51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-8-20

  1. good morning kitty-cat.
    Good morning Aj.
    Everyone else?
    Roll out and do whatever you can do.
    I think I will work on taxes today.
    How’s that for excitement?

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  2. I’ve been awake since 4:30. Amos was patient and we got out of bed at 5. Now it sounds like Little Miss and Papa are stirring so I will check in with you later.

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  3. Good morning. Four thirty is my usual wake up time, though it comes three hours after yours. Still dark here, though the sun is expected in the near future. As is the Son.

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  4. Yesterday I was able to not only plant seeds (carrots, chard, spinach and beets) but I also got the z track out and got some mowing done. Earlier, son had been sent out to pick up the junk he had scattered about the yard. He was not terribly successful so will go out again. Lots of twine.
    Today, if it is pleasant out again, I will plant some of the tomatoes I have been growing inside. They will have to be protected, of course, as tomatoes don’t do so well with snow on them.

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  5. I’ve been awake since a little after six. I checked email and ended up doing a critique on a friend’s story. Then I prepared Art’s eggs and saw him off to work.

    I have my Bible study in a little while and my friend Karen will be attending online. I hope the level of Bible knowledge in the group will spur her onward to learn more and not make her feel overwhelmed.

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  6. Whenever I try to sleep in, I have nightmares. Not necessarily related to the pandemic, although one last week was. This morning’s was work related. Things are still odd at work. Because all elective surgeries have been cancelled, we do not have post-op patients, because all seniors are supposed to stay home, we have moved most of our seniors to home visits (there are a few who still have chosen to come in). That leaves those on chemo, those on IV antibiotics, and the occasional younger person with wounds. So patient volume is very low, and we are wondering if they will reduce the number of nurses. The numbers of those with the virus, thankfully, are still low in the community where I work, and by all accounts, the regional hospital has the situation well in hand.

    Not so, of course for the community where I live. Nearly half the residents in that nursing home have now died. The nursing home I trained in years ago was built on much the same lines as the one where the outbreak is. There were one or two private rooms for those who could afford the higher price, all the rest were ward rooms with four beds, or semi private with two beds. There was no way to isolate patients. Nursing homes are private facilities in Ontario, the cheaper alternative to retirement homes, so those seniors whose pensions will not pay the 2000+ per month for a retirement home, end up in the nursing homes. There has been an effort, in the newer nursing homes, to make private rooms, but the older homes (the one where I trained was at least from the 1970s) are not set up for people to live. They are more like institutions.

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  7. This is very interesting information. One aspect really stood out to me as helping explain why a relatively common cardiovascular condition, hypertension is AT a high risk for COVID-19: https://directorsblog.nih.gov/2020/03/26/genomic-research-points-to-natural-origin-of-covid-19/

    ‘The genomic data of the new coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 show that its spike protein contains some unique adaptations. One of these adaptations provides special ability of this coronavirus to bind to a specific protein on human cells called angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE2). A related coronavirus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in humans also seeks out ACE2.’

    Angiotensin converting enzyme is produced by the lungs to convert angiotensin, a hormone produced by the kidneys, into its active form. Angiotensin, as its name suggests, acts on the adrenal glands, the brain, the kidneys, and the blood vessels to raise blood pressure.

    One of the medication classes used to treat high blood pressure are the ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibitors, identified by the suffix -pril (e.g. lisinopril), which block ACE, preventing angiotensin from being converted to its active form. Among the side effects of ACE inhibitors are a dry cough and difficulty breathing. Those with such side effects should be switched to a different blood pressure medication.

    If COVID-19 is binding to the same enzyme, that is going to increase such effects. Scientists are already recognizing the possible link:

    Of course, if anyone is taking an ACE inhibitor, they should never abruptly stop. That would dramatically increase the risk of death by stroke as the blood pressure would rebound dangerously.

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  8. Good morning! I got quite a bit of school work done yesterday. I am going to try to tackle the taxes today and plant the pansies my daughter got for my birthday.

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  9. So, like Mumsee, I’ve been reading Revelation— the last two weeks. Today I’m in Rev 13. I have to pray before I read these chapters for particular discernment because they make me uneasy— owing, no doubt, to The Late Great Planet Earth, which I read and led to my conversion 48 years ago. (Hey! How did I get that old?)

    The Lord in His mercy, however, has given me this Enduring Word Commentary with which to examine the Scriptures which has helped. Coupled with the Bible Project which also has helped calm me and engage my MIND not past fears.

    Today, I noted this:

    “the emphasis on signs and wonders among some Christians is frightening. Some Christians say or think, “You can really know where God is and where His power is by signs and wonders.” Thinking this way is to leave yourself wide open to deception. “

    I’ll write more about my reaction to the woman in the sky from yesterday’s Rev 12, after I brave/survive my trip to the pharmacy (wearing a new mask and archival gloves) to pick up my BP meds. 😦

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  10. I’m going with the ending of this morning’s commentary!

    “Instead of obsessing with fear and interest about the imitation – the Antichrist – how much more appropriate is it for Christians to be interested in the genuine: Jesus Christ.”


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  11. Wednesday.

    Cargo volume story to do today, the virus is hitting that sector hard. My LA contact, our former managing editor who now does media relations for the port, is off — he’s an observant Jew and it’s Passover, as I learned when I got the automatic email replay.

    My day started with a call from a community friend who grew up in our town, related to a family restaurant that is legendary. He knew the guy I wrote about yesterday who died, was telling me some great stories of the earlier days. The man’s father was a plumber (at the port for some time) and friend told me his dad used to “pay” him in fish. 🙂

    He made me laugh when he told me that locals who had to cross Pacific Coast Highway to shop north of here thought you needed shots and a passport. They preferred Long Beach where they could just take the Red Car … Why did we get rid of those again?

    I need to get the property tax mailed, will brave the main post office amid the homeless encampment (which I believe now is largely cleared out, thankfully) when I can dash out of the house today between interviews.

    Real Estate Guy had to put his Great Dane, Shaq, down the other day. I talked to him last night, he’s completely still broken up by it.

    Hard times and I think all of the normal sad things are hitting us all harder.

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  12. Mumsee, at this point, one can still turn off the tracking on one’s phone. I do. But it would be in the interests of such tracing data to disable the ability to turn off tracking as otherwise, it would not work.


  13. Remember when I mentioned eighteen had mixed all of her groceries together and threw them out the window? Seems she also tried running it down the drain. Twenty three learned that when she went in to clean eighteen’s bathroom. So I sent thirteen in to take the plumbing apart and get it cleaned out. Sure enough, a thick coat of pinkish papier mache coating the pipes. Son tried to clean out the pipe into the wall but it was clogged so we ran the snake down there. It finally burst through so hopefully we can move on to the next crisis. And thirteen got it all put back together and running. Presumably. I have not checked. Leaving it to him.

    And he did all that despite breaking his glasses by stepping on a rake he had left on the ground and wanted to check if I was correct that rakes should not be left on the ground tines up. He did not mention it but then yesterday, he lost the lens in the hay barn. If it is not one thing….

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  14. A concert that had been planned for Emory’s Swartz Center for tonight had to be cancelled. They sent out a previous recording as a consolation gift to the community. The musicians, a pianist and keyboard player, are from Havana. I did not listen to the whole video but thought some here who enjoy a variety of music might enjoy this. I sent it to Art and Wesley since I knew they would appreciate it.


  15. I went to the post office, bank, Costco,Sam’s and King Soopers. I never want to grocery shop again. I wanted to go into Trader Joe’s but the line was long outside so I hopped on over to Costco instead. They didn’t have all that was on my list so onto Sam’s I went. I didn’t need huge quantities of lettuce and tomatoes so onto King Soopers…home again home again jiggedy jig…. 😊

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  16. It has been more than four weeks (four weeks yesterday) since I have been inside any sort of store, so I have no idea what the situation is here. (A friend has shopped for us twice, and will do it again if we need him to. We are slowly writing a list, but tried to stock up enough that we wouldn’t need much.)

    Michelle, I’m supposed to do my first Zoom meeting tonight (ladies’ Bible study). We’re also doing it for prayer meeting, but we haven’t been involved yet. (Last week I forgot until too late.)

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  17. Full disclosure: I might have, in my younger days, stepped on the rake to make it swing up, but I would have had my hands out ready to stop it from hitting me on the nose. We used to lose lenses out of our glasses as children. The screws holding them in gradually work loose, and being children, we didn’t check them or tighten them. I eventually learned to do so, but my first frames were wired and sautered together by the time I got new ones.

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  18. You all remember the number of glasses we went through. I suspect he was bringing it up to his hand and miscalculated. The frame was broken through so easy for the lens to fall out. had he mentioned it, a spot of gorilla glue might have gotten him through until the new ones arrived. Other than the one attempt to flush glasses, years ago, we have never had resistance to wearing them.

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  19. I once touched a hot iron. Just out of curiosity.

    Two stories done so far. And I emailed my new tax guy to ask him what the heck I was supposed to do with those emailed copies he sent me. 🙂

    I realize that my “old” guy would always include a very clear letter — in plain English — about what he was sending me and what I needed to do (we e-filed but he’d also send the hard copies with an explanatory letter for my files). He’d lay out the amounts I’d be getting in returns, etc. And he’d always include addressed envelopes, both for his bill payment & for either the state of federal taxes I might owe that year. He really spoiled me, I guess.

    This guy communicates in a very limited fashion — as in no communication, just the forms.

    I think I’ll just pay the property taxes online rather than hassle a Post Office at this late date.


  20. Meanwhile, I was the child who, if my parents said, “When you’re a teenager, you won’t be allowed to . . .” I would file it away to remember it. If I was told, “Don’t do this,” I would make sure not to even come close to doing it.

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  21. Dj I thought about paying our property taxes online but they charge 2.5 percent to do so. So that is why I went to the post office this morning to mail that off with our license/tag renewal for our truck. The post office has their doors open so no one has to touch handles and I just slid the mail in the slot of the outgoing mail. I tried not to touch things while out and when I did I pulled out the hand sanitizer from my purse. Everyone kept a decent distancing from one another and most had on masks….I did not 😷


  22. I know, I hate that fee — I tried an e-check before but it wouldn’t go through. I’ve been so busy with work that getting out to the post office during the day seemed unlikely; I just gave up and used the debit card, just to get it off my shoulders.

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  23. I once shut my eyes briefly while riding my bicycle on the road. I opened them quickly when I veered into the ditch. I did learn my lesson with very little pain.

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  24. The picture of the bear is one reason I don’t want french doors off my bedroom – we have the perfect spot for them, but…

    And notice the two ear tags? Likely means that this bear has been captured and moved away at least twice.

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  25. My aunt hired me to iron the sheets one time when we were visiting in Los Angeles. I had never ironed anything before. She told me to move the iron, don’t keep it still or it will burn the sheets. I held it still just to see. She was right.

    My parents let me vacuum my room once. I had never vacuumed. They told me to always hold the plug when unplugging from the wall. I gave it a yank. Sparks and smoke. Nothing was ever said but I never was allowed to vacuum again.

    Riding horses with my sister. We crossed a barbed wire fence. She carefully held the wire down and I led the horses across. She said never try this alone. I, of course, raced ahead and tried it alone. The horse got some pretty good scratches.

    I am a very slow learner. This is why God gave me the children He gave me. I know this.

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  26. Well, I braved the store. It is hard to go to a store when you have been home for so long. Then I went to the post office. I couldn’t find my key, but finally found it on the floor of the van. I was expecting a package, but I got the yellow card so will have to go back tomorrow.


  27. Crew member on our Navy hospital ship has tested positive for corona virus. That’s a problem.

    mumsee, you and I would have been trouble


  28. I think mumsee would out-do me.

    We had a cloudburst here a couple hours ago, hammered us for about 15 minutes. Good thing I didn’t take the dogs out as I’d planned right before that hit. It came out of nowhere — we are supposed to have a couple more rainy days but wasn’t supposed to start until after midnight sometime.


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