36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-25-20

  1. I opened my e-mail this morning to bad news.
    My membership in NRSC has lapsed and I need to send money right away.
    And my Trump coffee cup is still waiting.

    But I have never belonged to whatever NRSC is. I can’t send money to everyone who wants some from me.
    You likely have the same problem. I usually just let it pass by.

    Good morning everyone.

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  2. Morning! Chas I seem to have a package from FedEx that has been waiting ever so long to be delivered. They keep sending me that email and if I would just click that link they could deliver it 😂
    That header reminds me of a paperweight I have. My grandparents bought one exactly like it in Cincinnati while they were on a date (my sister has the original but I found one at an antique shoppe!) There was once a canal that would take them from Sidney to Cincinnati…and now there is no evidence of such a canal….😞

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  3. Good morning. Baby and I are enjoying listening to the roosters this morning. Now that she is sleeping through the night, she is more inclined to get up for a while. Though she generally drifts off before her aunt and uncle get up for chores.

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  4. Husband and daughter may be coming home today but now it sounds like another grandson is ill and he may stay to babysit him so parents do not need to take time off of work. Since he is there. But daughter does have work tomorrow. She dusts a shelf in a grocery store for two hours a week.

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  5. Good morning! That is a pretty header. I never had a kaleidoscope, but always wanted one. I could buy one now, but it is a season to let go and not acquire more. Can you imagine if we all lived to be 200 how much stuff we would accumulate? Scary to think about. Many things would be obsolete yet we’d keep them because we paid a lot of dollars for them. Do you have anything you are holding onto for that reason? I have an old vacuum cleaner that I was trying to get repaired. It was top of the line way back when bought because it had special filters to help not flair up Wesley’s asthma when vacuuming. I had to get my money back from the repair person recently because he could not get the promised new motor. Now I have to decide to keep it in hopes someone else can repair it or else I can trash it.

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  6. Long day ahead. I have 3 stories to do, 2 of them not on my beat — and one of those involving a political dustup in a high-profile city council race. I don’t know the people or the issues.

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  7. Good Morning Everyone. Technology! It just took me an hour to do something I could have had done in 10 minutes if it weren’t for technology.
    Grandson in MD has the flu. Luckily he had a flu shot, they caught it early and he is on Tamiflu. Hopefully his little sister will not catch it.

    BG has a job interview in about 20 minutes. It is for a shop in town and would be closer to home and pay her more. Her dad and I spoke yesterday (he is as frustrating as ever) about it. She wants a second job waiting tables. I love my child but there is no way she can wait tables. She doesn’t have the personality for it.
    He and I both agreed that if we could get her interested in going to some some of training or school she wouldn’t have to work two jobs. If I thought I could get away with it, I would go sign her up for the military, drug her, and send her off. I don’t think that would work out.

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  8. Header reminds me of a small multi-colored, mosaic-like glass candle holder I like to use at Christmas. It’s a little cup-glass that holds a tea light or other small candle (lately I use almost only battery-flickering candles, but I still like the little tea lights inside something like that).

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  9. My good friend & former roommate posted yesterday that her younger (30ish) daughter is (finally) engaged to the guy she’s been living with for several years now. I’m hoping it all works out — and that they set a date quickly. Not the way my friend envisioned any of it, her girls both went to Catholic schools but have walked away from the faith pretty much (the other one is married to a man who’s rather overbearing and is Muslim, which is how their children are mostly being raised). But I know she’s happy and relieved about that ring being on this daughter’s finger at long last.

    Life is complicated.

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  10. I have a busy day. After Bible study, I’m meeting an Australian grad student who is doing her field research: the effect of wildfires on an urban environment. It should be an interesting conversation and I have a list of a few people she might want to interview during the two weeks she’s here.

    Afterward, I’m headed to the temporary DMV–so if you don’t hear from me for a few days, assume I’m waiting in line.

    The US requires a “REALID” to fly on a commercial plane after October. Since I also have a passport and a military ID, I don’t really need the Real ID, but I figure someone will make it mandatory so why not just bite the bullet now? It’s my ten-year annual visit to renew my driver’s license anyway.

    California has had 10 years to get this organized, but only recently awoke to the discovery it has to be done by October, so they’re scrambling. Our local DMV, in their great wisdom, thought, “Oh, look, pressure because of all these RealIDs that need to be done.” (Note I’ve spelled Real-ID four different ways now).

    So, they decided to remodel the office for 2-3-4- who knows how many months, and use temporary facilities at our all-purpose fairground for the time being.

    (Note: it’s impossible to hire contractors in fire-ravaged and delinquently managed by the City AND County of Sonoma planning department).

    They don’t explain anywhere on any website WHICH building at the sprawling fairgrounds they are temporarily housed, but this professional researcher eventually ferreted it out.

    So, I’ve got my book and after lunch I’m going in.

    I just got my notice of needing to renew my license on Saturday, but I figured I’d better start early. Good thing. The first available appointment is in May–a month before my license expires. This, in case you don’t remember, is February.

    I need to turn off my sarcasm [now] so I can teach Bible study. It’s from Proverbs on family–you know, that deadly verse: “Raise up a child in the way he should go . . . ”

    I can hardly wait . . .

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  11. How frustrating it must be for our Heavenly Father, who often must feel the same way, Kim! We just so want them to go in the way that will be so much easier and reap such good rewards. Hopefully, she will one day realize it.

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  12. Michelle, I went online to check out the real id. They asked when my passport and drivers license expire and then told me to wait. From what I have heard about the lines, that sounds like a good idea.


  13. I just returned home from town. Winds are 55mph blowing snow everywhere! I almost got stuck in a huge drift on the roads…in my 4wheel truck with good tires! Whiteout conditions and there are so many stuck and so many wrecks! Now it is snowing on top of the winds. We have small group tonight and I am to bring chopped nuts, coconut and green onion. Didn’t know that until late last night and I didn’t have any of those on hand thus the adventure into town 😳
    Winds are howling up at DIA as well Jo…is daughter coming in today? The rest of the week is predicted to be more calm…until Monday…then it starts up again… ❄️


  14. Reminds me of Mike Warnke, Snip dingle, snip dingle snip dingle.

    Yes, I realize he is not in favor or was not. But he was very encouraging at the time.


  15. Good morning all.I need to learn how to “Download” a youtube video and how to connect a HomePod to our new computer for tomorrow’s garden club luncheon.

    I could also go to the dump. And start to get my New Driver’s License/RealID. (I just noticed that the small l looks an awful lot like a capital I.)


  16. I listened to a Writer’s Chat this morning about writing articles, geared to children’s magazines, which mentioned an editor who will be at the conference I plan to attend. Now to get with the keyboard.


  17. Mumsee, I never heard Mike Warnke, but he spoke at my college at least once, and my roommate came back raving about him, and she continued to talk about him for years.

    After I graduated, my landlords were Jesus People alumni (their daughters and the husband of the older daughter still lived in the commune, and their younger daughter married at 17 to a man in it–I attended the wedding); they subscribed to Cornerstone magazine, and I ended up reading the whole expose (24,000 words, apparently), which was very disturbing. It seems that he would have done better just to stick to humor, and not make up a “testimony” that was a complete fabrication. I was shocked, and I was also very disappointed for my former roommate, since I knew she really loved him and I think she bought some of his tapes.

    It turned out to have been helpful that I read the expose and went on to read a bit more about the satanic ritual abuse conspiracy theories, because someone approached me about being the writer on her book, and it was about that subject. (She believed her mother to have been running a daycare sacrificing children to Satan.) I think she actually believed the story she wanted told, but I could not write a story on something that has been so widely discredited. It was helpful to have already done a lot of the reading.


  18. Kim…I am praying for BG and you know stepping into being a waitress might not be all that disastrous for her. Even though it would seem that it is something she could never do now she just might end up being quite good at the task. I was such the introvert (still am) as a teen and it was thought I could never work retail dealing with customers. Something about that job clicked with me and I “came into my own”. I learned so much and found I was quite good working in retail. 😊 and even though I am more introverted I love working with customers and the retail side of the business.

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  19. Nancy Jill, I too really loved retail (I did it from 20-22, plus a year and a half before that at McDonald’s, which I hated). My sister was a waitress for a bit and did well at it, and I was never interested. But had I actually been interested (and thus motivated) I imagine I could have done well enough at it.

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  20. I had to renew my driver’s license recently, so got the Real ID one. MN also did not have them until recently and are now telling us we will need one in October. I rather wish I had gotten an enhanced one, just in case. Our passports have expired. Since my husband does not like to travel I don’t know that we need them. OTOH, we have a grandson out of country, so who knows? I want to be able to fly, domestically, for sure in case of an emergency. I can do that, but he won’t be able to do it unless he gets the other. Not that he would want to, but sometimes we have to do what we need to do.

    I will say that our lines in the DMV are usually not that bad. This time there was a mix up in what I needed to bring in and I ended up going back three times due to some bad information.

    My daughters and I were actually discussing the enhanced and Real ID and I was surprised that my daughter in WI could not get one, since her state does not border on Canada. Of course, it does by water. Flummoxed us.

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  21. All my complaining was for naught. In and out in half an hour.

    Bible study got frenzied. Someone was there to test the fire alarms and let them go on and on and on. We had our fingers in our ears, the folks with hearing aids took them out but it pretty much broke up the study.



  22. Michelle, I laughed at this one: “Don’t shake hands with other people — it’s a gross custom that needs to end anyway.” It wasn’t that long ago that people used to drink from the same cup as strangers, and human contact hardly seems like a “gross” custom! Otherwise, overall it does look useful, and I’ll forward it to my husband. (My mother-in-law did return safely from her cruise.)

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  23. Me, stuck at work while editor finishes reading the campaign scandal story we had to scramble to get done. Horrific day. On candidate scolded me because we hadn’t yet written about it.

    People have no idea how short staffed we are anymore.

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  24. Well I turned it on and found it to be amusing but husband could not tolerate it any longer…so off it went! Small group was cancelled tonight due to the ice and drifts on our roads. It is good to be home 😊


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