49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-31-20

  1. Day 2. I think I will live. It’s settled in my chest so now I am taking Mucinex I know it isn’t the flu or pneumonia like some of you have had but I don’t do sick. I had to cancel class this morning. That probably bothers me the most. I could probably “power through “ it and go teach but I resent sick people who share so I won’t be that person. See? I am nice like that.

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  2. Good morning! Nice header☆ It made me think of Hollywood stars ☆

    It is raining so roof work is delayed until tomorrow.

    I was up early preparing a big bowl of kidney bean salad for Art fo have at work this weekend. I saved out a small bowl of it for my lunch.


  3. Good morning. Rest and drink fluids, Kim, this too shall pass.

    Just heard that daughter’s husband will continue to be stationed on Okinawa after all. I did mention to her that once you sign on the line, you are theirs until the end of the contract

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  4. Still working on my impression of the new World layout. It was shocking, of course, new things are like that The old lay out was warm and comfy and easy to read, set apart from other mags. The new is more like others, the print is much smaller and pages thinner but more of them. Once I adjust, I should be fine. But I did have to bring it to a brighter light with the small print.

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  5. Morning! We saw lots of those snowflakes here last evening! It’s all ice now and I will say the drive home last night was scary. Snow coming down fast and furious right into the car windshield, snow covering the two lane road, no one could see where they were going. Darling daughter got us home safely but we were a tad bit stressed upon our arrival home. We almost slid right past the entrance into our neighborhood but she handled it like a pro…driving lessons paying off for sure!! 😊

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  6. Good morning. I woke up with Hotel California going through my head. 🙂

    Interesting how at the end of the day yesterday we had Vice President Pence on the daily thread and the national anthem on the news thread. 🙂

    Cheryl, I like that header. It kind of reminds me of jacks, though I’ve never played it.

    5th Arrow is out with his dad running errands, so school will be starting after he gets back. In the meanwhile, I’m working on getting my plan together for my four new piano students who are starting Monday. Two of them are brand new to piano, so I’ve got their lessons already planned out, as it’s what I always do with children at the very beginning of their studies.

    It’s the two who have already studied that are a bit more challenging to prepare for. I generally guess ahead of time about what I can expect to see/hear from transfer students, based on the parents’ report of their previous studies. Sometimes I’m pretty close, sometimes there are surprises. After I assess them, then I head over to my music closet and pull out what will serve them well.

    The additional challenge this time is that these new transfer students of mine will be coming to my friend’s studio where I’m on the teaching staff. So I’ll have to anticipate which items from my home teaching library would be best to take with me on Monday.

    The kids’ mom kindly put me in touch with her sons’ former teacher in Denver, and he very helpfully answered my questions and gave me a clearer picture of the strengths and challenges the boys possess.

    So I think I’ll be alright, but it is different now, embarking on teaching away from my home library. What should I take with me?? has been running through my head for the last few days, and my list grows longer day by day.

    Hmmm, my son-in-law works for U-Haul… 😉

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  7. Now you know how bad my eyes are. With my reading glasses I thought the header portrayed leaves on pavement, and some were sweet gum star leaves. In case my comment made no sense, now you know. And World magazine, I can read the cover, but are there words inside?


  8. I really had to struggle yesterday at the dentist’s office to read that long list of ailments that I checked mostly ‘no’ on. Who knows if I misread something. I tried. I know enough that if I can distinguish a few letters then I can more than likely guess the word.


  9. I read world mostly online too but I do still get the print as well. I don’t know that I’ve had a chance to see the recent one …

    LAPD meeting last night was underwhelming from a story perspective. And there were a few folks who apparently follow the commission around the city (every city panel has them) to speak about the cultural revolution or something. One man, an African-American minister, had to be tossed out. A line of police officers appeared behind him at the podium as he started yelling in what was an angry screed against the police chief and white people in general.

    Otherwise, the only real news delivered by the police chief & captains seemed to be that gang related crime in our area is up and that deaths, assaults & other crimes against the homeless are rising.


  10. Kim, thank you for not powering through when you’re sick. I had a co-worker in Chicago who did so . . . and as a result, I was sick when I went to visit my sister’s firstborn, who was about a month old at the time, and help out at their house. And my sister-in-law had a party just before Christmas, and a lady came with a really nasty cough . . . and my husband is just now nearly back to normal after going through a bad cold and pneumonia. He says he “lost a month of his life” because some lady didn’t know enough to stay home from a party when she was too sick to be out in public. (And party guests included several octogenarians, and who knows if she got any of them sick too?)

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  11. The header of course needs no introduction. It’s snowflakes. I was pleased to see that in the cold (it was about 23 degrees one of the two days I got such photos, and I don’t remember on the other day), the snowflakes were hard and crisp and looked like the photos one sees of snowflakes, but that in fact show up in such distinct shapes only rarely. I couldn’t actually see the individual patterns with the naked eye, but thought my camera might. I was actually a bit disappointed with the results, as I took multiple photos and most weren’t in focus at all, and the rest had just part of the picture in focus–depth of field is really, really shallow in macro photography. But when I posted them on Flickr, so many people commented “Oh, I wish I could get photos like this!” that I thought “OK, Cheryl, it’s the first time you’ve managed to do so, and sure they don’t match the super close-ups in magazines, but neither do you have $20,000 in equipment.” I didn’t even use a tripod, just handheld and zooming as close as I could without blurring.

    Anyway, the shot was taken on our car (the car is vivid blue, but portions of the back are gray), and it shows the range of sizes and shapes in snowflakes that were photographed where they landed. I adjusted the color a little and deleted flecks of dust, and cropped it for the best portion of the photo, but the snowflakes themselves are just shown the way they landed. A day or two after shooting this I got a new close-up lens with a ridiculously narrow depth of field, but with the possibility that I’ll be able to get closer detail on shots like this. I was thinking wildflowers and insects when I ordered it, but I suspect it might be great for shots like this–if I ever get another chance like this, that is. One rarely sees them so nice and crisp. I did see them two days in a row, but these are the best I’ve seen in years. (Now, in Chicago I saw even better ones, because these are tiny, and lake-effect snow can be very large and with patterns clear enough to be seen by the naked eye. But my hunch is I’ll never again see lake-effect snow, since it involves traveling in winter, and neither my husband nor I is inclined to do that!)

    Today it snowed again, but wet, packing snow. I got photos, but a different sort of photos. My favorite were of a male cardinal on a snowy branch singing away! No zoomed-in close-ups, but such a pretty scene!

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  12. Sorry. I got busy with school and forgot about my “duty”. So here you are.

    Kevin- I didn’t get on Wednesday night to see your post. I haven’t checked the usual replays, but I think I got around 40 correct. I prayed it would be easier, and it seemed to be. But then, I remember in college when I felt confident after a test it ended up being a bad score.

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  13. That is amusing, DJ, about being addressed that way.

    I had to shop at three stores to find what I should have found at one. Kroger had no small bags of Blue Buffalo Indoor cat food, or Stoneyfield Lowfat plain yogurt, or the regular old 3-way light bulbs. I went to Ace Hardware for the lightbulbs. And then on to Publix for the other items. If I cared not about brand, quality, and a gigantic price for a special bulb then one stop shopping could have worked. I also dropped a little present at my friend Karen’s home. It’s pretty chilly out today and damp which makes it seem even cooler.

    I went to Kroger first because although Publix had Beyond Meat crumbles once, I have not found that there again. I need it to make vegan chili for Sunday’s cook-off. Art and my brother liked the chili I made using it.


  14. I hope you are feeling better already, Kim. It’s been a long time since I had something like that, but some fresh gingerroot tea with honey to sweeten is divine and helps to clear congestion. Also pineapple juice can help, too. You probably already knew that.♡


  15. Re: the redesigned World magazine. It always takes a while to get used to a change like that, because we are so used to, and comfortable with, the older version.

    Mumsee says the print is smaller, but the print in the articles is actually larger than it used to be, as had been promised in the previous issue. Other items are a little smaller, though.

    It’s gonna take a little while to get used to, but I think it’ll be fine.

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  16. I dozed on and off most of the day. I am not a day-sleeper. I had a protein bar and some cheese earlier today. Mr. P brought home Chinese food but it tasted nasty. I think I shall shower and haul myself back to bed.

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  17. Newspapers have really shrunk in paper size through the years. It’s amazing to see an old one and how HUGE they were. Maybe it’s just the overall paper size that’s smaller?


  18. Kim, sounds like a plan.

    I never could develop a taste for Chinese food.

    But when I’m sick and feel like I can eat, soup is always the best meal, preferably chicken noodle or tomato.


  19. Chinese food is my very favorite. Unfortunately my husband doesn’t like it. Before we married, I naively said, “Well, if you don’t like Chinese food, I’ll never ‘ask’ you to take me there, but it’s my very favorite, so you can choose to take me there.” We have now been married more than eight years. Periodically I cook fried rice (some is cooking right now), and he likes it and eats it. Our younger daughter once asked to go to a Thai place for her birthday. Several years into marriage I gave up on the “never asking” and asked if we could go to an Asian place for my birthday, and we did. When our younger daughter was still at home, periodically I would ask my husband if it was OK to send her for Chinese food. I’d give her the money, she’d call in her order and mine (I’d pay for all of it), and she would go pick it up–she too loves Chinese food. And my husband would usually eat something else.

    Eventually I realized that food courts have pretty good Chinese food, so periodically I suggest we eat lunch there (just once in the nearly two years we have lived here, two or three times where we used to live). But never, in eight-plus years of marriage, has he asked, “Hey, honey, would you like me to take you for Chinese food tonight, or go pick some up?” It isn’t on his radar.

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  20. Kevin- I got 33 or 34 out of 50. There’s one opera question I think I answered correctly, but don’t remember what I put.


  21. We all survived the Vet visit…even our much loved Vet! He actually said at 4 years old she seems a bit more settled even though on the chill pill. But he does believe she will follow the pattern of his Border Collie who didn’t mellow until he was 10…oy’! He says there is a love/hate relationship with some herding dogs…endless energy (he describes it as a tightly wound rubber band inside of them!) yet they are so easy to love…..😊


  22. Oh, I am missing Chinese food now! Art, Wesley, and I all love it. We had a favorite place to visit when Wesley came home from school, but then it closed. We then started going to other places, but that was such a favorite. I had also decided that because it can be salty that it might not be so good for us. I miss Mongolian Beef, Moo Shu Pork, Garlic Chicken, Lemon Chicken, and Moo Goo Gai Pan. Not sure if I spelled those correctly. Yum! Me want some!!

    Cheryl, if we ever have a meetup, we will do Chinese, and I will forget about being vegan!

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  23. Snow today, with temperatures getting up to 33°. I had some errands to run in town after school was done, and I saw four people (not in a group, but individually at different times and locations) wearing shorts!

    It’s not uncommon to see the occasional shorts-wearer out and about once the temperature gets into the 40s, but four separate people on one day when it was barely above freezing!

    Maybe they thought they were in (the Hotel) California. 🙂

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  24. A plate of very plane rice is what I’ve ordered in the past when I wind up having to go to a Chinese restaurant w/co-workers or whatever.


  25. Janice, 8:10pm, I have no idea! I would be blue-skinned, too. 🙂

    Kim, take care with that cold. I made some chicken soup tonight. Wish there was a way to send some your way.

    Kare, if you’re around, how are you doing? I know you were another one who got some similar nasty virus this month, too.

    Yuck, yuck, yuck.


  26. DJ, what is plane rice? For high altitudes? I get the house fried rice (all the kinds of meat they offer, usually chicken, beef, and shrimp), sometimes beef and broccoli, sometimes orange chicken, sometimes cashew chicken. And I love bourbon chicken at the food court. But house fried rice is my go-to entree.

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  27. I love fried rice, too! And the mixed vegetables – those are my faves.

    I’m doing so much better, thanks 6. Today is the first day in about 2 weeks without a bad headache by the end of the day. I’m very thankful.

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