54 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-17-20

  1. I had forgotten that it’s St. Patrick’s day.
    Good morning everyone. I’ve been up a while, but the first hour of every Tuesday is always busy for me. Mostly getting trash together and out.

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  2. You see?
    My trash collector has a system:
    If I take the trash to the curb early, he picks it up about 2 p.m.
    If I don’t take it out right away, he picks it up about 8:00..

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  3. Good morning. Still here at covid19 central. So for testing in NM there have been 21 positive and 1249 negative. So far, none of the positives have had to be hospitalized. The state has closed the casinos and eating establishments. You may carry out, but no eating in their building.

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  4. Good morning. Caught daughter on her way out to work. She plans to stop at the store today to restock her groceries, I will have her buy milk and yogurt for us. Thought it could wait until husband gets home but that might be a while.

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  5. Well, baby is awake early again. Her mommy leaves at five and usually can sneak out without waking her but the last two days have not worked that way.

    I hear the Boise babies are doing similar only needing attention all night long.

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  6. It is 32 degrees and solid ice outside. I had a doctors appointment for a physical this morning, but it would be foolish to even walk to the van right now. I am up and ready and had my breakfast. We have a prayer sheet from the church to pray for a missionary each day. I pray over it while I eat my breakfast. When I looked today, it was me. As I prayed I realized that I needed wisdom and then realized that I needed to cancel my appointment. They called yesterday and offered to do it by video or phone, but I said I would come in. I feel that God just said to stay home. At least I listened. I called and said I wouldn’t be in and asked the doctor to call me to go over my lab work that I had done last week.

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  7. I also was due to go in for lab work, EKG, and other test results last week but canceled at that time due to an extra-heavy work schedule; they called a couple times to reschedule but then stopped when all of this hit within the following couple of days. I figure they have the results, if there’s anything urgent that needed discussing they would call me about it.

    I believe these places now prefer we not show up in person unless absolutely necessary. I need to get some money from the credit union but their urging remote business for us whenever possible, so i’ll call them today; I may have to wait for them to just mail me a check.

    Interesting piece in the WSJ today about the frustration over so many younger people who aren’t taking the “stay home” suggestions very seriously. Of course, they’re used to being out and running around more than some of us are; but the point being that they can be spreading the virus far and wide even if they don’t have any serious symptoms.



    A Generational War Is Brewing Over Coronavirus

    Scientists say lack of alarm among young people could hinder the fight against the virus and endanger elders

    Scientists and government officials fighting the coronavirus epidemic say they have a problem: Carefree youths.

    As authorities moved to restrict social gatherings last week, bars and restaurants from New York to Berlin filled up with revelers, illegal “lockdown parties” popped up in France and Belgium, and campuses in the U.S. lit up for end-of-the-world dorm parties.

    So far, most young Covid-19 patients have experienced mild or no symptoms from the virus, while more severe cases are concentrated among those aged 50 and over. Data released last week by the National Health Institute in Italy, currently the world’s worst-hit country, shows mortality rates starting at 0% for patients aged 0 to 29 and edging up to peak at 19% for those over 90.

    Yet scientists say tests have shown children and young adults are no less likely than older people to get infected and transmit the virus. Epidemiologists are growing concerned that the millennial pushback against social-distancing measures—and an emerging generational divide about how the disease is perceived—could undo all efforts to slow the spread of the virus and put vulnerable people at high risk. …

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  8. Morning! We have ice here too Jo! The porch steps were nothing to mess with this morning but the sidewalk, driveway and road are totally dry. I hear that the roads in town are wet with some freezing drizzle now falling. I was going to try to run into town this afternoon to see if there is any fresh produce but may just wait until tomorrow. We are supposed to get a hefty snow Thursday thru Saturday….the stores will be even more interestingly crowded!
    And Happy St Patty’s Day! I have on a green sweater 😊 ☘️ 🍀

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  9. I thought of DJ this morning as we appear to have a trespasser in the ceiling. We heard it over the children’s bathroom, I am not opening the vent. Sounded almost like a raccoon.

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  10. Still considering taking people in to the doc but leaning against it for now. I will call before we go unless son takes an abrupt turn. Using baby’s special red light thermometer, he is registering either one hundred five or one hundred two. On my ear thermometer, he is either to dead to register or ninety seven. I am going with ninety seven but he continues to struggle with his asthma. Not too bad but uncomfortably so. We are doing what the er did the last two times he went in. Running the nebulizer regularly.

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  11. The doctor, whom I’ve never met, did call and said that all of my lab results are good. I need to go in to pick up a copy of the results. They said that they didn’t have email! interesting

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  12. Dr Jerome Adams, our surgeon general, was nominated to position in his State by VP Pence and then to his current position by Pres Trump. He seems to have a good handle on how to work this if only we can get those millenials alongside.

    Millenial Niece is being seriously hit as she has had lots of cancellations at her hair salon. She also has lost her day care provider. But she needs to pay her rent.

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  13. My ‘other’ neighbor cuts hair and her son told me her business has dropped off by 50%. Some of these salons may also just close down, I’m wondering about my stylist. While many women rely on regular salon visits, they’re typically older and may find other ways to deal with fading color, etc.

    Saw this in my work email today:


    City of Beverly Hills Orders Non-Essential Retail Stores
    Closed to the Public

    Under the category of “You know it’s serious when … “


  14. My cousin, who’s had recent back surgery and has been hit with a cold (but just a cold) in the past couple weeks was saying also that she hasn’t turned her taxes in yet. Weren’t they going to offer extensions of the tax filing date, Janice?

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  15. My husband is spending the morning overseeing the idling of the company’s plant.

    He came in for tea a bit ago and said, “Maybe I’ll be able to go for a run after 12 when the meetings die down.”

    I smiled. “I’m happy to take a walk with you, anytime. I’m free all day.”

    The LA EMT didn’t like my answer when I relayed it to her. “I wish I could spend the day lying around the house.”

    (I reminded her I’m writing a book . . . )

    They’re at all hands on deck. Some hospitals remain crazy busy, others are “what emergency?” She didn’t indicate the reason for the difference in patient load.

    She called to ask about an alternative time to visit since she had to cancel this weekend’s trip. “ How about Easter? Flights are really cheap.”

    We’ll see. She lives with three musicians, all of whom are now stuck at home. When I suggested maybe they would use their time to cook and clean, she just laughed.

    Keep praying for those first responders. They’re working long, hard hours.

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  16. Editor sent out a piece for us to read on how journalists can cope with all the long, hard days, and negative (and frantically breaking) news they’re having to cover & report right now.

    Followed by the notice of our now-daily conference call appointment …

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  17. From our morning work reading:


    I have been hearing from journalists who are stressed out by this nonstop COVID-19 coverage.

    Journalists tell me they spend all day talking with experts who are warning that the worst is yet to come and with people who are worrying about how to keep themselves and their families healthy. They report cancellation after cancellation while watching their retirement savings dwindle in the Wall Street storm. …


    Hoping today will be less tense …

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  18. I already watched the Bible project video on Daniel after studying it this week. Such good videos and good to watch after studying. Now on to my lesson on Hosea.

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  19. I was sitting here getting colder and colder. Turns out that the heater was off and it was down to 64. So… I removed the cover on the wall control and then replaced it. That started it back up again. Ah….. heat.

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  20. The plan is to leave here on July 10th. God seems to be in the business of changing plans right now. Holding all plans loosely.
    But, I have already purchased all the medicine I need to take back and done my medical. So I am ready.

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  21. That green, green header is perfect for today! I need to put on some green before going to the mail box.

    I had some low sodium black beans and brown rice for lunch. Seems I remember that it is not fashionable to pair black with brown. It was quite suitable for my lunch though♡

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  22. Re the comments about hair salons, my friend who a hairdresser posted a meme on FB that says, “No matter how crazy things get over the next few weeks, I ask you, please do not panic and box dye your hair.”

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  23. I no longer dye my hair. I bleach it. I am a calico cat.
    Funny. I have always gotten compliments on my hair. It isn’t anything I have done. My hair stylist says it just does what she tells it to do. I often given out her number to people who ask who does my hair.
    Since I have quit dying it and started bleaching it I have gotten even more compliments. Again, not something I chose to do. It just is.

    Now for a laugh.
    Many years ago, when I was probably 5, my mother bought a pair of blue jeans for me. They were too long so she cut off the bottom. She didn’t sew in any shape, form, or fashion. I was mortified that my jeans weren’t hemmed. Like REALLY embarrassed. I had forgotten this memory until this past Sunday.
    Saturday I ran into town and several of the merchants were having sidewalk sales. There was a lone pair of blue jeans folded on a table in front of a store. I saw the price tag was $25. I held them up, they looked about right, so I tried them on. For $25 what did I have to lose? I looked at the original tag. The were $118.00 jeans. (yes there is a 1 in the hundreds column).
    These jeans hit me a little above the ankle and are not hemmed. They have random strings hanging down. Who knew one day you would pay so much for ratty looking jeans?

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  24. former colleague sent me this from his relative in italy:

    Hi xxxx
    Thanks for your message.
    Hopefully for the moment we all are well.
    The situation in Italy is critic: in Lombardy, nowadays the most infected region, we have not yet reached the “top” of the infection and the rest of the country will be deeply infected in the next weeks.
    The real problem is that the hospitals are quite full and it will be a real problem to take care of all ill people.
    We mandatory have to stay at home, out only to go to work, to buy basic necessities and very urgent matters.
    All the shops, cinemas, theaters are closed and most of the industries are closing.
    Till when?…..we really don’t know.
    We know that now also USA are having problems but you are still at the beginning.
    Take care and adopt drastic measures since from the beginning: it’s the only solution to fight the desease in a shorter period.
    We will keep in touch.
    Bye to everybody.

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  25. My mother wouldn’t let me bleach my hair when it was popular back in the day. Nor could I iron it.

    On the other hand, my stylist now says I have very healthy, ‘good’ hair. Still no coloring, just a simple cut every 2-3 months. I cut my own bangs in between.

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  26. The adult center where I take Elvera for four hours every MWF is closed UFN.
    The Lions are not meeting until the middle of April, if then.
    Our church is not meeting for two more weeks.
    There is nothing.
    I say NOTHING to do. I can’t read like I used to.
    I can watch TV, for whatever good that does.

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  27. 😦 If you open Donna’s link. You get to a beach and can’t get back without st arting over.
    And all my e-mail is from politicians who want me to send money. I haven’t checked my spam filter today. I suspect it’s full.

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  28. Chas, no one asks me for money. 🙂 I’m not on “that” list.

    You could have stayed at the beach, of course.

    I figured the adult center Elvera attends was probably closed, all the senior centers are shut down here.

    I can’t find a good number for a port/shipping/union question. Everyone’s shutting down phone lines it seems.

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  29. Chas, we love both you and Elvera here. I consider how isolated so many of us would be without this Wanderful group♡ I posted information above for a free audiobook. Maybe Chuck can set it up for you to listen to books, either what I sent or something from Audible.

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  30. Oh Kim I recall our high school days of no hemmed jeans and we sewed patches on them…heart patches, patches of flags…we were soooo hip and groovy!
    Paul and I drove into town to fill up the car and look at gun safes at the tractor store. We then stopped by the grocery to pick up some cinnamon/raisin bread in their bakery. No onions,potatoes,yogurt, hamburger, tortillas…we stopped there. We did bump into a dear friend who lost his wife last fall…she was 60. Normally I would have hugged him and it caught us as our new reality. But we had a most warm and lovely visit without hugs. 🤗
    I need to go in for a hair/bang trim but am putting it off…when I can’t stand it any longer I will make that “panic” call to the sweet girl who cuts my hair and she will work me in!

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  31. My mother took pity on me and helped me iron and use straightener on my curly hair. She had dark straight hair and I had light curly hair. We spent hours on the stinky straightener process. It looked good until I went out in the rain and it frizzed up again. I helped perm her hair so I had to endure that stinky smell to help her get curls which thankfully took. Once she was at the end of her rope with listening to me fret about my hair. She blurted out that she thought I tried to make my hair ugly on purpose. Truly, I did not have to try! Finally I came to my senses and just said something positive about my hair. I said it is never boring. It does something different every day.

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  32. Well, it has occurred to me that the “OK, Boomer” shows a level of disrespect that could prove troublesome, and I think this is just the type of thing I meant (though I hadn’t thought of anything quite this specific). Twenty or thirty years from now, they may well be saying “I was so flippant, and so were my friends, and then we saw thousands of people die.” When you roll your eyes over anything someone says because that person is middle-aged (or young, or female, etc.), you aren’t in a good position to learn. I have talked to two of my brothers, and neither of them seems to be taking this very seriously either (my sister is, I think, and I’m sure my oldest brother is); one is almost fifty and one well into his sixties. So it isn’t just young people who are thinking it’s “much ado about nothing,” but the word out of Italy is really, really sobering.

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  33. I did the census on line a few moments ago. I put Scot-Irish for my origins and Dutch-German for Art. I hope I got that right. Wesley is a good European combo. At first I thought I should include him, because this is his permanent residence. But it said not to. Then I realized how this census will be so confusing for everyone with college students returning home right now. Wesley gets to stay there until the end of the semester because his work can be done remotely for his internship positions. He will be there on April 1. Maybe the deadline date should not have been on April Fool’s Day?

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  34. Went for a fun walk with four Adorables and their mom around my usual lake. The “shelter in place,” goes in effect at midnight, so I wasn’t breaking any laws. Though, San Francisco specifically said you could go out for groceries, emergencies, and exercise. I imagine our county will say the same–as long as you’re six feet apart.

    Which I was until someone had to retrieve the 18 month-old who was running away.

    The three older kids rode their bikes and it was a fun outing.

    I stopped at the grocery store on the way home–my first time in nearly a week. Not bad, though some pickings were slim. We will have to make do (or not) with an ancient cabbage I unearthed from the back of the refrigerator to go with our corned beef, but we’ll survive.

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  35. Made it through another stressful, tense day working from home (today on a port update w/union input on what’s being done to cut down those huge crowds they get every day at the dispatch hall).

    A triage tent went up outside the hospital’s ER wing down the street today.

    I’m nearly running down my phone’s battery every day.

    Received an Amazon shipment today — Tess’s regular dog food, Greenies & a large bottle of Aleve. The bottle I have here is old and says it has expired — I’m really getting some neck issues with these long, nonstop days. But the lower back twist-and-tweak from yesterday is much better, thankfully.

    Neighbor told me police walked into one of the pizzerias in our downtown area and actually ordered people to get up and leave (this was after the inside dining was shut down). Takeout and delivery only, they informed everyone. Just sounded strange w/police doing that.

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  36. AJ, that’s a pretty river scene with the herons and/or egrets.

    I took a walk today on a trail I use less frequently . . . the one I usually walk is “feast or famine” and can end up crowded, but this other one tends to always have some people on it, but not as many as the busy seasons on my regular one. Well . . . there must be a lot of people off work, or unable to participate in their usual entertainment, since it was surprisingly busy for the middle of the day on a workday. I’d promised my husband I’d stay far away from other people, and when I came home I told him I spent more time off the trail than on it! Occasionally I stayed on the trail if one other person was “meeting” me from the other direction, if that person stuck to the edge on their side (which some people did). But groups of two or three or more, or people walking down the middle of the trail, made that impossible most of the time.

    I had hoped to see wildflowers and saw few, and only species I’ve already seen this season that aren’t that special (chickweed and dandelions). But it was a really lovely day and I was out for three hours and walked several miles, the most exercise I’ve gotten in weeks. It’s supposed to rain the next two days, and I don’t know but that they might end up closing the trails, so I figured get out while I can.

    When I got back to my starting point (the parking lot where I’d left my car), I saw a great blue heron in the creek. I’ve seen them flying over that trail, but not in the creek. Often they are shy and quick to flee, but I realized this one was used to people, so I walked around to see it from the bridge over the road, which allowed me to see it without trees between me and it. I got some really nice photos, including shots of it catching two small fish. I’ve gotten “good” photos of great blue herons, but never managed “great” ones, and some today probably qualify for that. (I’m not bragging on my photography, just saying the light was perfect and I got action shots of a great blue heron in breeding plumage that was quite close to me.) A special treat.

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  37. I’ve planted a single poinsettia flower / stem in my backyard and am hoping it takes root. I’d love to have a poinsettia bush! But I’ve tried planting those before after Christmas and not had any luck. With all the rain we’re getting, I think it’s helping it. It still appears to be alive after 1-2 weeks now.

    I have another potted poinsettia and those flowering stems are doing well still, too, so I hope to also plant that pot in the ground.

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  38. New procedures from my vet’s office:
    “For routine appointments we are now closing our lobby doors. We are doing this to limit the amount of contact between our employees and clients. We will ask that once you arrive for your appointment time that you call the clinic and alert the front desk of your arrival. A technician will come out to the car and take your pet into an exam room with a doctor. The doctor will call you from that exam room. Once finished we will bring your pet to the vehicle, collect a payment method and bring you a receipt.”


  39. We got a notice from our Vet today and he is conducting business as usual for the most part. He did say if you are not feeling well they will come out to the car to get your pet. They will continue to fill and refill prescriptions for pets but will not double up supplies as some are requesting. He did say they are keeping close watch concerning government directives but for now…bring in your pets for regular and emergency care. 🐶 🐱


  40. There was actually a line to get inside the grocery store tonight. I didn’t wait, only needed to pick up some OTC eye vitamins prescribed by my doctor (but thought I’d combine it with a couple grocery items, nothing urgently needed) so I went to CVS a block away instead and didn’t have to wait in line.

    (I’d ordered these vitamins previously through Amazon and received an email from them today saying the product, from a third party on their site, was not legit and was not really the high-rated brand name on the bottle, so they issued me a refund and told me to throw them away).

    Well, on to Wednesday, this routine is going to get tough. Let’s hope the worst-case scenarios being suggested won’t play out and we’ll get through this sooner rather than later with less dire consequences than some predict.


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