair warned. I just hope our immune systems are somehow co tinuing to be resistant.

    I am so proud of Wesley because he is obeying the guidelines and even having things delivered rather than going out, just to take the safer route. He said he feels sorry for me in knowing what I am going through with the germ factor and those who don’t take it seriously.

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  4. I ws cleaning out my spam filter. Most of the stuff in there was political agencies wanting me to send money.
    But I got a msg from a lady I don’t know. She is somewhere in Europe. Her husband has died and left 13 million dollars. She wants to share it with me.
    All she needs as a bank identification and number so she will know where to send it.

    I thought of making something up and sending it back. But I decided to leave it alone and delete it with the rest.
    Anything else could cause trouble for someone.

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  5. Janice, since the deadline has been extended, can’t the office be closed, or open by appointment only and with requirements of a mask, or anything of the sort? It seems to me like a business owner can set any sort of standards to keep himself and other people safe.

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  6. Good Morning Everyone. I am up and dressed and will have to venture out of the house today to go meet my “new friend Terry”. He is a face to face kind of guy. We are meeting at a title companies office. He is going through chemo so I need to make sure things are safe for him and for me. He is driving me crazy. He talks a lot and goes off on rabbit trails telling me who he knows and what’s what about this and that. I have never had a phone call with him that was less than 30 minutes and I have maybe only said two or three sentences. The things I will do for money!
    Mr. P has a doctor’s appointment today with his pain management specialist. They are having to revamp some things since he didn’t have surgery in March.
    We got video over the weekend of Little Miss dying Easter Eggs. As I have said she has a good, brave mommy to let her bake her own birthday cupcakes and dye eggs when she is only two. I didn’t do things like that with BG. Mostly because her father was/is OCD. Also, I just didn’t think to do things like that. My mother didn’t so I didn’t.
    What’s for supper everyone? Tonight will be Breakfast for Dinner. Hash browns, sausage, eggs, and toast. At least I have a plan.
    Have a good one everyone.

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  7. I’m really hoping this week will be calmer “at” work. I had a dream we were back in some vast, new office space where I wound up taking a 2-hour nap (my bedroom was there, handily) during the middle of the work day and woke up feeling rather guilty. A former co-worker was there (I’ve been texting her, she’s somewhat stuck at her mom’s in Arizona — mom is recovering from a fall but is Christian Science so won’t go to a doctor; this “recovery” has gone on for close to a year now — and now with the quarantines my friend finds herself very stuck). My veterinarian also was there, in and out of the scenes, his office seemed to be adjacent, as was my backyard where I noticed a very large poinsettia had finally taken route. Strange dream.

    So I have a tax question connected to the point that Cheryl brought up — I finally heard back via email from my new (rather non-communicative) tax person who said my state taxes would be filed today since I’m receiving a refund from that; but my federal taxes (which I owe on) won’t be filed until July 15. So is everyone doing that, just taking the full extra 6 months to file their taxes? I mean, it makes sense, since that gives me more time to plan the payment, but … it seemed strange to me that he didn’t bother to call or talk to me about it first. Probably doesn’t matter. But I’m not sure we’ll be a very good match.

    As I said, my former guy was so good, he’d send detailed letters about the taxes and the process, what I needed to do on my end, pre-addressed envelopes for anything I owed, etc. I feel like I’ve had to pull teeth with this guy to say much of anything and I’m still a little in the dark about it all. And I would have thought that state tax would have been filed by now, when I was there on the first week in March he said it should be done in about 2 weeks.

    If he sends me a bill that’s much larger than Chris’s, my former guy, I’ll probably consider just going back to H&R block or something.

    My actual return amount from the state also was less than he’d estimated; and the amount owed to the feds more than he estimated. With Chris, he’d always estimate in the opposite direction so I was usually pleased when I saw the “real” numbers. They weren’t off by a lot from his “guess-timates” but I always knew he’d manage to get my return up and what I owed down a bit by the time I got the final paperwork.

    Why is it Monday so soon?

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  8. “What’s for supper everyone?”

    I’m thinking ham and bean soup with some of the leftover ham. 🙂



    I was up early this AM so I filed my state and federal taxes. No refund or payment, broke even on the state, but we owed a little on the federal. I figured I’d just get it over with and paid it today. I’ve already received emails from H&R Block that the feds and state have accepted my returns. 🙂

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  9. I would have preferred we filed by april 15, but I suppose it doesn’t make a big difference? I just found it odd he didn’t discuss it with me; I’ve had a hard enough time getting minimal responses from him via my emails. It may be just a hard year as he’s taken on a number of new clients from Chris (300 of thereabouts), along with the complication of this virus quarantine, but I feel like he just doesn’t communicate sufficiently. Guess I was spoiled w/Chris being so good at all that.

    I don’t “do” numbers so I’d never, ever attempt to do my own taxes.

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  10. Supper likely will be a frozen dinner in the microwave. I do have bacon and eggs available for breakfast, but will have cereal I think. I’ll need to find some more tuna packets in the cupboard, I know I have some more and that was very good yesterday for lunch.


  11. I have used TurboTax for a number of years. I go through the full interview process to make sure I don’t miss anything. When it was done and I printed the form, in place of the 1040 I expected I got a 1040-SR, “U.S. Tax Return for Seniors”. 🙂 I guess that’s something new.

    When I started using TurboTax it was to take advantage of e-filing. I could handle the forms and instructions and could have done it manually. But now when I look at all the forms and schedules and worksheets TurboTax spits out and try to make sense of the numbers, it seems very complicated. What happened to simplifying taxes?

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  12. Morning! Looks like rkessler and I are sharing the snow around here! We have probably 4 inches on the ground and predicted to get another 4 today. There must be Spring under all that snow!!
    We will have ham leftovers with veggies today. But breakfast for dinner is sounding good right now….so perhaps ham with some eggs and decaf for dinner…especially on a snowy evening 😊 I might even turn on the fireplace!

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  13. I used TurboTax too. It is very user friendly. I had already filed and got a refund before all this hit. Used the refund to pay down some of my loan principal. Now there is a freeze on all student loans for six months, no interest, no payments.

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  14. Praising God this morning!

    Got this email a little while ago from the church.

    Glenn is the gentleman whose family was agonizing over whether to remove him from the ventilator.


    “Hello Church Family

    We wanted to give you an update on Glenn P. this morning.

    Yesterday, on Easter Sunday morning, we were given the wonderful news
    that Glenn was awake! The doctors decided this was their best chance to
    take him off the ventilator and see if he could breath on his own. They
    took the vent out a little before noon yesterday, and Glenn has been
    breathing with just supplemental oxygen ever since.

    He made it through the night without any major issues. He is very weak and
    groggy, but he is alive and breathing and we are praising God.

    Please be praying that he continues to be able to breath. Pray that he
    is able to eat and get out of bed soon as well.

    What a blessing it is to know that God hears and answers our prayers.

    Trusting His grace to be sufficient

    On behalf of the elders of First Baptist Church”


    And thank you to all of you who have prayed for my friends thru this. It means a lot to me. 🙂

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  15. So nice to have some good news.
    I was just fixing my breakfast this morning when I got a phone call. It was a friend who turned 95 last week. We had a good talk.

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  16. Let’s see, breakfast is steel cut oats with frozen blueberries. Lunch will probably be some hummus and then later some smashed avocado on toast with a slice of cheese. and dinner will be Costco’s Kale/broccoli slaw with some meat and lots of cottage cheese added.
    Hey, Chas, you could do my menu.

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  17. That is wonderful news, AJ. Praise be.

    Cheerios for breakfast. The conference call this morning was much calmer, but everyone sounds quite weary. Still, it sounds as if the frantic work pace of the last few weeks might be, finally, winding down, local news-wise. Our reporter following the local hospitals said ER activity is slowing down, beds are available.

    And a good news story out of one of those facilities that he covered yesterday — a man who had been on a ventilator for some time was released, walked out of the hospital and into the arms of his family.

    I have a couple port meetings this week, but nothing on the agendas that look too urgent.

    It’s very cloudy and still cool here (60), which is what our weather is looking like for the rest of this week. We’re having ourselves a very cool and overcast spring.

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  18. So glad for your good news, AJ.

    Yes, Cheryl, those things you said could be done. Do you want to tell Art? I am not listened to about such things. I just bought a book, Unhinging From the Crazy Train, which relates to letting go of the felt need to control people. I’m hopeful to learn something useful in its pages.♡

    DJ, your former guy sounds a lot like Art when things are going smoothly. Your new guy sounds a lot like Art when things get crazy busy and office machines breakdown and no one is there to help him.

    And, DJ, I think he should have asked how you want to handle the Fed portion. We always supply envelopes and instructions for payment. Is he waiting until July to collect his fee from you? If he has no help then he may be delaying getting payment for lack of someone to process that. Perhaps it may help in his showing need for a small business loan to collect from clients later? I don’t know all the details about that so that’s just a guess. Could be some other reason all together. And he could be busy as Art has been in the non tax work of getting financial reports ready for small businesses to take to banks to get their loans. That has added a lot of work on top of the usual work levels for people in the tax business. So it’s a time to give grace to this guy. I think he is overwhelmed with good reason. He may be a regular nice guy at another time. He is probably assuming that most people are not getting regular paychecks now so they don’t want to pay taxes due until July. If you want to go ahead and take care of it then let him know.

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  19. Janice, that book could be helpful for me. I’ve discovered in the last couple of years that when I’m stressed about MY stuff, I get much more upset by others’ messes and how they ‘should’ do things. Learning that has made me a much nicer person (when I realize) and I am able to let people do things their way and not the right way (mine). And, it usually works out just fine and if it doesn’t, it’s not even my stuff, so why worry?

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  20. I too, am thankful for Glenn’s progress. but I have a rant. AJ mentioned “From the First Baptist Church” That isn’t enough, though it’s a common mistake. I know you are north of Maryland, etc. But every town south of there and east of El Paso has a First Baptist Church. I have belonged to the First Baptist Church of Columbia, and First Baptist Church of Hendersonville, NC. (I have to say “of NC” because there is a FBD Hendersonville in Tenn.
    Every FBC has to be a FBC of somewhere.

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  21. What happened to simplifying taxes?

    The government’s idea of simplifying doesn’t seem to be the same as our idea. But the form 1040 was easier this year. Maybe my tax software (Kredit Karma) did the SR for me and I didn’t notice. I did notice only 20 some-odd lines instead of 40+.


  22. Dinner? I don’t know. I will look in the pantry and see if there’s a can of something I can open.

    We don’t always eat that way. Only when I’m in charge. We have a couple of ladies who come to help us, and one of them is a good cook. We enjoy the left overs, so it isn’t as bad as it appears.

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  23. I did all my taxes using TurboTax until the last couple of years. But my eyes are failing me and LindaS comes over to help. I owed both Federal and State some money because I didn’t have so much medical deductions this year.
    For which I am thankful.
    I have already submitted and paid.

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  24. Thanks Janice — I think you’re probably right, this simply is not a “normal” year, and it’s the first year he’s taken on all of Chris’ clients — though he does have 2 other partners, but I suspect they had a hefty clientele as it was. I liked him when we met for the first time and definitely will give him a 2nd year after this (assuming his fees aren’t exorbitant). Have yet to see a charge from him, it may not come until after July. And he’ll hopefully supply me with an envelope at that point … I’ll be in touch with him by phone after we all settle down here in a couple weeks or another month, hopefully.

    Chris’ 300 clients were probably mostly like me — longtime friends, family, etc., and we all probably had relatively few changes from year to year. He worked alone, so it was a lot for one guy, I think, but he was always very efficient and quick to get things back to me (on top of holding my hand and explaining everything through it all!).

    This new guy worked in the same building as Chris, they knew each other well, and when Chris was sick (apparently for a second time) the arrangement was made to transfer his clients to the new firm upon his death. They’d already talked about the possibility during his first illness, apparently, but I didn’t know he’d been ill at all (though it explains why he seemed to age so suddenly in the past few years; especially noticeable since I only saw him once a year).

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  25. Husband uses Turbo tax for our taxes and he had them done and turned in by the first of April…our’s are relatively simple these days. I have no clue how it works 😳
    It is snowing heavily right now and I finished my book which makes me sad…it was a good book but when your are quarantined books go quickly! “Book of Lost Friends”…recommend 📖
    Now to dig around the bookshelf to find another….

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  26. I just looked at the daily stats on Covid around here and was happy to see that the number of active cases has gone down a little bit in our county. Still rising statewide but not as rapidly as before.

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  27. We used to use TurboTax and then one year we were just too busy and we had our friend (a bookkeeper) do them. Well, we’ve never looked back – just throw everything in an envelope – no stress and then it’s done. When we’re both working full time, it was worth the small fee.

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  28. Today’s report:

    LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) has confirmed 25 new deaths and 239 new cases of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). This is the smallest increase in new cases since March 26th

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  29. Kare, exactly, just gather up a few receipts and other items, drop them on someone else’s desk, say “see ‘ya” and watch for it in the mail, already e-filed. 🙂 That’s how I “do” my taxes.

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  30. I’ve rediscovered fresh-caught, single-serve tuna for sandwiches. Mmmmm. Just one left now so I’ve ordered a few more from Amazon.

    And I turned up the package of spaghetti I knew was somewhere in the cupboard. …

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  31. Oh Dj my favorite is to discover the package of spaghetti in the pantry then picking it up from the non opened end….then you get to play “pick up sticks” just like when we were kids!! 🍝

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  32. Dinner/breakfast was good. me P had orange juice and I had Zing Zing Bloody Mary Mix. Like V-8 but with more spiciness.

    My day has been good. It was nice to get out of the house and see people.

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  33. I had a ham sandwich for lunch. I will heat up what is left from the church provided meal of ham, green beans, sweet potato shuffle, and homemade rolls. We already ate the pound cake, banana bread, and Russell Stovers chocolate cross. It’s been a treat extroidinaire to have food I have not prepared. Art has not complained about having ham. My problem with ham is that I could eat a lot of slices, and it’s so salty that I know it is not good slices to have much of it.

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  34. NancyJill, I don’t know why, but Misten just loved to crunch a piece or two of spaghetti, so she’d get to it quickly if I dropped any. I’d drop a half piece on purpose for her–until one day it occurred to me that such a treat just might be sharp enough to puncture something inside if it went down the wrong way or didn’t get digested well . . .

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  35. Keva likes raw pasta too!

    Supper was fried potatoes, corn and roast beef with gravy. All leftover from yesterday’s Easter supper. I love leftovers.

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  36. My dogs don’t “go” for loose, uncooked spaghetti so I need to be careful 🙂 Otherwise, they’re my cleanup crew when it comes to things dropped onto the kitchen floor.

    This package of spaghetti I found had never been opened (I knew I had one in there somewhere!), so a total score. And I have a (big!) bottle of unopened spaghetti sauce in the cupboard also, just no onions (sorry Chas) or meat or garlic to add. Oh well. It’ll do.

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  37. Fly was my doggy vacuum cleaner. Anything and everything that fell onto the floor was scooped up by her in a half second! Lula is a prima donna…she will look at something on the floor and expect us to pick it up for her and even then half the time she just turns up her nose! Brat….

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  38. My mouse has gone crazy. So, we decided to buy a new one before I have another emotional meltdown.

    10 days to get one from Amazon; two days and nearly double the price from HP.

    Best Buy will put one in my car tomorrow, pretty much marching the Amazon price. It’s ready now.

    Interesting times. We really can’t afford to lose local stores, even box ones.

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  39. Wish we still had a Best Buy around here. We lost Circuit City when it went under, Radio Shack and then ours was one of the BBs closed. Walmart is the only local place to get electronics, and I don’t like going there.


  40. hmmm…. I have edame pasta in the cupboard and white sauce.

    I went and walked the golf course again. It is five miles and I was tired when I finished. I went faster this time because I knew where I was going. Sunny and windy. I went later in the day because I knew that they were working on the course earlier.

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  41. Michelle, I was halfway through your post about the mouse before I realized your mouse wasn’t a pet rodent. Though immediately buying a new one seemed odd – if I had a pet that went crazy I don’t think I’d be ready for another one soon.
    (My favorite mouse story was from a co-worker whose cat killed her (computer) mouse. Jealous, I think, that her person paid too much attention to that thing.)

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