49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-3-20

  1. I hope everyone has a good day. Now a bit of news from our local auto vehicle tag office:
    I am so glad he will not be doing that any more! That office is not far from my high school.
    And in other news, we now have Corona virus in Atlanta. A person who traveled to Italy has it and gave it as a souvenir to a family member. They have been seen by docs and are at home

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  2. If you’re going to leave that picture up another day, you’re going to force me to tell you what it looks like when you click into the site with a passing glance at the header.

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  3. So I’m heading to the store later, and thinking I might stock up on some extra water, TP, and foods that don’t spoil quickly.

    Am I paranoid? Making too much of it? Smart for doing so?

    There’s your QoD.

    Are you taking any extra precautions, just in case you need to self-isolate for a few weeks?

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  4. Good morning, Dark out, no idea what it is doing but the roosters are celebrating.

    We have a rather well stocked pantry. It can get us through weeks or months at a time as we have done when husband has been off doing the Olympics or truck driving. Just makes it nice to not have to drive to the store if, for whatever reason, it is difficult.


  5. Morning! Ah…a tree hugging squirrel…must be from Colorado!! 😂
    We are to have springlike weather for the next week. That means this snow may have a chance to melt in before the next storm 😳 I’ll take it!
    Not making any extra ordinary preparations for isolation. We pretty much keep plenty in the pantry and freezer and I do shop at Sams which means we buy in bulk for our commodities.


  6. I usually stay pretty stocked up on most things but was thinking I probably need extra cat supplies. I stay stocked up since I buy from Sam’s in large quantities or get the deals if you buy 10 of things. But not stocked up on water or fresh foods. I need more water but the cases are about too much for me to handle. I have been buying one at a time.

    And my printer paper story carries on as most things in my life. It is the wrong paper. Art gets a higher quality paper which I ordered because it is jam-free. It is what I ordered. When my brother called from the office on Saturday with glee to tell me I had ordered the wrong thing and to make it sound like I had no sense in the matter . . . So I found the
    invoice on e-mail and sent it to Art so he could show my brother I had ordered the right thing but they delivered the wrong thing. It was in plain cardboard boxes which I thought was a covering for the usual Copy Plus boxes. I thought they had them in outer boxes due to the rain. So now I am tasked with returning them and getting the correct paper. This is why it appears I get nothing done. Everything works this way. Now to try and reach Karen. I have heard nothing from her. I am having a bit of frustration that she has not even texted. If h err r oxygen is low then she could be out of it or it could just be she is rabid over Trump and the Corona.

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  7. So, this morning I read that more than twenty three billion pairs of shoes are made each year. There are seven billion people. That is a lot of shoes. How could we possibly need so many?

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  8. Stocking up: I would be more inclined to stock due to the potential government quarantines than the actual virus itself. But, it is not a great idea to go shopping during flu season anyway. Husband makes Costco runs.


  9. Mumsee, if there are only 23,000,000,000 shoes, my sister in law (Elvera’s sister) has about a billion of them. That leaves only 22 billion for the rest of the world.
    (No kidding), once, in moving, she filled the trunk of a car with shoes.)
    But a woman has a pair of shoes to go with each outfit she wears’

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  10. No, I haven’t stocked up on anything for the corona virus. We stock up for winter storms anyway and tend to buy when things are on sale. Living in the country means you don’t run everyday to a store. I used to go every two weeks, but now it is quite hit or miss. We could manage quite well, except for losing power. That would hurt if it were prolonged.

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  11. I always have extra supplies on hand than I need because I live in earthquake country.

    People shouldn’t have to buy water, but I have several dozen bottles left over from a party. Also you can always buy a several gallon jug and fill it in advance.

    Hmm. I live in earthquake country. I should probably store some more water.

    Now toilet paper . . . . There’s always the newspaper.

    What I shake my head over is the need for entertainment, “to last up to 2 weeks.”

    I’d say the one thing Americans don’t need to store up is more entertainment options.

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  12. I just spoke to my brother and the last thing he told me was I better do something about that paper. Opportunist! I said, “Yes, Sir! I’ve got my assignment!” He really wants to be my boss. I am so thankful that Art is not that way.

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  13. We are being told we need to start “social distancing.” The virus is spreading at a good clip now on the West Coast.

    Our Costcos and other stores are selling clean out of sanitary wipes, paper towels and toilet paper. We ran photos today of empty shelves in all those departments. So I suppose if you haven’t bought it by now you won’t be able to find it in these parts.

    I’m feeling overwhelmed this morning, work is never-ending this week & I still need to get my income tax turned in — property tax and house insurance and car registration need to get paid; the car is overdue for an oil change (only by about a week, but still … that “PERFORM SERVICE” dash message and “dinging” bell greet me now every time I turn the ignition on); my cousin wants to have lunch. …

    Life is just a little stressful all of a sudden. And I didn’t sleep well, I don’t think; I “slept,” but it felt like I also tossed and turned a lot through it all, so it was sort of a fitful sleep. Morning came way too soon. Next week the mornings will be darker again for a while after the time change.

    I use the regular printer paper on sale at Office Depot which seems to work fine with my machine. The high cost of printer ink kills me, though. I’m really trying to not print so much but it’s hard sometimes w/work and needing to print out notes, old stories and other documents for reference.

    No rain. But maybe some coming our way next week, off and on. So they say now. But we’ll see.

    Cute squirrel. I like squirrels.

    I’m off to interview folks at a couple local vote centers this morning before heading into the office where I’ll be working until about 7 p.m. tonight. The rest of the crew all comes in at 4 p.m. and will be working through the duration of the long election night. Let’s hope no major stories break in our area during the day, ’cause that’ll all be mine. If it’s relatively quiet, and I can just work on the other regular stories I have lined up for the rest of the week, I should be home in plenty of time to still walk the dogs, watch some of the returns, and get to bed at a fairly reasonable hour before midnight.

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  14. Janice, I don’t know precisely where it hit in Nashville, but several cities were mentioned and they were all in my life. The day I moved to Nashville, several tornadoes hit the South, including the Nashville suburbs, and took down many trees in the yard of someone I ended up going to church with, but this one sounds like it may well have hit houses or workplaces of people I know, or at least businesses they use. It sounds like a really devastating one.


  15. We always stay fairly well stocked up (we have a second small freezer), but yes, we tried to anticipate things it could be really bad to be out of and to buy them. If anything gets to our area, we aren’t going to want to go out, and the stores are likely to be out anyway. The thing is, of course, that you don’t necessarily know if/when it gets to your area. But ultimately we trust in God’s sovereignty but we act prudently. We bought stuff we’ll use anyway.

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  16. Daughter was able to get herself and two babies moved to their new apartment yesterday, with the help of coworkers. Nice people live in Boise.

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  17. That’s where I’m at Cheryl. Why wait til it’s a full blown issue to head out when everything will be gone anyway?

    I’m good. Stocked up on TP, PT, rice, pastas, water, and the like. I could go a couple months at this point without visiting a store.

    Right after I do the meat run I’m headed out for now. 🙂

    We lived without power after the last hurricane for near a week. We still have gas to cook and take hot showers, so we’re about good, if need be. Best to be a good Boy Scout and be prepared is my motto.

    The girls think it’s no big deal and I’m channeling my inner doomsday prepper, but they’ll thank me if it becomes necessary. At least they will if they want to eat and drink. 🙂

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  18. Hmm. I just ran into town to grab some green onions for our small group dinner tonight. I sauntered down the toilet paper aisle…empty! No hand sanitizer wipes and the “personal shoppers” were out in force blocking just about every aisle with their gargantuan shopping carts!! (So does that mean shoppers are avoiding the stores and allowing others to do their shopping for them? I think so!)

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  19. My local Safeway had everything today.

    It turns out declaring a Public Health Emergency means the government can order more proactive decisions–including quarantining people. We’ll see. Not worried, but I have plenty of food, drink, and books!

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  20. Delighted to hear of apartment, mom and babies. Praying dad gets there tomorrow!

    In other news, I like these two men and follow them on Twitter. They have interesting ideas and are both believers.

    Long article: https://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/decadence-ross-douthat/

    I finally looked up the word “cosplay,” which I see frequently. It means people (presumably adults) dressing up in their favorite characters and wandering around in public.

    I’ve been an adult too long. I find it all too tiresome and childish. 😦

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  21. Back in the other life when we were homeschooling I knew a family who were really all about cosplay. I felt a tad bit sorry for the children because it seemed to be all their family did. I didn’t know them well. We had a small group of children who met at our church. A few outsiders joined in with the church students. I doubt that the family went to church. They seemed to always be involved with making costumes and going places to do the cosplay. It was really like being totally caught up in a fantasy world. We were friendly and kind but never did anything with them outside of the homeschool group time which was for about two hours on two days each week.

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  22. I have been in more stores today looking for hand sanitizer. There is none. I do feel a slight touch of sore throat. I need to go take some rose hips capsules and drink a new tea I found which is a ginger and turmeric (it has orange peel in it, too). I found it at Kroger (Simple Truth brand).

    Our pastor’s family has been terribly sick. The 11 month old grandbaby has been in the hospital and so has the pastor’s wife. Not sure what they all have, but the baby has vomiting and the wife had food poisoning, so I don’t know if it is all the same or a virus. It is very scary. Prayers if you have a moment. We had a sub pastor to do Sunday’s service. He is a fairly new member and retired. Maybe they moved into the retirement home where Michelle stayed. He did a great sermon.

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  23. It is always wise to be prepared for various emergency situations. Out here, we are encouraged to do so in case of hurricanes or blizzards. And now the corona virus. It can’t hurt to be stocked up on the essentials. (I’ve read that having enough for two to three weeks is good, but enough for three months is even better.)

    Michelle and Janice – The McK sisters and Chickadee are into cosplay when they go to the ConnectiCon convention every summer, which is a much smaller version of San Diego’s ComicCon. There may be other times perhaps, but not that I am aware of.

    From what I have read/seen it can be a fun hobby kind of thing to do. I guess the problem would come in if a person becomes obsessed with it to the exclusion of more important things in life.

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  24. I have very little freezer space (fridge had to fit in a limited space in this old kitchen). And bottled water doesn’t last forever, which creates the dilemma of keeping much of that without replacing it regularly. (It lasts 1-2 years but only in the right environment — and I often leave mine outside for the gardeners and other workers.)

    I do have a lot of paper towels and toilet paper. But no hand sanitizers. ‘Some’ extra pasta, rice, peanut butter and 1 can of Hormel chili. Several flashlights and battery lanterns, some of which work.

    I had to go to a polling place to speak to the guy in charge — who also happened to be on the ballot as a member of his party’s central committee. He wasn’t pleased when I showed up and told him I needed to talk with him about it. He made a face, said he was too busy, I said I’d wait. I waited for about an hour and finally left my card and told him to call me on my cell if he had a few moments.

    Long lines at both polling places I visited today, one in the morning and this other one late in the afternoon.

    The tornado in Tennessee was pretty serious, one of our (former) reporters now works for the Tennessean and tweeted that a number of children and adults have been killed and/or critically injured.

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  25. I could probably go 3 months and not run out of most necessary items. I might not have all of the fresh veggies I want to eat, but we are pretty good on everything else. I have 1 more bag of potatoes we bought from the farm in october. Still In great shape. It always pays to be ready for any disaster with plenty to share with others.

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  26. Not stocking up here, as Mrs L. buys the huge packages of TP at Aldi (I think there are 24 rolls?). We have a Berky for filtering water, so we don’t need to waste money on bottled water. And we trust the Lord will see us through should the Corona virus becomes epidemic.

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