65 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-17-20

  1. Good Morning from Elm Street in Dallas. I am in a boutique hotel that used to be the Texas Petroleum Building. It has the old mail slot to from mail from each floor down to the main floor.
    I’m a mile from the convention center and have walked a couple of times. I have had Mexican food twice and Italian once.
    Saturday night one of my agents wanted to go Latin dancing so we went. A young guy pulled me out on the floor. He was good. He definitely was leading and spinning and twirling me.
    I haven’t gotten in bed before midnight most nights yet my body is wide awake around 5 am. I am surging on coffee and water.
    I have learned quite a bit and am excited that today the main speaker will be Simon Sinek. That’s at 9 this morning.

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  2. Good morning. I finally decided, if I was going to get any exercise, I needed to get up in the morning. So I got up at three thirty. Exercise: check. Left me with Bible time and time to pray for some of my fellow believers. And get here in time for daughter to leave baby in my charge. Will I be taking a nap later today? Yes. But then I generally get a ten minute nap after dinner.

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  3. I lived in Fort Worth for 4.5 years.
    Kim has already spent more time in Dallas than I have.
    I never had time to go there.

    I’m just sitting around the house now with nothing to do. But I remember the days when I would “meet myself coming back”. There was so much.
    Being busy is better.

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  4. I checked on Kim’s 7:52. I don’t remember where, but I’ve seen this before. The big question, and answer, is WHY.
    I have mentioned this before. From a guy who participated in the Apollo program by mapping the landing sites.

    When we consider returning to the moon and going to mars. We need to ask “WHY”
    We have been there.
    There is nothing there. If we discovered gold on the moon, it wouldn’t pay to mine it.
    We can’t afford this.
    That’s why.

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  5. Like it or not Chas, eventually we will have military forces operating in space. Some countries (US) already do or are preparing to do so. It’s the future, and you don’t dare be the last to arrive at the party. So, to space we go….. again.

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  6. Good morning. I have an extra day to get the garbage can to the street. It’s suppose to stay foggy here until 11 a.m. so it’s not a pretty start to a holiday. And tonight rain moves back in. We have had so much rain this winter. Still thankful daily for the solid roof over my head. Speaking of head, that header is nice for today. Where was it taken?

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  7. Good morning all. We’re at D1’s for the day. Yesterday we drove 2 hours to go to church with D2 and her family, then spent the afternoon with them. Mrs L spent most of the time holding our new granddaughter while she napped.

    Later we came an hour and a half North and supper with the other children and grandchildren. Back to school tomorrow.

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  8. Morning! Sun is shining for now and I am enjoying it while I can! Nice photo up there…and who are all the Presidents being celebrated this day again?! I just remember as a kid we had separate days to celebrate Washington and Lincoln…and we always cut out silhouettes their heads and hung them on the picture rail around the classroom! 😊

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  9. Our exciting plans are to GO OUTSIDE today.

    It’s only been a bad cold, but today I feel half normal.

    Yesterday, I stayed home and got grim prayer requests.

    And a terrible dream last night about how I’ve been neglecting my housebound father. How could I go to LA and not visit him?

    I was horrified at myself and spent the rest of the dream determined to buy a ticket and fly down just to see him. And what about my housebound father-in-las? What kind of a Christian am I to neglect those men?

    My heart was racing at my negligence when I woke up, determined to drop everything and go.

    As I started praying, I remembered my father died in 2002; my father-in-law in 1998.

    Why does this guilt of not doing enough for them haunt?

    Crying again.

    But I’m cheered from FB. My 90-year-old uncle celebrated his birthday by a flight in a two-seater WWII Mustang yesterday. A big smile on that happy former-pilot’s face as he prepared for takeoff is golden to see.


    Time to find my shoes!

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  10. Chas,

    And just like that while browsing this morning’s news, I find Exhibit A.

    Welcome to the next Cold War.


    “U.S. Space Force commander says Russian satellites are tailing U.S. spy satellite”

    A report from the U.S. Space Force command says that two Russian satellites are tailing an advanced U.S. spy satellite above the Earth, sometimes coming within 100 miles of the billion-dollar spacecraft.

    Gen John Raymond, the chief of space operations for America’s newly-minted Space Force, said the two Russian satellites began pursuing the multi-billion dollar US satellite in November and have at times flown within 100 miles it.

    ‘This is unusual and disturbing behavior and has the potential to create a dangerous situation in space,’ Raymond said in a statement to Business Insider.

    ‘The United States finds these recent activities to be concerning and do not reflect the behavior of a responsible spacefaring nation.’

    The US has raised concerns about the matter to Moscow through diplomatic channels, Raymond told Time magazine, which first reported the stalking on Monday.

    The report comes months after the Russians launched mysterious “nesting doll” satellites.

    Russia reportedly launched a satellite into orbit last November and– while in orbit– it split into two separate satellites. One expert compared it to a “Russian nesting doll.”

    The Kremlin has insisted that the satellites are simply conducting experiments. An amateur satellite tracker used public data to theorize that the Russian satellites are “cleverly designed” to monitor the U.S. satellite during otherwise challenging visual moments in orbit: like sunrises.

    “It’s clear that Russia is developing on-orbit capabilities that seek to exploit our reliance on space-based systems that fuel our American way of life,” Raymond told Time.”

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  11. Nzncy- I think originally today was set aside to honor Washington and Lincoln, since their birthdays are so close to each other, and the government didn’t need 2 holidays in 10 days. Now it is supposed to honor all Presidents. Hard to honor some of them.

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  12. AJ, I am not opposed to the space program.
    It may be that space is where the action is.
    But the best way to destroy a lunar base is to destroy the Earth support system.
    Everything we can do on the moon or any other space system requires extensive terrestrial support.
    All the air they breathe and water they drink comes from the earth.

    But we do need ways to counter whatever mischief the Russians, Chinese or others might do.

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  13. Janice, you wondered last night about Bob Hope Airport. I hadn’t heard of it until you mentioned it so I looked it up. It’s the airport in Burbank that I’ve always known as Hollywood/Burbank Airport.

    “The airport has been named United Airport (1930–1934), Union Air Terminal (1934–1940), Lockheed Air Terminal (1940–1967), Hollywood–Burbank Airport (1967–1978), Burbank–Glendale–Pasadena Airport (1978–2003), Bob Hope Airport (since 2003 as the legal name), and in 2017 was rebranded as Hollywood Burbank Airport due to the lack of recognition of Bob Hope Airport’s geographic region.” (from Wikipedia)

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  14. Thanks, Kevin. All those names for that one plot of ground. It does create confusion when the names keep changing. I, personally from afar, like the name Bob Hope Airport, but I don’t even have a paper plane’s worth of influence in that matter.

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  15. Re: The space program.
    Can you imagine what it would be like if they destroyed our Global Positioning System?
    I may be the only person left who knows the Morse code.
    It may be that no one knows celestial navigation.
    However, it may be that the old system is still available or could be deactivated.
    But most young people today don’t know how to use a map.


  16. I think “Burbank Airport” is the way most folks probably know it by.

    To the moon! I get what you’re saying, Chas. But we’ll go anyway. Because “it’s there.” And there will always be more to learn. New technology can mean finding ways to adapt to other planets. Knowledge is in a constant state change and with that, new ways to apply it. Dreamers gotta dream.

    But the enthusiasm for space in the ’50s and ’60s was fueled significantly by the Cold War — who could get there first. And that motivation no longer is there.


    … Another issue, astronauts say, is NASA’s graying workforce. Today, more American kids polled say they dream about becoming YouTube stars, rather than astronauts.

    “You’ve got to realize young people are essential to this kind of an effort,” Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt recently told Business Insider. “The average age of the people in Mission Control for Apollo 13 was 26 years old, and they’d already been on a bunch of missions.”

    Schweickart echoed that concern, noting that the average age of someone today at NASA’s Johnson Space Center is closer to 60 years old.

    “That’s not where innovation and excitement comes from. Excitement comes from when you’ve got teenagers and 20-year-olds running programs,” Schweickart said. “When Elon Musk lands a [rocket booster], his whole company is yelling and screaming and jumping up and down.”

    Musk is part of what astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman has called a “generation of billionaires who are space nuts,” developing a new, private suite of moon-capable rockets.

    “The innovation that’s been going on over the last 10 years in spaceflight never would’ve happened if it was just NASA and Boeing and Lockheed,” Hoffman told journalists during a roundtable earlier this year. “Because there was no motivation to reduce the cost or change the way we do it.”

    The innovation Hoffman was referring to is work of Musk’s rocket company, SpaceX, as well as by Jeff Bezos, who runs aerospace company Blue Origin.

    “There’s no question: If we’re going to go farther, especially if we’re going to go farther than the moon, we need new transportation,” Hoffman added. “Right now we’re still in the horse-and-buggy days of spaceflight.”

    Many astronauts’ desire to return to the moon aligns with Bezos’ long-term vision. Bezos has floated a plan to start building the first moon base using Blue Origin’s upcoming New Glenn rocket system.

    “We will move all heavy industry off of Earth, and Earth will be zoned residential and light industry,” he said in April 2018.Musk has also spoken at length about how SpaceX’s forthcoming Starship launch system could pave the way for affordable, regular lunar visits. SpaceX might even visit the moon before NASA or Blue Origin.

    “My dream would be that someday the moon would become part of the economic sphere of the Earth — just like geostationary orbit and low-Earth orbit,” Hoffman said. “Space out as far as geostationary orbit is part of our everyday economy. Someday I think the moon will be, and that’s something to work for.”

    Astronauts don’t doubt whether or not we’ll get back to the moon and onto Mars. It’s just a matter of when.

    “I guess eventually things will come to pass where they will go back to the moon and eventually go to Mars — probably not in my lifetime,” Lovell said. “Hopefully they’ll be successful.” …


  17. If the GPS goes, I’m lost, literally. Although I do think I still have an old Thomas Guide somewhere in the garage …

    Forget going to the moon, why can’t we just get our digital sites here on earth to work correctly?

    Our photo gallery function for stories isn’t working. Told Soap Opera guy that all the photos he sent in and those we took (and took me forever to caption and process on Friday) would be linked to the online version of the story that posted today. But the photos are not there. Editor says we’re having a “gallery glitch” in our system.


  18. Maybe if GPS fails, our company will stop going to our neighbor’s. a half mile away, instead of stopping at our house where we clearly have our number displayed for emergency vehicles but people depend on the GPS so drive on by. Even when we tell them GPS will take them to the neighbor.

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  19. Oh, it looked nice when I typed it, but it’s unreadable the way it posted.
    Chas, you are not the only one left. CUL OM


  20. If all heavy industry is moving to the moon, who owns the land there and what are the governmental jurisdictions? Could get messy.


  21. Kevin, sounds like another government agency will have to be created. And we’ll need more lawyers. And maybe a bigger military. And more space gear manufacturers. And more climate change regulations to write and enforce.

    See, everyone will be happy.


  22. Kevin, I couldn’t make all of it out, but I think you are telling me that I am not the only person left, as you said later.
    CULOM “See you Later Old Man” we usually sent to the ground station when we let their coverage.
    Usually, it was New York or Santa Maria in the Azores.


  23. Ah, very clever, Kevin. I’ve been reading about Morse code because telegraphy uses it–and Charles Cowman was a telegrapher. All the background you have to learn to write a book! LOL

    I’m with Chase. Space programs are a pipe dream. Everything is so much more difficult and expensive to do in space. What are we really looking for? What is the real purpose? Sure, to protect us from damage–but you don’t need a giant space program for that.

    Whatever happened to Reagan’s “Star Wars” program, anyway? Wasn’t that supposed to do it all?


  24. I think this is where the private companies are coming into play w/SpaceX etc. Agree about the huge government expenses, but now we have the advent of the younger, more enthusiastic private side sector.

    I’d jut say it’s possible that we don’t know what we’re looking for now … or comprehend a specific purpose that will end up being practical. But don’t all those things unfold as we learn and explore more? I’m always surprised at people who say the “science is settled” on anything — the very nature of science is that it is continually evolving and changing as we learn more. Often we start out not even knowing what the questions are that we should be asking.

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  25. Meanwhile, crews are busy filming the post-apocalyptic “Station 11” at the port today for an HBO miniseries. It’s based on a 2013? book about a massive flu pandemic that wipes nearly everyone out.


  26. Christian Library International is in need of a few more people fluent in Spanish who know the Bible to help review inmate Bible studies. It is such rewarding volunteer work. If anyone is interested, please check out their website. The volunteer position is titled Bible Minister.

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  27. Listen to the lady (12L21).
    There isn’t a need.
    The other link tells about the amount of industry involved in the program.
    But that money doesn’t exist.
    We have lots of trouble when it dawns on investors that there isn’t that much money.


  28. So Bob Hope Airport had to change its name because it didn’t have a location? Whst about Reagan International or O’Hate?


  29. Fun article link, mumsee.

    See, that’s the kind of thing that so often comes out of these endeavors. Unplanned (not even dreamed about) until needed for something else entirely.

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  30. Peter, I wondered the same thing. I thought it might matter more for smaller less well-known airports, but the one in nearby Orange County has gotten along fine as John Wayne Airport for many years, so I don’t know what the problem is with Bob Hope Airport.


  31. https://www.dailynews.com/2017/02/19/why-the-bob-hope-airport-name-is-changing/

    “Now it will find out if Hollywood resonates better than Hope when it comes to attracting travelers from outside the region.

    Hope’s name harkens back the Hollywood’s Golden age, not a sense of a place.

    “People didn’t know where our airport was located. They didn’t know it was an alternative to flying into California. It tells people where we are located,” said Burghdorf. Burbank does seem to have geography on its side when it comes to travelers who want to soak up the entertainment scene.

    Major studio attractions and Dodger Stadium are close by and so is the real Hollywood.

    I don’t know why that’s a problem for Bob Hope and not John Wayne.

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  32. I associate Bob Hope with Hollywood a lot more than I associate John Wayne with Orange County. (I wasn’t going to post yet again on this topic until I realized it would set me up to take…)


  33. My husband is a good husband for a Scottish lass (we of the ability to economize). He manages to get deals stacked on deals in some pretty remarkable ways at times.

    Some years ago Starbucks had a promotion that if you filled every square you got 500 bonus stars, or something along that line. My husband charted it out precisely. For example, “If I buy a cookie at 11:58 a.m. and a small coffee at 12:02 Friday, at this location where we don’t normally go, that will fill all these squares.” They no longer offer promotions that work quite the same way, but he had fun the one time they did.

    Well, Kroger gives you bonus points for cents off gasoline, up to $1.00 of a gallon. Right now they have four times bonus points on restaurants. Plus, his Sears credit card has an insane 15 times bonus points (15 plus the standard one, so 16% of your purchases) at grocery stores this month . . . and gift cards purchased at grocery stores count. So he stocked up on gift cards for places we eat anyway (Taco Bell, for instance), and then got gas at $1.00 off a gallon, and soon he will be able to get gift cards to redeem those bonus points. We use those bonus points to buy cards for places like Target, and get wedding and baby shower gifts there, plus stores that we shop at ourselves. When we moved in here, we used a similar offer (though not quite as good) to buy paint and supplies, and with the gift cards we bought a second freezer and some clothes I needed.

    Well, ever since we married, periodically he has looked for one specific shirt he has never seen for sale, but he once saw a man wearing it and he thought it looked really classy (with blue jeans, which I can’t quite picture): a black shirt with a button-down collar, but the buttons white rather than black. The gift he got from his mom for Christmas wasn’t something he wanted (more drink containers), so while he was sick he had me return it with the gift receipt. Today we went to Kohl’s with that gift receipt and a 40% off coupon good today only. And lo and behold, they had that black shirt with white buttons, one shirt only and in his size (large tall). It was on sale but they also took the 40% coupon, so he bought his shirt and still had four dollars left over. I’m the one who saw the shirt hanging there: “Honey, they have your black shirt with white buttons!” (I’d even told him if he wanted to buy a black shirt with black buttons, we could buy white buttons and replace them . . . but I wasn’t all that excited about the prospect, and I’m glad he found the shirt made the way he wanted it.)

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  34. Mumsee, I find the toaster oven more important, too, though my husband likes the microwave and I use it some. (I’ve never bought one, though–in households that didn’t already have one, I simply haven’t had one.)


  35. You know my photo of hearts and bubbles (not the one showing how it was made, but the shot of the bubbles with hearts)? Well, I posted it to a few different Flickr groups last week for Valentine’s Day. Some of the groups have formal or informal competition. For instance, in one group the members are making a commitment to take at least one photo a day for a year and to post one per day (we can’t post more than one) to the group–and they take one photo from the week before and put it at the top of the group the next week. Another group has a theme for each week, and we can post up to two photos per day to go along with the theme, and from those photos they choose a shot that goes in the header, plus the person who took that shot gets to choose the theme for the week after that. (Two weeks after the week in which you won.) Well, today that photo won in both of those groups! I also posted it in two other groups that have contests (with people voting) for photos taken the whole month of February, so those contests aren’t closed yet.

    I’ve had photos of mine chosen as headers for groups before (some groups just change them from time to time as they see a photo that works, and some on a regular basis), probably a bit less than once a month, but I’ve never had the same photo chosen for two different groups. 🙂

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