23 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-21-20

  1. Chris Murphy (Traitor/D NJ)is taking heat for violating the Logan Act. 🙂



  2. Congrats to Cali. They’re no longer the state the most people are fleeing from. Now it’s the other “left” coast. 🙂


    “Not Shocking: New York And New Jersey Losing The Most People”

    “This is a trend that’s been building for quite a few years and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. A new study reveals that the two states losing the most residents in 2017 and 2018 were once again New York and New Jersey. And who were the big winners in population gains? You might think it would be Texas and Florida, but you’d be wrong. Both of them did see impressive increases, but the biggest winners in the population wars were Arizona, Idaho and Utah. (CBS New York)

    A new study finds that New York and New Jersey are losing more residents than any other states.

    The career website Zippia looked at the population data from the Census’ American Community Survey to determine the states with the largest population decrease from 2017 to 2018, which is the most recent data available.

    New York topped the list, losing 307,190 residents, and New Jersey came in second with 97,124 residents moving out.

    Connecticut also made it into the top 10, losing 15,519 residents.”


    And what do they all have in common? High taxes and run by Democrats. That’s not a coincidence.


  3. Meanwhile, the rest of America seems pretty happy with things.


    “‘National satisfaction’ reaches 15-year high, ‘greatly increases’ Trump reelection”

    “People are practically giddy with the economic improvement under President Trump, and they believe by a 2-1 margin that it will only get better.

    The latest Gallup survey also found that the good feelings have helped Trump to sustain his highest approval rating at 49%, which “greatly increases Trump’s chances of being re-elected.”

    In the survey, 45% are satisfied with the state of the nation. It hasn’t been that high since 2005, shortly after former President George W. Bush’s second inauguration.

    “Trump’s elevated job approval rating comes at a time when Americans are increasingly positive about the state of the nation. The percentage who are satisfied with the way things are going in the U.S. had already improved from 36% to 41% in a Jan. 3-16 poll, before the rise in Trump’s job approval rating in late January. The latest survey finds a further increase in national satisfaction, with 45% now satisfied, the highest since February 2005,” said the Gallup analysis.

    It came with several other notable economic numbers that show American confidence in the Trump economy:

    63% of U.S. adults rate current economic conditions as either excellent or good. Just 9% rate them as poor.
    By 61% to 33%, people say the economy is getting better rather than worse.
    Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index, a summary of ratings of current conditions and whether the economy is getting better or worse, is +41. This is essentially the same as last month, but both readings represent a return to the prior high of +44 in October 2000.
    It was the latest positive headline from Gallup for Trump, a string that started before the Senate trial on his House impeachment.

    It also comes as other polls show that the public believes that Trump will win reelection in the fall.

    But as with much in American politics, the partisan split was huge.”




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  4. Not shocking. Not at all.

    “Survey Of UK Art World Finds ‘A Quagmire Of Wokeness’ Rife With ‘Coercion, Bullying, Intimidation And Intolerance’”


    “A UK magazine called ArtsProfessional has published the results of a “Freedom of Expression survey” and the results are not good. The survey found that in the professional art world in the UK , self-censorship is the norm and pressure to stay silent on controversial issues is felt by most.

    A culture of self-censorship and fear of backlash from funders, colleagues and the public is convincing arts and cultural workers to stay silent on important issues, according to new research from ArtsProfessional…

    While about 90% of respondents agreed that “the arts and cultural sector has a responsibility to use its unique talents to speak out about things that matter, regardless of the potential consequences”, more than 80% thought that “workers in the arts and cultural sector who share controversial opinions risk being professionally ostracised”…

    “Our survey shines a damning light on the coercion, bullying, intimidation and intolerance that is active among a community that thinks of itself as liberal, open minded and equitable.

    As you would expect, the pressure is especially strong on anyone who holds a right-of-center opinion or even an insufficiently woke opinion:

    The research indicates the arts and cultural sector is intolerant of viewpoints outside of the dominant norms. Anything that might be considered “politically incorrect” to the liberal-leaning sector – including expressing support or sympathy for Brexit, the Conservatives or other right-wing political parties – was felt to be risky territory.

    Religion, gender and sexuality were also considered a “minefield” and no-go areas for many: “Anything to do with gender issues, especially trans issues, will get a lot of flak for either not being on message enough, or being off message, or too on message,” one person said.

    More than three-quarters of respondents said workers who share controversial opinions risk being professionally ostracised. One person commented that people working in the sector are “nowhere near as open as they pretend to be, there is a lot of hiding and backstabbing”.

    Writing at the Times of London, Richard Morrison offers some more excerpts from the report:”




    “The arts world is tolerant, as long as you’re left wing and anti-Brexit”


  5. It’s official, and ewwwww, it’s nasty too.


    Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t know that Ilhan Omar married her brother in 2009? It has been my mission in life to get the word out over the past three and a half years. Today Martin Gould reports for The Daily Mail: “Ilhan Omar DID marry her brother and said she would ‘do what she had to do to get him “papers” to keep him in U.S.’, reveals Somali community leader.” Maybe word will get out now that it has been reported in the most widely read English-language news site in the world.

    Gould’s story follows his trip to Minneapolis last week and his meeting with my original Somali source (who has authorized me to say so). His name is Abdihaikm Osman Nur (Gould gives his name as Abdihakim Osman). I first met him in August 2016 at a public place in downtown Minneapolis. Abdi had called me after the publication of my initial Omar-related Power Line post, “Ilhan Omar: Her back pages.” We were afraid of each other, but we have become good friends as I have continued meeting with him since then and developed other sources with his help.

    Abdi required me to promise confidentiality because he feared for his safety if he were to be identified. He perceives the threats to have intensified over the past two weeks and to have reached a crescendo yesterday in a call from a relative of Omar in which he was told the FBI would be looking for him as a result of his “false claims.” Abdi called me to discuss his concerns about it last night.

    In my first meeting with him I asked Abdi over and over, why are you telling me this? He told me he loves the United States. He immigrated from Somalia by way of Yemen. He emphasized that the first time he was ever treated as a real human being and citizen was the moment when he landed in Chicago and was brought a wheelchair in which he was to be taken from the plane. He loves the United States and does not approve of how Omar has taken advantage of Americans.

    Abdi refuses to be silenced and thinks it is better at this point to be on the record. He is an observant Muslim. This afternoon he told me that he is happy to leave his fate in God’s hands.”




    “IlhIlhan Omar DID marry her brother and said she would ‘do what she had to do to get him “papers” to keep him in U.S.’, reveals Somali community leader

    Ilhan Omar told friends years ago that the man who went on to become her second husband was in fact her brother, DailyMail.com can confirm

    Abdihakim Osman is the first person to go on record to speak of how Omar said she wanted to get her brother papers so he could stay in the United States

    It has long been rumored that Omar and Ahmed Elmi are siblings, but because of a lack of paperwork in war-torn Somalia, proof has never been uncovered

    Osman said: ‘She said she needed to get papers for her brother to go to school. We all thought she was just getting papers to allow him to stay in this country’

    Omar was married to her second husband Elmi in 2009 by a Christian minister – although she is Muslim

    She was first married to Ahmed Hirsi in 2002 in a Muslim ceremony, before they split in 2008 – but she later had another child with Hirsi while legally wed to Elmi

    Osman said: ‘When [Hirsi] and Ilhan got married, a lot of people were invited. It was a big Islamic wedding uniting two large clans in the community’

    He added: ‘When she married Elmi, no one even knew about it… No one knew there had been a wedding until the media turned up the certificate years later'”

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  6. Trump Takes Aim at Bureaucratic Bullying


    “Presumption of innocence. Adjudication by a neutral arbiter. Fair proceedings. Every American knows that these rights, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, protect us against unjust or arbitrary exercises of government power.

    But as an increasingly ravenous government has swelled in size and scope, it has come to act more and more through administrative proceedings that dispense with these constitutional safeguards. Thanks to President Trump, that is changing in a big way. The president recently signed a pair of executive orders designed to reinforce time-honored bulwarks of the rule of law and rein in a bureaucracy run amok.

    Consider this example from previous administrations that current Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue has worked hard to rectify. In the late-1990s, a farmer in Indiana cut down nine trees on his property. The U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2002 conducted a site visit and evaluated this action, and in February 2003 claimed he had improperly converted wetlands to cropland. The farmer appealed and made his case that same year.

    As part of his appeal the farmer was assigned another site visit, but nearly a decade passed without a word from USDA. In the intervening years, the farmer passed away. In November 2012, the Obama-era USDA realized it had not completed the required site visit, visited the farm, and reached the same decision from nine years earlier. The farmer’s widow finally took the case to federal court and in August 2019, the Seventh Circuit provided relief and took the Obama USDA to task for failing to examine relevant facts and relevant data, as well as failing to articulate a satisfactory explanation for its actions. Fortunately, Secretary Perdue was at the helm of the Trump USDA and took action, initiating a review of pending litigation to ensure this USDA would never repeat the mistakes of its predecessors. Until this administration’s reforms, Americans could only look to the courts to fight back against the administrative state’s overreach.

    President Trump is committed to ending such bureaucratic bullying. Last October the president signed two executive orders that ensure transparency in administrative action and root out dubious practices across the federal government. One targets the problem of agency guidance documents. Agencies have increasingly issued “guidance” instead of using statutory rulemaking procedures to sidestep procedural safeguards and to quietly make policy without public input.

    This executive order requires agencies to make such guidance accessible online and stamps out attempts to bind the public by way of guidance that may not be readily available or understood. While some guidance can be helpful — by translating complicated legalese into layman’s terms — guidance documents can be costly, sow confusion, and create legal liability for American families, consumers, and small businesses that don’t have a team of well-heeled attorneys on retainer. You should not be punished for failure to know rules that a Washington bureaucrat has intentionally made obscure.

    The president’s other order requires agencies to act fairly in administrative enforcement actions or adjudications. Americans must know the rules in advance; government enforcement should not be an unfair surprise. Together, these two executive orders mark a decisive step in the right direction. Even better, the Trump Administration aims to do more to establish a truly fair administrative enforcement process, affirming the rule of law and our constitutional values.”

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  7. The people on TV were talking this morning about Russian interference in the 2020 election.
    When I opened my computer to come here, there was a commercial e-mail that said the Russians are interfering in the 2020 election for Trump and trying to influence the Democrats.
    Nobody has explained what the Russians are doing to influence the election.
    They talked about it in the 2016 elections. But nobody has explained to me what the Russians did.
    If they took out newspaper or TV ads. That is their prerogative. Anybody ought to be free to do that.
    If they are stuffing ballot boxes, that is illegal for them and me.

    QOD What did the Russians do to influence the election?


  8. Chas,

    Way less than we do to influence theirs. 🙂

    That’s the ugly little secret, every country does it. They bought some Facebook ads and spammed Twitter, and in both cases, the left made much more of it than there really was. They needed all the excuses they could get for 2016, the same will apply now. It’s become their excuse du jour…..


  9. More details on the sham Mueller investigation, and the unprofessional tactics used against their targets.


    “Longtime Republican politico K.T. McFarland said in a radio interview Wednesday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team pressured her for “20, 30, 40 hours of hell” to either cop a plea or implicate other Trump associates in crimes, even though she didn’t think she or they did anything wrong.

    McFarland, who served a four-month stint under Trump’s short-lived national security adviser Michael Flynn, was ensnared in Mueller’s dragnet after leaving the administration in May 2017.

    She described the “trauma” she experienced at the hands of Mueller’s interrogators in November of 2017, during an interview on WMAL radio in Washington DC.

    McFarland said that she was at a disadvantage when she was being questioned because she no longer had access to her White House files.

    “I am the original girl scout,” the former deputy national security adviser explained. “I followed all the rules, I turned in all of my files and my phone logs and my test messages and emails when I left government, didn’t leak to the press.”

    Unfortunately, she said, “playing by the rules” is what got her “in so much trouble.”

    “When the Mueller people came knocking at my door, they started quizzing me on stuff that I didn’t have access to and didn’t remember 100 percent accurately, and it allowed them to say, ‘well you must be lying then,’” McFarland told WMAL hosts Vince Coglianese and Mary Walter.

    Walter asked McFarland why she wasn’t in the same position as Flynn, who ended up pleading guilty to a crime he didn’t commit (after Mueller threatened to bring criminal charges against his son). She replied: “because I didn’t break.”

    “They gave me the distinct impression after … 20, 30, 40 hours of hell that they wanted me to either plead guilty to a crime I didn’t feel I committed, or to talk about other people having done things that I didn’t think they had done,” she explained.

    The former Trump aide told the hosts that the Mueller interrogators didn’t come right out and say they wanted her to cop a plea, but that “was the impression they conveyed.”

    McFarland, a foreign policy and national security expert whose political career goes back to the 1970s, said she’d had “a really hard time of it” and almost broke herself.

    “At one point, I turned to my lawyer and said, ‘just tell me what they want me to say and I’ll say it!’” she recalled.

    McFarland told the hosts that she just wanted the ordeal—which cost her hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees—to be over with.

    “My husband, God bless him, said ‘you can’t do that. Even if we go bankrupt,” she continued. So McFarland decided to stand her ground.”


    Read the rest. What Mueller did to these people is disgusting, and un-American.

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  10. Again, the violence is one sided. Own it Bernie and Dems.


    Steve Scalise, the R Rep.shooting victim of a Bernie supporter has an answer….


  11. More….


    “Scalise is obviously referring to the fact that he was shot and nearly killed by Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson in the spring of 2017 during a congressional baseball game in Virginia.

    Gregg Re of FOX News has more on how the issue of supporter behavior was discussed at the debate:

    The moment highlighted a brewing internal fight among Democrats after Wednesday night’s contentious presidential primary debate: Are candidates responsible for the conduct of their supporters in an increasingly heated election year?…

    “Look, I have said many times before — we are all responsible for our supporters,” Warren told moderator Hallie Jackson at the NBC/MSNBC debate. “And, we need to step up. That’s what leadership is all about. But the way we are going to lead this country and beat Donald Trump is going to be with a candidate who has rock solid values and who actually gets something done.”

    Her response came in response to Jackson’s question referencing Joe Biden’s comments on Sunday accusing Sanders supporters of bullying union leaders with “vicious, malicious, misogynistic things.” Biden, speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” had called on Sanders to disavow online activists spreading hate in his name.

    It’s only February, but Scalise may have already won Tweet of the Year.”


  12. Uh-oh Chas. 🙂

    I think they’ve uncovered yet another dastardly plot by the Russians to influence the 2020 election. 🙂



  13. Huh.

    Whodda thought?


    “CNN Sources: Intel Deputy Overstated Claim At Briefing That Russia Is Planning To Help Trump In The Election”

    “To understand this Jake Tapper thread you need to have read the WaPo and NYT stories I wrote about yesterday. WaPo claimed Trump decided to oust Joseph Maguire as acting DNI because he believed — mistakenly — that Maguire’s deputy gave Adam Schiff a secret briefing about something having to do with election security that Democrats might be able to use against him. Schiff received no secret briefing, a source told the Post. The full House Intelligence Committee was briefed, with Republicans present.

    As for the subject of the mysterious briefing and why it might have been juicy to Democrats, WaPo didn’t say.

    But the Times did say. Supposedly, Maguire deputy Shelby Pierson told the committee that U.S. intelligence showed Russia was “interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get President Trump re-elected,” in the NYT’s words. The Times didn’t mention anything about a secret briefing for Schiff causing Trump concern; rather, he seemed to object that this information was shared with the full committee, fearing that Schiff and other Dems in attendance would leak it to damage him. (A well-founded fear, as it turned out.) But them’s the breaks: If American intel has good reason to believe Russia is planning to meddle again, particularly on behalf of one candidate, members of Congress tasked with intelligence oversight need to know.

    Just one wrinkle. What if American intel has good reason to believe Russia’s planning to meddle but *doesn’t* have good reason to believe they’re planning to meddle on behalf of a specific candidate? That’s the politically explosive part. But according to Tapper’s sources, Pierson exaggerated that conclusion — an unconscionable mistake after the country’s Russiagate ordeal. CNN to the rescue?”


  14. Love Katherine Herridge. She was a huge loss for Fox.

    She says the Russian story is just more nonsense with no facts that back it.


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  15. Everyday.


    They never learn.


  16. Nothing unAmerican about the FBI actions — they’ve been doing it since the 1919 Palmer Raids.

    Russia is trying to influence the election — they’ve been doing that for decades in Europe. The question is what candidate do they support? Past experiences indicate its Trump. But you are right — the US also does it to other countries. The difference is most countries try to make their electoral process more secure. I haven’t seen any sign of electoral security being improved or increased in the last four years.

    The Bernie Bros meme has been resurrected. He’s a threat to not only the Republicans but also to the DNC


  17. Sorry Canadian, but you don’t get to decide what’s un-American.

    That would be as silly as me saying something was un-Canadian. You have no accurate point of reference to even begin.

    And your assertions about the Russians is stupid. When the Russians actually are successful in interfering in an actual election, we’ll talk. Our elections are secure. They’ve not hacked or changed a single vote in one. Until they can, then all they can do is cause dissension, with of course the aid of leftists like you, the media, and US Democrats who play along like willful idiots.

    You just did it again above. You and your ilk are Russia’s greatest asset at this. This is what they seek, and you clowns keep playing along….


  18. Why would the Russians want to tilt the election toward Trump anyway? How is Putin better off with Trump in office than he would have been with Hillary? Why would he want four more years of Trump?


  19. Bwahahaha…. 🤣🤣🤣

    Oh HRW…….

    You need a new meme…. your last one is busted…. 🙂


    “WaPo: Feds Have Briefed Bernie That Russia Is Trying To Help His Campaign”

    “This election is going to rule so very hard.

    Two questions off the bat. One: There’s another Democratic debate this coming Tuesday night that may well amount to the last chance to derail Bernie before he’s unstoppable. Are Warren, Biden, and the rest going to take off the gloves and use this against him or are they really going to let this pinko waltz to the nomination untouched? Two: What’s the connection, if any, between this story and the curious story last night about a DNI deputy telling Schiff’s committee — perhaps erroneously — that Russia is once again working to help elect Trump?

    Did Democrats leak that story because they knew this scoop about Bernie was coming? That is, did they try to preempt a very bad “Russia’s working for Bernie!” outcry among the public by manufacturing some new “Russia’s working for Trump!” outrage instead?”


    Way to spread that disinformation about who the Russians really want to aid though, Putin would be so proud of your efforts Comrade! 🙂


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