28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-20-20

  1. Not significant, but 2-20-2 is amusing- Just for fun, I would have done 02-20-20
    Good morning everyone. Snow is forecast, but the temperature remains over 32, so I don’t worry.

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  2. What goose species, AJ?

    Last week when my husband and I went looking for sandhill cranes, it was Valentine’s Day, and we were also going to go to lunch in Brown County. (We were generally in that area.) But my husband wanted an early lunch, and he said if we couldn’t get an early lunch, we’d do our Valentine’s Day lunch this week instead. Well, he ended up sleeping in a bit that day, so we didn’t get an early start, and didn’t even eat breakfast till a McDonald’s drive-thru at almost 10:00.

    So, yesterday I was out with my new snap-on lens getting photos of frost (and I really got some amazing ones, I think), and I remembered that we have some Starbucks stars to use up, and also that Valentine’s lunch. So I tried to call my husband, but he didn’t answer. When I got home, I told him, “I looked in my Rolodex for men with whom I can go on a date, and there was only one name. But I called him, and he didn’t answer.” I noticed he had made coffee, so I said well, he probably didn’t want to go to Starbucks, anyway. He said no, but we could do our lunch date. And so we did. I also ended up getting several hundred photos yesterday, between the frost photos in the morning and the state park photos noonish.

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  3. Good morning! My phone was being too slow getting to this site. I turned the power off and back on. Then the site was readily available. Maybe the phone has been eating too many cookies lately? I suppose I need to clear away the gunk. Any suggestions as to what works best to do that?

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  4. Morning! Pretty duck/goose up there…I’m thinking it is a goose but he doesn’t look like the ones I see flying around here!
    Janice I love Craisins…I mix them with a variety of nuts for a quick quash on my cravings for something sweet! I will have to try the infused ones now!

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  5. We are suppose to have flash flooding again today. The header has water in it. It is a lovely picture, but we have seen enough water lately. The news was reporting how many feet above full level the major lakes are in our area today. Wish we could funnel it to CA!

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  6. It is reported that we are waaay above our “normal” snow amounts. But we all know not to rely upon the “safety” of those numbers. It can dry up quicker than two shakes of a lamb’s tail! We were -8 this morning. Our high is predicted to be a balmy 24. But…the sun is shining and the sky is bluer than blue!! 😊

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  7. Another night on the sofa.

    Apparently the cat hasn’t yet dispatched her live plaything (indeed, she may have met her match with this one). When it was time to go to bed last night the rodeo was in full swing again, right under the bed this time.

    Even the dogs are getting annoyed at this point. Only the cat is continually amused, what this is for her. But we’re entering Day 3 so I may have to fire her and resort to the RatZapper if this doesn’t get resolved soon.

    I have a long port meeting to cover this morning but I can live stream it from home.

    I think I managed 7-8 hours of sleep last night, but I’m still yawning. It’s not the same when you’re on the couch all night. I have a single bed in the spare bedroom but I need to get the bedding changed to use that. Maybe tonight …

    The cat is now napping. She put in a long night. Maybe it’s over, but I somehow doubt it.

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  8. Thanks, Mumsee, please direct more water our way!

    We were supposed to get a cute little storm tomorrow, but it turned fickle and has flitted off somewhere else.

    Great disappointment,

    In better news, my daughter is thrilled, thrilled, she gets to go on a business trip today— to our local airport!

    I’ll meet her and two colleagues at the airport and give them an oatmeal box of cookies, hug her and wave goodbye. They’re picking up three new ambulances to drive back to LA today.

    This should be a prayer request. She got up around 4:30 to drive 1/2 northwest, to get a ride 45 minutes south to LAX, to fly 90 minutes north to drive 8 hours south back to car to drive 1/2 hour southeast home.

    I’m just glad it’s not me— but she’s 36 years younger!

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  9. Some good news….


    “Coronavirus ‘spike’ protein just mapped, leading way to vaccine”

    “Researchers worldwide are racing to develop potential vaccines and drugs to fight the new coronavirus, called SARS-Cov-2. Now, a group of researchers has figured out the molecular structure of a key protein that the coronavirus uses to invade human cells, potentially opening the door to the development of a vaccine, according to new findings.

    Previous research revealed that coronaviruses invade cells through so-called “spike” proteins, but those proteins take on different shapes in different coronaviruses. Figuring out the shape of the spike protein in SARS-Cov-2 is the key to figuring out how to target the virus, said Jason McLellan, senior author of the study and an associate professor of molecular biosciences at the University of Texas at Austin.

    Though the coronavirus uses many different proteins to replicate and invade cells, the spike protein is the major surface protein that it uses to bind to a receptor — another protein that acts like a doorway into a human cell. After the spike protein binds to the human cell receptor, the viral membrane fuses with the human cell membrane, allowing the genome of the virus to enter human cells and begin infection. So “if you can prevent attachment and fusion, you will prevent entry,” McLellan told Live Science. But to target this protein, you need to know what it looks like.”


    And now we do. 🙂

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  10. Waiting for the port board meeting to begin … they’re late. Big SpaceX lease vote today. To Mars!

    I think the little ‘storm’ fizzling out for Michelle may be fizzling our way — and that’s why we’re suddenly showing rain (Rain!) on Saturday?

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  11. Little granddaughter seems to be developing a recognizable schedule. Makes things a bit easier to plan around. Maybe some time, she and mommy will work something out as well.

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  12. Hi Friends. I am behind on everything today, including not having finished reading yesterday’s threads. Anyway, I have a computer question for anyone who may know.

    Is Java something we should keep on our desktop computer or is it safe to delete it?

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  13. Janice, I like those Craisens on salads.

    Michelle, did you agree about any issues for Elizabeth?

    Sinus infection for me. Thankful for the medical personnel again.

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  14. Michelle, were you talking with your hands, perchance? 🙂

    Thank you, Jo. I still haven’t seen our deacon’s episodes which are running yesterday/today and tomorrow, I will have to catch them after-the-fact online.

    Wow, long meeting, one story down, one more to go (plus a long caption I need to write for something else).

    Tomorrow it’s a tour of two port terminals on the LB side but before that I have to ‘cover’ a live-streamed news conference on another issue, then I’ll write that story after the port tour.

    Annie (and presumably likewise her exhausted prey) = napping all day. Gearing up for their next round in the middle of the night tonight.

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