12 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 12-21-19

  1. 😦 The whole impeachment thing.

    🙂 Psalm 37 is such a great reminder. I am so grateful for God’s word. That reminds me of how grateful I am for all the good teachers, authors and preachers throughout the years. It reminds me of how grateful I am for those, like Ajisuun who are teaching others to read and know God’s word.

    🙂 Immanuel–God with us! I love Christmas and all the good things in the celebration; the beautiful lights, music, food, decorations, church services and family gatherings. We will be blessed to have two of our daughters and their families join us. There will only be a few overlapping hours when we will celebrate all together and where cousins will play together. I wish there was more time for the latter. The weather will be wonderful to build snow forts under the pines, but time will be short. Still, we are beyond blessed to have any of this.

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  2. Chuck just gave me a Christmas card.
    On one side is a picture of him and Linda with their three daughters.
    On the other side is Chuck & Linda and their seven grands.
    I have been blessed beyond measure.
    You don’t know the significance of that because you don’t know where I started.

    I told you this before. But it was in Holyoke, Mass. I was a corporal. I looked in a store window and it occurred to me (about some item), “I can buy that just because I want it.”
    I doubt that you understand what I just wrote.

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  3. Praises upon praises:
    When I booked my first flight in June the only option was an 11:30 flight. That was such a restful beginning with a 10 am pickup by friends. I even washed my linens and left them drying inside for someone else to fold and put away.
    Spent the night at a missionary hostel in Port Moresby. Others were there and we arranged a short shopping trip, something I could not have done alone. I purchased some special things I had wanted to get for a long time.
    The next day I flew on to Brisbane. Other friends were also in the terminal. I was waiting near my gate when they came from the other end of the lounge as they remembered that this was the last time we would see each other as they go finish before I return. Sweet sharing.
    As I was going down the corridor to head out to the plane, I told the attendants that I would need some help with my carryon as It had a sewing machine in it and we had to go down stairs and then up stairs to the plane. A fellow behind me said, I’ll carry it. And he escorted me all the way to my seat before taking his seat.
    I was dismayed when we got to Brisbane as the plane stopped on the tarmac a long way from the terminal. Someone seated behind me got my bag down and proceeded to carry it off the plane. Then they continued to carry it the long walk in and even knew where there was an elevator to make it up to customs. A gentleman.
    I found where to leave my large bags before heading to my airport hotel. As I walked into my room there was a large window looking at downtown Brisbane with the sun setting behind the hills in the distance. Beautiful.
    The next day I headed back to the airport to check in for my long flight to LA. Since I was flying standby, I did not know if there would be room on the plane or not. Usually I go tell them I am there waiting and they tell me to sit on a couch and wait for two hours until they know if there is room on the flight. This gal told me to use the kiosk to check in and someone would help me. So I went over to the kiosk and tried to check in. Since I am standby, it didn’t work and I had to have help. The fellow went to check me in and came back with a boarding pass!! Wow. My eyes teared up as I thought, you mean i get to go home, I get to see my family. As I stood in line to drop off my bags I kept crying for joy. He also told me they might move me later. After the long security lines, I walked around the terminal and then went to my gate. They did call my name and gave me another boarding pass. I had moved from 40B to 23C. Wow, I moved up 17 rows and now I had an aisle seat. When I got on the plane someone helped me stow my bags and then I looked at my seat. In large letters it said Economy X. That meant that these seats had an extra 6 inches or more of leg room. Incredible. As we got ready to take off, I looked over at the gal in the window seat and we both realized that we had an empty seat between us. One of the perks of economy x is that you also get your meals first. Blessing upon blessing.

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  4. I am up because I am unable to stay asleep. My throat is so sore and swollen, every time I fall asleep, it closes on me and I startle awake, unable to breathe. Frustrating. But that lands me here in my chair, reading about God’s Hand working in the lives of His children.

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