53 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-14-20

  1. I don’t have a thing for Clemson. But I kinda like for a SC team to win when they aren’t playing Gamecocks.
    OTOH. I like that a SEC team won too..
    It’s a wash.

    Sure is lonesome in here.

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  2. Good Morning. Up early. Mr. P has some sort of electrical test on his right leg this morning to see why it goes numb on him. He got up at the same time that I did so we had to share a space this morning getting ready. I am used to quiet in the morning. He has to have noise. TV, music, anything really.
    He was handy in that he let the dogs out and started the coffee.

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  3. Kim, I feel your pain. I want it quiet in the morning, too.

    In Chicago I had housemates who were interns at our church, four in all, who had just graduated from college. I had them anywhere from a few months to two years, and time in between them, so I had housemates about 60% of the time. Anyway, I had to be at work at 8:00 and they went in at 10:00 or so–they had a more flexible schedule than I did, I think. I got up at 7:00 and had to leave the house about 7:30, so that half hour was busy for me. I showered the night before, chose clothes the night before (and ironed, if needed), made my lunch the night before. I had to get up, dress, go potty, brush my teeth, put on my makeup, and do something with my hair, then grab my lunch and my coat and my bag and go.

    Periodically I would get up, ready to go through my usual routine, and find my housemate in the shower, somehow blissfully unaware she had chosen exactly the period of time in which I needed access. Like many Chicago homes, our basement had a stand-alone toilet with its own roll of toilet paper, so I had a backup in case of real emergencies, but I really felt discombombulated the mornings I had to leave without even looking in the mirror and brush my teeth at work! I didn’t care all that much whether I did or didn’t put on makeup, but that was still supposed to be my half hour to myself to get ready quietly while she slept.

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  4. Oh Kare that photo needs to be my next year’s Christmas card!! Breathtaking!!! 🎄
    We were disappointed that “our tigers” lost! They are a stellar team with an amazing coach!
    I love spending quiet moments with husband in the mornings. Chatting over coffee trying to solve all the ills of this world but landing back into the hope that dwells within us which is Christ our Lord. When he leaves to teach his classes three days a week I soak in the quiet solitude of the remainder of the morning. But today I am cleaning and cooking for our small group tonight…so much to do! 🤣

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  5. Good morning. I generally get up about two hours before the masses. Shower, then upstairs to the bike or treadmill (yes, I shower first), then bowflex, then Bible reading and prayer, texting oldest daughter, my relaxing time before the rush of the day begins. Since the November to remember, husband has been doing the outside chores and getting children started on theirs. Very pleasant start to the morning.
    Evening is send the masses to bed, then we get a few minutes to talk unless we fall asleep before we can as we are tired at the end of the day.

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  6. Bible study morning for me. They are doing an Old Testament overview so it feels like a lot of homework. Watched Archie and Lucy yesterday and then saw them last night at the family dinner. In the evening I was in a chair and they were on a sturdy coffee table. They would jump on me with no warning. I finally got out of that chair!!

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  7. That is truly an enchanted part of the world, kare.

    I was tired and managed to get an extra hour of sleep last night, thanks to going to bed a little earlier. But now I face a busy-busy morning, writing 2 stories I couldn’t get to yesterday and covering (live stream) a county board of supes meeting — it starts anytime now but the item I need probably won’t come up for a couple hours. Looks like the meeting hasn’t even started yet, county channel is showing a loop of promo videos about homelessness, pet adoptions and generally just how wonderful the county is at making our lives happy.

    We have the countywide homeless count approaching next week in all of our communities so there are advance stories to write and planning — there’s a group planning conference call at 11:30 a.m. today with all our LA area papers, but depending on the meeting I’m covering I may or may not be able to join that. My item should be coming up right around that same time.

    This is one of those weeks where my mantra has to just be : Do the next thing.

    Cheryl, how frustrating that the roommates didn’t “pick up” (voila!) that you needed the bathroom available from 7-7:30 EVERY morning. When we’re young we can be a bit clueless, but you’d think they would have figured that out. lol I can’t remember how my roommate and I finagled it, but we did somehow with the 1 bathroom and both of use working similar full-time hours that required commutes (her into downtown LA, me to Hollywood). I think in those days I also just showered or bathed at night so the morning getting-ready routine was pretty short.

    I hated early work hours with commutes — probably the most challenging was when I was right out of college and had the job at the publishing company in Hollywood. I had to be there at 8 a.m. (they were strict with that) and with rush hour traffic from where I lived it took *about* 40 minutes even with all the cut-throughs I’d discovered in my little blue VW. I remember getting up (after a fashion) probably at around 6:30, dragging out of the bedroom and standing in a daze near the heater to try to warm up, and just having such a hard time coming fully awake.

    Our deadlines at the paper have made our working times later than most working folk — we typically start *around* 9 a.m. but sometimes earlier, sometimes later, depending on how the day will go with later or earlier assignments that come along and mix our schedules up to some degree. So there’s now some flex time built in and the working from home arrangement we all can take advantage of nowadays is a huge perk for those of us who just aren’t (and never will be) good “morning people.” So far today I’ve had my shower but am still in my sweats with wet hair, drinking a glass of OJ with 2 computers going, one to watch the meeting on, the other to take notes on.

    I should probably make some coffee, this could be a good week for that.

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  8. Nightingale and Chickadee should be here soon, so I am jumping in to tell you about a necklace we found last night.

    Nightingale had been looking for something in Hubby’s desk, and then wandered over to his dresser, the top drawer of which I have not gone through yet, as it is crammed with a bunch of random stuff. She found a little box with a necklace in it, and it was unopened. with the little twist-tie type thing still holding the necklace in place.

    That had us wondering whose it was. Was it given to my MIL and he was keeping it safe in there? Was it something he bought to give to me but died before the next opportunity to do so? But Mary was not really a necklace wearing lady, so maybe . . .?

    So I am at least pretending that it was his last gift to me, although I realize it may not be that at all. I will wear it anyway, and think of him and his love for me.

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  9. I do get to live in a beautiful area 🙂 But… windchills were close to -40 today 😦

    NancyJill – go ahead and still the picture 🙂

    I like to have the radio on in the morning – I usually need some noise in my life.

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  10. That is so sweet, Kizzie, about the necklace. You could write a story about it for Chicken Soup for the Soul.

    Kare, it is beautiful. We are blessed to see such gorgeous photos from your much colder climate. We are still hovering in the sixties and low seventies which my friend Karen loved being able to use yesterday as evidence of global warming.

    We expect heavy rains today so the roof work is now rescheduled for Friday and Saturday. That’s getting closer to jury duty on the following Tues.

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  11. Oh Kizzie those unexpected blessings in life…indeed he had it in safekeeping…for his bride ❤️
    Ok Kare I am going to take you up on it and capture that photo…credits will go to you my friend!
    When Paul and I are conversing over coffee in the morning we do have soft music playing…always the Jim Brickman station on Pandora 😊

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  12. In the mornings Art has the tv on without sound and only captions. His hearing has been going for awhile now. I prefer that to having the tv blaring. But when I want to hear the weather I always have to ask him to turn on the sound (because of my poor eyesight I can not read the captions). We are such a tragic comedy together. My brother has hearing problems, too. When Wesley was at home and Art and my brother were around, Wesley heard me using my louder more grating voice so the older guys could hear me. I am usually soft spoken. Wesley did not like my new sound. I told him I don’t like it either. It is a strain for me to talk loudly. Oh, the many adjustments of getting older. And I have to get use to halfway hearing a story from the kitchen when the tv is on and asking Art what the story was about and he can’t tell me because he did not hear it. I have to retrain myself to not be so inquisitive. Or maybe I need to get one of the new Samsung robotic kitchen assistants so I can just be in the room with the tv.

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  13. I have to be quiet in the morning, in order not to disturb the small fry. My parents get up with me, my mother to pack my lunch (I prepare it the night before), my father to clean my car. It is greatly appreciated, especially when working back to back 12 hour shifts, as I do not have to get up as early as I would if I was packing my lunch and cleaning off my car.

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  14. Kizzie, how sweet. One of God’s little, well-timed surprises.

    My house is quiet in the mornings, no radio or TV (no TV at all during daylight hours for me). Or music, really, on work days, only the necessary sounds from the computer as I’m working. I’m on the phone a lot, texting or talking for work.

    Well, there’s the cat’s constant “feed-me” meowing in the mornings.

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  15. Wow, just thinking of the cold Southern California rain makes me cold. Good thing I can look over at the snow covered hillsides while on the freshly shoveled deck filling the bird feeder, so I can warm up from those words.

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  16. Mr. P is sending me text messages from the theater. He went to see 1917. He said as he was going in there were people coming from every direction, most of them alive then.
    I will wait to see it when I can watch it from home.

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  17. When the kids were home, I turned on classical music and listened all day long.

    Now, I mostly live and write in silence.

    Off to take a walk—listening to the Eric Metaxas show on my phone!

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  18. On TV, FoxNews, The Five. They asked who is the most famous person you ever knew?

    Adm. James Stockdale used to be my professor at the Naval War College. He later became president of The Citadel in Charleston.

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  19. Someone, who is supposed to be over me while I am home, told me she would call today. So… I have been waiting here for three hours. I wanted to run an errand, but too late for that. Oh, well…


  20. I loved Stockdale’s book In Love and War, which he and his wife Sybil wrote jointly about their experiences during his seven years in the Hanoi Hilton. Powerful book, great man, terrific woman.

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  21. Michelle, Stockdale’s wife was more of a hero than Stockdale. She carried her issue al the way to the White House. Steady – constant pressure.
    Stockdale was president of the NWC and they had a reception at their home.

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  22. I made a photo assignment I’d forgotten about. That’s just part of my day that has had me bouncing among 3 stories, a live streamed county meeting & an onslaught of assignments over the next week.

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  23. I think Stockdale was a Christian. He never preached, nor would I under his circumstances. But one of the requirements of the course was to read through the book of Job. We had to write a paper on the basics of each of Job’s friends’ argument. etc.

    That was 40 years ago, but I remember it as quite a challenge.

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  24. Alarm set for 4:30 am. Ugh. It’s the only way I can get everything done in my new morning exercise routine and still get to work on time. I am turning into my father!!!!’n 🤦‍♀️

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  25. We had a lovely small group this evening and I was even kind of sad when everyone left. All the cooking and cleaning and stewing over getting it all done=worth it 😊 fellowship with fellow followers of Christ is ever so sweet….and everyone loved the chicken enchiladas…whew!!
    It is Tuesday here…but for some it is now Wednesday according to my clock ⏰ DJ it still is Tuesday where you live… 🌴

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  26. I had forgotten that Stockdale ren for VP.
    I didn’t vote for him. The idea was to defeat Bush.
    I didn’t like that.


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