14 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-21-19

  1. I’ve been catching up on all the political posts for the past week or so. Lots to think about. I don’t say it very often, but thanks AJ, for digging through the rubbish to find the worthwhile tidbits. (The Comey interview with Chris Wallace was priceless! ;–) )

    I’m also thankful that we have a president who seems to genuinely care about keeping his promises, cares about the welfare of our country, and is impervious to an incredibly hostile press and opposition party. He has also elevated one of the most impeccable men in the country to the second highest office in the land: who had really heard of Mike Pence before Trump plucked him out of relative obscurity and set him on the national stage.

    I believe God still has his protective hand over our country, but we are incredibly ungrateful. If we continue to be ungrateful, God might decide to let us have what we actually deserve. Even I am not foolish enough to wish for that.

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  2. Here’s your recommended reading for today. A long, fact filled twitter thread on Durham’s investigation of Brennan and company.



    There you’ll find some lovely facts, like these…..


    Which clearly shows Brennan to have lied under oath on another occaision.



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  3. If anyone thinks Dems would leave Pence alone if Trump were to be removed, let’s disabuse you of that notion right now.

    Adam Schiff is already lying and smearing the VP too, with once again, claims he has the evidence. Just like with Russia, Ukraine,…… he’s lying.


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  4. And Franklin Graham has spoken out against that hit piece from Christianity Today’s editors.


    “Franklin Graham Says Father Would be ‘Disappointed’ in Christianity Today’s Piece Calling for Trump’s Removal

    He reminded everyone that his “father knew Donald Trump, he believed in Donald Trump, and he voted for Donald Trump.”


    You can read the whole statement on his Facebook page by clicking the link in the tweet.

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  5. I understand why Graham is not happy with the Christianity Today piece, but I think he went a bit far in saying that the magazine has become leftist. It seems that whenever a magazine or website or person takes a stance that is not fully on the right, then they are labeled “leftist”. And vice versa with liberals when anything has a tinge of possible conservative thought.

    No wonder we are so divided, when anything that does not follow a certain line is taken as indication that the writer or source is on the other side politically or socially.

    I don’t receive the magazine, but I get a daily email with some links to articles. From what I have seen of those, there have been some that have sought to give a voice to perspectives that aren’t necessarily usually discussed on the right. So far, I haven’t seen anything that would indicate that Christianity Today has gone too liberal theologically. But as I say, I don’t get the magazine itself, and am judging by the links that come through in the daily email.

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  6. Just came across this:

    “Billy Graham Warned Against Mixing Politics And Religion”

    “Prophecy: Long before Trump, legendary evangelist Billy Graham warned against the toxic potential of mixing religion and politics.

    Speaking with Parade magazine in 1981, the famed evangelist declared that religious leaders “can’t be closely identified with any particular party or person.” . . .

    “I don’t want to see religious bigotry in any form. It would disturb me if there was a wedding between the religious fundamentalists and the political right. The hard right has no interest in religion except to manipulate it.”


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  7. Kizzie, I think that’s my point — that we all need to (always) be careful not to dive uncritically in support of politicians.

    The very conservative, reformed Christians I know are not “supporters” of Trump, but they also recognize that the “other” options, indeed, may be worse. Most would agree that Trump’s actions in office, in many cases, are good. But there remain concerns — and I still would say that the economy essentially is cyclical and separate from who’s in political power; it’s not logical (in my mind) to attribute the ups and downs to who’s is office, for the most part.

    Declaring anyone who disagrees with you as “liberal” is just a misstep. We need to understand that Christians have different takes on (and different levels of commitment) to the political world. What binds us goes far beyond the temporal political landscape which will pass away.

    And as for Pence and his political future, I suspect he’d have a very hard time in this current cultural environment. 😦

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  8. Long overdue.

    And it’s not a gift either. They’ve earned it.


    “President Donald Trump announced on Friday that his administration had secured a large pay increase for those serving in the U.S. military, and that the accomplishment was “unprecedented” since this is the third year in a row that the administration has secured such pay increases.

    “As president, I have been steadfast in my efforts to ensure that the courageous patriots of our Military Forces have the full support of the United States Government,” Trump wrote in a letter addressed to U.S. service members. “That is why I fought so hard to secure another pay raise this year for our great troops. Starting January 1, 2020, each service member will see their PAY INCREASE by 3.1% – the largest raise for our Military in more than 10 years.”

    “While previous administrations allowed military pay to stagnate, my administration has secured pay raises for our Troops in each of the past 3 years – every year of my Presidency,” Trump continued. “This is unprecedented. But when it comes to supporting our heroes in uniform, no measure can ever convey the depth of our gratitude or extent of our obligation. This new law continues my Administration’s unwavering support for Goldstar families by repealing the so-called ‘Widow’s tax,’ which wrongly prevented certain Military spouses from receiving the full benefits earned by their beloved deceased partners.”


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  9. I don’t think Trump should be removed from office, BTW. He was duly elected and the impeachment charges are, in my opinion, completely politically motivated.

    At our Christmas lunch the other day — which included people from some of the other papers and was held at a Greek restaurant in their outdoor patio — one of the younger reporters (freelancer? I wasn’t familiar with him) was arguing with our former (conservative) city editor (who now heads up our investigative reporting team chain wide) that Bernie Sanders was “center-left.” You should have seen the look on the editor’s face when he said that, hilarious.

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