12 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-25-20

  1. I was sitting her at the computer. I just happened to look over at the TV.
    It said “Fox News Alert”
    I turned back to the computer. It couold have said, “Hydrogen Bomb dropped on NYC” and it would have been the same to me.
    They have trained us that way. “alert” and “Breaking” have lost their meaning.


  2. I do think ‘alert’ now means it’s something new, so far unreported?

    Or maybe just that it’s the top of the news pile for those who are just tuning in. If the ongoing ‘newscast’ is kept on for a long time, it will probably end up being redundant for those viewers, but not necessarily for those just tuning in. The 24/7 news cycle presumes some people have probably just joined.

    Not defending, but I think that’s why it seems pointless and repetitive when we keep it on for long periods of time.


  3. I understand Donna.
    I just think there should be a difference between:
    FoxNews Alert “Trump is walking out to his helicopter”
    FoxNew s s Alert “New York had been hit by a hydrogen bomb.””

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