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  1. Kinsa Data: Shutdown Orders, Not Hortatory Measures, Are What’s Reducing The Spread Of The Virus


    “You know all about the Kinsa “health weather” map by now, but the map doesn’t reflect every bit of data the company has. The Times revealed a bit of non-public info in a new story last night about the encouraging downward trend in fevers that Kinsa’s been observing as Americans keep their distance from each other. The question is this: What real-world events, if any, have had the most profound impact on driving those fever rates down? Most major cities have taken a variety of official measures, some symbolic, others mandatory. You know the drill — informally asking people to stay home, declaring a state of emergency, closing schools, closing non-essential businesses, ordering residents to shelter in place, etc. Are any of those more effective than the others?

    Yep, said Kinsa to the Times. The general public can’t see it on the map but they can match the start of local downward trends in fevers to discrete interventions by local government to contain the disease and see which measures work better or worse.

    Result: The exhortations to practice social distancing don’t do much. The forcible shutdowns do.

    For some hard-hit cities, Kinsa also sent The New York Times fever data plotted on a timeline of restrictions enacted by mayors or governors.

    Those graphs, Dr. Schaffner noted, showed that simply declaring a state of emergency or limiting the size of public gatherings did not affect the number of people reporting fevers.

    But closing restaurants and bars and asking people to stay in their homes produced dramatic results in all three cities.

    For example, in Manhattan, reports of fevers steadily rose during early March, despite a declaration of emergency on March 7 and an order on March 12 that public gatherings be restricted to less than 500 people.

    The turning point began on March 16, the day schools were closed. Bars and restaurants were closed the next day, and a stay-at-home order took effect on March 20. By March 23, new fevers in Manhattan were below their March 1 levels.”



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  2. Pelosi is a total sleaze of a politician.

    Because she thinks what America needs now is another baseless impeachment effort.


    “In case you missed it over the weekend, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi falsely accused President Trump of “fiddling” around and called for an investigation into his handling of the Wuhan coronavirus crisis.

    “President Trump’s denial at the beginning of this was deadly,” Pelosi said during an interview with CNN. “As the President fiddles, people are dying.”

    Pelosi is responsible for delaying a $2 trillion relief package for workers and families by a week after blowing up bipartisan negotiations. She then attempted to insert a long list of far-left, radical agenda items into the relief package. Talk about “fiddling,” Pelosi is the queen of it. She’s proving once again House Democrats aren’t interested in working for the American people. Instead, they’re interested in political power. They’ve also shown the only thing they’re capable of is launching investigations, rather than governing.

    Further, when President Trump took action in late January to ban travel to and from China, Pelosi joined fellow Democrats and accused him of xenophobia. She also criticized the early March travel ban on passengers from Europe, where the Wuhan coronavirus is still raging.

    During an interview with Fox and Friends Monday morning, President Trump responded to Pelosi’s remarks.

    “She’s a sick puppy in my opinion and she has a lot of problems,” he said. “That’s a horrible thing to say.””


    It is, and she is.

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  3. A little history……

    So what was Pelosi doing months ago when Trump was ramping up efforts to fight this?

    Why handing out impeachment pens, of course.

    If the president was distracted, it’s because she was distracting him with her baseless charges.


    “GOP Reminds Pelosi Her Impeachment Obsession Distracted From Wuhan Coronavirus Efforts

    As President Trump was putting together the Wuhan Coronavirus task force in January, House Speaker Pelosi focused on his removal from office.”


    “In response, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) called what Pelosi said “the most shameful, disgusting statement by any politician in modern history.”

    What Pelosi basically stated is that the Trump administration’s handling of the Wuhan Coronavirus crisis will be the Democrats’ new impeachment. This is rather interesting when you consider the House and Senate Democrats’ obsession with Trump’s impeachment and removal was ramping up as the president was forming the Wuhan Coronavirus task force and putting travel restrictions on China in January.

    Several Republicans were quick to point this out:”


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  7. First they infect the world, not they’re ripping it off again.

    China is not our friend. When this is all said and done that lesson needs to be hammered home.


    “China Sends Hundreds Of Thousands Of Coronavirus Tests, Masks To Nations. Many Reportedly Don’t Work.”

    “Communist China, in an attempt to salvage its image over the coronavirus outbreak, has started to deliver hundreds of thousands of testing kits and masks to nations around the world, which reportedly do not work.

    “In Spain, which currently has the fourth-highest number of coronavirus cases in the world, the government purchased 640,000 rapid test kits from China and South Korea as it fights the pandemic,” the Free Beacon reported. “Experts soon discovered, however, that the tests it purchased from Chinese company Bioeasy were only correctly identifying coronavirus cases 30 percent of the time, according to Spain’s El Pais.”

    The Free Beacon added, “The Czech Republic also purchased 150,000 rapid test kits from China, and have likewise found problems. One doctor using the tests found that 80 percent of the kits were faulty and has reverted back to the conventional lab tests, which are significantly slower to process.”

    The Daily Beast reported that Turkey has also had problems with the testing kits that China provided, and that Georgia — the nation, not the state — has canceled its contract with China.

    AFP reported that Dutch officials had to recall 600,000 masks that it received from China because “they did not close over the face properly, or had defective filters.”

    China’s attempts to provide nations with needed equipment to fight the outbreak of the coronavirus, which originated in China, is likely part of the communist nation’s propaganda campaign.

    The New York Times reported in February that the outbreak “undermined” China’s economic and military ambitions, and that the propaganda campaign “suggests the party might be worried about lasting damage.”

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  8. Some good news?


    “The coronavirus may not be as deadly as previously suggested, according to a new study that accounts for cases that were not diagnosed.

    The study published Monday in the medical journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases estimated that the death rate will be 0.66%, which is much lower than figures between 2% and 3.4% that have come out of Wuhan, China, according to CNN.

    Researchers said the lower coronavirus mortality rate was determined by accounting for cases that went undiagnosed — possibly because they were mild or had no symptoms.

    To do this, researchers used modeling based on the number of detected cases among repatriated citizens who were aggressively tested for the virus.

    But in line with other studies, the researchers found that the majority of fatalities are among adults who were age 80 or older.

    “There might be outlying cases that get a lot of media attention, but our analysis very clearly shows that at aged 50 and over, hospitalization is much more likely than in those under 50, and a greater proportion of cases are likely to be fatal,” Azra Ghani, a professor at Imperial College London and an author of the study, said in a statement.

    Researchers noted the death rate for coronavirus is still “substantially higher” than the flu, which leads to death in 0.1% of cases.”

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  9. It’s good to se AJ back.

    Trump spent about two hours on FoxNews, and possibly other outlets, discussing this problem last night. He took questions, from all sources.
    He looked very presidential.
    I can’t think of anyone else who would do that.

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  10. Mike Lindell responds to the $#@hats in the media.


    Like I saw on Facebook….

    “Man, if only the My Pillow guy recorded a video of him singing “Imagine” in his bathroom instead of retooling his factory to make medical gear.

    Then he’d be stunning and brave……”

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  11. AJ — Your first post is correct. Governments need to shut things down and enforce social distance. And even better, world leaders need to role model this behaviour — no crowded podiums, no handshakes, no musings about the economy or the stock market. This has been the focus of my criticism — Trump needs to do something he rarely does, be a role model.

    Its an interesting timeline your posts and tweets represent. However, you can’t credit Trump for anything the CDC did in January and February. In mid-February Trump openly contradicted the director of the CDC and minimized any danger that corona virus represented. Despite the warnings from the CDC and WHO, the US was slow off the mark and has been playing catch up ever since.
    The following presents a timeline of events

    And yes, they will focus on the dismissive statements Trump made rather than other comments or actions. But that’s been the essential problem for Trump — the lack of consistency. Sometimes he lets the experts and sometimes he speaks and tweets.


  12. A lot of companies are retooling to meet the demand for medical equipment. Its strange to bring a corporate owner to a press conference — partly its free advertising but more importantly its one more person at a gathering. Premier and governors are asking people to limit gatherings to 5 or less and yet Trump invites extra people to a press conference. Where’s the role modelling? Will Trump continue to bring corporate CEOs to his press conference — or just a selection — how many on the podium. Social distancing means less people in the room or in the rose garden.

    In your video, the FOX anchor tells the guy to take a “victory lap” . Bizarre.


  13. The President gets lots of credit for slowing travel to and from China and Iran at the end of January. The Democratic leadership responded by encouraging tourism and celebrations in their crowded cities—all while calling Trump racist, xenophobic, blah, blah, blah. As the President showed that he took the issue seriously, yet sought to prevent panic, Democrats could do nothing whatsoever except criticize and whine for more impeachment witnesses. Ditto the media. But I have little tomach for too much finger pointing: the situation is too serious.

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