68 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-27-20

  1. god morning everyone.
    The Sweetest One has been here, inside, for two weeks now. Like a prisoner.
    She looks through the closet for something pretty to wear.
    She has at least six robes and multiple gowns. but women want to dress up occasionally.
    But it’s too much commotion, going to the bathroom, etc if I put her in full dress.
    I may do that someday. But not now.

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  2. I don’t know if you have seen it, but Franklin Graham has a clip on TV asking people to trust in Jesus. He has a phone number to call.
    I trust Graham. But he should tell people that they will not be put on a mailing list or otherwise asked for money.
    So many people are skeptical of televangelists, he needs to avoid that.

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  3. Good morning Chas.
    Mr Manipulative has wrangled it so that Little Miss will be spending the weekend with us. He’s excited.
    He is also excited that he may be helping the city out in an emergency management volunteer role. We had a discussion about small town politics. You all know my opinion—-entertainment purposes only. I graduated high school with the mayor. I voted for her. I have been in some open council meetings when I wanted to tell her to shut up and I would explain it to her later. Someone put it as “she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know”. That can be dangerous.
    Me? I am slowing down. I really haven’t taken any time off since I started this job. I haven’t left the house since Monday. I may or may not leave it today. I have been taking an hour every afternoon to go outside and read.

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  4. Good morning! Sitting in the parking lot waiting for Wal-Mart to open. Interesting times. I will tell what I have learned covid19 wise later.

    I’m glad to hear AJ is better.

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  5. Kim @8:34 – I imagine a lot of parents are feeling that way. As a teacher, I feel like that in relation to doing everything online. Since I teach a language, I need face-to-face contact. But even doing a class on Zoom is not satisfying.

    Oh, well. At least I can read the funnies.

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  6. I’m up early, had my shower and will have to be down at the port by 7:30 a.m. to give me plenty of leeway. The Navy ship is supposed to be coming through the breakwater and past the lighthouse at around 8 a.m. and docking (which is where I’ll be, we have one of our 2 assigned photographers shooting it farther out, one will be where I am) at 8:30.

    Those times initially were put out as 8:30 and 9 a.m., but as of late last night, the Navy was saying it might be running early.

    I’m expecting a lot of other media to be there, especially TV. We will all have to stay far away from each other. There will be no formal remarks being made, just the ship docking so we’re just there for the visuals and for me to get “color.” I wrote most of the story last night and will text the editor so he can post it as soon as it arrives. Our military beat reporter in OC will be talking by phone to someone on the ship to add that into the mix.

    I haven’t gotten out much, either, made a trip to the store one evening this week, can’t remember which day. Our company’s been good about saying everyone should do as much as they can by phone and remotely only. The photographers, of course, have to be out and about. But with today’s technology, reporters can often pull stories together without actually leaving home or office.

    It’s cold here and I am appreciating my heater this early in the morning. Annie sits on top of one of the floor vents every morning. Today that made me remember how my mom and I would stand over the large vent at home in the hallway, both of us leaning back against the wall so we’d get the full blast of hot air.

    Talked to my female cousin last night, she’s hanging in there, still somewhat recovering from a back surgery she had a couple months ago. She wanted to go to PT to use their equipment, but the place is closed. So she’s taking walks. By the time I hung up, after a long work day with lots of calls and texting, my phone battery was down to a 10% charge.

    After the ship arrives this morning, I am hoping for a slower work day. But I say that every day and it hasn’t happened yet. Glad it’s Friday. So glad.

    Kim, reading outside is so relaxing. It’s a little too cold here right now, but my front porch and back patio are perfect spots for that, and fully shaded.

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  7. Morning! It is a foggy start to the day in this forest and I must admit I enjoy looking out upon the sight of it as I drink my coffee. There is just something so satisfying and cozy about it all 😊
    Looking forward to hearing your insights Rk…and I hope you find all you need at Walmart!
    So realtors are allowed to continue showings but not open houses during this crisis. One gal who is a renter during this sale of the house is immune compromised, recovering from lung surgery and has shingles is expected to allow strangers into this home in the Springs? There is quite the conversation going on per her FB page. I just don’t see how this can be allowed myself…not during a “stay home” mandate in our state 😢

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  8. Not unexpectedly, the sun came up this morning. At least it is now light enough to see the snow coming down. So I will probably not be outside reading but I do hope to get upstairs, where the heater is not working, and spend some time on the bike.

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  9. Mumsee, like the rising of the sun and the moon, our pastor noted on Sunday that his personal touchpoint in nature is the ocean as he’s grown up seeing it and visiting it most every day. He finds comfort in seeing and knowing that it is still there, a reminder of God’s steadfastness in all times, no matter what is going on.

    This was interesting:




    A Coronavirus Great Awakening?
    Sometimes the most important ingredient for spiritual renewal is a cataclysmic event.
    By Robert Nicholson

    Could a plague of biblical proportions be America’s best hope for religious revival? As the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II approaches, there is reason to think so.

    Three-quarters of a century has dimmed the memory of that gruesome conflict and its terrible consequences: tens of millions killed, great cities bombed to rubble, Europe and Asia stricken by hunger and poverty. Those who survived the war had to grapple with the kinds of profound questions that only arise in the aftermath of calamity. Gazing at the ruins from his window at Cambridge University, British historian Herbert Butterfield chose to make sense of it by turning to the Hebrew Bible.

    “The power of the Old Testament teaching on history—perhaps the point at which the ancient Jews were most original, breaking away from the religious thought of the other peoples around them—lay precisely in the region of truths which sprang from a reflection on catastrophe and cataclysm,” Butterfield wrote in “Christianity and History” (1949). “It is almost impossible properly to appreciate the higher developments in the historical reflection of the Old Testament except in another age which has experienced (or has found itself confronted with) colossal cataclysm.”

    Americans, chastened by the horrors of war, turned to faith in search of truth and meaning. In the late 1940s, Gallup surveys showed more than three-quarters of Americans were members of a house of worship, compared with about half today. Congress added the words “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954. Some would later call this a Third Great Awakening.

    Today the world faces another moment of cataclysm. Though less devastating than World War II, the pandemic has remade everyday life and wrecked the global economy in a way that feels apocalyptic.

    The experience is new and disorienting. Life had been deceptively easy until now. Our ancestors’ lives, by contrast, were guaranteed to be short and painful. The lucky ones survived birth. The luckier ones made it past childhood. Only in the past 200 years has humanity truly taken off. We now float through an anomalous world of air conditioning, 911 call centers, acetaminophen and pocket-size computers containing nearly the sum of human knowledge. We reduced nature to “the shackled form of a conquered monster,” as Joseph Conrad once put it, and took control of our fate. God became irrelevant.

    Who will save us now that the monster has broken free? …

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  10. Something isn’t real until it becomes real to you. Sawgunner shared something on FB and I shared it to another friend who is in the medical field. He is the cousin of my best friend growing up. He thanked me for the information and told me it wasn’t on FB and his mother didn’t know but he was exposed to their first patient and is symptomatic and waiting on his test results. I asked if I may ask all of you to pray for WB. He said please.

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  11. I have been talking to a lot of people on the phone. We are on a phone call list with Art’s church and a favorite person will now be conversing with us regularly. She is the former teacher who did our twice a week homeschool group. She has a new great grand and is so glad it happened before this since now the moms go in by themselves to deliver and then leave by themselves with the baby. Sad times.

    I finally talked to my brother last night. He was busy yesterday. He did call this morning around 7 a.m. when my phone was upstairs and I was downstairs cooking Art’s eggs. So I talked to him around 8. I almost called his neighbor to go check on him. Glad I did not bother him. My brother was out on the riding mower a lot yesterday.

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  12. Nancy Jill, Yes. That is a problem. As a renter she may have grounds to refuse. I don’t know Colorado real estate law nor tenant rights. She may be able to open the window coverings and let the potential buyer look in the house and could walk room to room showing it on Facetime (to keep her in the good graces of the landlord).
    As a real estate agent I wouldn’t force the issue if someone told me no. As a matter of fact one of the real estate agent friends did a Zoom the other day “How to stay in touch with your database without looking like a used car salesman”.
    Yes, agents are scrambling trying to make money. Remember they are 1099 employees. That means no safety net and most agents live commission check to commission check (I have done that) so they are in panic/scramble mode. We are also used to no qualifying for any of the help offered to regular W-9 employees. We don’t have unemployment insurance.
    Remember, in late 2008, early 2009 I went to Ecumenical Ministries to ask for help and they turned me down.
    There are no easy answers.

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  13. I have really felt sorry for parents who were thrown into homeschooling. But at least now there will be more empathy for homeschool moms whereas I think many people thought the learning just happened while the moms relaxed and ate bonbons. I was fortunate to have our son who had a love for learning and reading. Our struggle was the gap between his interests and what we had to cover each year. We always ran behind in math during the year and ended up doing a lot of math in the summers. That was until he took upper level group classes at churches. It was a blessed relief for me when we got to that point.

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  14. I would think that someone with the shingles could use that too–for your sake you don’t want to enter the house just now either, do you?

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  15. Forty three up there. Up there is above the garage, Roscuro will remember it. The stove has been out for a couple of months but that is okay as we rarely use it at this time. So biking was quite comfortable and I did not get snowed on.
    Now if I can just get the fire going in the stove. It is being resistant. I would not mind, but we do have a baby in the house.

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  16. From what I understand this family in the rental has a couple months left on their lease as they are awaiting the closing of their home. She says the realtor is unyielding in her aggressiveness. Some suggested she speak with the homeowners and that they would probably understand her situation and wait knowing they will be moving in less than 8 weeks anyway.


  17. We are suppose to go up to 86 degrees today and break the record. It will be a good clue if the sunlight and heat will diminish any of the numbers of affected by Corona.

    The grass already needs mowing again. The pollen is so much out there that breathing is not good. I want to be outside but there is that deterrent.

    I am waiting to receive our internet install package. I hope I can do it without Art’s assistance which will include a bit of cursing until it works. With Miss Bosley’s good help we should get the job done with only some meowing.

    The mowers, weed whackers, and leaf blowers have been breaking the peace today. And now I hear a small plane. Not as many sounds from jets lately.

    I heard a baby hawk in my front yard tree earlier. It got Miss Bosley’s attention. She is unfamiliar with that unique sound.

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  18. Glad to see some of your Zumba class, Michelle. It is different from what I expected. Is it all upright and rather like a choreographed dance routine?
    We have a physical therapy student at my church who teaches a class at my church. If ever my knees or other parts of my body can handle it, I might give it a try. It’s suppose to be for all ages and abilities. I think their are chairs for the older folks. Is your class like that?

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  19. Linda, 1st Arrow got chicken pox when he was exposed to my brother with shingles. You can’t pass shingles from one person to another, but someone who’s never had chicken pox or the vaccine against it could get chicken pox from a person with shingles, because the virus itself is contagious.

    This article probably explains it better than I did. http://allmedicinedata.info/are-shingles-contagious/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=100_new&utm_term=relief%20shingles&utm_content=contagious%20are%20shingles

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  20. I got to read the article, Dj. Nice job. I didn’t realize that the ship was coming to take care of the other cases in the hospitals.

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  21. If a person gets chickenpox from a person with shingles then the one with chickenpox may later get shingles. A really long incubation period! Is this an example of that cliche ‘splitting hairs’ ?

    I hope AJ feels much better and can catch up on all the things that get behind during a time of illness.

    The box came from Xfinity. It’s crouching and daring me to open it each time I pass by. 1) I am afraid it might be contaminated; and, 2) I am afraid of defeat by techno devices.

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  22. Thanks, Jo. We had it ready to go, pre-written last night, then I just kept texting info, quotes and photos to the editor while I was out there so he could post it right away as the ship pulled into the dock. Our photographers got some nice shots, can’t remember when I’ve seen our lighthouse look so tiny 🙂 Everything shrinks next to that ship.

    It’s companion ship, the Comfort, is now set to dock in NY on Monday.

    County supervisor told me the county’s regular hospital beds are now about “90%” occupied so the ship will definitely help relieve some of that crowding.

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  23. I would think if a realtor did show a house knowing the occupant had shingles full disclosure would need to be made to those entering the house? I sure wouldn’t go in yet I wouldn’t be going into a stranger’s house right now anyway 😳
    It’s snowing ⛄️

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  24. Linda, yep. 😉

    DJ, I enjoyed the article. And like Jo, I didn’t know the ship’s presence there is for the non-covid cases.

    Happily, I was able to connect via Zoom today with one of my piano families. That was the first of the trial runs I’m offering to my families to find the best positioning for our devices. That way we won’t have to use lesson time to get situated for our first video lesson.

    It didn’t really take that long, though — maybe a couple of minutes — for the family today to get things arranged so I could see the full keyboard and the children, who each took a turn sitting on the bench.

    After we took care of that business, I offered to play them a little concert. Tomorrow would have been a piano concert night for me, but that was canceled. I’ve continued playing the piece, though, since then and thought I’d offer to play my piece if they were interested.

    The kids were so sweet. They applauded afterwards, and the oldest of the three gave me a standing ovation. 🙂 They all thanked me — they’re so good about that, always saying thank you at the conclusion of their lessons, as well as when I compliment them on things they do well. Such a nice family.

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  25. DJ – Re: your 9:54. I have been praying for a great awakening. I often pray that anyway, but even more so with this coronavirus situation.

    Janice – There is a suggestion to wait over 24 hours before opening a package, as the virus can survive on cardboard for about that long. They say to put the box in a safe place, then wash your hands and disinfect any doorknobs you may have touched.

    Nightingale has me doing that when I bring in the mail. I put the mail on a shelf on my bookcase, then wash my hands, and use a disinfectant wipe on the doorknobs.

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  26. Sigh.



    Pandemic Threatens Local Papers Even As Readers Devour Their Coverage

    … The snap recession caused by the efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic have laid bare the fragility of news organizations that were skating at the precipice of financial disaster even before this year. Alternative publications, especially those in the Northwest, were hit early. And Rubin says her publication was relatively robust compared with many of its counterparts.

    “I think there’s something different about what’s happening right now,” Mi-Ai Parrish, the former president and publisher of The Arizona Republic and The Kansas City Star, says in an interview. “They’re all covering COVID. But everybody’s covering it. And nobody’s being paid for it. There are no advertisements.”

    Interest in news is high. An internal Facebook report obtained by The New York Times showed that more than half the articles being consumed on the social platform in the U.S. focused on the coronavirus. Ratings for television news have surged.

    Local news websites are also seeing significant traffic. Yet that doesn’t matter if people are pulling print ads. And BuzzFeed reports that some digital advertisers are also withdrawing their ads because they don’t want the ads to run next to coverage of the pandemic. …


  27. There’s some dog named “Patty” running around in the neighbors’ driveway, I think it’s one they’re watching for a relative.

    So, as usual, the day’s gone sideways, LA County finally certified the election results today, so I have to do something on that.

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  28. U, Michelle? No wonder you have vertigo, That looks like work!

    Thanks, Chas! Very encouraging to see people united in Christ. It is well with my soul!


  29. I got through the Zoom meeting today. It went OK once someone told me how to find the audio controls. Apparently by putting my home monitor on my work laptop, I shifted audio output to my monitor (which has built-in speaker), but Zoom was still assuming it was whatever the default was for the laptop. I didn’t have that problem when someone did a Microsoft Teams meeting with me earlier in the day.

    I decided I don’t like seeing myself on video, anymore than I like hear a recording of me speaking. I know why we don’t like hearing recordings of ourselves, because it lacks the resonance we’re using to hearing when we speak. I don’t know with the video if it looks wrong because it’s not the mirror image I’m use to, or the angle (I’m looking at the screen, not straight at the camera at the top of the screen), or just that I find it hard to keep smiling and if I don’t smile I look like I’m frowning (but I don’t look that way to myself in the mirror).

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  30. Mumsee, I remember that room. It was a good thing my family had given me insulated trousers to wear, though I had to borrow warm slippers.

    Shingles vs. Chicken pox: Shingles is contagious. Certainly, a case of shingles can cause chicken pox in an individual who has not been exposed previously, while someone with chicken pox can trigger shingles in someone who has had chicken pox. But, shingles can also trigger a case of shingles in a person who previously had chicken pox, or even a person who had cases of chicken pox and shingles. While in West Africa, one of the nurses had to ask another of the nurses to see a patient with shingles. The first nurse had had shingles previously, in her eye, and her physician had warned her that if she were exposed again to a case of shingles or chicken pox, it could trigger another eruption in her eye – as shingles, when it recurs, returns to the same area – and render her blind.

    Chicken pox and shingles (the same herpes varicella/zoster virus) are, like measles and TB, airborne infections, requiring those treating patients with them in hospital to wear those N95 respirator masks and the patients to be placed in negative air flow isolation rooms. Shingles is less contagious than chicken pox simply because the rash is usually covered by clothing. The herpes virus family survive in the human population by latency, hiding their DNA codes in the DNA codes of certain body cells and then reemerging in times of stress. That is why people get cold sores, herpes simplex, when they are stressed.

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  31. Pauline, I figured out years ago something that made sense to me: when we look in the mirror, we are adjusting our face to what seems to look good to us–immediate feedback. On video, we are interacting with other people, and the camera is “in the way.” I’ve never really liked video of events, partly because if you take a photo and someone in it looks hideous, you discard the photo. But if you’re taking video and someone looks awful, they simply look awful. I specifically didn’t want video of my wedding day. A couple of months later I was back at the church where we were married, and someone mentioned having video and wondering how he could get it to me. I told him I didn’t know, and I’ve never followed up on that. Now, I actually would like to see the strings I hired and all the early stuff that I as the bride didn’t get to see. But I’d rather have my wedding day be something I experienced than something I watch. (Plus a few still photos to remember it.)


  32. I guess I’m done for the day. You know it’s bad when the editor calls and says, “I’m about to ruin your afternoon” (that was about the election story assignment).

    I had another story I wanted to do but, as usual these days, that didn’t get done.

    My phone just went off with one of those loud alerts — telling me I’d better be staying at home! Yes, I checked, I’m home. Leave me alone.

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  33. We have “that” alert on our phones here in Colorado Mumsee…scared most of us out of our wits! Parks closed, dog parks closed and today my neighbor told me her friend was pulled over on I25 by the CSP and they asked her where she was going and wanted proof…that seems odd to me! Others reported some were being checked in the Springs for reasons why they were not at home! Not certain of the reports of that happening in the Springs but neighbor is certain it happened to her friend 😞


  34. And…if ya’ll do not have cable and such, Sling TV is free for the next three weeks during quarantine. You just sign up…no personal information nor credit card request…I am now watching the Waltons on Hallmark 😊


  35. Glad I’m nor in Colorado. Sounds like a police state instead of the USA.

    We are now under a “shelter in place” order, but exceptions include doing healthy things like going for walks or hikes, as long as we keep “social distance”. So if the weather is nice tomorrow, Mrs L and I are going to our favorite park.

    Today was work on the car day. I changed the oil and rotated the tires on my commuting car. Got a scare when the place for the jack rusted through. No other damage, though.

    Oh, and I saw this parody on Twitter.

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  36. Yeah, we too have stay-at-home orders, but walks are allowed. Parks are open, and people are social distancing in them, but playgrounds have yellow tape around them. I wouldn’t want to go for a walk in the downtown of a major city, but for those of us who live in smaller towns, going out for walks is better for emotional and physical health than staying inside. The walks are actually busier than they usually are, but not so busy that social distancing doesn’t work. (You might step off the path for a while if people are coming from both directions, but everyone seems to understand and honor the drill. In fact, I stepped off the path to allow one woman and her two little dogs to go by me, but apparently she didn’t like the idea of coming about 20 feet away from me, and she turned and went another way!)

    I personally have a hard time “staying inside” in spring and summer, and it is now spring. So I dearly hope we don’t close parks and walking trails. Realistically, people with dogs and without fenced yards have to get out and walk! If major cities want to close their parks and walking trails, that’s a different matter, and I understand that. But going for a walk–or going for a drive–isn’t going to spread this thing.


  37. I keep walking around the church and in the state park.

    Okay, I should have put this up earlier, but I forgot.
    the video called ‘Is Genesis History” is free to watch for the next two days. I just watched it and it is fascinating. They look at the grand canyon and the layers. Anyway. I highly recommend it. I will try to post it again tomorrow. They have a website, is genesis history dot com and you can also see it on facebook or on you tube.


  38. We are encouraged to walk too ~ but everyone decided to hit all the most popular trails and voila, you had big crowds, a disturbing sight to the powers that be.

    Our beaches are closing now too. But it’s pretty cold right now to go to the beach — I walk in my neighborhood at night with the dogs, it’s quiet.

    I do see people walking in the neighborhood during the day with dogs and kids.

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  39. I have the weirdest dreams.
    I dreamed that I was in NYC. I couldn’t find the right bus to get out.
    I didn’t know which one to take, but I knew that wasn’t it.
    When I awoke, I was still here. No harm done.

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  40. Nice article, DJ, on the arrival of the hospital ship. I was gladdened by the additional news that the state is going to lease St Vincent’s Hospital and it will be used for something. (For those who don’t know, it’s where DJ was born and I had 3 childhood heart surgeries, and it was closed down last summer.)


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