50 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-8-20

  1. That Cheryl must have a million pictures!
    They are all pretty. Cheryl must have a telephoto lens. I have one somewhere but it goes to a 35mm camera.
    Good morning everyone.
    I haven’t turned on TV yet so I don’t know if we are at war. I see on the computer where a Boeing 737 crashed in Iran. I hope we didn’t cause that.

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  2. We’re not, and we didn’t, despite the claims of some “news” sources. 🙂

    Early reports are engine failure while taking off. See the news thread.

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  3. Good Morning Everyone.
    My question this morning is what do you think of Beth Moore and her Bible Studies and books.
    The reason I ask is at the suggesting of a friend I am listening to one of her books. I have friends who think she is great and others who think she is blasphemous.
    I have an opinion I will share later, just want to know yours first.

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  4. The photo collage is 36 different bird species I photographed in southern Indiana in 2019–and several species I photographed got left out of it. It includes: six of the seven woodpecker species seen in Indiana (all but the sapsucker), two species of hawks and two of ducks, two species I saw in 2019 for the first time (blue-gray gnatcatcher and the superbly camouflaged American woodcock, lower right, second photo from the bottom on the right column). At least two really pretty warblers didn’t get in it, though I saw them for the first time this year.

    Anyway, 2019 was a year in which I got a real range of nature photos, and I spent all day December 30 putting together these collages. This was one of the last ones I did, and for it I did recrop photos that weren’t fitting right in the squares, though both duck species would have worked much better in horizontal spots with multiple birds, and the sandhill cranes in square format cut out the young crane that was walking behind them.

    The collage has most bird activities: a bird on a nest, another flying, several eating, one or more calling, some walking, some swimming, some chasing each other. There’s a bird without a tail (lower right, next to the right square in the bottom row, is a Carolina wren, apparently an adult male since it was singing a moment later, but completely without a tail), and at least three juveniles not long out of the nest.

    One of my favorites is the one I put in the top left corner, the male cardinal that was sunning itself and looked rather like it was lying in a green hammock. The colors are so vivid and he looks so relaxed. I actually took several shots, and he didn’t move. Male cardinals tend to know they’re brightly colored, and to fly pretty quickly if they have been spotted. But on a walking trail, animals have to be a little less wary or they would be fleeing constantly, and I am sure that individual creatures get used to seeing me and learn to understand I’m not a threat. Several times I’ve had a creature just a few feet in front of me, and not concerned about my presence, but another person walks or rides a bike behind me (farther from the creature) and it flees. That may be just because two people is too many, or (in some cases at least) it may be because they recognize me and know I move slowly and quietly and know not to come too close; they know I’m not a threat.

    But yes, a zoom lens makes a huge difference. Ten years ago I’d never taken a successful bird photograph, unless you count ducks in a park. But a zoom lets you pull the image up close without getting too close yourself, and that’s very helpful when photographing wildlife.

    When I was 20-22, the drugstore I worked in just before college, there was a camera shop right next door, and it had a camera or two with a zoom lens in the window–and I’m sure with nothing like the lens I have now. I would look at that camera, and I would think, “Someday I’ll get one.” It would have taken a whole paycheck then, and I simply couldn’t justify it or realistically afford it. But it has been a real treat to have one the last few years.

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  5. Kim, Beth Moore has serious problems, and I wouldn’t read her or listen to her, personally. A lot has been written about her, including grave concerns about whom she associates with (heretics whom she “promotes” directly or indirectly) and the fact that though a Southern Baptist (in a denomination that doesn’t ordain women), she quietly goes out and does her own thing, including taking pulpits on Sunday if invited.

    Now I admit I have a bit of a personal bias. I once had an author use a unique definition of a biblical word, a definition that made no sense at all in the context. I wish I remember what it actually was, but it was something like, “You’ve probably been told this word means ‘affection,’ but it actually means ‘to eat.'” It was a whole different meaning and different part of speech. I looked it up in multiple Bible versions to say if any of them hinted at that as even a possible alternate meaning, and none did. I finally contacted my pastor and asked, “Can that word mean that?” He looked in two or three scholarly sources and got back with me and said no, it can’t. I contacted the author and told her my findings, and she said, “Well, Beth Moore said that, and so I’m going to leave it.” Now, I have no idea whether Beth Moore actually did say that, or if she misread her. But it struck me at the time that too many people do that with Beth Moore (and other celebrities): they are willing to overlook common sense and all the experts on the subject, and to accept the word of Beth Moore who clearly (in this case at least) was wrong–or was read incorrectly.

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  6. Kim, I have never read any of Beth Moore’s books or heard her speak. I have seen a lot written about her, good and bad. I do not have a problem with a woman occasionally speaking before the church ok n Sunday, do I am not concerned at a


  7. Oops, this phone has a hair trigger post button – making it difficult to correct typos. I was just saying that I did not have a problem with the report Beth Moore gave a Mother’s Day message. I do know that, particularly in Reformed circles, Beth Moore’s emphasis on feeling as experience is looked at askance: https://www.reformation21.org/mos/housewife-theologian/female-brains-and-the-bestsellers-list. I do not entirely agree with the Reformed on the topic of promptings – I understand their caution but I don’t understand their absolutism regarding there being never any sense of prompting. My attitude towards Beth Moore is that I don’t need her books to study God’s Word. I never attended the women’s Bible Study at the city church because they always seemed to be using a Beth Moore book and I don’t care if the book is by John Piper, Tim Keller, John Owen, or John Calvin, I want to study the Bible, not a book.


  8. We all know that there is a lot of “fake news” (whether from the left or the right) and false witnessing going on on social media, as well as other sites. Something that particularly bothers me is when it is done by “Christian” sources.

    Now I see, shared by a Christian friend (whom I know in real life, but not from my church), a video that supposedly shows a group of Muslims protesting in Dearborn, Michigan, and throwing stones at Christian preachers. (This video is from around 2012.)

    Looking into it, I found out (from a Christian source) that the video had been heavily edited. The “preacher” is someone who seems not to have a good reputation. According to the article, the original video showed this man and his people inciting the Muslims at Arabfest (not a protest), and the younger Muslims reacting by yelling back and throwing trash at them. The full video also shows older Muslims trying to intervene and calm down the younger ones, including one man who stands in front of the “preachers” to protect them.

    What also bothered me was that the story “was picked up by The Blaze, American Vision, American Thinker, FrontPage Magazine, and other, smaller conservative websites.”

    So someone, a far-right conservative or a Christian (or someone who was both) took the time to edit out the truth from the video to present a false version of what happened, out of hatred for Muslims. And sadly, some believers share these things, without looking into them.



  9. The link is to the article debunking the video.

    We used to say that to determine if a story if true, google it. But sometimes the false story is picked up and spread by so many other sites, a quick glance at the Google page will make it look like it must be true.

    That’s what happened with that story. So many conservative or Christian sites shared it that someone not bothering to look down the page a little more would assume it was true. 😦


  10. Yes, that is sad, Kizzie. I recently removed myself from a group after seeing the obnoxious remarks by someone about refugees. I don’t know if he claims to be Christian, but I don’t want to be associated with those words or that thinking. If it is isn’t ever in main stream media and it is over the top, I question any reporting. A wait and see attitude is not always bad either.

    I have read some Beth Moore and have no problem with her from what I have read. Nothing is to be believed over scripture. A wide variety of reading and staying in the scripture daily can balance out the follies of men and women. Unless, I see someone is very, very heretical, I am not going to dogmatically say not to read someone. Life is short, however, and time precious, so good choices have to be made on how to use it. If reading books takes away from time with scripture, spend it on scripture. If reading Beth Moore takes away from something of lesser value and helps lead someone to scripture then I see no problem.

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  11. I did a Beth Moore study that included a book study and then a video of her teaching. I did not like it and will not do another. To me, it seemed to be more about Beth Moore than about the Bible. Very few questions to answer or actual study involved.


  12. I’m really enjoying these photo collages.

    I’ve only done one study by Beth Moore and it was very interesting. I’m not sure I would do another though.

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  13. I read one book by Moore some years ago. I don’t remember much about it other than it was breezy, often funny and an “easy” read, but very light and all feeling-oriented — and yes, I do recall it was pretty much “all about her.” I’d never heard of her before that, a friend was reading a book by her which I suppose is what prompted me to check it out. Actually, I’m not even sure I finished the book, but I could see how she’d be popular for some womens’ church groups.

    I read later about what seemed to be some valid concerns regarding her teachings overall but I don’t remember a lot of the specifics there, either. But it was enough that I never bothered to read another of her books. Bottom line is I think there are a whole lot of other, more reliable, contemporary teachers, both male and female, who would be a way better and sounder choice.

    On ‘zoom’ or telephoto lenses, even our phone cameras have that ability now (probably yours, too, Chas) — I also remember those huge “extra” lenses one would have to lug around and there may still be a call for that in the professional photographers’ realm. But everything on digital cameras now is ‘built in’ and can be used at the touch of a button. It’s more than enough for the rest of us.

    And yes, with digital cameras we can (and often do) now take a gazillion photos 🙂 It’s one of the best perks we’ve gotten out of the digital revolution.


  14. I’m off to interview a local artist about her community campaign to lead classes in making mittens and pouches for injured animals as part of an Australian fire relief effort (she’s a native of Australia).


  15. DJ, if I were standing with other birders at a spot that had somehow gotten local attention (and thus several photographers), my camera would look like a bicycle with training wheels among Harley Davidsons. Some of the lenses are amazing and very long. But also extremely expensive.

    Sometimes I see a bird photo taken with some of that equipment, and showing far more detail than I can ever dream of picking up, and catching action shots with amazing clarity. I have to shake myself and remember that the photographer’s camera and lens probably cost well over $10,000 together, and that he has several such lenses. My equipment can’t do what his can, but then, a Toyota can’t do what a Lamborghini can, either–but the Toyota can get me to church and to the store, and my camera can take modestly good shots of everything from inch-long insects to landscape shots. And what I’m finding interesting is that on Flickr, for insect shots there is a group of photographers who post shots that are more microscope views than photos: a fly’s eye at multiple times life-size for instance–but among those that are simply getting photos of insects on flowers, mine are among the best. For everyday detail of close-up shots, my camera does better than the much more expensive cameras, real microscopic specialized detail excluded.

    My husband keeps saying one day we’ll get me the kind of camera that can get really good bird shots (he isn’t looking at the $10,000+ range, but just a camera that can allow me to zoom in on that warbler seventy feet above my head), and I’ve told him that if I did have such a camera, it would be great . . . but that I can get a greater variety of shots with the one I have now, and that I’d still be taking this one out to get the wildflowers and other close-up shots. (Yes, I could also get a macro lens–but a lens would cost more than my whole camera, and I already know it wouldn’t do a better job.)

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  16. So, I am listening to her read one of her books. I find her delivery off putting. Unless you know me personally don’t call me “girlfriend”. I can discern certain parts of this book that is helpful to me right now. I don’t like how much attention she puts on herself and talks about her “man” and describes herself as his “woman”. Are you married or just shacking up?

    I was doing alright with it until yesterday as I was listening and she asked that you repeat after her a prayer. It went on and on and on and all I could think was this must be how the scribes and pharisees carried on. It was much too emotional for me, especially from someone I don’t know. If I am going to be that emotional with God it is going to be in private.

    I will finish this book because it is what I do. I want read or listen to another.

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  17. Yesterday morning, Nightingale was preparing a chicken for the crock pot. She asked me to get a plate out for her, as she had “chicken hands”. As I got the plate out, I said, “Chicken hands. Quack! Quack!”

    Then we both “quacked” up laughing at my use of the wrong sound effect. 😀

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  18. Now here’s an important question: When you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, do you spread the peanut butter on one slice of bread and the jelly on the other? Or do you spread the peanut butter on both slices of bread, with the jelly being in the middle?


  19. PB on one and jelly on the other. It never occurred to me that there was another way to do it.

    Also, because of a roommate’s severe peanut allergy, I always spread the jelly first. A trace of jelly might have ended up in the PB jar, but never a trace of PB in the jelly jar.

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  20. Peanut butter on a slice of bread.
    Jelly on the peanut butter.
    The other slice of bread on the concoction.
    That is official. I am a peanut butter & jelly sandwich expert.

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  21. Peanut butter on bread, jam/jelly (but only a little) on top of the peanut butter.

    I just had a Mexican casserole microwave entree (well, microwave and entree sound mismatched when used together, I suppose) for breakfast/lunch; otherwise I might have gone for a PBJ after reading those comments.

    Cheryl, yes, some of the high end equipment is still out there and considered state of the art, our photographers all use the additional lenses and some who enjoy nature have turned in some amazing wildlife feature shots. You’d make very good use of those camera packages.

    For most of the rest of us, the digital cameras (or even just the phone cameras) suffice in most cases. I think the new iPhone (11?) cameras include more settings for night and portrait shots and a higher zoom level. But the one on my ‘8’ is still very good. And since the phones are so compact and always with us (unlike a camera), they’re easy to use on impulse or when a photo opportunity unexpectedly arises.

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  22. Migraine beginning to subside..I can almost see straight now 😏 Could have been that double shot of espresso our small group host put in my latte last night!
    Peanut butter on one slice, jelly smeared on top of the peanut butter…slap that other piece of bread on top and call it done! 🥪
    Beth Moore=nope

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  23. PBJ : peanut butter one slice, jam on the other. tried the other way. Bizarre.

    Bananas of course, go on the peanut butter. As do pickles or cheese or raisins.

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  24. I’m on tenterhooks. I asked for a meeting with the manager and union rep. It is not very easy to arrange a time to meet. It is stressing me out to the point where it feels easier just to quit. I do not want to do that, but I feel very vulnerable right now.

    Peanut butter and jelly? No. (Not banana either)

    I visited Youngest today. I got into a fight… with Little Niece. We were dueling with her younger brother’s toy swords. She is so much like her mother at that age. It was a draw for the swordfight. I might have more idea of technique but she had much more energy. During a time of conversation between Youngest and I, Fifth and Seventh nephew got into the cleaning products – nothing worse than a bleached shirt for Seventh, thankfully, as he must have got in the way of his brother spraying cleaner on a toy. Seventh just started walking before Christmas, and his face has mischief written all over it. His face twinkles all over when he smiles, and without talking, manages to communicate a great deal by pointing and facial expression.

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  25. It tasted as good as it smelled. 🙂

    I had to try it when it was done, just to taste test it. Ended up eating a whole bowl full.

    Now I just had my second bowl. 🙂

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  26. Kizzie@9:49: One of my cousins, who is somewhat unbalanced in his theology (a couple of years ago he shared links on why Hannukah, as well as Christmas, was a pagan holiday; while this year he shared links on why Christians should celebrate Hannukah instead of Christmas) shared a video a couple years ago that purported to show Syrian refugees protesting and saying they were ashamed to be Canadian. Just watching the footage, I could immediately tell that it was heavily edited. The protest clips were very obviously from one of the protests in support of Palestinians that occur at intervals in a country with free speech and varying views on Israel and Palestine, while the clip of a woman wearing a hijab saying she was ashamed to be Canadian was completely out of context (it was hard to tell what exactly the context was and might have been about anything – like some international incident that was embarrassing for all Canadians). One of my other cousins took the first cousin soundly to task for spreading such obviously false propaganda and he backed down temporarily at least. It looks really bad when this cousin shares such false reports, because he also likes – as a witnessing tool – to share Scripture verses; although, right now he is on a phase where he is trying to persuade everyone that Christians should basically become Jewish, and so he uses a version of the Bible that has back-translated the Greek words for things like “the Law” and Jesus into “Torah” and “Yeshua”. Our family has always had an enthusiasm for the Jewish people, since we had an uncle and a great uncle who were Jewish and Christians, but even the cousins who are part-Jewish think this cousin goes too far. We bear with him because he is family and his family needs our input into their lives.

    I have a couple of other relatives who also share anti-refugee posts, but neither is very stable in their opinions (they swing between very right wing posts and posts supporting very liberal ideas – the bandwagon effect is very obvious with them), one has a learning disability, and so far as I know, they are only nominally religious, so I do not really expect the same standards from them that I would from someone who actively proclaims Christianity.

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  27. I don’t like peanut butter and jelly.

    Some people do not believe I’m an American.

    So-so on Beth Moore. I thought she wrote an awful novel. I’ve never done any of her studies–like Roscuro, I prefer to do a Bible study not use one if I don’t have to. A friend lent me notes about 15 years ago on Moore’s study of the tabernacle which was interesting.

    I think you made the right decision, Roscuro. If you specifically asked to not leave the clinic because of a potential asthma situation, you should not be obligated to go. OTOH, if that wasn’t in your contract, I don’t know what will happen. We’ll be praying for you.

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  28. Michelle, I did not ask for health exemptions when I started because I did not know how I would react to being in the community. My doctor has been reluctant to give me a note – she had me try allergy medication after I had an asthma attack after being on-call; but allergy medication can decrease alertness and when I tried it for my next on-call, I had a minor accident (no damage to the other car). For the first two months I was working, I and another nurse were basically the core staff in the clinic. But now two nurses have come back from maternity leave and, I think, from looking at the weekend pattern, that one has been given the line that I worked. It is a violation for them to have changed my line without giving enough notice or having me agree, but when I say that at least 7 have quit since I have started (three of whom were hired after me), I think the picture of how employees are treated is clear.

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  29. I would add that I was hired specifically for the clinic, a fact that was repeated by the managers when I started. I only had one day of orientation to the community before I started on my own because I was hired to the clinic.


  30. Peanut butter and jelly: when I was growing up, if my mom made a PB&J, or showed us how to make them, it included peanut butter on one piece of bread, margarine on the other, and then jelly over the margarine. The margarine was to keep the jelly from soaking into the bread and make it soggy. But it also added its own flavor, and to me it ruined the sandwich. I decided I preferred just peanut butter, and so up till I graduated eighth grade, most days of the school week I had a peanut butter sandwich. Now I find that jelly actually does add something to the sandwich, but I take it without the butter. But I still spread peanut butter on one slice of bread, jelly (or rather, jam) on the other.

    I love bananas, and I love banana sandwiches (toast with butter and sliced bananas), but bananas and peanut butter doesn’t work for me. I’ve only tried it once or twice, but I just prefer them separate. I prefer chocolate and strawberries separate, too–I love them both, but to me they don’t really work together. Which is a good thing, because now I’m allergic to strawberries, but I can be around chocolate-covered strawberries and not feel bad about not being able to eat them!

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  31. Roscuro, praying that if it is the right place for you to continue to work, that they’ll be willing to work with you; that you would have wisdom as to what to say and what to do in that meeting; and that you’d have wisdom and peace in the days ahead.

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  32. There are not enough hours in the day and night! I still need to read the posts for today. Today was church activities day and yesterday Wesley left to go back to the university, I had to get a car out of the shop, and we had the pre- installation roofing inspection. The roof is suppose to be done next week.

    It’s so late that I don’t know if anyone will even see my post. I have lost several posts I wrote. Maybe this one will not get lost.


  33. I see it, I see it!
    I finally found some things here. Figured out where I had packed my calendars and got them out. I went to my friends house and got all of my clothes that I leave here. Then, as I got ready to do a load of wash, I found some pictures stuck between the dryer and the wall. One I had purchased and framed was there. So happy as I was sad that someone had just gotten ride of it.

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  34. Oh, that was 49!
    When I went out to get in my van. There was some trim on the door missing. Did I hit something and not even know it. It was up high on the back of the window portion of the door. Bizarre. And this is a rental. Do I go to the dealer and order the trim part??


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