90 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-31-20

  1. Good morning. I’ve been up since around 4:00. I feel better than I have in a while, and have been getting a lot done so far today.

    May your day be blessed, Wanderers.

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  2. Good morning! In searching the header photo, is the bird swooping down to catch a small creature? I can’t tell on my small phone screen. Can you explain what was happening in that photo, AJ?


  3. Yes, AJ, I don’t think the question of “what is it?” was ever answered. I thought it was an insect, others some kind of bird. It could also be a blue silk ribbon blowing in the breeze.

    It is our first day “back” to school in two weeks, but everything is online or a paper packet sent home last week. The state board of education would not allow any graded work for the last tow weeks. I am supposed to have “office hours” for 8 hours every week until we go back. So, for two hours today thru Friday I need to have my email opened for students or parents with questions. I’ve already heard from 3 students yesterday who evidently thought things started then.

    Oh, and may all Wanderers find grace and peace this day.

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  4. There is not much happening around here except for pollen. I have been trying to memorize a short Bible verse for my ladies’ Zoom group tomorrow. We are in Hebrews, the last chapter, so I chose this from the HCSB:
    Hebrews 13:16
    Don’t neglect to do what is good and to share for God is pleased with such sacrifices.

    I thought I had memorized it yesterday but I did not have the wording just right this morning. I will have another go at it. I felt it was a good verse in these times because it is easy to get caught up in one’s own needs and forget others.

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  5. I am with Linda in that this does not really impact my life as I continue to do exactly what I have been doing. There is the idea of preparing in the event I catch this from daughter and am unable to continue caring for baby. But with husband coming home, at least we will have a potential backup. But in the big scheme, God has even this in His Hands so no worries.

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  6. So, mumsee, is that a felicific event?

    What does felicific mean? It’s the dictionary.com word of the day: causing or tending to cause happiness.


  7. I see on Drudge that April has been canceled.

    It does impact my life. The schedule is for me to take Elvera to the Adult Center for four hours every MWF. Then I go about doing things that need to be done.
    Washing car is a trivial example. But it can’t be done now.
    We do have help coming in three times a week and I can go out briefly, like going to the grocery store, as I just did.
    I notice the tissue isles are still empty. Fortunately I am well stocked on tissue and paper towels
    Otherwise, we just sit around, “like a knot on a log”.

    I did take her out yesterday and we drove around looking at the flowers that are blooming. It did well to get her out. And the car needed to run a while. It hasn’t moved for a week. I may do that tomorrow. Rain is forecast for today.

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  8. Oh, I hear an unfamiliar bird call outside my window. I am curious but doubt I would be able to distinguish what it is.

    Art was concerned about signing the 2 year contract for Xfinity when we can’t get our service. We do have access to hot spots for wireless. And I may get streaming here at home. He mentioned how much less he has made financially than in other years, but I reminded him the season now will be much longer so he can catch up on the felt losses. I told him if he feels the need that he can apply for one of the small business loans.


  9. The sun did not come out but it did come up. A very felicific event but not unexpected. My life is generally filled with felicificnouses.

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  10. Obviously I did not graduate in 1975. What no one noticed and commented on was that I skipped school “more times than I can count”.
    Then is it really skipping school if you go by the guidance counselors office and tell him you are going out to lunch? That was my senior year.
    In 11th grade my parents sent me back to Mobile to attend First Independent Methodist Prison. It had been miserable there for 3 years. When I didn’t go I blamed the fog on the Bayway and wrote a note and signed my mother’s name. I was REALLY good at her signature. I think the people at school knew how far gone she was at that point and let me slide.
    On the other hand, when it came to Senior Skip Day I got the dates confused and went to school. They wouldn’t let me leave so I sent the day in the Assistant Principal’s office.

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  11. Like mumsee and linda, this stay-home routine hasn’t affected me as much as others. I already was working from home for the most part and I also tend to be a homebody, though I miss running around a little bit on weekends, not being able to go out to lunch with a cousin or a friend, not being able to just casually “dash” to the store without contemplating gloves, empty shelves and some kind of a grand strategy to find and buy what I need.

    The paper towels are still dwindling, but I’m trying to conserve them. I tried to buy some rolls on Amazon yesterday but no-go. The only ones that were supposedly in stock couldn’t be scheduled for delivery somehow (all the days I picked form their only options were not available, it) so I gave up on that.

    I am growing weary with work, writing nonstop about virus stories for going on 3(?) weeks now. Everyone’s kind of hitting the wall, you can hear it in the morning conference call. Today I’m writing about the couple who’d been stranded in Peru (they finally made it home this past weekend and I interviewed her for about an hour at the end of the day yesterday) and about a plan to get hot meals delivered to those who need them in our area, something the council office is doing with their discretionary funds. They’ll use various restaurants in town so it may help those businesses also.

    My car isn’t getting driven much either. But the rains we had cleaned it off decently enough.

    I heard from the tax guy yesterday, he said my taxes were just finished up last Friday and were set to be sent in electronically.

    Heard also from a high school friend this morning that she’s been able to return to her night-time job at the Post Office — one of her daughters-in-law, who lives with her, had to be tested for the virus so they were all quarantined, but the test came back negative.

    I watched that 1950s Hitchcock movie “Rear Window” with James Stewart and Grace Kelly the other night, I hadn’t seen that in a long time. Interesting as Stewart’s character, a magazine photographer, been laid up and stuck inside with his broken leg for six weeks — which, of course, led to his spying (innocently) on all of his neighbors across the way in their NYC apartment complex.

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  12. And after “Rear Window,” I saw the first 30 minutes of “Fiddler on the Roof” (it was too late to watch it all the way through), I hadn’t seen that in a really, really long time. So familiar with all the music, though, as we sang those songs in high school chorus.

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  13. I must get ready I have a zoom Bible study this morning.
    I got a call last night and the tree guy will be coming to my property to work tomorrow. So happy to have it somewhat cleared, though expensive.

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  14. We have a VHS of Fiddler and I briefly thought of watching it the other day. I didn’t want to spend that much time, however. I have seen it so often and the play, too. It is a wonderful movie, however.

    My life hasn’t changed much. However, it is never the same to stay home when you want to as opposed to staying home because you must. We could use some items, but I will not shop if I don’t need them terribly.

    I am an introvert, but I still miss seeing others. All my husband’s jams are canceled. So many of these are at senior centers etc. and I am sorry thinking of how vulnerable so many of those people are. However, they are in God’s hands just like we are. So blessed to know the Lord!

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  15. Our gardener came yesterday after missing the first Monday for this month (he’d texted us right after the stay-at-home order in California came down, saying he wouldn’t be coming). I left him his full payment for the month, he’s been very good to me in terms of doing special jobs, like putting in the hot water heater, for a good price.

    Everyone’s overgrown grass looks better now. 🙂

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  16. Fiddler is one of my favorite movies, and my favorite musical. I have a VHS version (2 tapes) but no way to play it. Oh, well. I wonder if it’s on one of the many streaming services that are offering 30 day free trials? Hmm…

    I was encouraged by this passage in my daily reading this morning:
    “You will not fear the terror of the night,
    nor the arrow that flies by day,
    nor the pestilence that stalks in darkness,
    nor the destruction that wastes at noonday.” (Psalm 91:5-6)

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  17. I went grocery shopping this morning.
    What puzzles me is that the tissue – paper towel shelves are still empty. Seems that the would have restocked them after two weeks.
    But it has changed my habitual use. I used to take a paper towel wipe up something and throw it away. Now, I take a paper towel, wipe up something and save it to wipe up something else. The towel industry will pay for it’s supply lag.

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  18. I wonder if the paper towels are initially stocked first thing in the morning and the just are selling out by the time the rest of us get there? I have no idea. I haven’t been to a store in at least a week now, maybe more.

    With 3 pets, paper towels are a big item in my house. And I’ve just gotten used to using them for all kitchen cleanups.

    I’ve started using more dishtowels again, though; they’re easily washed and I have a decent supply of those old-fashioned, really thin multipurpose white dishtowels (with the stripes on each end) that I picked up on Amazon years ago for a low price.

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  19. Power towels have always been a luxury in my house. I have plenty of tags that was and rewash regularly.

    I’m going to the grocery store today, first time in about two weeks. I need fresh vegetables and fruit. Curious how my stomach is tightening and I really don’t want to go.

    I’m going to hunt up a pair of white archive gloves to wear— they can go straight into my darling washing machine’s maw when I come in the mud room door!

    I also carry hand sanitizer in my car. This will be only the third time I’ve driven the car in three weeks. Great gas mileage! Lol

    Am considering trying Zoom with my Bible study ladies simply for an hour long coffee break this afternoon. Since their average age is 75, this will be interesting.

    You do know, don’t you, that you can call into a Zoom meeting, too? I did that to our Sunday School class while my husband ran a Zoom SS class for 2-4 graders.

    Our tenant bought a super fancy computer yesterday great for faster gaming and to learn some online skills in the hope of work.

    I looked at my husband and worried about Internet access: “With three of us on, will we need to ration and set up a schedule?”

    He laughed.


  20. I have a digital copy of Fiddler I purchased and downloaded from iTunes a few years ago. Sadly, it will only play on iTunes. I got a free trial of Britbox. The selection on there is more limited than on other streaming sites, as it is devoted to popular UK series, but I am enjoying a mystery series titled Campion, with Peter Davison as the titular character – he played Tristan, Seigfried’s younger brother on All Creatures Great and Small, and was one of the Dr. Who’s on the original series. Both of those series are also on Britbox.


  21. It’s a tiny little bluebird, wings extended, flying away.

    Continuing to mourn with my church family (about 100 Cheryl)

    We lost another member last night to Covid, and not the one we were most expecting. Some improvements, one new case as well.

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  22. So sorry AJ…and we do hope ya’ll are feeling better. Do you have to call your family doctor for a test? Continued prayers for you and yours ❤️
    I ventured to the post office and then to Walmart. They had everything I needed and there were not many shopping this morning. Some had on masks and I wonder if the CDC mandates we all wear masks just where are we supposed to find them? Or perhaps we are expected to make them? If that is so my family will be looking the stagecoach robbers with cowboy hankies over their faces!!

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  23. I think stagecoach robber bandanas would be more effective than masks. The concern with masks is the touching of the face to adjust, thereby introducing germs. The bandanna covers more so one would think, less touching.

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  24. mumsee in a robber bandana. I like that.

    Lots of people are making the masks now, we have an artist studio where it’s become a project, they do a lot of sewing projects there.

    Yes, there are mixed reviews on the masks, whether they help or can hinder.

    Kind of like paper towels.

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  25. So very sorry, AJ. Praying for you.

    I’m doing so very much better today. Had an online meeting with my coworkers – I’ve never had a work meeting from my bed before 🙂 Yes, I was up and dressed and ready for the day – just not supposed to leave my room (I feel like I’ve been bad). I’m not really complaining because if my being here saves someone else from getting sick, then it is worth it.

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  26. Okay, since you all are “talking” faster than I can catch up (reading several comments at a time, then doing something else for a bit), I’m gonna continue to jump in with my random, belated comments. 🙂

    Janice – (re:your relationship with your brother) I’m so sorry you’ve had that kind of relationship. My own brother is eight years older than I am, and never wanted much to do with me. He purposely missed my high school graduation to hurt me. He was supposed to fly in for a visit, but “missed” his flight. We found out the truth a few years later from his girlfriend.

    But as we became parents within a year of each other (his daughter came first, then my Nightingale came along eight months later), we became friendly at family gatherings. Even so, we didn’t talk on the phone in between times, or even email. Nightingale has described her relationship with her uncle as him being like a friendly acquaintance that we would see at family gatherings. That’s a good description of my relationship with him at that time, too.

    You said that you’re relationship with your brother began to grow closer after your mom died. In my case, my mom’s death in 2010 (Dad had died at the end of 2004) was the beginning of the end. Hubby had predicted that when Mom was gone, they would cut off relationship with us, and I shook my head at that, thinking that would not happen. But nope, he was right. We still got together that Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve, as we had in past years, but when the next year’s holiday season came around, they had other plans, and that was that.

    In the almost ten years since Mom’s death, I have seen my brother three times – that Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, and then at Hubby’s memorial service. And we live in the same small town!

    My prayer for my very different daughters is that they will grow closer, learn to accept their differences without judgment (or at least not much), and stay in close contact when I am gone. Most of all, of course, I pray that they will be sisters-in-Christ as well as sisters in relation.

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  27. This crisis is an opportunity for believers to prove themselves as rational, neighbor-loving Christians, or as kooks and fools. Sadly, at least a couple of my Christian Facebook friends (both of whom I know in real life, but don’t go to my church) are going for the latter. 😦

    I already mentioned several days ago or so about Nightingale’s former friend, Mom-of-5, and her rejection of anything “mainstream media” has to say about the coronavirus (because they all lie). Now a man who was Hubby’s friend has posted something claiming that China created the virus and also had an antidote ready. The post (one of those kinds that someone writes and others share – not an article) goes on to say that China’s economy has not been impacted and is doing great (no, it isn’t), and that there have been no cases in Beijing or Shanghai (yes, there have been). The writer also claims that Russia and North Korea – both friendly with China – have no cases of the virus. (Also not true. Although NK has not reported any cases, they have requested medical aid.)

    It took only a few minutes of googling and skimming to find out that these claims are all bogus. This is the same friend who continually posts false info without checking into it, often transgressing the commandment against bearing false witness. 😦


  28. The recommendation from the doctor at this point is not to test, especially since most of my symptoms have passed. Their recommendation is shelter in place and quarantine for 2 more weeks. While it seems likely at this point we may have been exposed, 2 of the 3 of us aren’t showing any symptoms at all. So venturing out for a test may just expose us, or others, further. I’m to contact them if symptoms change or become more severe. So quarantined we are. 🙂

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  29. Kizzie, you would understand if you realized google is suppressing truth. Only “they” (the conspiracy people) know the real true sources. Trust them.

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  30. Donna, Duke wanders in to see if I’m okay every now and then. If I drop something or knock on the wall, both dogs start barking and run to the door to see who is here (they’re so silly)

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  31. I , with the others, am praying for you Aj.
    Just do the smart thing and settle down for a couple of weeks.
    That’s an order here in NC. Though I don’t know what they would do if we didn’t.
    I went to the store this morning and nobody cared.
    But doing nothing is awfully hard.

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  32. I’ve also seen posts, Kizzie, on the pastor who held a big church gathering with many folks commenting that “they” (meaning Christians) feel they’re “protected.” I think this also drew a comment bashing Trump and the pillow man advising folks to read the Bible, the person said she was a good Catholic and just donated a couple hundred dollars to some coronavirus cause and so she was showing “her” faith in that way. Right hand, left hand. She can put St. in front of her name next time. lol. I like this person, she’s super active in the community and very likable and personable, but she does have something of a “look at all my good works” aspect to some of her postings.

    Anyway, as our pastor posted last week, this seems also to be uncovering the heretic ‘wolves’ in sheep’s clothing out there, something he says America is exceptionally vulnerable to for some reason.

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  33. Chas, for your sake and that of TSWITW, you really shouldn’t be the one going out shopping. Surely there are people in your church who can shop for you, or one of your grandchildren.

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  34. AJ I am sorry you are losing people you know while still wondering if you are also infected. I know 3 people who have it and we have had one death in our small town.
    Mr. P has us on quarantine procedures. I found 3 small bottles of hand sanitizer under my bathroom sink. It seems that all the banks and home inspectors gave them away some time ago in my office. Aren’t i lucky?
    Yesterday we left the house and drove down to the bay with the windows open. Today I had to go measure a house.

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  35. Kizzie, I am struggling with this. A friend from the city church keeps on sharing conspiracy theory memes. The latest meme indicates that the virus was created to coincide with the release of 5G, and the vaccine created will be used to inject ID chips that sync with 5G. It all makes me blazingly angry. I want to reply that such speculation only weakens those trying to save lives by spreading rumours. I certainly would do so face to face, but online, it is harder to convey caring about the person while reproving them for bearing false witness.

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  36. Roscuro, I loved the video! That has been one of the fun things during this “stay home” order is to find the best song parody of the day. My favorite isthe “Coronaville one”.

    Prayers for all of you. A friend of mine lost her grandmother and is unable to go home to Texas for the funeral which was today.

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  37. My favorite conspiracy theory is the the Chinese developed the virus to be an economic disrupter. It will run it’s course in 8 weeks. They didn’t intend for it to get out of the lab, but look where we are. <:(

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  38. I texted my brother today and asked if he was doing okay. He texted back that he was. He then asked if I had settled down. I texted back that I was staying home and following the Golden Rule. In reality, I am the settled one and he has ants in his pants.

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  39. SIx hours after leaving home to go grocery shopping . . . I’ve been back for three. 🙂

    My 2017 “all-electric everything,” CRV would not start and was behaving very oddly–flashed lights, insisted the tire pressure was low, bucked and actually frightened me.

    Per Chas, I wondered if it was the battery since it hadn’t left the garage in 8 days.

    My personal engineer was busy saving the planet, one factory at a time, so I took his car, a 2004 Saturn which apparently doesn’t run on electricity. 🙂

    I spent $400 (but had a 10% off coupon!) but found just about everything we’ll need for 3 or so weeks, along with items for two other non-shoppers. I dropped them off, stopping to chat, and then decided, again, thinking of Chas, that perhaps I should go for a drive to charge up the Saturn battery after I filled it with gas.

    A lovely day, few cars, Saturn was happy and eventually, I wandered home, unloaded and sat down to examine my “sites.”.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Saving the Planet was having trouble with his latest business meeting. “Are you on the Internet?”

    Since I was watching the above video, I logged off and have been restricted ever since.

    He’s done now and I can catch up.

    He reports the car’s battery needed to be charged–which we agreed was weird. I volunteered to take it for a drive (why not? I’ve blown most of the day anyway), but he let it run and said we should be fine.

    I’m so thankful I’m married to such a skilled guy who can, seemingly, fix everything. Thanks be to God–and thanks to Chas for reminding me of the potential battery drain.

    Oh, and the ants are back. Sigh.

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  40. Kim, I don”t watch them all the updates, but I watch some. When I watch the Fox news in the a.m. I always comment to Art about the dresses the ladies are wearing. He never comments back. You would be good to give comments back on the subject. Sometimes I wonder what they were thinking when they wear an unusual design that is not flattering. I also wonder if the ladies coordinate with each other. Do you know? At times it appears they do.


  41. Ants. Mi. Equal parts borax and powdered sugar. Set containers around for the ants
    To find. They will take it bock to the best and all die.


  42. Guess I’d better not teach the dogs to drive. 🙂

    I read where paper towels are more sanitary than cloth towels which get germ-y pretty quickly. Guess that’s why the paper makes sense to me, rather than constantly washing up dishtowels. With what DWP charges for water, I doubt it’s all that more expensive to buy the paper towels. 🙂 But a combination of the 2 should work.

    I’ve filed 2 stories so far today. It’s all getting somewhat monotonous and hard, day after day.

    I haven’t been to the store in some time and have no real desire to go right now. I’m trying to order anything I need online, including food. That’s also an option, Chas.


  43. I’m glad Chas and Elvera got out for a pleasant drive around town, though. That really does help, even though it seems to be part of what they’re discouraging right now (and I can’t figure out why). Maybe just because it looks suspicious, that you’re going “somewhere” and will be breaking the rules. But if you just drive around, see that the world around you still exists, the ocean is still there, so is the beach and so are the trees, and then go home, what’s the harm?

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  44. It looks like I’ll be working from home for at least another month. No great surprise there.
    I got an email from the local YMCA saying their current plan is to reopen on April 8, though that remains open to change as the situation develops. I really don’t expect them to open until the end of April.

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  45. For tonight’s dinner I had the best instant mashed potatoes I’ve ever had in my life. 🙂

    When you haven’t had much solid food for 10 days/2 weeks, it’s the little things that make your day. 🙂

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  46. Kim – On Facebook, I had shared that post that you had shared the other day which warned people to use the stimulus money to pay rent or mortgage, and other bills. YA took umbrage at it, which shouldn’t have surprised me, but did.

    She interpreted it as the writer threatening people rather than merely warning them about the consequences of what could happen. She had a good point that $1200 isn’t going to go far to cover a month’s expenses, especially where rents are high. But YA being YA, she exaggerated, of course, once using a fictional reference to someone needing to buy diapers for their disabled baby. She took the post the wrong way, assuming bad motives, and saying the writer has a money sack where her heart should be.


  47. Kizzie,

    You know I love you, right?

    Now stop playing in the mud with the piggy. You just get muddy, and she likes it. Don’t bite.

    Love ya’ Sister.

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  48. Although YA didn’t get the point of that post, she did bring up something that I have been thinking about, and am concerned about. For many, many people, a month without working is going to be financially ruinous. So many of those thrown out of work – whose jobs may not be there when this is over – are already just barely making it, living paycheck-to-paycheck.

    I am so grateful that Nightingale is still working.

    Have I mentioned that she has been preparing a bit for if she does get sick and can’t work for a while? That is one reason she is working so many extra shifts (although she would want to do that anyway). She has also cooked up a bunch of soups and a couple lasagnas, and put them in the freezer. She put the soups in freezer bags and froze them flat, so we have a stack of soups in the freezer. 🙂

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  49. AJ – Hey, she commented on my post, this wasn’t me commenting on hers. 🙂

    These days, if we do get into a “discussion”, I shake my head and don’t let it bother me. She can still surprise me at times, though, with her tendency to look for offense where none was intended.


  50. 6.5 earthquake in Idaho?

    Does this mean Mumsee remembered her Facebook password? [Joke]

    Seriously, that’s a strong earthquake.
    Tornado in TN, earthquake in Salt Lake City, locust swarms in Africa?

    What a time to have reached Revelation in my systematic reading.

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  51. The Illinois governor ordered all schools to remain closed until April 30. That means we’ll have three weeks to get students ready for final exams. Oh, and as long as the students do the online work we assign they are guaranteed to raise their grade one letter. Talk about grade inflation! I know some will just do a haphazard attempt but not learn anything. Oy, veh!

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  52. Is Yellowstone intact? Family in Boise felt it, especially nurse daughter in the hospital. My brother in Moscow also felt it. We were in a direct line from the quake to Moscow. Still are actually. My theory is too many Californians are bring their culture to Boise. Or Yellowstone. But I did think last days. Earthquakes, tornados, wild beasts killing people, pestilence, locusts, wars, rumors of wars, but those are only the birthpangs.

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  53. I read where a large number of students are not showing up online for their courses. The schools are rushing to get them chrome books and internet access in their homes Oy, veh!


  54. So the earthquake, a six point five, is felt in Idaho and the six surrounding states; but we, in the center of the state, one hundred fifty miles straight line, felt nothing. How did you know about the earthquake? Is my facebook, which I have not used for around twelve years, sending messages ? Bizarre.

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  55. Mumsee, they reported it on the evening news on CBC. My mother had the radio on and I happened to be with her in her room

    I often visit with her and/or read to her in the evenings, as by the end of the day, she has to lie down. I am currently reading Austen’s Persuasion to her, which she has not read before.

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  56. The shaking from a quake can be affected by what kind of rock/earth is under you. Also if you’re busy moving around you might miss it if it’s not too close.


  57. My grandson told me he doesn’t have school for a month at least. I told him I thought he was doing school online. Yes, well, about an hour, but nothing is due for a month. Sheesh! I told him do not waste time waiting for a month to do stuff. Mentioned his summer job that he may miss going to if he doesn’t get his work in on time. Interesting times, indeed.

    I saw that exchange, Kizzie. The post was very sensible. YF is a nutcase who loves being offended. The reality is that people think they cannot live. I can tell you they certainly can and will. The first year long lay-off for my husband took place as I went into the hospital to have a C-Section. We thought it was for a couple of weeks and wondered how we would survive. If we had known it was to be for a year, we would have freaked out. Several weeks and months in between that lay-off and another that lasted a year and we survived. Those and the strikes with no pay. It was stressful. It was not fun. But we survived. It took awhile to get on an even keel again. Many. many are in the same boat. That helps. If you know the Lord, so you believe it has purpose and God knows, cares and acts you are blessed and can certainly survive.

    I don’t, generally, respond to people like YF because they are deaf to anyone with whom they disagree. Like talking to a wall. A better use of my time is to pray and talk to others.

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  58. So the tree guy is coming to my house to trim and cut down some trees. I have been home for so long that it is almost scary to think of going somewhere.


  59. Schools in NM are put for the year. I think schools are scrambling to do some online stuff, but not very organized.

    My nursing school has gone online. Everything is back to the schedule we had before coronavirus. So I get to sit in front of the computer for 8 hrs tomorrow. 😦


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